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DECEMBER 24 2005

Our Lady is finally home with her beloved family, and taking a long, relaxing holiday from all the work that she has done, in this, the most successful year for Lynda since the 1970’s. Besides having just finished her role as Colonel Weaver in “SLAYER”, her third film in this busy year, Lynda also starred in the hit films “SKY HIGH” as the super-principal of a school for the children of superheroes, and “THE DUKES OF HAZZARD” as Pauline, Willie Nelson’s girlfriend, and she attended the premiers of those with her family as well as two more films that she had appeared in earlier in the past years, “DOUBLE DARE” and “TATTERED ANGEL”. For her many fans who keep track of the entertainment news, there were many, many mentions and interviews of her in the television and movie news shows and similar magazines all year, plus the second and third seasons of “WONDER WOMAN” was released on DVD, to great reviews and the excitement of Lynda’s fans.

   Lynda’s full return to the acting medium that she loves continued with an outstanding villainous role as the seductive con-artist mother of a murderous daughter in back to back episodes of two hit television shows, NBC’s "LAW & ORDER: SVU" and "LAW & ORDER", which got winning ratings again for both shows. But Lynda’s great year was made wholly complete and satisfying in the fall by successfully trodding the theatrical boards in London for a grueling 8 weeks in the hit stage play "CHICAGO"! There Lynda, after 18 years, returned to her first love, singing before a live audience as the “Keeper of the Keys, the Countess of the Clink, the Mistress of Murderer’s Row, Matron Mama Morton!” The many fans that came from all over the world to watch her strut her stuff as the black-suit clad jailer of Illinois’s Cicero Woman’s Prison were not disappointed when her beautiful voice rang out again on the stage sweet and clear, strong and vibrant as “Mama” ruled the clink, singing about taking and giving favors for her “girls”, and bemoaning the lack of class in the 1920’s Chicago.

   Lynda, We, Your many Faithful Fans, fervently wishes You Many More Wonderful Years like 2005, when you successfully regained the love and popularity of television, movie and theatergoers all over the world! You have truly proven yourself, again, a “Wonder Woman”!   

   For us, it has consequently been a successful year as well, and you’re part of this success. We the Wonderland team wish you a Merry ‘Xmas and a Happy New Year 2006! Meanwhile here’s a very special holidays message by Lynda Carter for all of you wonderlanders:

Holiday Message By Lynda Carter

DECEMBER 22 2005

We just spoke to Fernando Allende, the associate producer and actor who plays the role of Louis De Moura in “SLAYER” and he told us that the film has been finished, in fact we talked to him as the wrap party was going on! The cast and crew have made a special effort to complete the film over the past weeks, working 7 am to 7 pm so that all could return to their homes and families for the holidays and not have to come back to finish it later next year as originally planned.

   Fernando had nothing but praise for our Lynda, whom he has known for many years; “We all just love her”, he said, and she would have blushed to hear him tell us how marvelous she was to be with and work with.

   He told us that Lynda, tired but satisfied with her work on this film, left on Tuesday to return home to Potomac, Maryland to spend some much deserved quality time with Robert, James and

Jessica. He also mentioned that his eldest son Elan and James are very good friends, having met while both families lived in Aspen for a year!

   We will do an in-depth interview with Señor Allende in January when the holidays are over about the film and its’ making deep in the jungles of Puerto Rico. Be sure to keep a lookout for it!

DECEMBER 20 2005

The twin episodes of "LAW & ORDER: SVU - DESIGN" and "LAW & ORDER - FLAW" that Lynda so successfully starred in as a villain will be repeated for the third time this year next week on two nights in a row on NBC-TV. The episode "LAW & ORDER: SVU - DESIGN" , with Lynda and her co-star Estella Warren playing a seductive but vicious mother-daughter team of grifters, will be shown on Tuesday, December 27 at 10:00 pm. The follow-up episode "LAW & ORDER - FLAW" where the SVU team of Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni investigate the women in a murder will be shown on Wednesday night, December 28 at the same time on "LAW & ORDER".

