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JUNE 21 2005

While Lynda was doing the photo shoot for this weeks’ "Entertainment Weekly" magazine, she was also interviewed by "EXTRA" the syndicated television news show. Crying "Extra, Extra" and looking just gorgeous in a plain white shirt, black coat and slacks, her dark hair loose to her shoulders and blown by the photographer’s fan, she then spoke briefly about her roles in "WONDER WOMAN", "THE SKY HIGH" and "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" as film clips were shown from all three.

   You can see the interview at:  under headlines posted 20 June, 2005.

JUNE 20 2005

Our Beautiful Lady is in 5 magazines this week! Check your stores for:

[1] ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s June 24/July 1 Special Double Issue of "122 People & Things We Love This summer/The Must List." Lynda is #64 that they love on page 80 with a 3 / 4 page photo and talks about the golden lasso and inventing the WW spin!

[2] SCI FI MAGAZINE’s August issue has a one page interview with Mike Mitchell, the director of Lynda’s upcoming "Sky High" film with a small photo of Lynda as "Principal Powers".

[3] WIZARD’s July issue has a one page interview with Lynda talking about "Sky High" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" with a one full page photo and another small picture as "Wonder Woman".

[4] TOYFARE‘s August issue has a one page similar interview and 2 small pics of Lynda as WW.

[5] HISPANIC MAGAZINE has an article on "Wonder Woman LYNDA CARTER: A proud Latin is Back".

Rush out to your newsstands today!

JUNE 07 2005

Since today, "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON" the third and final season of "WONDER WOMAN" is out on the stands. The final set features all 24 episodes of the third season of the series, plus a bonus featurette "WONDER WOMAN: THE ULTIMATE FEMINIST ICON" about the character’s influence as a female role model and audio commentary by LYNDA CARTER. The superb design of the box-set is by Paul Lanner. Also featured is a commemorative bonus disc containing a never-before-released-on-DVD Shazam episode as part of their year-long promotion branded as "50 Years of Quality Television."

Languages: English / Subtitles: English, Spanish, French / Audio: Dolby Surround Stereo / Color / Closed Captioned / Rating: NR / Price: $39.98 SRP / Running time: 672 mins.

   Be sure to buy at least two copies! One for everyday use and one for archiving. And as part of the "50 Years of Quality Television" there's a special offer valid thru 6/30/06 for which you can get up to $ 50 back by mail when you buy more than one set.

   Below you can find a three excerpts from the audio commentary by LYNDA CARTER on "MY TEENAGE IDOL IS MISSING", the season opener:

"My Teenage Idol Is Missing" - Commentary by LYNDA CARTER - Excerpt 1 [ Real Audio ] [ * ]

"My Teenage Idol Is Missing" - Commentary by LYNDA CARTER - Excerpt 2 [ Real Audio ] [ * ]
"My Teenage Idol Is Missing" - Commentary by LYNDA CARTER - Excerpt 3 [ Real Audio ] [ * ]

   You can buy the third DVD-set -as well as formerly released sets- directly from WB online shop at:

[*] Audio commentary from the "My Teenage Idol Is Missing" episode as featured on the 3-DVD box-set "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON". © 2005 by Warner Bros. Home Video and reproduced only with informative purposes. All rights reserved. WONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

JUNE 07 2005
  PHOTO 01
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 About 445 cast, crew, friends and supporters, including Lynda and Robert, attended a special screening last night of Lynda’s film "TATTERED ANGEL", an independent production made in Cincinnati Ohio, at the AMC 20 Theatre at Newport on the Levee across the Ohio river in Covington, Kentucky.

   The film’s showing was the latest fund-raiser the filmmakers Duffy Hudson and Will Benson, natives of Cincinnati, arranged to help pay for the movie. The first took place in 1999, which Lynda also attended. Her motivation was screenwriter and star Hudson, with whom she studied acting in New York City. "Its part of the creative process," said Lynda, looking cool and casual in a large white shirt and blue pants, her dark hair worn up. "You try to put your own efforts behinds those friends that are out there trying to do independent films. That’s the whole way independents are made. Nobody makes any money, everybody’s always scraping it together."

