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DECEMBER 08 2003

LyndaCarterFan Extraordinaire Terry Haney has another Great Idea! He suggests that fans of Lynda write to both ABC and the "HOPE & FAITH" show and suggest that Lynda be given a recurring role as “Summer Kirkland” the fiancée of Jack Anderson, the father of Hope and Faith. Just think of the possiblilties: Summer and Jack could be married in Roswell, New Mexico, the alien capitol of the world, with guests from the earth, Venus and Alpha Centauri. Other episodes could have Summer teaching Sydney, Haley and Justin the alien language for when the mother ship comes to take them home, totally freaking out Hope and Charley!

Let’s get her a nice comedic recurring role for a change! For ABC’s primetime and daytime shows, write to: or

Hope & Faith
c/o Silvercup Studios East
34-02 Starr Avenue
2nd floor
Long Island City, NY   11101
DECEMBER 01 2003

Writer Shawn Winstian, a true fan of Lynda’s, has established an online petition website called “Project Red, White and Blue” to insure that Lynda has a part in the soon to be made "WONDER WOMAN" film being considered by Warner Brothers.

   Please go to:, sign it and add your comments, and get your fellow fans and your friends to sign, too. Vincent Carter, Lynda’s brother, her niece Michaela, her friend Sue Cameron and some fellow with the familiar name of Ron Sam? ! ? have already added their names to the petition, NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!!!!!

   When it has reached 1000 signatures, it will be sent to Warner Brothers.

NOVEMBER 21 2003

Lynda was one of the guest stars on ABC’s popular sitcom "HOPE & FAITH" along with Robert Wagner, which caused the highest ratings the show has seen, making it the second highest tv show that evening. She played the beautiful Summer Kirkland, the latest “conquest” of  Hope and Faith’s [Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa] swinging playboy father Jack [Wagner] in the episode “Phone Home for the Holidays”.

   In the episode, Jack brings Summer home to meet his family over the Thanksgiving holidays,

and Hope and Faith are pleasantly surprised that their father is finally dating an age-appropriate woman, rather than the usual silly younger women he has brought home for a change… that is, until Summer casually mentions that she was abducted by aliens! “Only once… some people are going up and down ten times a day,” she says matter-of-factly. The girls are stunned, but can’t bring themselves to tell their father he is dating a kook, especially since he has told them that he intends to propose to Summer after Thanksgiving dinner!

   However, when Summer overhears the girls making jokes about her as "E.T." she sadly tells them she understands and, heartbroken, leaves to return to her home. When Hope and Faith break their news to their father, he surprises them by saying he knows all about it. He reminds them that their mother had some strange eccentricities also, and tells them that Summer makes him very happy. The girls realize that their father’s happiness is more important than their prejudices.

   Hope and Faith follow Summer to the airport, and sneak onto the plane as bound for Florida as stewardesses to try to persuade her to come back home with them by announcing over the intercom that their father wants to marry Summer. They succeed, but the cabin doors close as they are standing in the aisle, and the plane begins to take off. When the girls ask Summer what are they going to do, she strongly announces “We’re getting off this plane, I’m getting engaged… Open those doors, or I’ll open then for you” she says, striding to the front of the plane.

   “Wow” says Faith, “check out Wonder Woman!”

NOVEMBER 20 2003

SuperLyndaFan Shawn Winstian recently interviewed Lynda for "Sidetracks" a weekly entertainment publication published on the Friday edition of of the Chicago newspaper “Northwest Herald”. They talked about her thoughts about the popularity of the character of "WONDER WOMAN" Lynda’s first career love of her singing and her musical specials, her reaction to being voted “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World,” and her latest role of “Lynette” in Chris Coppola’s horror film, "BLOODHEAD".

   As with all interviews, there were parts that were edited out in the newspaper, but we are very privileged that Shawn and his editor have allowed "WONDERLAND" to publish the entire interview for the enjoyment of her thousands of fans in the Chicago area, the rest of the USA and around the world. Thanks, Shawn !!! 

   For the full unedited interview CLICK HERE.

NOVEMBER 16 2003

Amanda Micheli’s "DOUBLE DARE", a documentary about the stuntwomen Jeannie Epper, who doubled for Lynda on "WONDER WOMAN" and many other films and tv series, and Zoë Bell, who doubled for Lucy Lawless in the Xena TV series and the recently released “Kill Bill”, sold out the Arclight biggest theatre Friday night at 10:00 pm at the Los Angeles based AFI Fest 2003.

