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Lynda’s support of women’s health issues took a more personal turn this week, as she appeared in a full-page ad in this week’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ magazine for IBS, better known as irritable bowel syndrome. She revealed that her beloved mother Jean Cordoba Carter has suffered for many years from this debilitating illness.

      “IBS is a common disorder that affects many Americans, most of them women. My mother suffered from it for over 30 years because she never got the right diagnosis or medical care. Our whole family felt her pain. Don’t let that happen to you,” speaks Lynda, who urges sufferers to speak out and seek out medical care at:

Lynda was interviewed on the internet PMP Network by Mark Snyder for his “Mark Snyder Story” evening broadcast about her efforts to help raise awareness about the intestinal disease of irritable bowel syndrome. During the 14 minute program, in which Lynda and Mark chatted about her family and career, she made sure that he knew that she was there to mainly talk about IBS, not just her career!

     When asked how she got involved in the crusade, Lynda says “they called me, and what it did is that it sparked a kind of an emotional response with me, because my mother has suffered from it more that 30 years, and the first 15 it was misdiagnosed, various things…her symptoms were severe abdominal pain….and also constipation……but it’s not something that is easily talked about to your husband or doctor. There’s a lot of embarrassment and shame, and trying to wish it away, all kinds of things. So when it was discovered that there was a real name for it and syndrome, which my mother discovered…….they could do nothing. But a company has come up with a solution, and it looks like it’s going to offer a great deal of hope. The most important thing to me is taking the shame away from it, getting the light shined on it, and getting people to be able to say it, without snickering or making some dumb joke. And you’d be surprised that one in five people in America have it!”
      You can go to and click on Live Channel 2, then scroll down to her name to listen to the interview. Lynda also mentioned her upcoming big-screen films of “Tattered Angel” and “Bloodhead” and a film for the PAX TV Channel called “Mount Extreme” that will be out soon.  “ I’m working” she exulted!
     As usual, Lynda shows us that she is not afraid to talk about sensitive subjects that matter when it comes to health issues, especially when she knows it affects people she loves. Lynda, You Are Truly a Caring, Concerned “Wonder Woman!”

Lynda and Robert were among many of the celebrities attending the annual Kennedy Center Honors in Washington DC this Sunday. Looking stunning in a lavender off the shoulder full length satin dress with a matching shoulder wrap, her lustrous dark hair falling to her shoulders, Lynda and Robert joined in the applause that accompanied the salute to the artistic achievements of actors Elizabeth Taylor and James Earl Jones, dancer Chita Rivera, singer-songwriter Paul Simon and conductor James Levine.

     The tributes ranged from Steve Martin’s rubber-faced accolades for Simon to a show-stopping, 83-dancer reprise of the high-kicking “West Side Story” number that made Rivera famous, to the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington serenading Taylor with a lusty rendition of “There is Nothing Like a Dame!” The two hour show will be broadcast on December 27th on CBS-TV.

The website for the film “Bloodhead,” the finished independent horror film, premiered its’ 10 minute trailer on Halloween.  Lynda, who plays Lynette, a “fading trailerpark-trash beauty” (quoted from a recent interview with her on a ‘Peopleonline’ interview) is seen three times in the trailer, which can be viewed at:

     WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!!!!!! To those with weak stomachs, or fans who like to seen their favorite actress in a more wholesome role….or even whole! There is a scene towards the end of the trailer where Lynda’s fate is seen in a terribly gruesome close-up!!!

     Well, she said that she wanted to get out of the “heroic mother with an anorexic daughter” box that she has played during the past decade, but I wish that she hadn’t lost her head over it….literally!

Lynda was one of the many celebrities and politicians who attended the Democratic National Committee’s “Every Vote Counts” concert at the Warner Theatre in Washington DC. Well known for hosting activities for her favorite political party, Lynda opened the show with a “H-e-l-l-o Democrats!!!” pumping up the crowd that included former President Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton, singers Janet Jackson, James Taylor, John Mellancamp and Deborah Cox, who later performed.

      “I know were all missing “West Wing” Lynda joked to the politically minded crowd, “But it’s for a great cause.”

