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Lynda’s 2003 independent film "BLOODHEAD" aka "THE CREATURE OF THE SUNNY SIDE-UP TRAILER PARK" will be available on DVD for her fans in the United Kingdom from November 7. The title of the DVD is "CREATURE" and features a full-screen image with English language in dolby digital (2.0) stereo, complete with trailer, interactive menu and scene selection. In the film Lynda plays Lynette, the local good-time girl, “a fading trailer-trash beauty” as she described her role recently on “Larry King Weekend”.  The film also stars Shirley Jones, Bernie Kopell and the late Frank Gorshin.

   It can be ordered from

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Lynda hit the stage yesterday after 18 years of non-singing roles in the hit stage play "CHICAGO" at the Adelphi Theatre in London. In several interviews, Lynda spoke about how she felt in coming back to her first love, singing, which through many forms took her to stardom. When asked if she was fazed about not having sung for so many years, she said “No, it’s like riding a bicycle, it will come back. Being on stage again thrills me, to smell the greasepaint and all that. I really can’t wait, oh God, no! I’m excited rather than nervous., I’ve spent so much time on stages--I’ve been in the industry for more that 30 years--that it feels like coming home. Theatre is a different type of medium to film or TV but the basics are the same: creating a character and knowing your work, being prepared and putting some oomph into what you’re doing.”

   When asked why she accepted the role of the evil jailer “Mama Morton”, Lynda said “Now, now—I’ve played a few different roles. I’m not always the heroine. Mama Morton has got many dimensions. Her overriding feeling is that she’s got a pretty good thing going at the jail. She’s not a bad egg, she’s just got greed at her heart. It’s a wonderful part for me because singing was a big part of my career for many years but, after having my family, I never went back to it. This is a wonderful opportunity to exercise those vocal chords and be on stage in front of a live audience.”

SEPTEMBER 27 2005  
The following article by Fred Topel first appeared in the July 27, 2005 issue of The Wave magazine (Volume 5, Issue 15).
Movie: Sky High
Director: Mike Mitchell
Starring: Lynda Carter, Michael Angarano, Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston
Studio: Walt Disney

Despite playing a variety of roles over a long acting career, Lynda Carter will always be known as Wonder Woman. Even if she won an Oscar tomorrow, the headline would be "Wonder Woman Wins." It may not be fair, but Carter doesn't seem to mind. While on the press junket for another superhero movie Ð Disney's live action Sky High Ð Carter dutifully answered all of our geeky Wonder Woman questions in between hands of Texas Hold 'Em poker on her Blackberry.

The Wave: Were there more special effects in one scene of Sky High than in the whole run of Wonder Woman?
Lynda Carter: Actually, it’s not so much that there were more special effects in one scene, it’s the technology behind it. And yes, more than probably all three years [of the TV show] because we didn’t have computers in the ’70s. It’s hard to believe, but the special effects guys had to come up with robots and… the stuntwoman had to do the really big long jumps. It wasn’t done in post-production.

TW: Have you been asked to do a Wonder Woman remake?
Several times. I turned down interest in doing Wonder Woman as a reunion show. From about maybe three years after it was on, and over the next few years after that, probably until my mid-30s, they would ask me, “Are you interested?” And I said, “Nope.” I wanted to leave it alone. I think it’s a gem and I’ve never seen a reunion show I liked. Everyone just looks old and tired. Really, I’ve been there, done that, moving on.

TW: Would you consider playing any other superheroes?
No, because I’ve done one. And tell me one superhero that’s better than Wonder Woman for women.

TW: Could your Wonder Woman have kicked Jennifer Garner’s ass?
Oh, they wouldn’t have been against each other. They would be for each other.

TW: Everyone wants to know your thoughts on superheroes. Do you feel like an authority on the subject?
Definitely, I’m totally an authority. I was one of the first and I get it.

TW: Who are the wussiest superheroes?
God, I don’t follow all the superheroes. The wussiest superhero? I don’t have any idea. I don’t have a clue.

TW: Were you ever airbrushed in Wonder Woman photos?
I’m sure that for every cover they always airbrush, any cover that you ever do. But not so much as it is now, and now it’s all digital.

TW: How long was the Wonder Woman theme stuck in your head?
Not in mine. Last time I looked at anything from Wonder Woman was when I did the extra things for the DVD when it came out. I’ve kind of moved on. I loved Wonder Woman but I don’t dwell on it. I’m kind of into where I am now, what I’m doing now and appreciate the things I did in the past, but still try to live my life in the present.

TW: Obligatory question: Who should be the new Wonder Woman?
I’ve been asked this question a lot today and everyone wants to know this. I really think it has to be someone that is not famous. Not necessarily inexperienced, but 20 and fresh and what I hope for her is that she gets that you can’t play a superhero; you have to play the human being. The costume and special effects take care of all that stuff.