   At the Q&A following the film, Micheli and her producers joined Epper and Bell to field questions. Jeannie told the admiring audience that she inherited her love (and immense talent) from her father, John Epper, who was a stunt double for Gary Cooper and Ronald Reagan, and Micheli and her producers discussed the challenges of assembling their film from over 150 hours of material.

   On Sunday "DOUBLE DARE" was awarded the audience award for Documentary by the AFI, and Amanda, in her acceptance speech for her film which she had worked six years on, said “I’m thrilled, this is the best thing that could happen!”

NOVEMBER 14 2003

After 6 years in the making, "DOUBLE DARE", award-winning filmmaker Amanda Micheli’s documentary about Jeannie Epper and Zoë Bell, the stunt doubles for "WONDER WOMAN" and “Xena: Warrior Princess”, is premiering in Los Angeles on Friday, November 14th.

   Amanda says that Lynda unfortunately won’t be able to attend the premier, but Jeannie, Zoë, Lucy Lawless, Renee O’Connor and director Quentin Tarantino will attend the premier at the Arclight Theatre at 6360 West Sunset & Vine at 10:00 pm at the AFI Fest 2003.

Tickets can be ordered at 1-866-AFI-FEST or

   Hope to see you there!!

NOVEMBER 10 2003

LyndaCarterfanextraordinaire Terry Haney has received a message from John Davies in New Zealand, saying that they have been having problems with their messaging center, for those fans who wrote them earlier to ask that Lynda’s latest tv movie "TERROR PEAK" be placed on DVD for release.

   He suggested that her many fans write him again and ask him to release the  a region free DVD at so that we can have another of her many films on DVD for all the world to enjoy.

   So please write Mr. Davies and tell him that you would buy not one, but two or more of the DVD’s: one to play, and two to keep as memorabilia. WRITE NOW!

NOVEMBER 02 2003
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Looking stunning in a aquamarine pantsuit, wearing a string of pearls that set off her lustrous, shoulder length dark hair, Lynda was one of many CBS stars that attended the 75th Anniversary show at CBS Studios in New York City. With her husband Robert by her side, she was greeted with applause as she paused outside the studio where such shows as “The Ed Sullivan Show” and other famous tv shows were staged over the past 50 years.

   Seated at a table in the midst of a sea of celebrities, such as Walter Cronkite, Carol Burnette, Loretta Swit, Rob Reiner and many more, Lynda was seen several times while they watched as many of the CBS series were seen in brief themed segments over the three-hour live program. And when the clip of Lynda as "WONDER WOMAN" was shown with other television crime-fighters such as “Hawaii 5-0”, “Mannix” and “Walker: Texas Ranger” the roar from the audience was “wonderful”!!!

OCTOBER 27 2003

Lynda was one of the speakers at the 13th Annual Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Week of October 27-29 at the Pentagon. The Red Ribbon observance kicked off with the presentation of the 2003 Secretary of Defense Community Drug Awareness Awards. Fort Stewart, GA, was recognized for a prevention campaign that included an Alcohol Awareness Day and community block parties about drug awareness. 

   Talking about how alcohol abuse can affect the liver and lead to  other problems, especially in older women, Lynda talked about her

recovery from the drug alcohol dependency. “I had a disease, a genetic predisposition for alcohol that sort of grabbed hold of me” she said. “It was like staring into a deep, dark hole that I thought no one would understand or still love me if I ever admitted it-or if the public ever knew about this very shameful part of my life. My family suffered…and I was very good at hiding my problem.” To deal with her addiction, Lynda attended a residential treatment facility in Maryland. There, she said, she was determined to learn about her disease. “I was going to treat it as an education. I was going to find out what was wrong with me that my steel will and my self-discipline as evidenced by my previous accomplishments was not working for me.” Now in her 6th year of recovery, Lynda said that her life “is incredibly beautiful, more than I ever could have dreamed six years ago. You’re not alone if you are one of the victims of these terrible addictions, and I don’t think that there is a person who hasn’t gone through this that would ever have chosen it for themselves. Every effort that you make to confront someone in your life, encourage him or her to seek help, because you can’t do it alone.”

