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MARCH 19 2006

On Sunday 19, the “Seven” television network in Australia aired its’ program "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" at 6:30 pm, with Lynda Carter headlining the show, and first to be interviewed before Lucy Lawless of "Xena: Warrior Princess". Looking beautiful while she was being taped via satellite in her London theatre dressing room as she prepared for her then role of “Mama Morton” in the West End play "CHICAGO", the usual questions were asked about what it was like to play such a famous cartoon character, and her thoughts on the upco-ming "WONDER WOMAN" movie currently being assembled for shooting this year in of all places…..Australia!

   When the last question came as to whether Lynda still had the "WONDER WOMAN" outfit, her usual reply came that yes, she did, and the last time she took it out was for a “show-and-tell” at her children's’ school. But Lynda continued that she watched all of the classmates of her son gathered around him after she finished. Later, Lynda asked her son what did the kids think, and what were they so eagerly asking him? He said that they told him that she was the coolest mum and had an awesome job, and finally what was it like to have "WONDER WOMAN" as a mother? “What did you say” Lynda asked? James hesitated, than drolly commented “well…….I told them it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!”

   You can watch a video from this show here or on the VIDEO FILES section of the show:

Where Are They Now?

MARCH 16 2006

Tonight in Los Angeles, the IN2TV network from AOL was launched with a press party that featured, among the many guests, Lyle Waggoner. He appeared with a number of models dressed as the Amazing Amazon because the "WONDER WOMAN" series was among the first 30 that the new network is now showing on the internet. Other guests were Gabriel Kaplan and Marsha Strassman from “Welcome Back, Kotter”, David Carradine from “Kung Fu”, Kirk Cameron from “Growing Pains” and Adam West from “Batman”.

   "WONDER WOMAN" is featured in the "Heroes & Horror" channel, and also in "Crème de la Cla-

ssic TV". You can also karaoke-sing the "WONDER WOMAN" theme on the "TV Karaoke" section of the AOL site. You can also download this karaoke video and another spot here:

Heroes And Horror Spot

TV Karaoke: Wonder Woman Theme

   For more information on how to download these and many other television series from the second classic age of the 1970’s, go to:
MARCH 14 2006

   It's widely reported this week, that writer/director Joss Whedon will be turning in his script to Warner Brothers of his forthcoming Wonder Woman film.  Despite  no definite clues as to which actress will be playing the female icon, he's been quoted as saying that the feature length film will have the expected stuff like the invisible plane, the costume,  bracelets and the lasso etc.  He'd like to see the project moving to the next stage and hopes that filming will begin later this year.  Although he's admitted to not being too excited about the Wonder Woman film, he's in favor of staying as true to the character as possible.

   What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Wonder Woman film?  Make your views known in the Wonderland forum.  Click on the "Forums" option, left of screen - All the news as it happens here at Wonderland,  so spread the word.

Mark Sandler

MARCH 11 2006

"It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights! It's time to meet the Muppets On The Muppet Show tonight!"

   Kermit, everyone's favorite frog is turning 50 and looking as green as ever. To celebrate it, British ITV network featured a special simply titled "BEST EVER MUPPET MOMENTS" shown last Saturday 11 at 7 PM on British ITV1.

   Kermit first appeared in the 1950s in TV commercials but it was in the 1970s that gained world fame as the host of the much acclaimed "THE MUPPET SHOW", drawing an audience of over 200-million viewers in more than 100 countries.

   At the height of the show's popularity, a large list of celebrities appeared as guest-star on the show. Among those celebrities obviously was our lovely Lynda Carter which appeared on episode 91 of the fourth season in 1980. Lynda performed two songs "RUBBER BAND MAN" and "FLASH! BAM! ALCAZAM!" and the episode remains among the favorites moments of "THE MUPPET SHOW". 26 years later Lynda Carter is featured again on "BEST EVER MUPPET MOMENTS" and admitted "this is so much fun... I'd like to do it again..." Hopefully she will.

   Here's some video clips:

RUBBER BAND MAN March 14, 1980, ITV.

FLASH! BAM! ALCAZAM! March 14, 1980, ITV.
MARCH 11  2006

The state capitol of Maryland, USA will be having Wonder Woman hanging around a hair salon today and for many days to come. The painting of Lynda Carter as the title character of the 1970’s TV show hang above the waiting room couches and the sinks at Glow Salon, Day Spa and Café. They are the work of artist John Marsh, and they are among the art on display today at "HEADSHOT", a first-of-it’s-kind exhibit at the salon combining urban styles in art, fashion and music.

    Photographers, Artists, fashion designers and a deejay, all from Baltimore, will feature their work in an event that’s more behind-the-scenes and “project Runway” than fashion week catwalks. Mr. Marsh, who grew up in Severna Park, MD and now lives in Baltimore, paints in a pop art style and was inspired by stills of the "WONDER WOMAN" show for his latest series of works. “I’ve always lobed hanging in non-traditional shows because a lot of art openings are stuffy and snobbish. I think that art is something a lot of people should have access to”, he said.