   The episodes premiered on September 27-28, and was repeated again on November 5th back to back for excellent ratings.

   Next week’s TV Guide mentioned that the episodes that feature Lynda shouldn’t be missed, as seeing “Wonder Woman” play a baddie is a once in a lifetime event! All of you who missed the first two showings (SHAME ON YOU!!!) now have a third chance. The Gods have smiled on Our Lady this year, so make it another rating’s buster to show the powers that be that Lynda deserves her own series, or recurring role in a top TV series!   

DECEMBER 19 2005

At the Tiny Jewel Box on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC, where earrings, bracelets and necklaces range from $500 to $50,000, holiday shopping is a pressure-filled experience for many husbands. Some wives shop early for the “bling” that they want. Other, like Lynda, expects her husband to read her mind.

   So there was Robert on Friday afternoon, standing in front of a jewelry case at the Tiny Jewel Box, eying a pair of diamond drop earrings for his beautiful wife, then still in the steamy jungles of Puerto Rico filming "SLAYER".

“She did not pick out something,” he said. When asked by the TJB chief executive officer and old friend, Jim Rosenheim, if it was a surprise, Robert replied “It’s not entirely a surprise. It would be a surprise if I don’t pick out something” (for her).

   Sometimes even super-husbands can read their super-wives mind, and sometimes not. We guess that Lynda will just have to wait for Christmas morning to find out!  

DECEMBER 18 2005

During mid-November, Sawnie Burgos O'Brien and Mark Meader, a.k.a. the Wonderland team, managed to save some shekels and were able to go to London to share a week with LYNDA CARTER and see her in the play “CHICAGO”, and believe us, it was worth every penny (or shekel!). Full with photos, audio and video CLICK HERE or on the image above for the full report about their week in London with Lynda Carter!!!

DECEMBER 12 2005

Since Friday 9, the production of “SLAYER” has been shooting in the old Hotel Las Americas in Miramar, Puerto Rico. Hawk (Casper Van Dien), Laurie (Jennifer O'Dell), Tony Plana (Javier) and Louis De Moura (Fernando Allende) who plays the local guide, arrive to the hotel which in the movie is called "Aguas Calientes" ("Hot Waters). There in the Hotel, Colonel Weaver (LYNDA CARTER) is waiting for them, taking some rest before continuing on their search for the vampires into the jungle.

   In a few days Lynda will return home for the holidays, as well as the rest of the cast. The production will resume after the holidays. Also starring are Kevin Grievoux as Grieves, Alexis Cruz as Alex, Pablo Espinosa as Jimmy and Joyce Giraud as Estrella.

DECEMBER 07 2005

 Lynda is still a busy person this year! Yesterday she arrived at the Luis Muñon Marín airport in San Juan de Puerto Rico to play the role of a military Colonel sent to a Latin American jungle to investigate strange cases related to vampires for the upcoming theatrical movie “SLAYER”. Welcomed by associate producer Fernando Allende, she is staying a week then will return to Washington to spend some time with her family, and then will return for the conclusion of the filming.

   The film has been filming in the Puerta de Tierra area for 9 days, and is being written and produced and directed by Kevin Van Hook, and stars Lynda Carter, Casper Van Dien, Jennifer O’Dell, Joyce Giraud, Tony Plana and Fernando Allende and made by the IDT Corporation. Luis Riefkohl is the executive producer and executive director of the Cinema Corporation of Puerto Rico. Fernando Allende is the associate producer with his Producciones El Dorado. In the film, Lynda plays a Colonel, and her character sends a group of military men to help the people from a little village suffering from the political and social crisis. Once there they find that a group of vampires has been living and hiding in the jungle for many years.

