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Lynda joined other exceptional women in the Washington area at the Court TV Women Superstars Breakfast. The event was a celebration of women leaders, a salute to women who have contributed to the strength of the nation such as Lynda, gun control advocate Sarah Brady, Jennifer Grubb and Carrie Moore of Washington Freedom Soccer team, and was held in conjunction with the Women in Cable and Telecommunications (WITC) Leadership Conference. 

In keeping with her firm interest in supporting those who have struggled back from terrible blows, Lynda was one of 650 people who attended the 15th annual National Rehabilitation Hospital Victory Awards at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington DC. Lynda, herself a victim of a fractured spinal disc that could have left her paralyzed, helped honor victims of disease like columnist Art Buchwald, who relearned to walk and talk after suffering a crippling stroke, physician Jerri Nielsen, who battled breast cancer while at the South Pole, actor Robert Guillaume, and model and activist Heather Mills, who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident and learned to walk again.

     The event raised close to $1 million for the private, nonprofit hospital, which opened in 1986 to treat patients for spinal cord and head injuries

Lynda was seen behind the backstop at Baltimore Oriole’s star player Cal Ripkins’s last baseball game on Saturday cheering his last home run. No doubt her memories of Cal were strong as she remembered meeting him and throwing out the first ball of the 1997 season on April 14th for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Night at Camden Yards stadium.

A representative from the U.S. cable television network MSNBC has contacted the author of this website for his assistance in putting together an hour-long show on Lynda. It will be biographical, but with a different format than the “Intimate Portrait” done by Lifetime Television last year, and the contact person needs information as to finding photographs, television interviews and suggestions about what to use pertaining to our favorite lady. Needless to say, everything will be done to assist her on this end, and this website will be notified when the airdate is announced.

Also, word has come of some postponements of activities that Lynda has been involved in. First, the launch of the “Golden Princess” cruise vessel that Lynda had helped publicize with a “Hearts of Gold” contest last may has been postponed until next September. She and her family were going to attend the ceremonies in Fort Lauderdale and take part in the inaugural cruise.   Second, Cataland Pictures has announced that their motion picture, “Super Troopers,” which has Lynda in the role of the Governor of Vermont, will be released to theatres on 15 February, 2002. This will be Lynda’s second feature film role, the first being “Bobbie Joe and the Outlaw.”

Lynda was one of many who welcomed Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan to American Red Cross national headquarters and Family Assistance Center in Washington DC to offer her support and compassion to victims of the September 11th attack on the United States. Meeting with American Red Cross President and CEO Bernadine Healy, the 31-year old queen was welcomed by 84 children who have raised money and sent thank-you cards to support the Red Cross.

     Following the visit to Red Cross Headquarters, the Queen visited the Family Assistance Center, close to the Pentagon, where families gather for briefings from the military, to seek other services and to find Red Cross help. Lynda, often an American Red Cross spokesperson in the past, greeted Queen Rania at the center. “I feel similar to the way the rest of the nation feels: useless. I had to do something,” Lynda said, praising the work of the organization. “What the Red Cross has done is to make people see that the organization is about more than giving blood. It’s so much more. A man said to me yesterday “We are the Red Cross, we, the nation. We are the children who gave.” Lynda added “It’s important that the nation understand it is us, it’s you and I.”

Lynda was among many prominent guests at the annual fundraiser for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington DC. Dressed in an off the shoulder black dress with pearl necklace, her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, Lynda talked with some of the city’s firefighters that had returned from New York after assisting in rescue attempts, praising their efforts, and listened as Jackson spoke about the recent tragedy in New York City, and the need to help inspire the country and the world to overcome the shock of the attack.

Word has it that the screenplay of the “Wonder Woman” motion picture has been written by screenwriter Todd Alcott. Chosen by producer Joel Silver, of Silver Pictures, Alcott co-wrote “Antz” for Dreamworks, and the script for the remake of the William Castle horror film “13 Ghosts.”