   To see the Defense Department article and watch a short video that features Lynda and others you can go to:

OCTOBER 26 2003

Lynda was seen with actor Robert Wagner at the Silvercup East Studio in Queens, New York working on the news ABC sitcom "HOPE & FAITH" starring Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford as sisters. The episode will be shown on Friday 21 November, with Lynda playing the girlfriend of the girls’ father, played by Robert Wagner. Let’s hope that this will mean more guest-starring roles for our favorite actress!!!

OCTOBER 25 2003

Our friend, fan extraordinaire TERRY HANEY, attended a fund-raiser for "TATTERED ANGEL", and made an exclusive report for WONDERLAND:

   On Saturday, October 25, I was privileged to attend a fund-raiser for the independent film, "TATTERED ANGEL". The fund-raiser was held at the 5 Seasons Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia, and was sponsored by the Atlanta Travel and Social Club.

   Guests entered the fund-raiser on the red carpet and were met with camera flashes; however, the overall atmosphere was very open and casual. Duffy Hudson, Will Benson, and Kirk Baltz were present for the entire 3-hour event, and they were very eager to discuss the making of "TATTERED ANGEL". Hudson stars and also produces. Will Benson is the director, and Kirk Baltz also stars in the film. All three gentlemen were very "approachable" and it was certainly an honor to be able to speak with them about the project.

  The highlight of the evening was a 20-minute preview of the film. We were first treated to a 10-minute montage of clips from the movie. Investors and fans were also privileged to view a very emotional scene between Duffy Hudson and Lynda Carter! Hudson spoke briefly and gave some background information. He shared that the film crew has worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to give an added sense of realism to "TATTERED ANGEL". Will Benson also spoke briefly about the making of the film and also stated that he is editing the film.

   Mid-February is the tentative completion date for the film, followed by a screening in Cincinnati. Fans will be happy (but probably not surprised) that Duffy Hudson was extremely complimentary about working with Lynda. I asked what it was like to work with Carter. Hudson said, "She’s a princess; she’s beautiful; she’s smart as a whip. She was an absolute pleasure to work with." He also said that Lynda gave her name to the project and said, "use my name however you need to in order to make it happen." Hudson also stated, "We couldn’t have made it without her."            

-Terry Haney.

   THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN [NCMEC] is the nation’s resource center for child protection. The NCMEC spearheads national efforts to locate and recover missing children and raises public awareness about ways to prevent child abduction, molestation, and sexual exploitation. A private, non-profit organization established in 1984, NCMEC operates under a Congressional mandate and works in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention... NCMEC is a national voice, mobilizer, and advocate for those too young to vote or speak up for their own rights-our children.

[*] The information above was taken directly from a brochure published by the NCMEC. For additional information, the organization may be contacted at:


Charles B. Wang International Children's Building
699 Prince Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175
Phone: (703) 274-3900.
Fax: (703) 274-2200.
OCTOBER 21 2003

Veteran stuntwoman Jeannie Epper, whose many assignments included doubling for Lynda for 3 years in the "WONDER WOMAN" series [see the interview section] was honored at the Rochester New York High Falls Film Festival. Jeannie was the recipient of the festival’s Web of Life Award in recognition of her selfless donation of a kidney to her friend, actor Ken Howard [TV’s “White Shadow” and “1776’s Thomas Jefferson"].  At 62, Jeannie is still doing stunts, most recently in such films as “Spiderman”, “Catch Me If You Can”, and  “Minority Report”.

   Jeannie is the subject of the upcoming independent film "DOUBLE DARE" about herself and Zoë Bell, the stuntwoman for “Xena: Warrior Princess” by filmmaker Amanda Micheli.

OCTOBER 20 2003

Those fans who have access to the cable channel Tech TV will be able to see Christopher Coppola, the director of "BLOODHEAD", Lynda’s other big-screen movie besides "DOUBLE DARE", talk about the film and the technical aspects he has embraced in making the horror film.

   The program will air on 21 October at 8:00 pm on Tech TV show “Tech Live”, and will be rebroadcast on the 22nd at 5:00 pm. More information:

OCTOBER 14 2003

For a few weeks now, "A&E BIOGRAPHY" has been working on a Lynda Carter bio which promises to be the perfect complement for the former "INTIMATE PORTRAIT" and "E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY". WONDERLAND has been collaborating with the production of this show, and there's no confirmed airdate so far.