   The drama about a small town coping with the effects of a child’s disappearance was shot in 2001 at the cost of $500,000 in and around Cincinnati. Lynda’s role is that of Hazel Anderson, whose child also turns up missing. The filmmakers plan to relocate to Los Angeles this summer to find a distribution company to sell the film in theatres and on DVD.

   Superfan Terry Haney, who was an investor in the film, was able to attend the event and makes a report, of the gala on the Ohio River! CLICK HERE.

JUNE 06 2005

 Amanda Micheli’s award-winning independent film "DOUBLE DARE" will be released on DVD tomorrow the same day as the "WONDER WOMAN" third season DVD, and it will have lots of extras! There is a loose, laid-back and informative audio commentary from Amanda, Jeannie Epper and Zoë Bell, 16 deleted scenes that total 51 minutes, six extended interview segments from Lynda Carter, Quentin Tarantino, Lucy Lawless, Steven Spielberg, Renee O’Connor and stuntwoman Min Windle, a collection of home movies from Jeannie and Zoe, cast & crew bios, trailers for "DOUBLE DARE" and Amanda’s first indie, "Just for the Ride", and a photo and poster gallery. Since the film has finished its’ roadshow tour, and is being only shown sparsely by PBS channels, this is good reason to pick up a copy -or two!

For more information please visit the official site of "DOUBLE DARE" at:

JUNE 02 2005

As part of their year-long "50 Years of Quality Television" campaign, Warner Bros Television is releasing the final set of "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON" on 7 June, 2005. Remember to spread the word and remember than buying more than one copy is a good idea, one for everyday use and one for archiving!!!! Below you'll find an exclusive preview of the documentary, courtesy of Garrett from WB.

"Wonder Woman was a social and cultural phenomenon o the 70’s, whose popularity has translated well on DVD. This final release provides fans with the opportunity to complete their Wonder Woman library in just one year since the Season 1 release on DVD," said Christine Martinez, WHV Vice President, Non-theatrical Franchise Marketing.

With the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury and the beauty of Aphrodite, LYNDA CARTER returns as Wonder Woman for all 24 episodes of the third and final thrill-packed season of the series that has become a pop culture phenomenon. Teamed with flint-jawed government agent Steve Trevor [Lyle Waggoner] and using the alias of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman whips out her bracelets and lariat to battle evil. And what a battle it is. Her foes include a time traveler from the year 2155, a brain with no body, a dating service that’s serving up death, bazillions of hungry ants and a sculptor whose statues come to life and become his partners in crime. Wonder Woman certainly saved the best adventures for last!

A must-own for fans, the "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON" 4-disc DVD set includes these exciting bonus features:

 • Never-before-seen featurette "WONDER WOMAN: THE ULTIMATE FEMINIST ICON" about the character’s influence as a female role model.

 • Audio commentary by LYNDA CARTER.

Additionally, "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON" DVD will carry a commemorative bonus disc containing a never-before-released-on-DVD Shazam episode. This 1970’s TV series also featured a super hero as the main character. The WBTV 50 years of Quality Television commemorative bonus disc will only be available for initial ship orders.

Street Date: June 7, 2005 / Languages: English / Subtitles: English, Spanish, French / Audio: Dolby Surround Stereo / Color / Closed Captioned / Rating: NR / Price: $39.98 SRP / Running time: 672 mins.

• Warner Home Video celebrates 50 years of television history from Warner Bros. Television with a year-long promotion branded as "50 Years of Quality Television." This studio-wide campaign will feature DVD debuts of series from every decade of Warner Bros. Television's history beginning in the 1950's and continuing through current hits. "50 Years of Quality Television" will include special promotions for retailers and consumers. Please contact your Warner Home Video representative for more information on "50 Years of Quality Television."

With operations in 89 international territories Warner Home Video, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, commands the largest distribution infrastructure in the global video marketplace. Warner Home Video's film library is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage titles from the repertoires of Warner Bros. Pictures, Turner Entertainment, Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Home Video and New Line Home Entertainment.

WONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

You can download the clips from the documentary "WONDER WOMAN: THE ULTIMATE FEMINIST ICON" here:

Her Character - Clip 1 [ Windows Media Video]

Ms Magazine - Clip 2 [ Windows Media Video]
Beautiful Tomboy - Clip 3 [ Windows Media]
The Feminist - Clip 4 [ Windows Media]

You can buy the third DVD-set -as well as formerly released sets- directly from WB online shop at:

MAY 25 2005
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 This writer was privileged to attend the Washington DC premier of Amanda Micheli’s award-winning independent film "DOUBLE DARE" at the Silver Spring AFI Silverdocs theatre, and was able to watch while Lynda Carter, Jeannie Epper, Amand Micheli and producer Karen Johnson sat and talked to the audience afterwards. The film is due out on DVD June 7th with many extra features, including 16 deleted scenes and the full interviews with Lynda, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and others, and is highly recommended by this writer!!!

   The film was very exciting, and showed how Jeannie Epper invited Zoë Bel, the New Zealand born stunt player who doubled for Lucy Lawless in the hit series "Xena", to come to Los Angeles and live with her and learn some new stunts, including high falls, while trying to get stunt jobs in upcoming feature films. The culmination of this was the hiring of Zoe to be Uma Thurman’s stunt double in "Kill Bill". It also showed how Jeannie and her family became stunt players in many films, including "Romancing the Stone", "1941", etc. The highlight were scenes of Jeannie as one of Lynda’s stunt doubles on "WONDER WOMAN" with various stunts being rehearsed and shot from such episodes as "The Murderous Missle" and "The Fine Art of Crime". This writer was thanked in the credits for his identifying the episodes for the director and listing the dates of the airing all over the country on WONDERLAND.

   After the film was shown, Amanda, Jeannie, Lynda and Karen sat close to the audience and described their various experiences in filmmaking and stunt playing. Lynda was dressed in a dark pantsuit with a light blue sweater hanging over her shoulders, her dark hair loose and flowing, and to the surprise of many in the audience, was wearing a cast on her right hand. She told how she had suffered some serious injuries when she had an aTV (all-terrain vehicle) accident. " I’ll tell this audience a little story, that of really all the work that Jeannie and I did, and she showing me how to roll, and various things that I did with cars, and she taught me to do a little bit of the car stuff, which saved my life a couple of times on some icy roads. I was riding an aTV, one of those motorcycles, the 4 wheeler things, and I was going really fast and hit some gravel trying to go through this gate. I was ok with it, the back of it was fishtailing, and that was fine, I didn’t tip it, but the post was right in front of me. I hit the post and flew out, but instead of flying into the post with my head, I threw myself off the side and threw my (right) arm around that way (in front of her) you know like the high falls, they fall but at the very last second they twist their body but you throw your arm? My leg caught the handlebar and I severed a muscle in my leg and broke my hand… know, if I could give someone a word of caution, one person has just a little more caution when they get on those things….because you know, it happened so fast, and…I could have killed myself! It was this close to the femoral artery…and my husband’s pissed! I have kids, and I was…what was I thinking? I was thinking I was Jeannie Epper!!!" This was not the first time that Lynda has had a plaster cast on her arm from a vehicle accident; in 1980 when she was backing her sports car out of her house garage in Los Angeles, she hit a high curb and the steering wheel spun around suddenly and snapped her wrist!

   Lynda mentioned that she had the films "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" and "SKY HIGH" coming out in the summer. She said "I have a supporting role (as opposed to a starring role) which is kind of fun, you don’t have any responsibilities and no pressure…..this broad’s still working!!" Jeannie also talked about her career. "In 'Romancing the Stone' I doubled for Kathleen Turner, sliding in the mud, and it was scary. It was two and a half weeks beating my body up. I was 42 at the time, and I was in pretty good shape. You go on a job like that and you don’t want to be out of shape, because you’re going to hurt muscles that you don’t use anyway. I’ve doubled for Shirley McLaine, I’ve doubled for Linda Evans on 'Dynasty' …doing the cat fights with Alexis, but I will have to say that Lynda did most of the fight work, she did 99% of the fight work on "Wonder Woman". "But you taught me", said Lynda. "Yes, but not many actresses can do it…the right moves with those long legs…she had those long legs that could kick your head off if you were six foot four. The stunt guys were always, Lynda can fight!" Lynda added "The highest compliment that I could be paid, is that the guys thought that I did OK fighting, and those are macho guys!" That evening there was a special person in the audience for Jeannie, her 10 year old granddaughter Amber, who is doing her first stunt job in a horror flick in June. She came and sat with her grandmother, and Jeannie talked about Amber being the third generation of Eppers to do stunt work in Hollywood.