MARCH 10 2006

In a 20th anniversary collec-tor's issue of "TÉLÉ-LOISIRS", a French TV-Guide, they featured several known French persona-lities posing as their favorite TV stars.

   The 1045 issue of the maga-zine covers the programming of March 11 through March 17, and features French TV-host Sandrine Quétier dressed as Wonder Woman. Sandrine has been the host of such French TV shows as "Les Cents Plus Grads" and "Le Certif".

   Sandrine appears both on the cover and in one of the inner pages of "TÉLÉ-LOISIRS". "Like all small girls I envied Wonder Woman with her lasso and her powers, and I wondered how she changed so quickly", she said.

MARCH 07   2006

Scottish artist Wayne Moraghan is inviting all fans of Wonder Woman to his view his current paintings in central London at the exhibition entitled “Wonder Women”, depicted as "an exploration of female comic characters and their impact on the genre."

    Featured in several magazines such as “Time Out”, “Boyz” and “The Pink Paper”, the exhibition features a series of 4 Wonder Woman pictures, plus various female heroines like Batgirl, Catwoman, Invisible Girl, She-ra, Spider Woman, Supergirl, Lara Croft, Xena and more.

   The exhibition is held at:

First Out Café Bar
52 St. Giles High Street / London WC2H 8LH
   You can find more at Wayne's site:
MARCH 03 2006

The director of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie was recently interviewed about it and his other films by Robert Sanchez of “The Movie Reporter” website. Joss Whedon, whose recent movie “Serenity” got good reviews, said that he was finishing the script. “I am a few weeks away from a draft,” he said” and they’ll take a look at that and they’ll either say that this is absolutely perfect for Paul Sorvino or they’ll say this sucks and hire somebody else. It’s impossible to say, but I think in a few weeks time they should get a sense of what I am doing, and then we start talking about casting. But I can tell you that the film will be introducing you to Wonder Woman. She’ll be wearing the outfit and there will be bracelets, the golden lasso and Greek Gods.”

     Whedon was asked about the age of the character and whether the story was to be an origin story like ‘Batman Begins”. He replied “it’s a coming of age story, but it’s a coming of age story for somebody who’s not necessarily an adolescent……she’s never been off the island (Themyscira) that she lives on so she literally could be between 15 and 30….when we find the actress who is right for that, we hire her, it doesn’t matter how old she is. The story is also very similar in being an origin story (like BB). But the great thing about her is that she’s never been in the world, every experience is new. She’s young whether or not she’s actually young. She’s going through an adolescent rite of passage because she’s new to the world.”   

     When questioned about the villains of the film, Whedon said “the villains are of my own creation. I don’t think that Wonder Woman has the greatest rogues gallery in the world, so I created someone of my own for her to come up against. It has to do with Greek mythology and the roots that the original comic was built upon.”

MARCH 01  2006

Beginning in mid-March 2006 the internet will be hosting a new phenomenon, that of entire television series coming to your computer. IN2TV will be available only on AOL.COM, and among those series will be our Amazing Amazon, "WONDER WOMAN" as part of the largest offering of the most popular series ever available on demand on the internet. There will be six channels of DVD quality on demand in full screen, with hundreds of television shows from “Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.” and “Alice” to “Welcome Back, Kotter” and "WONDER WOMAN" including such early classics as “Maverick”.

For more information, including an alert when IN2TV will become available, please go to:

FEBRUARY 23 2006

The citizens of Ithaca, New York were treated to a new and unusual sight, that of the Amazing Amazon on stage! "WONDER WOMAN: THE MUSICAL", written and performed by Elizabeth Whitney played for three nights at the Kitchen Theatre, picking up where the 1970’s television series starring Lynda and Lyle ended. Wonder Woman was shown as a discovering life after saving the world with the US military, and Whitney uses the superheroine’s new job as a lounge singer as a vehicle to discuss the mixed messages about feminism she grew up with. The messages and statements in “"WONDER WOMAN: THE MUSICAL"” feed into the goal of the series. “The underlying there of my work is how our pop culture shapes us, especially as gendered beings and how gender was shaped by adolescent pop culture, and influences that which we continue to watch as adults” said Whitney.

   Using a form that she calls “imaginative autobiography”, Whitney let the Amazon princess retell her own story. “If Princess Diana was going to write about her journey to the United States, I decided she would do it best as a lounge sin-

singer. There’s something so overly sincere about superheroes anyway, I decided that the cabaret and superhero would work well together” she said. In the show, Wonder Woman used songs, monologues and fan mail to show gender transparencies in what she saw as an offshoot of the character, of femininity being heterosexual as well as gay or subversive."

FEBRUARY 22 2006

The Seven Network TV channel in Australia will be broadcasting a special show called "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" on Sunday February 26 at 6.30pm.

     The programme will feature the heroes and headliners from way back when and catching up with what they're doing today. There'll be a nostalgic look at memorable TV shows, musicians, movies and commercials from the past including an appearance from our very own Lynda Carter.