Lynda received a special recognition award for her wonderful volunteer work with the shattered families of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. The award was presented at the eighth annual meeting of the National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation at the DoubleTree Hotel in Pentagon City, Virginia.

     At the time of the treacherous attack on our country, Lynda was finishing up her role of Hazel Anderson in Duffy Hudson’s upcoming film “Tattered Angel” in Cincinnati, Ohio, and like many others who were away from home, could not return right away to their loved ones. It took her a week to get home, and after she spent some time with her own beloved family, Lynda, like the wonderfully compassionate woman she is, rushed to the Pentagon Family Command Center to offer her assistance to the bereaved families of those killed in the attack. Lynda spoke about the help given to them during her recent interview with Larry King last March. “I’m so proud to be an American. I’m proud to have been a part of the Washington community and spent a little time with the Pentagon families….they had set up a center…ah…where the families…it was so great, because the families would come to just one place and they would have all the military had set up this…uh…General Van Allsteen was in charge of it, and set up…you know, there’s Red Cross, Social Security, everything they could possibly need right there and taken care of immediately, and was speaking to them on a twice daily basis with updates. And it was so well organized for them to take the burden off of all those details. But it was really….it was a privilege to have spent a little bit of time…(with them.)”

Word has come about the two independent movies that Lynda has “out of the box” roles in. From Duffy Hudson, the director, producer and star of “Tattered Angel,” comes word that the finishing touches are being put on the movie, and they should have a distributor soon to put the film out in theatres for the fall or winter season. A new website for the film will be up and running, with more pictures and information about Lynda and her role as Hazel Anderson, the mother of a abducted child. With the terrible things that are happening to our prescious children all over this country, it will no doubt be a film that has lots of impact for its’audience of concerned parents.

     The website for the film “Bloodhead” reports that after 67 days of shooting in the sweltering heat of 29 Palms, California, the cast and crew is nearing the end of shooting. Lynda spent two grueling weeks for her part of Lynette there immediately after finishing her role in “The Vagina Monologues” in equally hot Phoenix, Arizona, but at least there she was in an air-conditioned theatre, not a sun-blistered trailer park. Post production begins on the film soon.

Lynda has returned from Michigan, where she and other celebrities such as her friend Tipper Gore, gun-control advocate Sarah Brady and Michael Douglas campaigned for their friend, Democrat John D. Dingell, the nation’s longest-serving congressman. The liberal congressman fended off the most serious challenge he had since 1964 in Democratic primary that pitted two incumbents, Dingell and Lynn Rivers, in a new district drawn by Republicans.

     Dingell liberal stance on women’s rights and abortion drew Lynda’s support, who has often campaigned for those who champions her favorite causes.

Lynda recently finished two weeks of shooting in 29 Palms, California to play a definitely unusual (for her) role in an upcoming indie horror film called “Bloodhead.” She plays the character “Lynette” the local trailer park good-time girl in the film, which also features Shirley Jones of “The Partridge Family” and many other roles in movies and tv, Frank Gorshin, the famous impressionist and best known to us for the character of the old toy-shop owner from the “Wonder Woman” episode “The Deadly Toys” and of course, the Riddler from “Batman,” and Bernie Kopell, the doctor from “The Love Boat.”

     The film, directed by Christopher Copplola of Plaster City Productions, is about two brothers, one white and one black, who are fighting each other over an inherited trailer park from their mother (Shirley Jones) that houses a strange cult supposedly. They must unite to battle a mysterious evil presence on the site after it murders their mother. Budgeted at under 5 million, the film is being shot on high-definition digital cameras, according to the latest Variety Magazine.

     Go to: for updates about the film. Although there are no photos of Lynda yet, there is the comment that her role “will raise the hairs on your head!” Also, the full film story can be found at:

Lynda turns 51 and like Wonder Woman she's sempiternal and eternally beautiful! She has entertained whole masses around the world and still does, and not only because of her beauty but mainly for being multi-talented and gifted. But above all, Lynda succeeded as a remarkable human being always caring about the others and showing herself involved in many charitable causes. She's beautiful, she's talented, she's gifted, she's a loving wife and mother, a good friend and aware of many social needs. She delights many loyal fans throughout the world and July 24 unites many people from different states, countries, religions or political thoughts, isn't that wonderful? On YOUR DAY Lynda, your fans profess love and admiration and sincerely wish you continued and full happiness, and success in everything you do! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and THANKS for existing! You're a wonder Lynda Carter!