   Lynda had to leave early, but before she left she told the audience " I just….I was just on the edge of my seat, and when I walked in the theatre and saw all of you here…I’ve got to tell you, it just…I was so impressed that you all came to support this theatre, and the very reason that you are here to support the documentary work of these fabulous, fabulous women , every bit of support that you give these people opens the door of future generations of those that come behind us, like Amanda here to go forward in whatever we do, and that Jeannie…..I’ve got to tell you, I’m so touched that Jeannie took that girl under her wing (Zoë Bell) and she was so generous and went to the auditions with her….that is what each of us has to do, for children not our own, for those that come behind us in the areas that we know well to really nurture and help." As Lynda began to leave she was surprised when this writer was able to give her a dozen roses on behalf of Wonderland which she happily accepted. "See you in June in "SKY HIGH" she said to the audience as she left.

Wonderfan PAUL CORSI also attended the event and share his visions with us! THANKS Paul! CLICK HERE.

MAY 24 2005

 The trailer for the feature film "SKY HIGH" was finally made available today as an exclusive by Yahoo. Lynda looks gorgeous, and the film will come to theatres on July 29.

   You can watch the trailer at:

   or you can download it from Wonderland:

"Sky High" Trailer

   You can also download the "Sky High" preview on ET here:

"Sky High" Preview On ET [ Quicktime Medium Resolution ]

MAY 23 2005
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 Our beautiful lady attended the American Ballet Theatre’s 65th Annual Gala in New York City, injured wrist and all! Lynda, dressed in a floor length flowing pink gown studded with pearls with a sheer pink wrap, her dark lustrous hair flowing to her shoulders, was sporting a large bandage on her right hand and wrist! Let’s just hope that the injury was just caused by too many autograph signings!

MAY 10 2005

 Look out, Superman, Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman is set to touch down in Australia in her invisible jet! Hollywood producer Joel Silver has revealed that Australia is at the top of his list as the shoot location for his "WONDER WOMAN" film. "When I make Wonder Woman I’ll probably do it in Australia," said Silver, whose long list of profitable films, including "Die Hard" and the "Lethal Weapon" movies have made over $5 billion at the box office. "I love working in Australia. It makes great sense to me." With Nicolas Cage filming "Ghost Rider" in Melbourne and Brandon Routh in his cape and red underpants shooting "Superman" in Sydney at the present, Australia has become a favorite destination for superheroes, and a retreat for the hard working Silver, who said that the "WONDER WOMAN" project was hush-hush at the moment, with casting still top secret as to who would fill the red and gold bustier that Lynda wore so successfully back in the 70’s. "No, we’re not there yet, we’re still got Joss Wheldon writing the script, and when we have a script we’ll make a decision about what we’re going to do" said Silver.

MAY 06 2005

 The trailer for the feature film "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD"  was made available today for the television market and the various movie trailer websites. It has Lynda’s character Pauline offering her "muffins" to Uncle Jesse [Willie Nelson] with her comment "Jesse, I might just have to warm some up for you"! She looks terrific, and the film looks like it will be lot of fun, too when it comes to theatres on 5 August.

   You can watch the trailer at:

   or you can download it from Wonderland:

""he Dukes Of Hazzard" Trailer

MAY 04 2005

 More news about the film "DOUBLE DARE"! The DVD is on pre-sale now at and will be released the same day as the 3rd season of the "WONDER WOMAN" series, 7 June 2005!!

   Also, the film will be showing at various locations around the country this month, and some will have the director and one or two cast members making a special appearance:

13 MAY Amanda Micheli and Zoe Bell will be appearing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston MN.

13 MAY Real Art Ways in Hartford, CN.

20 MAY Tower Cinema in Salt Lake City, UT.

20-26 MAY Bell Auditorium in Minneapolis, MN.