   Lynda arrived causally dressed in jeans and a shirt with no make-up yet still looking gorgeous, saying “Hola” to the many fans and people from the press there at the airport, where she affirmed that even at her age she can still kick some vampire butt! She said that “this is a very interesting movie and the director, Van Hook, is a master of special FX”. She also admitted that the most important thing is that this is a different role for her and she wants to continue doing different things as an actress.

   Lynda has been to Puerto Rico many times and admitted that she loves the island due to her Hispanic legacy. She then left to visit the warm jungles where she will shoot the movie while her family shivers in frigid Washington DC.

DECEMBER 06 2005  







Lynda’s two recent films, "SKY HIGH" and "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" have been released on both wide-screen and full-screen DVD, complete with many extras that include, in the case of the latter, many scenes that Lynda did which were not included in the final film.

   "SKY HIGH" unfortunately has just two quick extras with Lynda, one in the “Welcome to Sky High” in the gymnasium where, while watching the shot of the freshmen assembling to meet her as the principal, she turns to the camera and says in a mock apprehensive voice “I hope they’re getting all this on camera”, and in the “Super Bloopers” segment while she is walking Michael Angarano and Steven Strait down to the detention cell, she stops and swats each on the bottom hard and pushes them into the cell.

   However on the "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" DVD that is labeled “unrated”, Lynda has four additional scenes which were unfortunately not in the movie. In the additional scenes that are rated PG, scene 41 has the entire “Pauline’s muffins” part that was seen only the trailer. Scene 99 has Willie Nelson as Uncle Jesse being punched by Burt Reynolds (Boss Hogg) while tied to the kitchen chair with Pauline (Lynda) as she screams, and scene 120 has Uncle Jesse and Pauline waiting by their truck drinking and making moonshine Molotov Cocktails to use while the big race goes on.

   The film also has a slightly different ending that was not seen in the theatres, where during the celebration barbecue Pauline goes to fetch Uncle Jesse and finds him smoking a “pot apple” outdoors with an unidentified man. The theatrical ending is actually additional PG rated scene A133, where Pauline finds Jesse in the smokehouse with the governor and Sheev.

   Lynda also has a blooper in the scene in her farmhouse, where She makes a mistake speaking the line “Why declare war on ‘em now……on you now, on them…on you, on youuuu” in a broad southern accent and laughs. In the next blooper in the same scene, as Bo Duke (Johnny Knoxville) kisses Pauline goodbye, he says “we’ll take care of it, Willie” and Lynda breaks up as they all laugh.

   Fans should be advised that the DVD has many unrated bloopers and scenes where there is nudity and foul language, none of course by Lynda!

DECEMBER 04 2005

Lynda and Robert made their final Washington DC social event of the season by joining a stellar cast of actors and politicians, including the President and First Lady at the 28th annual Kennedy Center Awards. The guests of honor were actress Julie Harris, actor Robert Redford, singer Tony Bennett, dancer Suzanne Farrell and singer Tina Turner.

   Lynda, showing no sign of having just completed a long but triumphant 8 weeks in London performing in the play "CHICAGO" as “Matron Mama Morton”, looked gorgeous in a black silk lace corsetted full length dress straight out of “Gone With the Wind” with fur shoulder pads, trailing her black mink coat with her lustrous dark hair falling to her white shoulders set off with a sparkling diamond necklace.

NOVEMBER 10 2005

ATTENTION all fans from the UK and Europe! For all those fans from London or the UK, or those from other countries who may travel to see "CHICAGO" during November, we thought it could be a good idea to meet up in order to know each other, swap items and spend some time together. The informal gathering will be at McDONALDS in PICCADILLY CIRCUS on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2005 at 5.30 P.M. All will be welcome!

If you're planning to attend, or have any questions please drop a mail to:

NOVEMBER 08 2005

The episode, "FLAW" of  NBC’s "LAW & ORDER" series, in which Lynda was prominently featured in the villainous role of Lorraine Dillon, part of a mother-daughter con-artist team, again won the timeslot in which it was repeated on Saturday, November 5 at 10:00 pm! The same thing happened when the episode was first shown on September 28, which should show the networks that Lynda can more than carry her own series successfully!