OCTOBER 11 2003

Lynda was the presenter of well-deserved awards to police officers Lt. Tommy Campsey, Lt. Steve Walling, Sgt. Richard Hickey, Sgt. Tommy Walsh, Cpl. James Campbell, and Officer Stephanie Warner of the Brentwood Tennessee Police Department at the 10th Annual Top Cops Awards of the National Association of Police Organizations at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington DC.

   Introduced by John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted”, Lynda walked onstage to thunderous applause in a white silk shirt and black and white polka-dot skirt, to talk about the

brave Tennessee  police officers who responded to a call about a robber who had hit two banks in the Nashville area, and was trapped at a busy intersection, shooting two of the officers before he was captured.

OCTOBER 07 2003

For fans of Lynda in the Atlanta GA area, there will be a final fundraiser for her latest film "TATTERED ANGEL" at the 5 Seasons Brewing Company at the Prado at 5600 Roswell Road in Atlanta. The money raised will be used to for the sound editing and theme music. For the admission price of $25.00 you can mix and mingle with the director and some of the stars (Lynda is NOT scheduled to appear at this time), have your picture taken on the red carpet, and see part of the soon to be finished film. "TATTERED ANGEL" is a mystery about the disappearence of an 11 year old girl , the man who is suspected of her abduction, and the effect it has on a small town. Lynda plays Helen Anderson, the mother of the abducted child.

   For more information call [770] 634-4354 or email Here is your chance to help fund one of Lynda’s films and get it into theatres soon!!!


The Washington DC chapter of the Recording Academy hosted its third annual event, the Heroes Award, at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. The awards honor outstanding members of congress, artists and institutions in the DC region that have improved the environment for the creative community. Lynda was the presenter of the award to fellow Arizonan, Senator John McCain. Other honorees were Massachusetts Representative Bill Delahunt, country singer Martina McBride, and the Maryland School for the Blind Music Therapy Program.


Although not officially part of the annual Toronto Film Festival, "BLOODHEAD", one of Lynda's the latest films, had its’ fringe screening at the Paramount Theatre in Toronto last evening. The independent film, made by Christopher Coppola for Plaster City Productions is advertised as an “anti-racist desert trailer-park horror film”. Lynda is featured as Lynette, the local trailer-trash good-time girl who fears the locals, who worship an ancient monster called "BLOODHEAD" and while trying to flee suffers a horrible death by the creature. The film also stars Frank Gorshin, Shirley Jones and Bernie Kopell.

   The film has an updated website at, where pictures of the cast and a new trailer can be viewed, and updates to the film’s release date can be seen. 

AUGUST 18 2003

Lynda is featured with many other celebrities of the 70’s such as Bo Derek, Erik Estrada, Leif Garrett and Isaac Hayes throughout VH1’s new 10-part series "I LOVE THE 70s" that premiered tonight. Lynda and many others talk about the various fads, tv shows, movies, sports highlights, and inventions that made the 70’s fun for all. In each episode that is devoted to a particular year, Lynda has her own “Wonders Of” piece in which she tells of the various wonderful inventions that came out each year, such as the pocket calculator, lite beer, the disposable pocket lighter, and even her favorite, Starbucks Coffee!

   Lynda must have gone right from taping those segments straight to the Disneyland premier of “Pirates of the Caribbean” because she wears the same beautiful gold-embroidered black silk shirt with a brown leather jacket and imitation snakeskin pants. Talk about traveling through time, from the 1970’s back to the 1670’s, all in one day!! 

   The year 1977 opens with "WONDER WOMAN" and features Lynda talking about "WONDER WOMAN" and how she still is recognized as her today. She speaks about dropping the invisible plane, and says that her favorite item was the “golden lasso of truth”. Then she proceeds to tie up George W. Bush to make him tell the truth!!! In the very next 1977 story, she is featured again talking about her role in the very first “Battle of the Network Stars” commenting about how Robert Conrad was so mean, her bathing suit was so skimpy, and that she didn’t realize that Howard Cosell wore a rug until she poured champagne over his head at the celebration when she and the rest of the ABC team won!

   The series is scheduled to be repeated through the rest of August and into early September, with a full schedule being available at

AUGUST 10 2003

Lyndacarterfanextraodinaire Terry Haney has just had an article published in a Huntsville Alabama entertainment publication called “The Valley Planet” about his massive collection of Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman memorabilia. The article can be read at, and a copy of the magazine can also be obtained there. You can also play “Wonder Trivia” for a chance to win some memorabilia including a photo of Lynda as WW, one of the reprint posters of the same, and Lynda’s “All Night Song” promo 45. The article is excellent, and should be read by all fans just to find our about Terry’s special Xmas tree. Bet you can’t guess who the angel was!