TW: Have you visited any Wonder Woman fan websites?
I visited Wonderland [Webmistress's note: Hey, that's us!] because a friend of mine said there’s a website trying to get signatures or something, petitions to have me in the next Wonder Woman movie.

TW: How big a part do you have in Dukes of Hazzard?
It’s about the same size as Sky High. It’s definitely a supporting role, and in Dukes there are all these larger-than-life characters. And mine is a little more stable. I play a friend of the family and Boss Hogg sort of lusts after me.

TW: Wasn’t Dukes competition for Wonder Woman?
Yeah, I think it was. We were on the same lot together. I knew all the guys, I’d run into them now and again. Who is this guy anyway that is putting that movie down – Cooter? He hasn’t seen it. Sour grapes, man.


Tonight on NBC’s top rated TV series "LAW & ORDER: SVU" and tomorrow on the sister show "LAW & ORDER" Lynda will be playing, after many, many years, a villain. The episodes focus on Lorraine Dillon (Lynda) and April Troost  (Estella Warren), a mother-daughter con-artist team that manages to evade the clutches of NYC detectives Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) on "LAW & ORDER: SVU" only to face prosecutors McCoy (Sam Waterston) and Borgia (Annie Parisse) on "LAW & ORDER". Also starring on "LAW & ORDER: SVU" will be Ronny Cox as Dillon’s husband. Cox also played Sid Pachansky in Lynda’s first made for TV movie, "THE LAST SONG" in 1980.

   Lynda commented on her role as a baddie: “I’ve been working so long, it’s nice to be doing a role in which there are so many dimensions. She’s (Lorraine) got quite a character arc. That’s always wonderful, instead of just playing that same old heroine that I always play—save the day, save the day. I’m not saving the day! I am a grifter, a pretty shallow character. But where it comes to my daughter (April) I am—or at least I think I am—a great mother. I teach her all my tricks and how to earn a living without having to work. I think that’s being a great mother, but I obviously screwed her up pretty badly. We get away the first time, but the second time we get in a little bit over our heads.”

   According to Lynda, a friend mentioned her to "LAW & ORDER: SVU"’s executive producer Neal Baer. “Neal called me when I was finishing "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" and asked me if I would be interested in this part. He sent me the script, and I said I’d love to do it. As it turned out, Estella is an old friend that I had met several years before when we both in Scotland together, so it was really nice. Then, right during all the time when "SKY HIGH" and "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" were coming out, they called me to say that they wanted me to do another one, on the regular "LAW & ORDER". I thought that was fantastic. I love Sam Waterston, so I jumped at the chance.”

   Asked if Lorraine might return one day, Lynda said “it all depends on the ratings. You never know. It’s possible. I’m not dead, so who knows? This character’s got a lot of ways to go. She’s a perfect narcissist and self-involved. Her worth was her beauty, and in this episode, she’s learning that she’s not all that anymore, but she still thinks she is.”

   The same time that her episodes are airing, Lynda is in London performing for 8 weeks in the stage musical "CHICAGO" as another evil role, jailer “Mama Morton”.  Now that her children are teenagers, Lynda says that she’s considering a return to series television as a regular. “It’s a possibility. The thing about series television is,  you need writers that are willing to keep you challenged, so they’ve got character arcs that are moving all the time. That’s the key to being really happy in a series, is to be challenged.”


Lynda and model/actress Estella Warren will play the roles of Lorraine Dillon and April Troost, a mother-daughter team of con artists in the "DESIGN" episode of "LAW & ORDER: SVU" on 27 September, and the episode will crossover with the actress Mariska Hargitay and Lynda and Estella the following night with the episode "FLAW" on "LAW & ORDER" with Sam Waterston on 28 September. Hargitay has mentioned that Lynda’s character is one that her character (NYC detective Olivia Benson) is supposed to have encountered before, and Lynda has said that she hopes that perhaps this role will indeed become a recurring one, which would be a marvelous chance to show her playing a criminal, the first she has done since 1989!


Writer/director Joss Whedon has finally mentioned in an interview that he would like to have Lynda in the upcoming "WONDER WOMAN" movie! While in Sydney, Australia promoting the release of his first feature film “Serenity”, he said that while he would not be drawn on who would play the title role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, he hinted at plans to cast Lynda in the film. “If it works for the movie, absolutely, but only if it works for the movie,” Whedon said. “This is not going to be a campy film. If there is a legitimate role that she could fill, it would be delightful.”

   Lynda has often said that she would not be happy with just a walk-on cameo role, but that if the role were substantial and work for the film, she would be happy to play it.


The producers of world-famous musical "CHICAGO" and Associated Press announced today that Lynda Carter joins the cast of the London version of the musical.