NOVEMBER 07 2005


Adelphi Theatre, London.

Starring Lynda Carter and cast.

by Mark Sandler.

   As "CHICAGO" celebrates its eighteenth anniversary in London’s West End, our friend BBC Radio Producer MARK SANDLER has been the first of us to see how Lynda Carter shapes up as Matron Mama Morton. Check out his review below. Thanks Mark!

"CHICAGO", one of the world’s most successful Broadway productions, has already enjoyed a long-running stretch in London’s West End – and between now and November 19thLynda Carter continues to star as the illustrious warden, Mama Morton.

   It’s been over eighteen years since Lynda Carter sang to an audience. And judging by her latest performance, it’s fair to say she hasn’t lost that magical touch.

   Her debut album "PORTRAIT" was released over twenty-six years ago, where her young voice was well-able to reach the high notes in numbers such as “All Night Song.” Tonight, in "CHICAGO", she attacked “When You’re Good to Mama” and “Class” with the exact same ease and enthusiasm. She certainly hasn’t lost her talent.

   The story was relatively simple, with more song than plot. When Lynda isn’t taking centre stage quipping with her cast, she sits on the outskirts ad-libbing reactions to the storyline.

   But my own experience adds further credence to Lynda’s reputation as a caring human being. I was lucky enough to grab myself a front-row seat and catch Lynda’s eye during the performance. When I met her at the Stage Door, she told how she’d spotted me in the audience. I recalled that I’d seen her 1981 performance at the Palladium, and her response was typically Lynda: “Oh my gawwd!”

   As ever, Lynda cannot disappoint. Her acting and singing talents shine through in "CHICAGO" – as they have throughout every other part of her career.

   Definitely a show to see, while you still can.


NOVEMBER 01 2005

 "LAW & ORDER"'s two very successful crossover episodes, "LAW & ORDER: SVU - DESIGN" and "LAW & ORDER - FLAW" both starring Lynda as the bad con artist mother are being repeated this Saturday, November 5th, on NBC at 9:00 and 10:00 pm. When the episodes premiered last September 27-28th, they both won in the 10:00 pm Tuesday-Wednesday timeslot with a total of 15.3 million viewers. If you missed them, here is your chance to see them again, and to see Lynda laughing as she is caught trying use her daughter’s illegitimate baby to scam a free ticket to Florida, then be tried for murder in another scam gone bad!

OCTOBER 27 2005


For those of you fans in the UK, the latest issue of "HELLO" magazine dated 27 October has a nice 3 page article with 3 photos about her and her stage performance as the “mistress of murderer’s row,” “ the keeper of the keys,” “Big Bad Mama Morton”!

   The in-depth article delves deeply into Lynda’s past and present, and the praises come fast and furious, as do Lynda’s replies. When the comment is made that she seems to have hardly aged at all, Lynda quip’s “Listen , when you have a hair person, a make-up person and a wardrobe person with you for three hours, anyone can look fabulous. When I’m running around at home, I don’t need to put a mask on. If people don’t like it, tough. This is what middle-age looks like, baby!”  Lynda swears that she has maintained her looks without having to resort to surgery. “I don’t scar well. I’ve got that dark pigment, Hispanic blood, so I couldn’t see myself getting a facelift and having a dark line up here (her forehead)” with a laugh. “Seriously, I’ve seen women worth millions and they’re still botched up. I’m not going to risk that.”

   When Lynda is asked how she feels about returning to her first love, singing, and doing it so well, She said “Oh, I’m having a blast. It’s a long time since I’ve sung in public, and it’s a huge part of my career…..I never intended to give up singing. I had a tour booked when I was pregnant with my son, so I cancelled. The problem was that I gained so much weight with pregnancy. You know those moving cartons, those tall square wardrobes? Well, that’s what I looked like with ahead on it. It’s true, my breast were on a shelf and my ass was like…(way out.) It took me a while to lose weight, then I had my daughter and one thing led to another. James is now 17 and Jessica is 15. I turned around and realized that I hadn’t been on stage in a lot of years. I missed singing, so I’m loving it.”