JULY 31 2003

No doubt with many memories of working with her dear friend Loni Anderson on "PARTNERS IN CRIME", Lynda visited the beautiful city by the bay, San Francisco, to receive Mayor Willie Brown’s proclamation that July 31st was “Talk IBS Day”, and then gave another educational talk about the disease at the California Pacific Medical Center with local gastoenterologist Dr. Damian Augustyn. During this, the latest in a series of visits to cities all over the US to promote the fact that sufferers of IBS come in both sexes, Lynda said that “IBS just doesn’t affect women. Men just don’t talk about it as often. The problem is that IBS affects your quality of life to such a great extent and many of these people, like my mother, are hiding in the closet about it. They map out where the bathrooms are and they won’t go on trips. IBS is second only to the common cold for workplace absenteeism!”

JULY 30 2003

Terry Haney has a new crusade that would make Lynda’s latest film "TERROR PEAK" available all over the world. He has been in touch with Mr. John Davies of Arkles Entertainment in NZ, where the telemovie was made, and was told that if 500 of Lynda’s fan write to and request that the film be released, a worldwide DVD will be released for all to enjoy. Otherwise the plan for the DVD will be shelved! PLEASE WRITE NOW, AND IF YOU KNOW ANY OTHER FANS, GET THEM TO WRITE TOO !!!!!!!!

JULY 29 2003

Warner Brothers has announced the release of three new Animated Classic Comic DVD’s from their cartoon Superhero series “Justice League”, “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Super Friends”.

   The “Justice League” continues their amazing adventures in “Paradise Lost” where the sorcerer Felix Faust turns Wonder Woman’s Mother and Amazon sisters to stone in his search for the key to the underworld. This, the best of the episodes featuring Wonder Woman climaxes with Diana and members of the Justice League fighting an army of the dead to free Themysciera and the world from the Lord of the Underworld. In “War World” Superman is captured by the warlord Mongul and forced to gladiator-style fight on a barbaric alien planet, while Green Lantern and Hawkgirl struggle to save him from a fate worse than death.

   The “Super Friends: United They Stand” battles against the infamous Legion of Doom which unleashes one diabolical scheme after another to conquer the world of crime. Superman, Black Vulcan and Hawkman are imprisoned at the center of the earth where they fight to free themselves, then you travel back in time to witness the origins of the most powerful Super Friends of all. Finally the Superheroes are tranformed into 100-foot-tall Giants of Justice as their foes flee in terror.

   In “Batman: The Animated Series” four amazing episodes feature the Cowled Crusader as he prowls the night searching for archenemies such as the Penguin, Two-Face, and others. Batman pits brains, brawn and Bat-technology against the fiends and their minions who would terrorize the law-abiding citizens of Gotham City in their efforts to rule the great city.

JULY 28 2003

Lynda lost a Dear Friend and the country lost a great humanitarian today when it was announced that the actor-comedian-philanthropist Bob Hope died at his home in Palm Springs California of pneumonia. They had been friends for many years, long before she became "WONDER WOMAN". Bob, recognizing that there was something very special in this beautiful young woman from Phoenix, took her under his wing when she was a candidate for the 1972 Miss World USA contest in Florida, and coached her to win the crown in the USA. As Miss World USA she was the Queen of the 1972 Bob Hope Golf Classic in Palm Springs, and when Bob went to South Vietnam in 1972 to entertain the US troops for the last time, Lynda was part of his entourage of entertainers. She sang and danced on stage at many of the bases, including Bien Hoa, CamRahn Bay, Saigon and ending back at Walter Reed Medical Center here in Washington DC, an exhausting tour, but one that Lynda was proud to be part of.

   Later in her career, Lynda starred and sang in a number of Bob’s yearly specials, such as "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB" in 1983, "BOBHOPE BUYS NBC!" in 1984 and "BOB HOPE WITH HIS EASTER BUNNIES AND OTHER FRIENDS" in 1987. Don’t be too sad, Lynda. No doubt Rapid Robert is up there trading jokes with his old pal Bing Crosby & Jerry Colonna, and leading the angels in a heavenly chorus of “Thanks for the Memories!”