     However, the reaction to the 111 page draft has been one of disappointment by many fans, as well as by this website. It seems that although the script is described as similar to the first “Superman” or “Batman” movie, with the super hero already established, it also recycles certain key elements from other super-heroes (she can fly at the speed of sound, has great strength, and is even described as a “terrifying warrior of the night.” The screenplay starts out with the original heroine Diana Prince, yet soon becomes the story of Donna Troy, a mousy young woman who is transformed into a gorgeous fighting machine in modern day Gateway City, a corrupt Pacific Northwest metropolis. There she goes up against an evil industrialist with a crackpot cliched doomsday scheme, and the heroine is also teamed with a tough cop/potential love interest.

     There seems to be lots of confusing twists in the draft, with Donna Troy becoming the new WW, even though Diana Prince is also WW, but only in Troy’s dreams, and when they finally meet, it sounds something like Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl from the television series first season! There’s even an out of body experience to the island of Themyscira. The draft ends with Troy’s  realizing that she is now the New Wonder Woman (so dubbed by the press) which of course leads to the possibility of sequels, a la “Superman” and “Batman.” Here’s hoping that this will go through many, many better rewrites before it comes anywhere close to movie screens.

It was announced by the World Entertainment News Network that Lynda will be back in front of the cameras this month to complete her role in the independent feature film “Tattered Angel.” The film, which was written by Duffy Hudson, a friend of Lynda’s from her acting classes in NYC, should be finished by the end of the year.

     The article talked about Lynda as “the stunning brunette had a small part in an indie flick shown at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, “Super Troopers.” But aside from that, her professional work has recently been limited to appearances on shows about stars of the 70’s. Now her fortunes are finally set to change with her starring role in “Tattered Angel”, a drama involving a small town in search of a missing child, which will be shot in Cincinatti, Ohio.”

The world was blessed 50 years ago today with a very special woman whose striking beauty has not faded with time, a woman who has entertained millions all over the world in film, song and dance, yet also raised a happy and secure family. While managing to maintain a delicate balance between the two, she has also devoting herself to helping countless men, women and children fight pain, disease, and inspire them to fulfill their dreams through her example.

     While her career truly began by portraying a television character whose strength and power was considered a breakthrough, Lynda has not let herself be typecast. She went on to have a career as a singer, performing to sell-out crowds all over the world, as well as starring in 5 of her own variety specials and starring in two other television series. Her performances in over 15 motion pictures and television movies has shown that she can successfully play many different roles, from that of an concerned young social worker to a reporter searching for the truth, or a mother stubbornly fighting for her beloved family held hostage. Who knows what diverse roles await her in the future?

     Lynda also discovered that by helping others, she began to fill the void in her life of not earlier having a successful marriage or family. With her happy second marriage, she began to settle down and raise two beautiful children, yet still remained actively involved in many causes that benefited women and children, thus becoming a role model for women of all ages. Though honored many times in the past, she has not laid down her mantle of a Wonder Woman, but has continued to show by her uplifting and candid example how her dreams became reality through perseverance and determination, and how through service to others, life has become more fulfilling than she has ever dreamed. Her real-life heroic commitment to many philanthropic organizations of all kinds makes her truly a person to be admired and emulated.

     To you, Lynda, on this Your Day, goes the sincere Love and Admiration of your many fans, with a constant wish for continued good health, success in everything you seek and do, and a life that will always be full of the Love and Laughter of Your Family.

In keeping with her keen appreciation of those who do charity work, Lynda took part in a promotional satellite media tour to promote a special contest sponsored by Princess Cruise Lines.  Dressed attractively in a pink pastel pantsuit worn over a striped shirt, Lynda charmingly talked to many television station celebrities about the “Hearts of Gold” contest designed to find 50 people in the US who made a difference in their community by heroic deed, charitable works, role models, etc. The deadline is July 16th.

     The winners of the contest, chosen from essays sent in from around the country, are to be flown to Fort Lauderdale to take part on October 12th in a special ceremony of recognition for their good works, culminating in a gala cruise aboard the latest addition to the Princess Lines, the “Golden Princess,” which will be launched by actress Jane Seymour.  Lynda will also be there to host the party and take part in her first cruise with her family, too.