   Lynda has signed for an 8-week season to play the role of jail-matron Mama Morton, the merciless jailer of Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly and the other bad-girls behind the bars in "CHICAGO", the world acclaimed musical.

   Beginning in September 26, Lynda replaces Zee Asha, and becomes the latest in a line of stars to join the cast of the musical which will celebrate its 8th anniversary on November 8. The role was also played by, among others, Alison Moyet on stage, and by Queen Latifah in the big-screen version, a role which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Lynda will be joined by Sally Ann Triplett as Roxie, Amra-Faye Wright as Velma, Terence Maynard as Billy Flynn, and  Victor McGuire as Amos Hart.

   Lynda's latest stage role was in "THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES" back in 2002. Though this marks her West End debut in a stage play, Lynda is not unknown in the stages of the UK. During September through October, 1980, Lynda embarked on a successful tour as a singer including the famous London Palladium.

   The play will be seen between September 26 and November 22 at the Adelphi Theatre in London's West End. You lucky British fans get sure to get your tickets!!!!

AUGUST 30 2005

Several television news sites have confirmed the date of Lynda’s upcoming crossover episodes of "LAW & ORDER" and "LAW & ORDER: SVU" on NBC-TV. "LAW & ORDER" will be shown on 27 September, 2005 and will be followed on the 28th of September by "LAW & ORDER: SVU".

   Lynda will play a villainous role for the first time since 1989 when she was the murderous seductress Helen Durant in the TV movie "MICKEY SPILLANE'S MIKE HAMMER. MURDER TAKES ALL". Although no other information has been given, she will appear on both episodes as the grifter mother of a con artist. Lynda has said that she hopes that the character will be successful and perhaps appear on future episodes!

AUGUST 17 2005

Lynda will once more be lending her beautiful talented voice to the next chapter of Bethesda Game Studios videogame "THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION", and be joined by other Hollywood actors, among them Patrick Stewart, former captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the hit television and motion picture series, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

   "THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLI-VION" is being developed for both Xbox and PC Platforms, and is one of the year’s most anticipated game, and sequel to the best-selling role playing game of 2002, “Morrowind”.

Already receiving accolades in the games industry, "THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION" was recently voted “RPG of Show” by the Best of E3 Game Critics Awards, and called it “one of the best-looking games ever seen. "THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION" will be launched this holiday season.

   Lynda, who is already a veteran of “The Elder Scrolls” series, will again be giving voice to the Nords, the race of warrior women in the games. She started in 2002 in “Morrowind, which sold more than 4 million units. “Working on “Morrowind” was a wonderful experience”, she said. “It was my first foray into videogames, and it was great fun to be part of a groundbreaking title that brought millions of gamers to explore the endless world. I am honored to come back and participate in the making of 'Oblivion', which represents another major step in the evolution of videogames”.

   "THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION" allows gamers to explore a graphically stunning world that helps define the next generation of videogames. To complete the games’ mission, the player must trek through mystical forests and dimly lit dungeons, interact with a variety of inhabitants, and use might and magic against foul beasts in order to replace the lost heir to the throne.

   Todd Howard, executive producer for Bethesda Softworks of "THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION" added “with the many projects that Lynda is currently involved in, we are thrilled she was able to find time to join our cast again. Our goal with "THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION" is to deliver the most unique and lifelike gaming experience, so adding her talent and personality to some of the characters was a perfect fit.” It should be mentioned that this is almost a family venture for Lynda, since her husband Robert is CEO of ZeniMax Media inc. which owns Bethesda Softworks.

   You can watch or download the trailer from the links below:

"Oblivion Trailer" [ Windows Media ]
"Oblivion Trailer" [ Quicktime ]
"Oblivion Trailer" [ DivX Avi ]

   For more information go to:

AUGUST 13 2005

Once upon a time, when she was gracing the TV screens as "WONDER WOMAN", Lynda has no trouble fitting her 38-20-37 Miss World measurements into her wondrous "WONDER WOMAN" costume. But now when she sees a rerun of the 70’s show, Lynda is amazed at the sight of her younger self. “I think—Oh My God, she had a great body!” Lynda says. And she marvels even more that she managed to get into that outfit. In a recent interview she said with cheerful resignation, “Honey, I will never fit into that suit again….I don’t think that the waist ever really goes back after you have two kids. You know, it was probably smaller; it’s just the way that I’m built. I had a small ribcage and that’s kind of what dictates the size of your waist.”

   But one thing that Lynda cannot reconcile herself to is the current celebrity culture which insists that “thin is in.” That’s why Lynda supports fellow actress Jamie Lee Curtis- “God bless her!” Lynda says fervently---for denouncing the current obsession with appearance. Futhermore, Lynda pointed out tartly, often what you see in these magazines is a lie-a manu-

factured commodity. “Ask any supermodel—they wish that they looked as good as their pictures,” she pointed out. “You’ve got somebody dressing you and then you get the person who’s airbrushing and you’ve got the stylist that’s covering 'this thing' up. Cindy Crawford did the cover of a magazine and they thought that her thigh looked too wide, so they just sliced it off!”