JULY 24 2003

Lynda is 52 today, and her many fans join us in wishing this Very Beautiful, Very Remarkable woman the Very Best of Birthdays, one that she no doubt will spend with her loving husband, son and daughter. Still the embodiment of "WONDER WOMAN" to many, Lynda continues to do other remarkable things with her life and career. She has been seen in a successful return to big-screen films, with more to come, and has continued to act on the stage and other media forms, some controversial. Yet it is a tribute to her caring, loving ways that she has been devoting many hours of her public life this year to turn a often misunderstood, misdiagnosed disease in the past to a fully identifiable real disease today so that many may seek a cure. Not many women would risk being snickered at for taking the plunge to empower others in their lives, as she has done, but that is what Lynda is, a risk-taker, both in her career and her public life. Yet being a mother remains her favorite role, because, as she recently said, “I do it for selfish reasons…it makes me feel good.”

     Lynda, on this your day goes the sincere admiration and love of your legion of fans, with a Constant Wish for Continued Success in everything you do, Good Health, and a Life that will Only be Filled by the Love and Laughter of Your Family. May the Gods Bless You!

JUNE 28 2003
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On Saturday June 28th Lynda and Robert attended the world premier of Walt Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The festive occasion produced many  outlandish outfits where called for, but Lynda looked beautifully slim and slinky in a gold embroidered black silk shirt under a corset-like brown leather jacket and silk-screened snakeskin pants, her dark lustrous hair falling to her shoulders. With Robert in a caribbean-style black flowered shirt and dark slacks, the pair looked like they were ready to shiver the timbers of any buccaneers who dared cross their paths!

JUNE 26 2003

The end of the last week in June was a busy one for Lynda. She took her Talk IBS crusade to Denver, Colorado on the 26th to make more people aware of the medical condition. Deputy Mayor Stephanie Foote issued a declaration proclaiming June 26th “Talk IBS Day”. Following her visit to the mayor’s office, Lynda gave an educational talk on IBS at the Medical Center of Aurora with local gastroenterologist Dr. Gareth Weiner. “A-B-C-D…abdominal pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea or both, and one in five Americans’ suffer from it. My mother suffered with the condition for years, and every diagnosis was a missed opportunity for treatment. But now with new medications, you don’t have to suffer in silence. And even if you are embarrassed, you must take a crucial step to overcome your embarrassment and talk to your doctor. It’s not only a matter of getting informed, but being proactive in your health care, and that goes for everything” Lynda said.

JUNE 21 2003

It has been reported in numerous magazines that cameras may be ready to roll soon on the long awaited "WONDER WOMAN" film, thanks no doubt to the impressive box-office take on the recent “Hulk” film.  Former TV series “Smallville” writer-producer Phillip Levens has been hired by producer Joel Silver [“The Matrix”] as screenwriter, the fourth since 1999. Levens expects "WONDER WOMAN" to have a director and star within 3 months. Taking his cues from the TV series, they will be equipping Diana Prince with bulletproof bracelets and boomerang tiara, and no doubt the invisible jet.

   Sandra Bullock has been considered for the role in the past, but rumor has it that former vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar is hot for the part of the redoubtable, lasso-twirling Amazon. Producer Leonard Goldberg of “Charlie’s Angels” fame says that he’ll cast an actress in her early to mid-20’s for the part. Let’s hope that both Lynda and Lyle have substantial cameos in the film!!!

JUNE 12 2003

We received a message from the team that is currently building the pre-production Wonder Woman movie site. They are asking for suggestions or questions as to what fans would like to see in the site. This is your chance to be heard, so everyone should begin to seriously think about your likes and dislikes, and what YOU WANT!

JUNE 05 2003

Lynda visited Miami Florida for the latest in her efforts to publicize the disease irritable bowel syndrome. It was a very special day for her, as the mayor of Miami, Alex Penelas, proclaimed 5 June “Talk IBS Day” in the city, where Lynda received the proclamation from the mayor’s office in the morning. No doubt that Lynda spoke of her mother Jean as an example for those present of how suffering irritable bowel syndrome affects everyone around them, but most especially their loved ones. “That’s where I’m coming from, to educate the public. The difference is between when my mother was diagnosed, and now (when) there is hope. There are new treatment options, and I’ve talked to some IBS sufferers and doctors who are thrilled that they can now help their patients” Lynda said.

