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JUNE 14 2007

In an article published yesterday Lynda spoke about her feelings having a very successful run in starting up her nightclub/cabaret act after 20 years of being a wife, mother and actress. “It’s a lot of work to put a show like this together, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to work that hard”, she said. “And I wasn’t sure there would be people in the seats. It was a kind of high-wire act. But what I discovered through all this self-doubt, which I think would be normal for anyone, is that I really loved doing it. The last time I sang these songs was many years ago with a big orchestra, and now it’s even better because I’m putting all my experience behind the choices of music and the interpretation of the songs.”

   Lynda also spoke about playing at the Catalina Jazz Club on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles next week. “I remember when I was on a billboard on the Sunset Strip,

for one of my albums or television specials, and it’s so exciting that I get to be on Sunset again.” In talking about her act, the repertoire that ranges from “Blues in the Night” to “God Bless the Child” to “The Secret of Life”, but doesn’t include any of the songs she wrote for her first album back in 1977, Lynda said “I didn’t really consider doing those songs, even though I know everyone wants me to sing “Toto”.  I went with my first choices, the songs I kept going back to again and again.” Lynda plans to record this new show soon, but stressed that all this newfound interest doesn’t mean that she will turn her back on acting. “I actually think the roles I’m being offered are getting more interesting because of my age, but I won’t do anything long-term until my daughter is out of high school in two years. Then, maybe I would do another series. I know I didn’t appreciate how hard it was to get a hit like “Wonder Woman”. I was pretty lucky to get that part. And yes, I still like her.”   

JUNE 01 2007

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, jewelry company Carolee has chosen several notable women for a new initiative. Lynda Carter; Beyoncé Knowles and her mother, Tina; Deborah Norville; Mena Suvari, and Amanda Beard have been selected to put their personal quotes on Words to Live By, a collection of five limited edition sterling silver bangles. The Knowleses' bracelet is stamped with "Love Will Conquer All" and Lynda Carter's says "Wonder-Believe-Create."

   All profits from the bangles, which cost $100 each and are part of the firm's Sterling Sentiments line, will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The bracelets will be on sale throughout the fall starting at Bloomingdale's in September. "We wanted a diverse group of women who would speak to the wide range of Carolee customers", said Karen O'Brien, Carolee's vice president of worldwide marketing. "They all have great words to live by. These women will have great life stories to share with you". A print advertising campaign will bow in October magazines.

MAY 31 2007

We've just learned that Lynda Carter will NOT be performing her act "AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH LYNDA CARTER" in St. Petersburg, Florida in February 4, 2008 as reported. We're sorry that the news which we've got off a St. Petersburg newspaper was not correct.

   However, Lynda Carter will be performing in Thousand Oaks, California at the Fred Kavli Theatre on 25 April, 2008; and also in Escondido, Caifornia at the California Center For the Perfoming Arts on April 26, 2008.

   Let's hope to hear of more dates soon, hopefully on the east coast for the many fans there!

For further details on specific venues, ticket prices and future dates check this NEWS section frequently or HERE.

MAY 30 2007

Lynda Carter will be singing her wonderful variety of pop and broadway tunes of "AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH LYNDA CARTER" at the Fred Kavli Theatre in the city of Thousand Oaks, California, next year on Friday the 25th of April, 2008, before she sings at the Cerritos Center on the Sunday the 27th.

   Tickets will go on sale June 8th at the Civic Arts Plaza Box Office in person, or visiting

   Tickets are $45.00, $35.00 and $25.00, with a Civic Arts Plaza subscriber discount available. 

For further details on specific venues and other dates check this NEWS section frequently or HERE.

MAY 11 2007

Fantastic news that we all have long been waiting for, after Lynda Carter completed her cabaret run at the Empire Plush Room that smashed all pervious records, it was announced by Lynda’s manager, Scott Stander that she would be recording a new CD in June after lining up a three-night stand in Los Angeles at the Catalina Jazz Bar and Grill on Sunset Boulevard on June 22-24th.

   Lynda will be joined by former American Idol star Michael Orland. For further dates take a look at this section.

For tickets go to:

MAY 10 2007

Fresh from her resounding success that broke all records at the Empire Plush Room in San Francisco, Lynda will be making her Los Angeles debut at the Catalina Jazz Bar & Grill on June 22-24th. Under the direction and musical accompaniment of her great friend Johnny Harris, Lynda will be accompanied by Michael Orland of “American Idol”. Lynda will take to the small stage each night for an “intimate evening” of pop and broadway hits in another crowd pleasing tour-de-force! "WONDERLAND" will be there each night to share with Angelenos Lynda’s beauty and magnificent voice that is better than ever.

   Tickets are available for Friday, June 22nd and Saturday the 23rd at 8:30 PM and Sunday at 7:30 PM, and can be purchased by calling 323-466-2210 or visiting:

For tickets go to

   Prices range from platinum seating for $75 [$30 minimum for dinner], $60 reserved seating [$30 minimum for dinner] and $50 general seating [2 drink minimum].