The film “Super Troopers” in which Lynda has a cameo as the Governor of Vermont is due out on videotape and DVD next month. The DVD is a close captioned wide screen feature with dolby sound, and has theatrical trailers and a road trip New York wrap. It also included deleted scenes with commentary, outtakes, extended scenes, and an alternate ending.

     Hopefully some of the extra scenes will have Lynda in them, since her screen appearance was only 3 minutes long!

There is both good and bad news regarding the "Wonder Woman" movie. The good news is that the webmaster was told by a journalist friend who recently talked to actress Sandra Bullock that she is definitely NOT going to do the "Wonder Woman" film. The actress, when interviewed about her new film "Murder By Numbers," was asked to confirm if she was going to do the role of our favorite superheroine. She replied that she had read the script and didn't like it, and she added that she was not fitted for the character or suited for the part (as if she ever thought she was!) She then added "If I do it, they're going to hate me!" Truer words were never spoken.

     The bad news is that in the latest 'Entertainment Weekly" magazine there is an article on the success of the "Spiderman" movie and upcoming comic superhero films in development, and there is no mention of the "Wonder Woman" film, with or without Bullock or Maria Carey! It seems that a sequel to 2000's "X-Men" is in the works, and "The Incredible Hulk" and "Daredevil" with Ben Affleck will be released next year, and such characters as "Iron Man," Fantastic Four" and "Namor" are in development for their own films, but it seems that "Wonder Woman" has been forgotten or pushed aside entirely!
     We fans should begin to express our disgust and write to Warner Brothers and DC Comics asking for the film to be made, citing the success of "Spiderman." The addresses are:
Warner Brothers Studios
4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91522
DC Comics at

Lynda performed in the play "The Vagina Monologues" at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts in her home town of Phoenix, this week, for a total of six evenings. It was her second exposure to playright Eve Ensler's verbally violent, even raunchy play. "When they sent me the script, I admit to being kind of taken aback," Lynda said. "Eve will tell you that women love to talk about vaginas. That isn't true. They don't. But I think her point is, when you get them talking about vaginas, some interesting things happen. So many times during the performance, women burst into spontaneous laughter or applause because they've experienced these things. The show brings women together."

     When questioned about her role in the sometimes profane play, and how it may affect her fan's image of a wholesome actress entrenched on the moral high ground, Lynda said "I'm well aware of what my image is, and I know that this is a bit out of the box for me. But part of being an actress is feeling challenged - and this show certainly does that for me."
     Lynda was asked if her son or daughter would see their mother in the play. They're not ready for it," she said. "Of course, they know I'm doing it, and I've explained, using age-appropriate language, what it's about. It doesn't mean that, when they're more mature, they shouldn't see it. Eve raises some important issues. I'm proud to be a part of that."

Because of her role in the soon to be released film, "Tattered Angel" in which she plays the mother of a missing child, Lynda was one of the presenters at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Annual "Hope Awards," which took place at the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City Hotel. The ceremony preceded the Seventh Annual Congressional Breakfast and National Missing and Exploited Children's Awards held on Capitol Hill in honor of National Missing Children's Day, celebrated annually on May 25th.

     The Hope Awards have been established to raise awareness of the critical issues of child abduction and child sexual exploitation and to applaud the extraordinary accomplishments of the individuals and organizations leading the charge to make the world safe for children. Among the recipients were Ted Leonsis, Vice Chairman of AOL and Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire.