   Because Lynda isn’t constantly onstage in "CHICAGO", she makes good use of her time back stage . “I use the 5lb weights the dancers use, doing arm stuff. Five minutes or so. I never used to have a thing about my arms but batwings!!…’s so important to exercise, if you start today you can make such a difference to your old age.”

   And does Lynda like it over the pond? “I love being in London. The only problem is that I miss the family terribly. They were the only reason I hesitated in taking the part so far from home. You can never get time back with kids. But now they’re older they barely need me. When I call I never get more than 2 minutes! The adventure with kids is a blast, and I know that I gave up nothing in my career to be with them. I don’t regret the years I spent being just a mom. But I have to tell you, right now, I’m having the time of my life.” 

OCTOBER 24 2005

For those of you fans in the UK, the latest issue of "HELLO" magazine dated 27 October has a nice 3 page article with 5 photos about her and her stage performance as the “mistress of murderer’s row,” “ the keeper of the keys,” “Big Bad Mama Morton”! Lynda openly talks about her drinking problem, her life, her role in "CHICAGO" and aging gracefully. Read some excerpt Below:

    "I Love Wonder Woman" she says. She even admits she still has the iconic costume in a closet. "The last time I had it out was for career day when Jessica was at kindergarten," she grins. "I didn't try on then and there's now ay now. I'm 20 pounds heavier. I don't look it? That's very kind but I'm 5ft 10in and, believe me, I've got a lot of places to put tho-

se pounds! Wonder Woman will always look like she did, leave her the way she was. That's why I've never made a reunion or remake."

OCTOBER 19 2005

It was announced today that Lynda will be leaving the London play "CHICAGO" early to return home to her family. Her last performance in the role of the jailer “Mama Morton” will be 19 November, not 22 November as was previously announced.

   If you have plans to see her after the 19th, please be aware of the changes. There are plenty of tickets still available for the reminder of her performances at:

OCTOBER 17 2005



The DVD’s for Lynda’s two latest films, "SKY HIGH" and "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" are due out in November and December.

   "SKY HIGH" will be released on 29 November, and will be a wide-screen version of the successful film. The DVD will feature French subtitles, available audio tracks in English, Spanish and French, an alternate opening, super bloopers, “Bowling for Soup” music video “I Melt with You”, and two featurettes: “Breaking Down the Walls: The Stunts of Sky High” and “Welcome to Sky High: Behind- the-Scenes at making the movie with cast and crew”.

   "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" will be released on 6 December in a PG-13 full screen edition and an unrated widescreen edition.  There will be subtitles in English, Spanish and French, unrated and rated additional scenes, and unrated and rated gag reels. Featurettes include Jessica Simpson’s music video “These Boots Are Made for Walking”, “Daisy Dukes: The Short Short Shorts (Learn how they made the shorts so short and learn how to make your own); “The General Lee Lives (A close look at the beloved car), and “How to Launch a Muscle Car 175 feet in 4 Seconds (How they pulled off such a large scale car jumping stunt.)  In a recent interview, Lynda and Jay Chandrashakar have promised that the love scenes between Pauline and Uncle Jesse (Lynda and Willie Nelson) will be also included.

OCTOBER 11 2005

Celebrating our SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY here's a REMIX version of the WONDER WOMAN THEME featuring vocals by Lynda Carter while she let us know what she thinks of the WONDERLAND site. Click on the link below to listen to it or to download it!!!

Wonder Woman [Wonderland Mix - The Seventh Anniversary Remix]

OCTOBER 08 2005

In keeping with Lynda’s recent successes in her resurgence in big screen films, her return to prime-time television was heralded by fantastic ratings for the week of September 26th-October 1st which showed that the two series Lynda had guest-starred in, "LAW & ORDER: SVU" and "LAW & ORDER" killed the opposition, and won the 10:00 pm time slots with a 14.7 ratings for both!