   And More Good News!!! After finishing in Los Angeles, Lynda will be recording a new album! Look to "WONDERLAND" for news updates about her first album in 30 years.

 For further details on specific venues and other dates to be announced check this NEWS section frequently and/or the newest section of the site: "AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH LYNDA CARTER".

MAY 09 2007

Just three days after Lynda Carter’s first successful concert in twenty years that signaled the restart of her singing career in San Francisco, Our Lady faced nearly 500 women in Greenville, North Carolina. During the speech Lynda told them “Who I am today is what matters. I am not really Wonder Woman. I am learning to ask for help.”

   Lynda was the keynote speaker at the Second Power of the Purse Luncheon, a benefit for the Greater Greenville Community Foundation’s For Women Fund.

   The Hilton Greenville Ballroom was filled with women who bought tickets to support the fund’s endowment, which provides semiannual grants to local programs that impact women and girls.

   Detailing the dark times in her past life, including a failed first marriage and her battle with alcoholism, Lynda, wearing a tan suit with light green silk shirt, her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, said “as pretty as a picture as I may make, everyone’s life has it’s own unique story. We need each other to get from one day to the next. I was fearful. I’m not now. I’m pretty brave, and it’s through the support of my friends and my family.” Lynda said the “Women for Women’s Goal to Empower Local Women” touches my heart. I am constantly astonished by the will of a woman.”

   Lynda saluted the Greenville gathering of women for their commitment to help other women. “When you give to others”, she said, “you will change someone’s life, and it will be your own. There are a lot of bad things that are happening out there and I think anything we all can do to contribute in a positive way to each other will just connect to each other.  I am thrilled to be here.”

MAY 06 2007

Many members of "WONDERLAND" were in San Francisco most of this week to see Our Lady strut her stuff and sing to us each and every evening at the Empire Plush Room at the York Hotel in the beautiful city by the bay. The magnificent performances by LYNDA CARTER only whetted our appetites to hear more of her beautiful singing, and with the terrific success in setting records that smashed all others for the Plush Room, Lynda will be on the road for this year and next all over the country, besides taking time to still act in films and do philanthropic work for her favorite causes.

   The shows sold out faster than any others, and because of this, Lynda is about to embark on a tour of jazz and cabaret clubs across America, as well as record a new album of standards later this year, and perhaps a DVD of her will also be available soon from her week in San Francisco. We wish All The Best Of Luck for Lynda in resuming her singing career! Also we'd like to thank Scott Stander. Keep watching LYNDA CARTER for news of her next appearances! CLICK HERE for the full report about our week in San Francisco with Lynda Carter!!!

APRIL 20 2007

Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent’s friend and reporter for the Daily Planet, has learned that her mother, Moira Sullivan, who mysteriously went away back in 1995, is a catatonic inmate in a mental institution. What she doesn’t know is that Lex Luthor knows this too, and he is also aware that Moira has been infected with meteorite particles in her blood and perhaps can control other meteor freaks. He plans to put Moira to the test, so he has her injected with an experimental drug to awaken her from her catatonic mental state. Lex has Lowell, a meteor freak with super strength, try to attack her, but Moira is easily able to make him to do whatever she instructs, telepathically, to Lex’s

satisfaction. All she needs is an object belonging to the person. But Lex doesn’t know that she also has an object of Chloe’s, a bracelet, and has already caused Chloe to start to get on her trail by earlier driving Lex off the road to get his flashdrive to find her.

   Chloe and Clark go to the institution to find that Moira has been transferred to a new maximum security facility by Lex. He has begun to test Moira further by having her attempt to retrieve a dangerous meteor freak who has escaped. But Moira contacts the freak and orders him to kill Lex. The wayward meteor freak breaks into the Luthor mansion and attacks Lana to get her to tell him where Lex is. Clark and Chloe show up in time to subdue him and Clark takes Lana to the hospital. Chloe stays and holds the meteor freak at gunpoint, and learns that not only is he under her mother’s control, but the location of Moira. Chloe and Clark go back to his house where Chloe receives another message from her mother, to get out of Smallville at all costs. When she begins to act on Moira’s order, Clark attempts to stop Chloe but she knocks him out with kryptonite. As she tries to get out of town, she is captured by Lex’s men. Clark’s mother Martha comes home just in time to free him from the Kryptonite.

   Chloe is brought to the maximum security facility by Lex’s men and reunited with Moira. She tries to get her mother to leave with her, but learns that Moira committed herself because she had the power to control her daughter. Moira tells Chloe that when she was only 8, she came home from school with ink staining her hands. Moira ordered her to wash her hands, but she went to play with her computer. When Moira learned that Chloe had disobeyed her, she was so frustrated that she made Chloe wash her hands so much that they became bloody and raw. That terrible incident made Moira realize that she was a danger to Chloe and anyone else she came in contact with, and she committed herself. But nothing matters more to Chloe than that she has her mother back, and will do anything to get her out of there. She persuades Moira to have the meteor freak Lowell help them try to escape from her guards and they make it out to the hall, but other guards stun Lowell and grab Moira. She telepathically tells Chloe to do whatever she has to do to get out of there to safety. As Chloe races down the corridor, Lex blocks her way. Chloe picks up a tear gas gun and threatens Lex with it. He tells her not to let her mother make her do something that she will later regret. But she fires at him, and the cartridge flies towards him but is deflected by Clark, who has arrived just in time. He knocks Lex out of the way of the cartridge, and using his super speed, he leaves with Chloe and Moira.