E! TV premiered its’ “True Hollywood Story” about Lynda this evening, with both good and bad sides. On the good side, there were scenes from three interviews in 1977, 1980 and 1991 that had not been shown before, and there were interviews with Howard “Speedy” Garfin, the head of one of the three bands that Lynda had sung with, as well as her first press agent, Jay Bernstein, her first husband Ron Samuels, fellow actor Lee Horsley and many others. These interviews gave another side to her life and career that had not been discussed for many years, as well as allowing Ron Samuels to tell his side of the breakup and divorce that scarred the lives of both Lynda and himself.

     But on the bad side, there were many mistakes that could have been avoided simply by checking the facts. A glaring error was made when it was said that Robert Altman was 52 when he married Lynda in 1984 (he was 36 and she was 32), the incorrect date of “Partners in Crime” was given,  and film of the US House Hearings in 1991 about the BCCI scandal was substituted for trial footage of the actual New York trial where Robert fought to save his professional reputation.  Except for a brief shot of her daughter Jessica, Lynda’s children were not shown, and her many activities in women’s and children’s charities were only briefly mentioned.

     On the whole, if this show was combined with her “Intimate Portrait”, the result would be a good overview of her life and career up to now, if the mistakes were rectified.

The E! TV “True Hollywood Story: Lynda Carter” will be premiering on Wednesday, May 1st at 8:00 pm est, and will be repeated on Sunday May 5th at 8:00 and 10:00 pm, and also on Monday 6th May at 9:00 am, est. The hour-long show will focus on Lynda’s career, but hopefully will not dwell too much on her recent admitting to having problems with alcohol, or the BCCI scandal that involved her husband Robert.

Wonderland has been told by E! TV's producers that Lynda’s "True Hollywood Story" has a tentative airdate of 28 April, 2002, though some sources claim it should be on May the 5th. For the past few months, Wonderland has been helping E! TV in locating various film clips and articles concerning Lynda’s exciting career, and we hope that the result will be a more comprehensive show than her recent “Intimate Portrait” that aired on Lifetime TV.

Keep checking this column for more information about the True Hollywood Story of Lynda Carter, Wonderwoman, Wonderstar and Wondermother!    

Lynda bravely faced her demons, imagined and real, and spoke about her former battle with alcohol by appearing on her good friend Larry King’s show. Originally scheduled to air 1 March, Lynda talked long and hard on Larry’s show, and little by little, he drew her out more and more so that for twenty minutes she candidly talked about a off and on habit that was first reported in the tabloids in June, 1998.

Appearing in a black turtleneck and red jacket, her lustrous dark brown hair falling to her shoulders, Lynda also recalled her career as Wonder Woman, as well as her recent appearances in the play “The Vagina Monologues” and film “Super Troopers” as the governor of Vermont, and upcoming roles in “Tattered Angel” and “Morrowwind.” But talking about her disease was the most important part of the interview.

When asked how long she had her the problem, she said “that’s hard to say, because I would either not drink for long periods of time and then I would drink…not really binges. (I) started off just drinking like everybody else. I never really liked alcohol. And then I didn’t do very well with it….I would hear things from the people that loved me that, you know, I was acting strange….I just came to—or we (her husband,) the decision that I wanted to do something about it. And I think that my greatest fear was being misunderstood or outed by the public or what about my image…when it’s happening to you, it’s kind of shameful. I didn’t like what was happening to me. I think as you get older, particularly for women, as I later found out, that it’s not uncommon for women as they get older to affect them more drastically……and for me, it just sort of turned around one day. And it wasn’t really healthy for me, it wasn’t right. And I wanted to find out what was going on.” She also told Larry that she had been sober for 4 or 5 years since attending the Father Martin Ashley’s Treatment Center in Havre de Grace, MD, and how the meetings there helped her. “It really helped me to focus in on who I was really am, who I want to be, the kind of mother I want to be, without any kind of thing hanging over my head that is like some monster that’s out there.”

Lynda, we, your fans, can only say that we are proud of you for courageously coming out on live television to talk so much about such an obviously private subject that must have been one of the most painful memories in your life. We will not judge you, or never think of you having a fatal flaw, but only that you are a human being like all of us who, to paraphrase your final thoughts “persevered, and withstood the storms, to move through them, to find some value in the aftermath of a trauma…and be able to count on your family. ”

Please go to the CNN website and read the full transcript of the interview with this remarkable woman at:

and you can also order a copy of the entire show by following the instructions at the end of the transcript.