     Lynda also talked at length about her career, answering many questions about her career, mostly her role as “Wonder Woman,” and how it has resurged because of the internet !!  “I think it’s really strange when you see a young person come up to you and they know all about your career…I think the web has really turned it back on again !” she said. When asked how she felt about a “Wonder Woman” movie she said “I think it’s great, I’m ready to pass the baton, or the bracelets, or the lasso, and Sandra Bullock is a great actress, she probably come bring some humor to it without being camp. She has got this great comedic sense which is self-deprecating which is how I approached my character as “Wonder Woman. I think it takes brave girl to do it and I wish her well.”

Lynda was the emcee at the ‘Tavern on the Green’ in Manhattan for a salute to eleven of the cable industry’s top female executives appropriately titled “First Annual Wonder Women of Cable Television.” Women In Cable Television, WICT,  is the cable industry’s premier organization dedicated towards helping women achieve their goals through empowerment and education, a cause that Lynda has always espoused. Celebrity presenters were Paula Zahn, Deborah Norville, and Phyllis George.

     Lynda, dressed in a black and white striped dress that showed off those beautiful legs, and Phyllis George were featured in the June 11th issue of “People” magazine, and the June 12th issue of the “Star” tabloid had a photo of Lynda signing autographs.

The May 18th issue of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ has a news flash that Sandra Bullock is not the only star interested in playing the role of “Wonder Woman.” To quote the flash, “former warrior princess Lucy Lawless tells EW she’d love to lasso the role (played famously embodied by Lynda Carter in the 70’s TV series), provided the character was a more interesting “flawed hero.” And wrestler Chyna is positively pugilistic in her pursuit: “Come hell or high water, I’m going to make them notice me.” What does Chyna most admire about the superheroine’s feminine mystique? “Her red lipstick and beautiful black hair,” the wrestler says.”.
Variety today announced a news story from the British Evening Standard dated May 4th that Sandra Bullock is being lined up to play the lead in a film based on the tv series “Wonder Woman”, writes Richard Simpson. The star has met with producers of the superhero movie a number of times and she is keen to take the role. Leonard Goldberg and Joel Silver, whose credits include the recent films “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Matrix” and “Lethal Weapon” say she is ideal for the part. Goldberg is quoted as saying ‘Sandy’s interested, and we’ve met with her. It all depends on the script and director, of course, but she hasn’t done anything physical in a long time, and she’d like to. We’d love to have her.”
Lynda was the keynote guest speaker at the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference held at the Bakersfield Convention Center in California. As the luncheon speaker, she talked about her youth in Phoenix, Arizona, how she started her successful career that led to starring in television series, specials, movies, two ad campaigns, and her two marriages.
     Speaking for a period of 1.5 hours, Lynda, dressed in a light yellow pantsuit, her dark hair falling about her shoulders, kept her audience enthralled with her life and her message, that as women, their personal odyssey’s might be filled with obstacles, but the results, that they could be leaders, fighters, lovers or mothers, were definitely worth their efforts.
     Afterwards, Lynda was mobbed by the audience, and was kept busy signing programs that were being thrust at her as she sat on the speakers platform. However, she did make time at the end to speak to a fan, the last person in line, who had traveled down from Kirkland, Washington to see her, and to shake his hand and answer his eager questions.
Two programs that Lynda appeared in were nominated by the National Council of La Raza for the 2001 ALMA Awards.
     One of them was Lynda’s “Intimate Portrait,” shown on Lifetime Television cable channel, and the other was the PBS documentary “The Mexican-Americans.” While Lynda was interviewed for the latter, only a photo of her was shown at the end of the 60 minute broadcast. However, a 90 minute version is available from PBS, and she may be on that videotape.
Lynda will appear in cameo roles in two independent films this year. The first is a film made by the New York comedy group “Broken Lizard” called “Super Troopers,” described as a “fast-paced comedy about cops, crime and killing time,” and is set in upstate Vermont. Lynda plays the role of ‘Governor Jessman’ in a film about state troopers stationed on the Canadian border, who spend the bulk of their time taking impounded sports cars for joyrides. When their station is targeted for state budget cuts, they must change their brazen ways or lose their jobs.
     The film was an official selection at the January 2001 Sundance Film Festival, and has already been bought up for worldwide rights distribution by Fox Searchlight Pictures for an unspecified number of theatrical markets.
     An independent filmmaker friend of Lynda’s, Duffy Hudson of Cincinatti, Ohio, has persuaded Lynda to star in his upcoming film, “Tattered Angel” currently still in production in Cincinatti. The film is a suspense drama about Vince Anderson, a man who goes home for his mother’s funeral and encounters a mysterious past concerning his sister, who was abducted and murdered  22 years ago. Lynda plays Hazel Anderson, Vince’s late mother.
     The film, still in production, is endorsed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington DC, where the film may have it’s gala premiere.
     For further information, visit the two film’s websites at: and or check out the Movies section of this site where you'll find some more details.
Lynda and Robert helped violin master Issac Stern celebrate his 80th birthday, along with 80 other guests, including Washington Post maven Katherine Graham and Israeli Ambassador David Irvy, on Friday at the Potomac home of friends Paul and Pat Stern.
The first annual Lynda Carter Golf Tournament raised $3,800 for the Women’s Center of Jacksonville, Florida. With generous help from Lynda, LPGA teaching professional Bobbie Beattie and others, the tournament took place at the Mill Cove Golf Club in Jacksonville to help survivors of incest. Players of all skill levels took part in the tournament and it was truly a day of women supporting women.