   At Oliver’s apartment, a safe place, Chloe is happy that she will be with her mother, but Clark tells her the tragic news. Moira is slipping back into her catatonic state, as the drug was good only 24 hours for her to stay lucid. Chloe is determined not to lose her mother again, and says that she will go to Lex for more of the drug, but Moira begs her not to make any deal with that man. The drug is wearing off fast, and Moira, realizing that she has little time, haltingly tells Chloe “being with you again, it’s the greatest gift that I could ever been given. But I’m dangerous, Chloe. My ability to control people and powers, it’s like I’m a human weapon, and I can’t allow it.” Chloe begs her not to give up hope, but Moira gives her daughter the bracelet so she can’t control her anymore. Moira slowly struggles to say “I….. love you… Ch…l..o..e…e.” and Chloe and Clark watch helplessly in anguish as she slips away, her beautiful face draining of all emotion, her eyes staring at nothing.

   Back at Clark’s home, Chloe tells Clark that she feels that it’s so unfair, that her mother will never read any of her newspaper articles, or ever get to know the person that she has become. Clark gently tells her that after he brought Moira to Oliver’s apartment, using his super powers, he told her everything about Chloe. So Chloe knows that while her mother may never see the outside world, just that of a mental facility, ever again, the words that Clark impressed in her is something that can never be taken away from her mother.

Executive Producers: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola.

Co-Executive Producer: Steven D. Knight, James Marshall, John Litvack, Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson.

Producer: David Wilson, Bob Maier.

Supervising Producer: Tim Scanlan.

Producer: Jae Machant.

Executive Producer: Tim Horton.

Writer: Genevieve Sparling.

Director: Terrence O’Hara.

Associate Producer: Tom Flores.

Executive Story Editor: Holly Harold.

Executive Story Editors: Earl Meyer, Al Septian.

Director of Photography: David Mainess.

Producer Designer: James Philpott.

Editor: Neil Feider.

Music: Mark Snow.

Producer Manager: Scott Graham.

First Assistant Director: Greg Zenon.

Second Assistant Director: David Baron.

APRIL 11 2007

In an TV Guide article concerning Lynda’s role as Moira Sullivan, the mother of Chloe in "SMALLVILLE", both Lynda and executive producer Michael Gough talk about her character, and how great is was that they were able to get Lynda to guest-star! “It’s another name on the wish list that can be crossed off,” Gough boasted about Lynda. “She’s a terrific actress, and she brings the whole Wonder Woman iconography to the table”

   Two seasons ago, viewers learned that Moira was in a mental institution. “But obviously it was a much bigger secret than that,” said Gough. “Moira is meteor infected and has the power to mentally control other so-called 'meteor freaks', those who have gained special abilities after being exposed to radioactive kryptonite meteor fragments.”

   So how did it feel for Lynda to step back into the world of comic-book fantasy? “Comfortable,” she said. She especially liked the fact that Moira isn’t a typical heroine. “The fact that this character was formerly psychotic, that she was in a catatonic state, there’s a wonderful character arc there… Moira is a bit of a soap opera in one person: love, loss, magic meteorites.”

   Lynda also commented on the on-going saga of trying to make a Wonder Woman movie. “I really hope that it is a huge success, it needs to go forward. It needs new juice. But I hope they keep the integrity of the character, her goodness. She’s not just about superpowers,” Lynda said.  Let’s just hope that someone else in charge realizes this!

   Tucked away in the Thursday section of the issue also has a half-page article with a small photo of Moira and Chloe about the history of Wonder Woman on television, including the interesting mention that Wonder Woman first  appeared on an episode of the cartoon “The Brady Kids”!!!

APRIL 02 2007

Lynda has already begun to schedule her singing act for next year! She is to sing at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in Cerritos, California on Sunday April 27th, 2008 at 3:00 pm. The famous comedian John Byner will open for her.

   For advance tickets, contact 800-300-4345 or mail to:


APRIL 01 2007
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On the 29th on the CW network a trailer was shown of upcoming episodes of "SMALLVILLE", including "PROGENY", the episode where Lynda plays Chloe’s mother, Moira Sullivan. There were scenes of Moira being restrained by in the mental hospital where she has been kept by a technician, and scenes of the devastation that she caused to Lex Luthor’s lair.

   Note: Keep in mind that this episode will be shown on April 19th, not April 12th.

"Smallville" Season Six Trailer.

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