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MARCH 22 2007

Lynda headlined the Florence Critterton “5th Annual Teaming Up For Kids” luncheon in her home town of Phoenix, Arizona today. With an attendance of 900 guests, including the Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, Lynda presented Phoenix Councilwoman Peggy Bilsten with the 2007 HOPE Award for her dedication and lifelong commitment to making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth in her community the event was a resounding success.

   Lynda, dressed in a sleek black dress and matching jacket with scalloped edges with pearl earrings and choker, her dark lustrous hair piled up on her head, spoke about how kids should be empowered to take the first step in changing their lives in a touching, heartfelt presentation, telling them “everyone makes mistakes, but avoid doing what YOU know is stupid and dangerous… smarter than the other guy…or girl,” and was followed by an engaging fireside chat with Jodi Applegate, co-host of “Good Day, New York.” There was a live and silent auction with nearly 50 donated items, and some serious money was raised for the worthy cause.

   Speaking earlier on a Phoenix TV show, Lynda came close to tears after she remembered several talks with local troubled youths. “We’ve all had tough times that we’ve had to overcome in our lives, nobody gets through life unscathed… but for teens, (it’s) the secret self that hasn’t had a chance to come out, because they hide their true self from a very judgemental world… they get the idea of Wonder Woman (hiding her true identity) because it lives within them. (When I get ) to see the fire and light in their eyes, it’s inspirational… I am blown away… what it makes me realize is how much we can do all over the country , in my hometown, right where I grew up.”

   Florence Critterton, a local non-profit organization that has served Lynda’s home state of Arizona for more than a century, provides necessary shelter, education, counseling, social support and other free services to nearly 1,500 girls and boys, ages 12-21, struggling with, for them, very difficult issues and challenges caused by poverty, abuse, crime, and violence. As Lynda said further in the interview, “the age is difficult, because all of the studies have shown the teenager is a whole different animal that they ever knew before. When your child would do something wrong you would say 'what were you thinking?' and they would say 'I don’t know' and they really weren’t thinking. The impulses go out but they never reach the frontal lobe, that’s what the NIH studies show, and the only way to grow those frontal lobe connections correctly is through mentoring. If they don’t have the support of a family member or a family, they have to have the support of an organization that will help them focus their energies on positive things in their lives.”

"Arizona Family's The News Room" Video clip 1.

"Arizona Family's The News Room" Video clip 2.
MARCH 14 2007

Well rumours are flying around again as to whom will be the next Wonder Woman. And now that Warner Bros has taken script writer Joss Whedon off the project (who readily admitted that he wasn't the biggest fan), will we finally see some headway? It's also been widely reported that just before Whedon was retired, Warner Bros bought a second script from another writer. Could this finally be the making of the movie?

   The project has been in slow motion for the last two years. What we need now is an invisible plane to quickly get us to where we need to be - The cinema! And finally as we see Lynda Carter making a comeback to live performances and acting roles on TV, then the next queen of Paradise Island should indeed be her. After all, Wonder Woman's mother (the Queen) in the original pilot reminded Diana, that she was the next in line for the throne.

Mark Sandler - WL UK

MARCH 12 2007

Lynda is to play the role of Abigail Foxworth, a rich widow and mother of Hope Riley in the upcoming film "Between Heaven and Earth" that is to premier in 2008. The film, which is described as a drama/family/romance film, is outlined as “two strangers with contrasting lives are brought together by fate while caught Between Heaven and Earth.”

   The plot of the film is that William James Tucker, aka Bo, (Keith David) a rejected and resented father, sets out to enjoy what he believes to be his last day on earth, when he is hit by a car. Undeterred, Bo gets up and dusts himself off to continue his journey but is pursued by Abigail Foxworth (Lynda Carter), a rich widow who later joins him in his journey. The two of them share an unforgettable day together in celebration of life and discover the mystery of what lies “between heaven and earth”.

   Both Lynda and Keith David are emmy-award winning actors, Lynda for her specials and Keith for his role in “The Tiger Woods Story”.

   The film, which is in pre-production by Ramni Filmworks, also stars Hope Riley, Michael Cuomo, Nina Fehren, Rene Kamstra and Janet Miranda, and is written and produced by Ed Brown and Wanda Sanders with location filming in Brooklyn and New York City to start soon this year, although delays have temporarily put all production efforts on hold.