20 MAY New Art Cinemas in Provincetown, MA.


   For more information on these showings, please visit the official site of "DOUBLE DARE" at:

MAY 03 2005

 It was announced in the Cincinnati Enquirer that LYNDA CARTER’s first independent feature film, "TATTERED ANGEL" will have it’s hometown premier at the AMC 20 at Newport on the Levee in Cincinnati Ohio for the cast, crew, friend and family. The film, which started shooting back in 1999 has had it’s finishing touches applied by the director Will Benson. The psychological drama revolves around a missing child in a small town, an all-to-frequent occurance in these past few months, stars Duffy Hudson whose sister disappeared long ago, and Lynda as a mother whose child has also recently disappeared.

   Lynda and Duffy became friends years ago in acting classes, and Lynda not only agreed to play a supporting role in the film, which Duffy also wrote the screenplay for, but she also helped raise money for the film in Cincinatti.

   Tickets to the fund-raising event, which will involve pre-and post-screening parties, will cost $40-100. Full details will be available at the film’s soon to be re-launched website. Lynda is among those out of town cast members expected to attend the event.

APRIL 22 2005

 "DOUBLE DARE" OPENS APRIL 22 in Los Angeles!!

 5-time audience award-winner

"**** 1/2!" -Film Threat
"Beautifully captured...a rousing crowdpleaser" -S.F. Chronicle
"Must-see, delicious" -Seattle Times

   "DOUBLE DARE", featuring legendary stuntwoman Jeannie Epper ["Wonder Woman"] and up-and-comer Zoë Bell Bell ["Xena"] opens this Friday, April 22 at the Sunset 5 theater in West Hollywood. The filmmakers, stuntwomen, and "special guests" will appear in person opening night at the 7:10 show.

   "DOUBLE DARE" is also playing at the Roxie in San Francisco, and opens May 6th at the Quad in NYC and the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, followed by the Coolidge Corner in Boston and other cities on May 13th.

  See the trailer and complete listings at:

   "DOUBLE DARE" is a double-barreled, action-packed documentary about two Hollywood stunt-women, Jeannie Epper and Zoë Bell. Jeannie, who refuses to retire at sixty-four, doubled for Wonder Woman in the 70's, and Zoë landed the coveted job of doubling for Xena at the age of eighteen. Amanda Micheli's award-winning film is a bittersweet look at two dedicated women in male-dominated Tinseltown as they struggle to stay working, stay thin, and stay sane.

APRIL 11 2005

The complete third season of the "Wonder Woman" series will be released on 7 June, 2005. The set, consisting of 4 discs, will have closed captioning and English language, with subtitles in French and Spanish, and will have commentary by Lynda and a special featurette. The contents of the discs are:

DISC 1: SIDE A: "My Teen Idol is Missing" (with commentary by Lynda,) "Hot Wheels"; "The Deadly Sting". SIDE B: "The Fine Art of Crime"; "Disco Devil"; "Formicida".

DISC 2: SIDE A: "Time Bomb"; "Skateboard Whiz"; "The Deadly Dolphin". SIDE B: "Stolen Faces"; "Pot O’Gold"; "Gault’s Brain".

DISC 3: SIDE A: "Going, Going, Gone"; "Spaced Out"; "The Starships Are Coming". SIDE B: "Amazon Hot Wax"; "The Richest Man in the World"; "A Date with Doomsday".

DISC 4: SIDE A: "The Girl with a Gift for Disaster"; "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret parts 1 & 2". SIDE B: "The Man Who Could Not Die", "Phantom of the Roller Coaster Parts 1 & 2" plus the Special featurette: "Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Feminist Icon" A featurette on Wonder Woman’s influence as a female role model-includes interviews with LYNDA CARTER, Dawn Heinrecken, author of "The Woman Warriors of Television", Nina Jaffe, Author of Wonder Woman children’s books, Karen Berger, VP/Executive Editor and Wonder Wo-

man editor 1986-91, Lilllian Robinson, author of "Wonder Women: Feminisms and Superheroes.

NOTE: April 23 Update. Here you have an exclusive look at the packaging design by Paul Lanner of Lanner Design. Thanks Paul!

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