   Often, Lynda says, teenage girls ands their boyfriends live in a fantasy world. “They think that’s really what women look like, and it isn’t!”

AUGUST 09 2005

Lynda’s latest film, "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" was pronounced #1 in the box-office rating for the weekend of 5-8 August 2005. The box office take was almost $31 million, and though many of the reviewers were not very kind to the film or most of the cast, including first-time actress Jessica Simpson, who played “Daisy Duke”, there were enough reviews, such as from “Entertainment Weekly”, which gave it a B-, who approved of the red-neck humor or good ole’ boys Luke and Bo Duke’s escapades to entice many moviegoers into seeing it.

   Lynda was disappointed that her role of being the love interest of rivals Boss Hogg [Burt Reynolds] and Uncle Jesse [Willie Nelson] was drastically cut. “I think they created the character (Pauline) for balance for those crazy Duke cousins and family, the 'Dukes' are just so nutty they needed someone to balance them out a bit. I was going to do a kissing scene with Willie” Lynda said. “But our kissing scene, which was hilarious, got cut because they went over time, and the scene was never shot, and something had to go. And I said “that’s the reason I took the movie was to kiss Willie Nelson!”

   In the final cut, Lynda plays a family friend who helps the Duke boy’s escape the Boss. But Lynda also said that fans of the original series are going to love this movie “because it is just a hoot. It’s just flat-out fun, it is driving cars the way you never really get to drive cars, it’s doing things and watching people be nutty, and having fun, and beating the bad guy, and Burt Reynolds is such a Bad Guy! He is so Lecherous and Yucky that you just love him.” She added that her favorite days in filming “Dukes” was the celebration barbecue which is at the end of the movie, but she said  “Oh my gosh, they were all favorite days, what can I say. You know, it like you’re living the moment, and they were all hysterically funny.”

   Lynda’s other feature film, "SKY HIGH" was number 4 at the box office for the week of August 1-7, but it has grossed over $30 million, making it the second most successful film for the first week of August. With success like these there is no place to go but up!

AUGUST 04 2005

 Lynda was interviewed by WRC-TV Entertainment reporter Arch Campbell last night, and she talked about how she is managing with the resurgence of her career with her life with her family in Washington DC. “There’s a big hoopla around me right now, but I know it’s cyclical. I know it will pass, it’s just this period of time…I’m enjoying this period of time, I have my family with me at the premiers, and I think I take it for exactly what it is, and that is, right now at this time I’ve got a buzz and it’s great. But that’s not, it doesn’t define me,” Lynda said. “I’ve got a 'Law & Order' coming out and I get to do that in August. I’m doing more character roles now, and I’ve always played my

age, I’ve never tried to play younger. I’ve always, you know, intentionally wanted to play my age so, if that people were shocked when they saw me, you know, they sort of grew along with me.”

   Arch ended his report on his interview with Lynda by announcing that this fall Lynda will play a villainess role as a grafter/mother of a con artist in a cross-over episode of  NBC’s "LAW & ORDER" and "LAW & ORDER: SVU", and hinted that she has several more projects in the works ! What terrific news for our favorite actress !!!

AUGUST 04 2005

During the past few weeks, Ben Jones, the actor who played the role of “Cooter” in the original television series "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" has been interviewed as saying that the new movie is a “sleazy insult” to the series. Jones, a former congressman (which is enough for us to doubt his veracity) has said that because of the racier script and the sexy scenes of Jessica Simpson as “Daisy Dukes” the film should not be seen by those who enjoyed the TV show.

   Lynda, who plays Pauline, the truckstop waitress and friend of Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson) told the AP radio if the movie is racier than the series “So what?”. She added that the series probably would’ve gotten away with more if it wasn’t on TV and, she added, the show got away with plenty when it came to Catherine Bach wearing her bikini, shorts and tight t-shirts.

   “Bach’s little rear end was showing all the time” said Lynda. Bach used to complain to her “If I have to have any more boob shots, I’m going to shoot myself.”

   The yahoo site at:   has added several scenes from the film, including the scene where Pauline (Lynda) welcomes the boys and Daisy to her home after their house has been seized in a moonshine raid. There are also lots of photos of the premier with the cast at the same site.