Lynda will be a guest on CNN’s “Larry King Live!” show this Friday, March 1st at 9:00 pm est. She’ll reflect on her extraordinary career and recent projects including “The Vagina Monologues” and “Super Troopers,” and her role in the “Sister to Sister” foundation to promote awareness in women on heart disease.

The film “Super Troopers,” in which Lynda has her first movie screen appearance since “Bobbie Joe and the Outlaw,” opened this weekend in 1000 theatres over the US. The film, which is a wacky R-rated comedy, a sort of “Animal House Meets Police Academy” did well enough at the box office, earning 7.1 million dollars, and a place in the top ten films of the week.

     The team behind the movie who wrote and starred in it is a former Colgate University comedy group called “Broken Lizard.” Led by Jay Chandrasekhar, the team plays a lazy group of Vermont State troopers stationed near the Canadian border, who aren’t above sampling the dope they very occasionally confiscate from speeders. Their long-suffering commanding officer, the great Irish actor Brian Cox, late of “L.I.E.” and “Nuremberg” warns them to behave because Governor Natalie Jessman, played in a cameo role by Lynda, is contemplating closing their barracks because of budget cuts.

     In a recent USA Today interview, Lynda was asked how she wound up doing a comedy role in a R-rated film. “I got a call from my agent, who sent me the script. I thought it was pretty funny, a little bathroom humor-y. But my role wasn’t.” The “Broken Lizard” team were not too “bathroom humor-y” to work with, she said, although “they were kind of incorrigible. “To be in a comedy, which, I think, is the biggest attraction for me, it’s a lot more out of the box for me.”

     Lynda appears near the end of the film, when her character, Governor Jessman, comes to the town of Spurbury for short visit to compliment the local police authority for their diligence in catching drug smugglers from Canada. Although she only has a few lines, her appearance in a light pink suit, standing tall, gorgeous and somewhat bemused at the antics of the state troopers, is in this writer’s opinion, the highlight of the movie.

This writer saw Lynda perform in “The Vagina Monologues” by Eve Ensler at the Harris Theatre of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia on Saturday February 9th. It was the first time Lynda had appeared on stage since her one-woman singing and dancing act in the 1970-80’s, but she didn’t show any nervousness as she read six of twelve monologues. The subjects were diverse, a 72 year-old woman who “discovered” her vagina late in life, a monologue about the birka, the tent-like garment that the Taliban had forced the women of Afghanistan to wear until recently, a monologue about the forced circumcision of young women in Africa, the rape of 30,000 Bosnian women during the Bosnian War, an woman describing the various indignities her vagina is forced to endure, and Eve Ensler’s  personal monologue about watching the birth of her granddaughter.

     Unfortunately there was no question and answer session after the performance as advertised in the George Mason campus gazette because Lynda had to leave right after the performance to pick up her daughter Jessica from a basketball game, but the pleasure in seeing Lynda perform live, and looking fantastic, was a experience I will never forget.

     I arrived early to find a good seat, and was rewarded with one in the front row, three from the center. The theatre was small, about 300 seats, and each of the three performances were quickly sold out. On a low stage were 5 tall chairs with microphones, and three small tables with stacks of cards. At 2:15 four young actresses from GMU, Jennifer Douglas-Craig, Millie Langford, Lorraine Ressegger, and Monica Simons, came out of the curtains, and sat in four of the chairs, leaving the center one empty. They began to read from the cards to the audience of mostly young college women, using different words to describe the female orifice, then Lynda’s voice was heard saying “and they all add up to one word, VAGINA!” The curtains parted, and she strode out onto the stage, looking gorgeous in a black polished cotton turtleneck, black slacks, and a red jacket. Her beautiful hair was a lighter shade of brown, and worn shoulder-length. She introduced herself, sat down and explained the reason that Eve Ensler wrote the play, which consisted of 12 monologues read by the actresses, with trivia breaks between the parts.