     The billing reads:  "Wonder Women - They were strong, scantily-clad and fought for good over evil. Meet the women behind the legendary heroines Wonder Woman (LYNDA CARTER) and Xena: Warrior Princess (LUCY LAWLESS)"

     If you live in Australia and manage to catch the show,  give us your thoughts in the forum and guestbook here.

Mark Sandler

FEBRUARY 22  2006

Together with Stephen Munns, we're making a campaign with a petition for the re-release of Lynda Carter's "PORTRAIT" album.

   At the peak of "WONDER WOMAN" fame Lynda Carter got to explore another one of her passions in life and that was singing, her first love. It was during this time when she signed to the Epic label (SonyBMG Group) and released in 1978 her debut studio album, "PORTRAIT".

   The 10-track album was released as far a field from her American homeland as Japan, Europe, Asia and South America with a cou-

ple sample tracks featuring neatly in an episode on Season three of "WONDER WOMAN" ("Amazon Hot Wax") which found Diana Prince masquerading as singer Kathy Meadows in order to expose some illegal dealings in the music biz.

   Although it did not receive the commercial success it deserved it did gain Lynda lots of critical acclaim worldwide and affirmed her vocal talent as a singer and ability as a songwriter (she co-wrote two of the album's songs). That's why this site would now like to ask for your help to get "PORTRAIT" digitally remastered and released on CD during 2006.

   We commented about this project to Lynda and she was so glad about it. Please do help by signing this petition and write to:

FEBRUARY 12 2006

Horror film producer/director/writer Kevin VanHook has updated his website with a news article called “Whirlwind Film-making and the Art of Making Friends For a Living” about the making of his film “Slayer” in which Lynda Carter plays the role of Colonel Weaver. The film, which finished shooting in Puerto Rico on 21 December, 2005, is currently in post session of editing, sound designing and scoring the film.

     The film, which is being made for the SCI-FI Channel, is about a colony of vampires in the jungles of a Latin American country, and Lynda’s military team is sent to deal with them. VanHook talks about many of the actors and the roles they play, as well as the stunt team that performed incredible action scenes with vampires leaping from tree to tree, with scores of soldiers, tribal vampires, succubuses, vampires, locals, etc. all adding up to what sound’s like an exciting film.

     In mentioning Lynda, VanHook commented: “Colonel Weaver was originally designed for actor Lee Majors, but it was a producer’s decision to make the character female that led us to Lynda Carter. Best known (and I mean KNOWN throughout the world) as TV’s Wonder Woman, Lynda is radiantly beautiful with a natural sweetness about her that made her a joy to work with. After all, if I couldn’t work with the man I wanted to be when I was a kid, I’d take the opportunity to work with the woman I wanted to meet.”

JANUARY 18 2006

The latest TV Land Viewers Choice Awards are upon us in a couple of months, and under the category of  #9, “Greatest Gear or Admirable Apparatus” is listed the bullet-deflecting bracelets and invisible plane of guess who? That’s right, our own Wonder Person Extraordinaire! (What, no golden lasso??) Other items listed are Uncle Martin’s antenna, Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone and Jaime Summers legs, arms and ear, but no one wore gold or silver bracelets better than Wonder Woman!

     Go now to  and click on the 2006 TV Land Viewers Choice and cast your vote and maybe, if we win, Lynda may be called to make another appearance to be presented with the viewers choice for 2006, like she was in 2004! Remember, you can vote as many time as you want! So vote now, vote early and vote often !!!

JANUARY 16 2006
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Lynda took advantage of the new year to go to New York City with her mother and niece Michaela to see an old friend at the Ambassador theatre on Broadway in, what else, "CHICAGO"! Alma Faye-Wright, the South African actress who did such a marvelous job playing the role of Velma Kelly during Lynda’s eight-week fantastic performance of “Matron Mama Morton” in London last year, was playing the same role as she did in London, and was joined this night by Robin Givens as murderess Roxie Hart and John O’Hurley as the slick lawyer, Billy Flynn.

   No doubt Lynda, while she was in the audience with her family applauding Alma, was checking out the actress who played the role of “Mama Morton”, Lillias White, to see if she was taking as good care of her “girls” like Lynda did when she trod the boards in Merry Olde England.

JANUARY 10 2006

As promised, we had an interview with Fernando Allende, associate producer and actor of “SLAYER” and host of Lynda while in Puerto Rico. He talks about his friendship with Lynda, details about the movie and his experience working with her. Check it out!


JANUARY 09 2006







Video Business has reported very successful sales of DVD’s of Lynda’s recently released movies, "SKY HIGH" and "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD", which can only mean more exposure of our beautiful lady everywhere in the USA!

   For the week of December 4th, "SKY HIGH" was in 4th place in top 10 DVD sales and 5th place in top 10 DVD rentals, and  for the week of December 11th, “THE DUKES OF HAZZARD” was #2 in national sales and 3 in national rentals!

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