AUGUST 01 2005

Now that we have your attention, Lynda gave an exclusive interview to ‘Latina’ magazine’s August issue and spoke at length about her Spanish heritage. She told of how her sense of Hispanic pride was installed in Lynda and her two siblings by their mother, Juanita Alire Cordova, whose parents crossed the border from Chihuahua, Mexico. Lynda says that she has worn her heritage like a badge of honor. “For me, it is such a positive thing. I’m half Mexican” she emphasizes. “I am not even ‘a little bit.’ My grandmother was born in Mexico. But because my name is Carter and I don’t look (Hispanic), people assume I’m something else.”

      Lynda also spoke of  how her husband Robert and her children know what Lynda calls “the Chicano aspect of my family.” Recently Jamie and Jessie attended their grandmother Jean’s 80th birthday party in Arizona “and they met all the Mexican relatives…they had a ball!” Lynda said. And Robert? It helps that he’s a man that can appreciate what Lynda calls “the Latin drama in me.”

   Thinking about the way she and Robert fight, Lynda can’t help laughing. “My husband gets so….it just….he just does not….I just don’t think he feels anger that often!” she says, unable to disguise how incomprehensible she finds this very idea. “With me, it’s doors—Whack! Just because I look white-bread, I am not white-bread!”

JULY 29 2005

 "SKY HIGH", Lynda’s first big screen movie since "SUPER TROOPERS", debuted tonight in theatres across the nation, and made it to third in the top ten box office by the end of the weekend. The film, made by Walt Disney Pictures, is a great send-off of teen-angst movies where new freshman attend the local high school, capturing the humor and heartache lurking in the high school halls. But this is a different kind of school; it is hidden in the clouds, and is for the sons and daughters of  Superheroes, where when they reach puberty, their super powers emerge! Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston play “The Commander” and “Josie Jetstream” whose son Will’s (Michael Angarano) powers have not yet developed.  He faces not the typical cliques found in high school of the jocks and the nerds, but “heroes” and “sidekicks” (sorry, hero supporters) who are relegated to second-class status at the school.

   Lynda plays the supporting role of Principal Powers, whose comet-powers dug the Grand Canyon, and has three great scenes at the beginning, middle and end of the film, where she utters the best line in the film (hint: it has something to do with

a  certain role she once played to perfection!) And this principal is a force to be reckoned with! When she strides up to students, they don’t give her any backtalk. Lynda said in an interview that they wanted her role to be that of a frumpy old lady, complete with glasses on her nose, tweed suits, orthopedic shoes and her hair in a bun, but she would have none of that! She took matters into her own hands, suggesting “She’s the Principal of this high school. And, you cast me, not just somebody else—and she’s a comet, for God’s sake! She’s not a shrinking violet. What do you think of the extreme opposite? Stiletto heels, expensive great-looking suits that are fit to perfection—a power suit. Let’s just bomb her out. Those kids are shaking in their boots when they see her walking down the hallway.”

   Despite Lynda’s iconic career and happy family life today, Lynda sympathized with the sidekicks in the film. She recalls that in her high school in Phoenix, AZ “I was the nerd. I was the big, tall girl among all the little shrimpy boys. I had only three dates in high school, and it was with the same guy. He would ask me for every prom, and that was the only time he would ever ask me out.”

   But in this film eventually the bullies get their comeuppance, the nerds (sorry, hero supporters) have their day, and young love flourishes. All this takes place at the big dance, that teen-movie staple. But "SKY HIGH" is so funny and warmer and observant that you won’t mind if the story seems familiar.

JULY 28 2005
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While Lynda’s film "SKY HIGH" was ready to debut in theatres across the country, she and Robert were attending the premier of her second big-screen film this year, "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Joining her fellow actors Jessica Simpson, Johnny Knoxville, Sean William Scott and Willie Nelson, Lynda, who was dressed in rhinestone-spangled blue jeans, a black sweater, light blue jacket and black cowboy hat, her dark hair loose on her shoulders, was jes’a good-ole’ country girl with her man who enjoyed the evening festivities.

   Lynda’s character Pauline, who is a truck-stop waitress and the girlfriend of Uncle Jesse Duke, played by the singer legendary country singer Willie Nelson, commented on how much fun it was to make the film. “But”, she said “they never filmed the love scene where we smooched. Oh, I couldn’t wait and even told my husband,’you’d better watch out.’ But they cut it from the script, and that was the main reason I wanted to do the film!” When they asked how the two spent their time during a scene in the film tied back-to-back in a kitchen chair and held hostage by Burt Reynolds, Lynda said “Honey, we were just laughing our tails off. We sat and just howled!”

   Everyone attended the afterparty at the Warner Brothers Studios, which was set in at the “HAZZARD COUNTY FAIR”, where there was plenty of good ole’country cookin’, square dancing, carnival games, and Willie sang with his band late into the evening.

JULY 27 2005

Lynda was a guest on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to talk about the two films that she is currently starring in, "SKY HIGH" and "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD".

