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The holidays ended the year of 1998, a year of ups and possible downs for Lynda, with an invitation to the December 12th benefit for Eunice Kennedy Shriver's Special Olympics held at the White House. With many celebrities in appearance, and more performing, such as Shania Twain and Cheryl Crow, comedian Whoopi Goldberg hosted the evening's festivities for that special cause. Lynda and Robert were seen in the audience at a center table, and when singer Cheryl Crow finished her performance, these was a great close-up of beautiful Lynda applauding enthusiastically with a cry of 'Whoooo!' on her lips. Dressed in a two piece black pantsuit, her lustrous hair brushed back behind her ears, no doubt she was mentally making a note to invite the singer to perform at her "Paint the Town" fundraiser in January of the next year.
Lynda and Robert joined their friend and talkmeister Larry King at the Four Seasons hotel ballroom in Washington for his sixth annual Larry King Cardiac Foundation black-tie gala on November 20. The 'king of hearts' assembled a wide guest list including his bride of a year, Shawn King, Celine Dion and Donald Trump. Robert was quoted in the Washington Post as saying "this party is worth going to because it's given by Larry, it has spectacular entertainment, and the Trump family is old friends of ours.
On November 4th, the National Rehabilitation Hospital held its' seventh annual gala and auction in Washington with Lynda as Honorary Chair of the Gala Auction. The journalist Carl T. Rowan received the prestigious Victory Award at the event, which had a Brazilian tropical rainforest theme. The proceeds were used for the construction of the new NRH Neuroscience Center, a state of the art center designed for diagnosis, treatment and research related to complex neurological disorders.
The personnel at the US Naval base at Norfolk Virginia were treated to autographs signed by Lynda at the grand opening for the Navy Base Exchange on October 13th.
The University of Notre Dame's award-winning tv series "Today's Life Choices" began its 10th anniversary season with Lynda appearing for an interview on one of the half-hour segments on the subject of the use of celebrities to compete for medical research funding. Her involvement in the Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research was highlighted with scenes of her throwing out the first baseball at the season opener for the Baltimore Orioles in April 1997, and her woman's rollerblading team for the annual "Race for the Cure."
Lynda and Robert suffered the great loss of a dear friend on October 11th when Clark Clifford died at his home in Washington. Advisor to every Democratic president since Truman, a true patrician and the epitome of the Washington superlawyer, Clifford was a man of exceptional influence and extraordinary insight into government. Robert was his protégé and former law partner, and Clifford was best man at Robert and Lynda's wedding on January 29th, 1984. A true American was lost to his country.
On September 23, the VH-1 channel RuPaul Show episode "Women Who Kick Butt" aired. Dressed in a tuxedo sans cumberbund, her dark hair more than shoulder length, Lynda enjoyed her appearance as one of the "Women!" Dancing with the tall RuPaul, she talked about..... what else? "Wonder Woman," her memories of the show, including her tossing football player Bubba Smith around on the set of "The Deadly Sting," and being dissed by actress Debra Winger. The show, filmed in March of the year, featured footage from the "Wonder Woman" episode "The Deadly Toys" courtesy of Rob Olivera. At the end of the show, Lynda didn't kick butt, but bounced hers delightfully against RuPaul again and again as the credits ran over a "Wonder-filled" evening.
NBC premiered Lynda's latest filmed movie, "A Moment of Truth Movie: Someone to Love Me" on September 14th with Jessica Bowman (Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman) as her daughter. Based on actual case studies, the story was about a high school teenager whose unwise choice of sex partners haunts her when she is raped and then discredited. Lynda played the role of Diane Young, whose daughter Cayley (Bowman) is a confused and vulnerable high school student suffering the emotional aftermath of her father's recent death. Desperate for affection, she goes through a period of promiscuity, which leads to her being sexually assaulted. Unable to conceal her humiliation, Cayley and Diane pursue criminal charges and win their case. While Lynda's role was that of the anguished but supportive mother, she brought her usual quality professional acting to the secondary role of a lonely but tough woman that saw justice done by her daughter.
In August, Lynda, Robert and their children vacationed in Aspen, making full use of the recreational facilities that Colorado has to offer.
On Saturday, June 6th, Lynda and her woman's rollerblading team took part in the ninth annual"Race for the Cure" for breast cancer in Washington DC with some 42,000 other participants, including the Vice President and his wife, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day-O'Connor, and many more notables.
The 124th running of the Kentucky Derby on May 2nd attracted such horseracing fans and luminaries such as Jack Nicholson, Walter Cronkite, Prince Albert of Morocco and Lynda and Robert. No doubt everyone cheered the winner, "Real Quiet," even if they didn't place a winning bet.
Lynda was the guest presenter at the second annual Jacobs Institute 'Excellence in Women's Health' awards luncheon on April 30th. She awarded the Warren H. Pease Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Luella Klein. Others recognized for their contributions in the field of women's health care, a cause dear to Lynda's heart, were Senator James M. Jeffords, Chairman of the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee, and Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon General David Satcher.
     Earlier that morning, Lynda participated in the American Red Cross 50th Anniversary of Blood Services in Washington. The kick-off of a tour that would go around the US, the star-studded celebrity team included Garth Brooks and the Oak Ridge Boys, who performed at the Red Cross Headquarters as special guests of Elizabeth Dole, president of the worldwide help organization. Lynda has been a long-time supporter of the Red Cross, and this was just another example of how important health issues are to our favorite "Wonder Woman!"
Arizona's Family Women's Expo - Picture courtesy of Alan V. Sayre (Las Vegas, NV) Arizona's Family Women's Expo - Picture courtesy of Alan V. Sayre (Las Vegas, NV) Arizona's Family Women's Expo - Picture courtesy of Alan V. Sayre (Las Vegas, NV) Arizona's Family Women's Expo - Picture courtesy of Alan V. Sayre (Las Vegas, NV)
Her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona saw it's most famous daughter attend the Arizona's Family Women's Expo as a keynote speaker on April 25th at the Phoenix Civic Plaza. Dressed in a black pantsuit and sandals, her lustrous hair worn loosely about her shoulders, Lynda spoke about her challenges in balancing her life, career and health. "My watchword has always been 'attitude,'" she said. "I have a saying that life is 10 per cent what happens to you and 90 per cent attitude. People talk in terms of 'oh, how could this happen to me?' It's life. I've seen people overcome tremendous obstacles-paralysis, grave diseases-they don't let bitterness or resentment take hold of them. They realize it's spiritual poison. You can change your circumstances, or at least how they're affecting you, if you begin with a positive approach."
     Her fans, as well as many others, came to hear her, and many lined up for a rare autograph -signing session after the speech. A friend, who attended and presented a dozen American Beauty Roses to a genuine American Beauty, said that she graciously signed every photo and item brought by many, and afterwards took many of them back to a quiet room at the center for a one-on-one talk that was an unexpected treat for all.
Filming her latest NBC tv-movie, "A Moment of Truth: Someone to Love Me" in Vancouver BC, Lynda took an evening off to attend a Lakers game on March 15th. Maybe some of her "Wonder Woman" spirit rubbed off on the team while she was sitting courtside, because they won against the Seattle SuperSonics.
After celebrating the New Year festivities and enjoying the winter sports in Colorado, Lynda began her 1998 professional season. The VH-1 Channel RuPaul Show theme that was filmed March 9th for a September airdate was "Women Who Kick Butt," and Lynda was the main guest that day. The sight of two statuesque women (or woman) on the set excited the fans, especially when Lynda did her famous "bullets and bracelets" pose.

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