MARCH 05 2007

Lynda will be attending the “5th Annual Teaming Up for Kids!” luncheon in her native Phoenix and will be the Keynote Speaker on 22 March. The event is sponsored by Florence Critterton Services of Arizona. Along with Lynda, “Good Day New York” FOX 5 anchor Jodi Applegate will emcee the event and Councilwoman Peggy Bilsten will be presented with the Florence Critterton HOPE Award by the Governor of Arizona, Jane Napolitano.

   Tickets and information can be obtained by calling 602-288-4571 or mailing

FEBRUARY 12 2007

E! Online has reported that Lynda will appear in the 12 April 2007 episode "PROGENY" of the CW series "SMALLVILLE" as Moira Sullivan, the mother of character Chloe Sullivan [Allison Mack], who is an intrepid reporter for the Daily Planet. The character of Moira had been placed in a mental institution in an earlier episode this season, and a network rep says that “her whereabouts play a huge part in the episode”, so the results will be very interesting to see.

   While the rep of "SMALLVILLE" confirm that Lynda will only appear in one episode for now, she may come back for future episodes. The shows airs Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm.

FEBRUARY 09 2007

Lynda will open at the Empire Plush Room at 940 Sutter Street in downtown San Francisco for a total of six nights, in a show presented by RRAAZ Productions / Supreme Concerts.

Tickets are $60.00 and can be ordered at:

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 8:00 PM thru Sunday, May 06, 2007 7:00 PM.

Empire Plush Room Cabaret
940 Sutter St
San Francisco,CA 94109
(415) 885-2800


FEBRUARY 08 2007

Donfeld, a four-time Oscar nominated costume designer, died Saturday at the home of his brother in Temple Hills California at the age of 72. He had been ill for a short time from an undisclosed disease.

   Besides designing the costumes that Lynda wore in her role as "WONDER WOMAN" for her television series, Donfeld, whose full name was Donald Lee Feld, had been nominated for Academy Awards for such films as “Days of Wine and Roses” starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” with Jane Fonda and Gig Young, “Tom Sawyer” with Jodie Foster and “Prizzi’s Honor” with Jack Nicholson.

   When asked in 1969 by the Times about good costume design, he had said that it “captures the mood and attitude of the players, their society and their environment.”

FEBRUARY 05 2007

Lynda shared a suite with her friends Cal Ripkin, John Travolta, Demi and Ashton and Billy Bob Thornton to watch the exciting Super Bowl XLI last night in Miami, Florida, where they watched the Bears and Colts tussle in the pouring rain. Listening to Billy Joel sing the National Anthem "gave you goose bumps" said Lynda, and when asked about headliner Prince's halftime performance, "I thought that he did an outstanding job," especially since he was also soaked by the downpour that turned the field into a giant puddle of mud.

JANUARY 22 2007

Hallmark Cards have just come out with a new line of talking, singing, tv and movie theme playing greeting cards, and Lynda is on one of them! Her card features her as "WONDER WOMAN" (who else) and when you open it, it plays her voice speaking a line from one of the episodes.  The series of TV cards also have Fred Gwynn as Herman Munster, Marlo Thomas as “That Girl”, Lucille Ball from “I Love Lucy”, Angela Lansbury from “Murder She Wrote”, even Roseanne Rossannadanna and Xena speaking lines or music from their tv series!

   Check them out today!

JANUARY 03 2007

Having successfully performed in the stage play "Chicago" in London has apparently awakened Lynda’s first love, singing, because Our Beautiful lady is currently closely working with her old friend and composer-arranger-songwriter Johnny Harris on a new singing act that is set to debut in Florida, possibly Miami Beach, sometime later this year as mentioned on his site.

   It has been a long time since Lynda has sung in nightclubs, the last time early 1987, and then she had to stop because she was pregnant with Jamie, then Jessica came along and Lynda chose to follow the more important path for her of being a full-time mother and part-time actress with no room for the grueling hours of performing in nightclubs. No doubt Lynda is nervous about trying to restart her very successful world-wide role as chanteuse, but there is no doubt that with Johnny’s help her beautiful voice will once again thrill her many fans, and WONDERLAND will be there !!!

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