When anchor Robin Roberts mentioned that Lynda was very protective over not risking the image of "WONDER WOMAN" and asked why she was doing "SKY HIGH", Lynda said “it was a nod (to the series). It was in and around the superhero idea, and if in your imagination "WONDER WOMAN" was going to go on to something, you could totally see her as the principal of a school like "SKY HIGH"

so even though it is definitely a  separate kind of a character, that it has a little bit of "WONDER WOMAN" in it.”

   She also spoke about her role as “Pauline” in "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD". “I’ve got this nice, southern….I’m a gooood southern woman”. When asked if she was the love interest of Willie Nelson [Uncle Jesse], and how it was working with Willie, Lynda said “well….we’re not quite sure what’s going on with those two…..but it was….SO…..GREAT…ohmigod, Willie was great. Willie had his guitar, and we’d go into his bus …not just me and him, mind you, but he had his guitar out, he played every day, I brought my guitar, he taught me a few things, you know, ‘cause I’m just learning to really play the guitar.”

   Since Lynda is no stranger to tabloid gossip, Robin asked her if she had given Jessica Simpson any advice because of all the recent stories about her and her husband Nick Lachey. “No”, Lynda replied, “I tried not to give her, or anyone else advice, but I did bond….let’s just say that, and she’s such a nice person. I think that Daisy Duke is a defining role for her….she’s good in it. Also, I mean, that body….OH MY GAWD!”

   When asked about the news that one of the actors of the television series had tried to start a boycott of the movie because of changes to the story, Lynda was quite firm in her defense of the film. “There’s a lot of edgy kind of humor, and, I know I heard that someone was kind of badmouthing some, like sour grapes guy or something, who’d never seen it. It’s a bunch of baloney….Ya believe him, or do ya Believe ME????? "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD" is family fun, it’s great, it’s a ride, it’s a hoot, you’ll love it!”

JULY 25 2005
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As befitting the occasion of her birthday, her family took Lynda to Disneyland, and while they were there, Lynda and her family took part in the premier of Lynda’s latest film "SKY HIGH", produced by Walt Disney Films at the El Capitan Theatre. Lynda, who looked stunning, wearing a low cut light blue top under a light blue sports coat with white slacks, her dark lustrous hair flowing over her shoulders set off by a string of pearls, appeared with many of the cast and crew of "SKY HIGH", including director Mike Mitchell, actors Kelly Preston, Michael Angarano and  Danielle Panabaker, Cloris Leachman (who played the Queen Mother on the pilot for "THE NEW ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN") and Dave Foley.

   Lynda happily signed many autographs for her many fans that showed up for the premier, for as she said “usually it takes a lot of courage for a fan to come up to someone. To be unhappy and rude is way too much effort for those moments. It’s much easier to be nice. It’s just a healthier thing all around”

   While being interviewed by several reporters, Lynda was asked her opinion about the latest Hollywood scandal, the Jude Law “Nannygate”. “Oh Jude Law, BAD Boy!!!” she chided.  When asked if she ever worried about her nanny, Lynda looked very surprised and said “With My HUSBAND??? Nina??? No, Negative! She’s like their second Mom.” Even daughter Jessica, now 14 and almost as tall and beautiful as her proud mother, chimed in “she’s been there for 17 years, so I‘ve known her my whole life.” But Lynda couldn’t resist getting in one last warning: “Women, NEVER LET YOUR HUSBAND PICK THE NANNY OR THE SECRETARY!!!!”

JULY 24 2005

Well, another year has come and gone since Lynda’s last birthday, and except for a broken hand and injured leg, it has been a Great Year for our Favorite Lady, the Goddess Within! Lynda has starred in two big-screen films, "SKY HIGH" and "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD"  that are both due out in the next 2 weeks, and two independent films in which she has starred, "TATERED ANGEL" and "DOUBLE DARE" have either been finished or are out and being shown around the world and on DVD. The second and third season of "WONDER WOMAN" has come out on DVD with commentaries and lots of extras to whet the appetite of Lynda’s many thousands of fans for more of her shows on DVD. We fervently hope that this is just the beginning for Lynda, that her career takes off into the stratosphere with more roles in feature films and even some appearances in hit television series. But Lynda, most of all, we, your devoted fans, wish you a very “Wonder”ful and Happy Birthday, and many more to come that will be spent with your family in happiness and love.

JULY 21 2005

In a continuing interview with SCI FI WIRE, Lynda said that she’d welcome the opportunity to appear in the big-screen version of the movie "WONDER WOMAN" to be written and directed by Joss Whedon. “There is actually this thing on the internet, like a sign-up campaign, that says, We want Lynda in "WONDER WOMAN"," she said. “It’s very cute, very sweet. I think it would be great. I’d love to do it. I hope that the concept is one that‘s really about the characters themselves. And I hope they cast (Diana/Wonder Woman) as someone who’s got a real heart. If they do the movie with a heart, no matter what they do, they’ll be OK.” Whedon is still writing his script for "WONDER WOMAN", but has said that he would start the process this fall, after launching “Serenity”, the movie based on his cancelled SF TV series “Firefly.”