MAY 20 2003

In her continuing efforts to promote treatment and acceptance of the disease IBS, Lynda has been part of free seminars on the subject in a number of US cities. On May 20th she discussed her first-hand experience with helping her mother Jean deal with the illness,  as well as diagnosis and care in Celebration, Florida in the Kissimme/St. Cloud area. The program was sponsored by the Society For Women’s Health Research and Celebration Health.

MAY 08 2003

With the recent success of “The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind”, Bethesda Softworks has asked Lynda to do a voice role for their “Morrowind” expansion, “Bloodmoon”. She has provided the voices for the female “Nords” the native race of Solstheim. The expansion sends player to the snowy island of Solstheim, where they can venture on a number of involved quests, and can choose to battle werewolves or become one of them.

   “It’s great to work with Lynda again”, said Todd Howard, executive producer of the Elder Scrolls series. “She did an amazing job in Morrowind, and she’s a huge addition for Bloodmoon. Nords play the prominent role in this game, so she really gets to show off now.”

   “I was extremely impressed with the artistic quality of Morrowind and thoroughly enjoyed my role in making the game” said Lynda.  “All the awards and accolades it’s won to date are so well deserved, and I was delighted to have another opportunity to work with the Morrowind team.”

   “The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon” is scheduled to ship in the coming weeks, but the expansion requires that player own a copy of “Morrowind” to play.

APRIL 27 2003

Lynda was one of Larry King’s guests on the Sunday night LARRY KING WEEKEND along with James Cameron, George Lopez, Pierre Cossette and Steven Cojocaru. She was the first guest, and talked about her ongoing public awareness and public education campaign for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

“We are trying to raise awareness, but there are new options available. There’s new information. Before, when my mother was diagnosed, they said, you know there is nothing we can do to help you… But now, there is so much new information,

new research that’s available….. and my main thing is to help people, women to become empowered and not to have this thing in the closet, not be embarrassed or ashamed”, Lynda said.

   Lynda also talked enthusiastically about her latest big-screen movie role. “In "BLOODHEAD" which is coming out this summer, I got to play probably the best part I’ve ever played…besides "WONDER WOMAN" she hastily added. “I got to play a…fading…trailer- trash….beauty” Lynda said with a toss of her beautiful head.  “And it was just…it was so much fun to be able to, you know, to really go with a role with…well, being cast in something I’m not normally cast in!”

   Near the end, Larry asked Lynda about her battle with sobriety. “Waallll” slurred Lynda, then broke into a hearty laugh at Larry’s expense. “I’m doing very well, I tell you. I’m just thank…I’m so thankful. I’m thankful every day of my life for the many people that stood by me and that helped me,” Lynda happily said.

   The full transcript can be read at

APRIL 24 2003

You lucky, lucky United Kingdomites!!! Warner Brothers has announced the first DVD of "WONDER WOMAN" unfortunately only available in Britain, to be released on 9 June of this year courtesy of Warner Home Video UK.

   The announcement trumpets “Forget about Girl Power and experience Woman Power as Lynda Carter spins her way onto DVD as D.C. Comics’ "WONDER WOMAN". A former Miss America, Lynda Carter was picked from a line of over two thousand hopefuls for the role that she made her own as Diana Prince who by removing her eyeglasses and a shake of her long luscious locks became her alter ego. Exuding the right mix of sexiness, strength and compassion, for millions Carter will forever be the only Wonder Woman whose bustier can never be filled by anyone else.”

   The DVD will contain the first two episodes of the CBS First season, THE RETURN OF WONDER WOMAN and ANCHLUSS ’77, and THE MAN WHO COULD MOVE THE WORLD” plus cast profiles, a photo gallery [featuring images from WONDERLAND] and Wonder Woman memorabilia. Volume 2 will be released on DVD later in the summer.

   Lets’ hope that Warner Brothers will soon release via Columbia House the entire series on DVD WITH LYNDA COMMENTING ON THE SIDE TRACKS FOR EACH AND EVERY EPISODE. Write and LET THEM KNOW “WE WANT WONDER WOMAN ON DVD…NOW!!!!!!”

For further details and technical specifications check the site's VHS/LD/VCD/DVD section.