   The crime series two-night cross-over, where Lynda played Lorraine Dillon, the beautiful grifter mother of a con-artist team with her daughter

April, played with delicious laissez-faire by actress Estella Warren, showed that Lynda can play not only heroic loving mothers who will do anything to save their families, but also murderous, cold-hearted women who will set up their criminal daughters for an easier prison term of 20 years, rather than face the death penalty!

   Let’s hope that this shows Hollywood that Lynda can play any role, from comedy to crime, and even helm a series in the future!

OCTOBER 06 2005

A yelling crowd received "the one and only" Lynda Carter, as announced by Paul O'Grady himself on ITV's "THE PAUL O'GRADY SHOW" where she was one of the guests yesterday.

   "You're looking fantastic! You haven't change a bit! Not the slightest thing!" said Paul to her.

   Lynda talked about her role as Mama Morton on the hit musical CHICAGO which she admitted to play it "more like a dominatrix..."

   Lynda also talked about staying fit and her first visit to London when she was Miss World USA in 1972, her latest

role as Principal Powers in "SKY HIGH" -which recently premiered in London, and obviously of her perpetual image as "WONDER WOMAN", how she invented the spin, doing her own stunts, and upcoming big-screen version of the character she brought into life.

OCTOBER 05 2005

Looking stunning and absolutely gorgeous Lynda made her appearance as a guest on ITV's "THE PAUL O'GRADY SHOW" in the UK. Like her TV counterpart the sempiternal Wonder Woman, Lynda looked thin and fabulous reminding us of her other appearances on British TV during the 80s like it was yesterday!!!!

   Among other things Lynda talked about her West End debut as Mama Morton on "CHICAGO", about the Wonderland site and the sign petition to have her on the big screen version of "WONDER WOMAN". A full report will follow later.

   Meanwhile remember Lynda will be on "CHICAGO" until November 22 at the Adelphi Theatre in London's West End. You can also sign the petition HERE. You can also e-mail Courtnery Valenti, WB's executive in charge of production HERE. Or call the WB at: +1-818-736-0003. Or write your letters to: Warner Bros. | 4000 Warner Boulevard | Burbank, California  91522. Make them sure we want Lynda on the "WONDER WOMAN" movie with a relevant role such as Queen Hippolyta!

   - Stephen Munns, UK.

OCTOBER 04 2005

Lynda was interviewed on the "WOMAN'S HOUR" show which broadcasts weekdays from 10:00 to 11:00 AM and Saturdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM on BBC4 Radio.

   Lynda recognized that her "WONDER WOMAN" character is sort of iconic,  "it was before my time and will be after". When asked if she will be Wonder Woman for the rest of her life, Lynda replied: "Oh my God! I think so... You know, I've realized a long time ago that fighting it was a losing battle". She also talked about her role as a young leading actress in the 70s, being typecast, staying fit, her drinking problem, the Wonder Woman movie, and getting back to the stage after 18 years in her London's West End debut as Mama Morton on the hit musical "CHICAGO".

   You can listen or download this interview HERE.

OCTOBER 03 2005

Lynda was given a warm welcome on breakfast television show "GMTV" yesterday. GMTV's main anchorwoman Fiona Phillips was in awe of the star who she any many of the show's female crew loved as Wonder Woman.

   Lynda was promoting her British stage debut starring as 'Mama Morton' in the smash hit musical "CHICAGO". She talked about the demanding vocal routine "hitting that B-flat note" and encouraged more reserved British audiences to make some noise and "holler" if they are having a good time.

   She also explained how she is having a ball playing some great "age-appropriate" roles such as 'Principal Powers' in her film "SKY HIGH", which opens in London on 21 October. Since September 26, "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON" is in stores now across the UK in Region 2 DVD format.

   - Stephen Munns, UK.

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