     Altogether the play was very moving, funny and extremely controversial, with many four-letter words used freely to describe various parts of the female anatomy. But Lynda enjoyed the various roles she portrayed, and had the time of her life, grinning at the audience several times because of the risque nature of the material with her tongue between her teeth, and complimenting the young actresses she was working with.

     In a recent interview on WRC-TV, Lynda said that she loved doing the play, and hoped to perform it in Phoenix Arizona, her home town, and Miami Beach, Florida, so be on the lookout if you live in those areas for a great performance hopefully heading your way.

Bethesda Softworks announced today that Lynda has agreed to do voice-overs for the critically acclaimed electronic role-playing game “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.” Due to hit stores this spring for the PC and Xbox video game system, Morrowind offers players a rich fantasy world.

     Lynda has signed on to provide the voices for the female Nords, one of the races that populate the game. Her husband Robert is the Chairman of ZeniMax Media, which is the parent of Bethesda Softworks, so she had the opportunity to learn about and see Morrowind as it was developed. In a recent interview with GameSpyDaily, she said “I had seen the game during it’s development and thought it was fantastic. Now I certainly don’t profess to be an experienced gamer, but since my kids loves games, I had purchased and looked at a number of the latest titles during the last several years. I thought the Morrowind artwork was just outstanding……When the Morrowind development team started casting for actors to do the voice-overs, they asked me if I would consider doing it, and I was more than happy to get involved. Though I had been in the entertainment industry for years, I had never done voice-over work for a game before and I thought it would be fun.”

     At one point in the interview, which can be seen at, Lynda was asked if she had ever been approached about doing a Wonder Woman game, and if she would have been interested in doing her voice. She replied “there was a great deal of merchandising for Wonder Woman, but never a video game….I think that a Wonder Woman game would have great appeal if done well…nothing comes close to the potential of a Wonder Woman game in my judgement.”

Lynda will be joining students from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia for three presentations of “The Vagina Monologues” by playright Eve Ensler in the Harris Theatre on campus. Performances are set for Friday, 8 February at 8:00 pm and Saturday 9 February at 2:00pm and 8:00 pm.

     Tickets are available through or the George Mason box office at (703) 993-8888, or at the door.

     This is the first time that Lynda will be performing on stage since her one-woman singing stage shows in the 1980’s. “I feel really excited and, I think, nervous” she said about her star turn. “If you don’t have that nervousness, you don’t have the edge you need. Before any kind of performance, it’s good to have a little butterfly in your stomach.” Lynda said she quickly accepted when George Mason asked her to join the “Monologues” cast. “I was already interested in doing the play, so when the director at George Mason called me out of the blue, I thought, this is great and it’s for charity.”

     Proceeds of the three performances will go to the organization Women for Woman International, and the George Mason University Victims of Violence Fund.

Lynda will be taking part in the second annual Lynda Carter Golf Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida on Monday the 18th of February. It will be at the Deerwood Country Club, and will benefit the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

     The open tournament is open to all duffers, with a $125 participation fee, and will include many prizes for both men’s & women’s golf divisions, concluding with an awards banquet with Lynda in the evening.

For more information, please call (904) 356-3300 or go to:

Lynda and her family spent the holidays doing their favorite thing, “shushing” down the ski-resort slopes of Aspen, Colorado, and enjoying the comforts of the Hotel Jerome in their favorite vacation spot. It seems that family values have replaced wild times in that resort, since Will Smith and his wife, their three year-old son and baby daughter, and George Lucas and his kids were also spotted on the slopes and in the luxury hotels.

     Lynda attended the Washington DC premier of the Ridley Scott film, “Blackhawk Down” at the Uptown theatre on the 17th  of this month. The film, an unflinching retelling of the 1993 US mission to capture warlords keeping food supplies for Somali citizens, was saluted by top Washington top brass, including the Vice President and Secretary of Defense.

     The Washington Times reported that “the ever-glamorous Miss Carter’s eyes sparkled as she described what she had seen. “The experience of the movie is something the American people want in order to feel connected to everything that’s happened to us,” the former Wonder Woman said. “This is our lives. It’s our sons and daughters.”

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