APRIL 21 2003

Lynda is featured in two magazines in May. The first, the SCI-FI & Fantasy mag “Cult Times” special issue #25, will be about superheroes, many of them DC characters, and the advance word is that there is a 5-page section about "WONDER WOMAN", including the TV series. In the article, Lynda is interviewed and is said to have made the comment that she wants to do the commentary for the DVD of the series when it comes out. She says that there is a lot to tell that she hasn’t mentioned before, and since it is part of her history, she really wants to do it.

   If you can’t find it on your local newstands or in your local videogame store, you can order a copy at

The second magazine features Lynda as the cover girl, with an absolutely beautiful shot of her. It is “Digestive Health & Nutrition”, & in its’ May/June 2003 issue is the article “Lynda Carter: Battling Irritable Bowel Syndrome”. The magazine may NOT be available at newstands, so you can order copies at $3.95 by calling 1-877-346-4968 or writing to:


     The website for the magazine can be found at:
APRIL 07 2003

April is IBS Awareness Month! Lynda has made a public service announcement that can be viewed at their website [] which was made by The Society for Womens Health Research.  you can also read the latest news about Lynda’s latest health crusade, and where she will be appearing under the talk series program, “Talking IBS Around the Country!”

This PSA can also be viewed at WONDERLAND by clicking HERE or on the picture on the right.

MARCH 05 2003

Lynda was a very busy “Wonder Woman” today when she appeared on two tv talk shows back to back. At 11:00 AM EST. she was the co-host for ABC’s “The View“ and joined regular hosts Meredith Vieira, Star Jones and Joy Behar for some girly talk about female contraception and the sponge, plus a more serious matter about teachers who are currently condemning grade school students whose parents are in the military and overseas in Iraq. Lynda was quite vocal about the latter, saying “I’m really ticked off, because, not just about the teachers, but I don’t want for us as Americans to make that same stupid mistake of blaming these boys and girls, we did it in the Vietnam War…their fathers are unethical??? Give me a break! I think kids get the brunt of it, and it makes me sick to my stomach! Lets’support Americans !!”

   Lynda also talked about her campaign in getting irritable bowel syndrome out in the open, telling the audience that it starts in young people, and talking about her mother suffering for many years. As co-host she then helped welcome Rob Lowe and Academy Award nominee Adrian Brody. At the end, when Meredith Vieira asked if she had a good time, Lynda said “It was da bomb…DA was so cool…I loved it!!” 

   She then hurried over to “The Caroline Rhea Show” as only a guest, unfortunately, but she was welcomed by such an enthusiastic audience that she was taken aback. Then when Caroline showed her a photo of Lynda as Miss World USA in London, she was really floored. ”Oh my God!” Lynda cried. “That is ancient. Do you know how long ago that is? That was 31 years ago…I was ten!!” she joked.

   Lynda talked about her time as Miss World USA, then about how she became “Wonder Woman” when she had only $25 left in her bank account. “I believe so strongly in following your dreams, putting it sort of out there to the universe,” she said, “and there was no other way for me, I just knew I was gonna to do what I was going to do.”

   Lynda then talked about her efforts to get relief for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers before she left New York to return to her home and family after a very exciting by tiring day!

FEBRUARY 04 2003
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Lynda hosted a consumer awareness program that was part of  “The Many Faces of Pain” photo exhibit at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center. The photo exhibit, in which Lynda is among those prominent members featured, features black and white photographs of people who have experienced persistent pain due to an illness of medical condition, but through appropriate pain management are now able to live relatively normal lives. The exibition is part of a national tour that has been in such cities as Chicago and New York.

   While working out with a personal trainer, Lynda lifted too much weight, which put extensive pressure on her back. She developed a bulging disk in her back; it later fragmented, causing her excruciating pain. Lynda admits that before her own injury, she had little empathy for people who lived with back pain. Now, she says, “I really have a lot of sympathy for people with chronic pain…it’s hard to be up and positive if you’re in constant  pain.” 

JANUARY 27 2003

ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! Lynda’s latest made for TV movie, "TERROR PEAK" will be airing on the PAX TV cable channel on Friday, February 7th, at 8:00pm Est. Lynda stars as Dr. Janet Fraser, a former volcanologist on a business trip to New Zealand with her new husband, Kevin [Parker Stevenson, of “The Hardy Boys”]. Despite warnings from a local, they are drawn to the spectacular sight of a live volcano. But when the volcano erupts, they have no choice but to flee from the now flaming mountain, combating rockslides, a labyrinth of steam geysers, hot flowing lava and volcanic dust!

Go to for further information.

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