   Lynda admitted that she had talked to Warner Brothers studio executives about how she might be a part of the new film. She hasn’t talked to Whedon or producer Joel Silver, but added: “I have talked to some of the people at Warner Brothers, and I don’t even know if they want to go there. They may be terrified of it. They may not want to have any nod, because of obvious comparisons, and fortunately… no matter what they do, there will always be a comparison." Lynda, who has said that she’d be interested in playing Diana’s mother in the Whedon feature, also said that she’s willing to do a cameo. “It would depend on the role. I don’t think I would be interested in doing something gratuitous, just to do it, just to say, 'Oh, there’s Lynda Carter'. But if there was a role in which I could tie up loose ends, that would be cool.”

JULY 21 2005

Yesterday Lynda joined many others in commenting about THE DUKES OF HAZZARD's co-star Jessica Simpson’s  being criticized for being immature… but unlike others, it was not in a critical way, although she agrees with the assessment. Lynda says she identified with Jessica who was “professional and serious” about her first comedic role, but lacked the necessary confidence to stand on her own without an entourage to shield her.

   “When I was with Jessica, I saw myself—being terrified a little bit” Lynda said. “Everything else around you is kind of spinning. And your only safe haven is with a group of people you travel with. You kind of get your growth stunted. It wasn’t necessarily a negative sign, it was just part of the process. It’s your safe place."

   No doubt Lynda was remembering her own experience of coming to Hollywood as a young unexperienced actress whose first starring role as "WONDER WOMAN" made her such a hit, but also thrust her into the spotlight alone and vulnerable. Her first marriage to agent Ron Samuels fell apart

because she let him guide and control her life with no say in the matter, putting her trust in him as her own safe haven.

   Although Lynda did not give her co-star advice—believing that independence will come with age and experience—she did tell Jessica a personal story about skewed self-perception. A couple of years ago Lynda discovered a picture of her younger self, wearing a dress and looking attractive. “I can remember walking in Georgetown that day and thinking, ‘Oh God, I look so fat. I shouldn’t be wearing this dress’ Lynda related. But I looked good.”

   Today Lynda, who will be 54 on Sunday, knows that her life is good. “I‘m very comfortable in my own skin. I don’t have to be a Size 2”, she says. “I try to eat healthy and do the right thing so that I don’t look like a dragon in two years.” Also, her kids make it plain that they don’t share the world’s adulation of the former "WONDER WOMAN". “They keep you humble,” Lynda explains. “Teenagers think that you are about nothing. To them you get dumber every year!”

JULY 20 2005

Lynda Carter was interviewed by SCI-FI WIRE about her role in the upcoming film "SKY HIGH" as “Principal Powers”, telling them that she’d resisted all previous attempts to get her to either play or parody the iconic character "WONDER WOMAN", but added that she couldn’t resist when approached by the filmmakers. “I think that it will really appeal to the kids that are my daughter’s age, and she is 14. It’s this idea, not unlike "WONDER WOMAN", where there’s this secret person inside of you wanting to be discovered or wanting to go out and discover.”

   She added “I really think that you feel that, especially in your teens. There’s that “goddess” or “god-within” feeling. So I think the story feeds on that. It’s a beautiful movie, because you start off with the hero class. When these kids hit puberty, their superhero powers emerge. Some kids go into the hero class, and if they don’t have spectacular powers, they go to the sidekick class. It’s hysterically funny. And I think that Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston, who play parents of the central boy

teen in the movie are wonderful.”

   Lynda said that, considering the success of recent comic-book-based movies, the timing may be perfect for "SKY HIGH". “I don’t know what it is, but there must be this collective consciousness. I don’t think it’s because people spy and see what’s on anybody else’s plates, but there are all these movies coming out now about superheroes. You’ve got “Fantastic Four,” “Batman Begins” and all these superhero things. I think it’s great.”

JULY 19 2005

Lynda Carter gave her agreement and advice along with many other Hollywood stars concerning actor Tom Cruise’s scientologist tirade against the use of drugs to control a woman’s post-partum depression. In an article published today by the World Entertainment Network Kelly Preston, whom Lynda co-starred with in the upcoming film "SKY HIGH", urged new mothers to use her friend Lisa-Marie Presley’s example and look for natural ways to control PPD.

   In the article, Lynda told the press that she too suffered from PPD, and insisted that she agrees with Tom Cruise and Preston – drugs are not the answer. Though not a scientologist, Lynda added “I went to counseling and worked through it and got it. What I struggled with was getting used to including them (her two children James and Jessica) in every move I made.” 

JULY 14 2005

Cartoon Network is showing worldwide "JUSTICE LEAGUE" and "JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED". Featured on many of their sites is a game featuring Wonder Woman called "Curse Of The Underworld". Check it out:

Curse Of The Underworld ENG.

La Maldición Del Submundo SPA.

Maldiçao Do Mundo Dos Mortos POR.

JULY 12 2005

26 years after its original run, "WONDER WOMAN" is still on the air in several places around the world. Some of them are the RETRO cable channel which covers all of Latin America, PINK TV network in France, and SUPER CHANNEL in Japan. This way, "WONDER WOMAN" is shown at least in thee continents!

JULY 11 2005

"DISNEY'S MOVIE SURFERS" is a series of interstitial programs (short programs) that air on the Disney Channel and go behind the scenes of Disney movies. The cast of four kid actors go out on assignment interviewing actors, directors, animators, producers, stylists and everyone else involved in the movie-making process. Recently the made some shorts featuring Disney's next feature film "SKY HIGH". In this short Lynda is briefly seen spinning into a comet!

   You can watch or download this short clip by clicking on the link below:

"Movie Surfers"

JULY 10 2005
  06-22-18 07-10-05

Actor RICHARD EASTHAM, who starred on broadway with Mary Martin in "South Pacific” and played General Philip Blankenship during the first season of "WONDER WOMAN" died today of a respiratory ailment in Santa Monica, California. He was 89. As General Blankenship, he sent Major Steve Trevor and Yeoman Diana Prince into several adventures, and even was kidnapped by Nazi’s in the episode “The Feminum Mystique”.

   Eastham was proudest of taking over the male lead in “South Pacific” from Italian opera singer Ezio Pinza, who originated the role. He also appeared in over a dozen films, including Walt Disney’s “Toby Tyler” and “That Darn Cat”.  Eastham also appeared in several television series besides "WONDER WOMAN", including the role of Harris Claibourne, editor of the ‘Tombstone Epitaph’ in “Tombstone Territory” and Dr. Howall in “Falcon Crest”, which was his last role.

JULY 10 2005

Duffy Hudson and Will Benson, the filmmakers of  "TATTERED ANGEL" which had it’s successful local premier last month in Cincinnati, Ohio, are offering 17 color mini-posters from the film that are signed by all of the cast members, including Lynda! They are available to her fans and collectors for $300 each, and measure 11x17. This writer and Superfans Terry Haney and Shawn Winstian already have theirs!

   This is your chance to support a film that Lynda has starred in! Buy a poster and the money will go to the selling of the film by Duffy and Will. You can contact them at : they will let you know the details!

JULY 09 2005
  PHOTO 01
  PHOTO 02
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  PHOTO 04

Lynda Carter was one of the many celebrities that participated yesterday in a worldwide broadcast from the TV show "THE INSIDER" Times Square studio in New York City of the new Lange 1 Time Zone watch from famed watchmakers A. Lange & Sohne. The event was also broadcast live from Lange headquarters in Glashsuttte, Germany and followed 36 watchmakers as they traveled to various time zones around the world to showcase the new mechanical timepieces.

   Lynda, wearing blue jeans and a black striped sports coat over a lowcut gold-trimmed white t-shirt, her lustrous dark hair loose and flowing over her shoulders, was quoted as saying “this new watch is so unique, with all the time zones simultaneously displayed on the dial, I could have used this when I was in New Zealand filming "TERROR PEAK"!

   But She could have used some super powers when a tight-fisted producer from "THE INSIDER" grabbed her broken hand! Lynda yelped in pain when the staffer gave it a shake “Oh! My hand hasn’t healed yet, and you have a death grip!”  She had broken her hand while riding a four-wheeler on a friend’s farm some weeks ago. “I hit an immovable object and was thrown 20 feet” Lynda told ‘PAGE SIX’ of the ‘New York Post’. “My husband was furious with me because I didn’t have a helmet on.”

   Lynda also commented on playing Willie Nelson’s girlfriend in the upcoming "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD". “He is very sexy, he would bring his guitar with him and play all the time.”

JULY 08 2005

The Buenos Aires based RETRO cable channel features Wonder Woman in an animated promo as part of their "Retro Family" campaign. There are three different animations:

[1] "FUERA DE LINEA" "Out of Line" featuring Don Adams' Maxwell Smart from "GET SMART!" and Wonder Woman.

[2] "¿BAILAMOS?" "Shall We Dance?" featuring Barbara Feldon's Agent 99 from "GET SMART!", Wonder Woman and Elvis Presley.

[3] "LA FIESTA DEL REENCUENTRO" "Gathering Party" featuring Starsky and Hutch, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, Wonder Woman, Woody Allen, Marlon Brandon, Steve McQueen and Marilyn Monroe.

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