     Lynda was there to meet and greet the participants and distribute over 100 door prizes at the Players Banquet, thanks to generous corporate sponsors. “The wonderful thing about the WCJ is that they are able to provide services to the community without the red tape of the traditional government agency,” Lynda noted in satisfaction.

     To get involved with next year’s tournament, call (904) 356-3300!

Lynda will be the keynote speaker at the Bakersfield California Women’s Business Conference on 26 April. This should be her first speaking appearance for the new year, and for those fans in out west, a great excuse for a road trip.
You can call (661) 636-4395 for more information or write:
PO BOX 11049
BAKERSFIELD  CA   93389-0627
In this first posting for the Lynda news for the new year, LyndaCarterfan extraordinaire Terry Haney has learned that the Lifetime Cable tv channel has added a sixth movie that Lynda has made, “Family Blessings” which will air on March 6th at 9:00pm est, to their collection, which now include “Danielle Steeles’s Daddy,” “Posing,” “Lightning in a Bottle,”“A Secret Between Friends,” and “She Woke Up Pregnant,” as well as their Intimate Portrait of her.
     Terry has made the excellent suggestion that Lynda’s fans write the Lifetime channel at and suggest that they do an all day LYNDATHON of all the films, plus the Intimate Portrait, with herself as hostess and giving some behind the scenes info on them. This is exactly what Lifetime did for Loni Anderson and the Charlie’s Angels stars, and they should do it for her.
     In a similar vein, Terry is suggesting that Lynda’s fans write again to RHINO RECORDS and ask them to officially release Lynda’s music on their label. This would include her “Portrait” album, as well as her UK singles “The Last Song/What’s a Little Love Between Friends” and “Somehow I’ll Go On” from her film “Lightning in a Bottle.” Also included should be her songs from her 5 specials from 1980-84.
     You can visit their website at and send a request to “Dr. Rhino”, and you should also write them at:
LOS ANGELES  CA   90025-4900
     Her voice is so beautiful, it should not be only found in the yard sale domain of used record bins, so let’s make an effort to make the world aware of her dulcet tones.
The organization “Sister to Sister” had their annual “Woman’s Heart Day” at the MCI Center in Washington DC, and Lynda was a member of the panel discussion “Fitness: Because Who Has Time to Exercise,” along with Nikki McCray of the Washington Mystics and Olympic Gold Medalist.
Lynda and Robert celebrated a very joyful moment in their lives when their son, James Clifford Altman (Jamie) took his Bar Mitzvah the day before his 13th birthday. No doubt Lynda’s beautiful blue eyes filled with happy tears when she heard her beloved son pronounce the proud words, “today I am a man!”
     Afterwards, the gratified family celebrated with many friends and relatives at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington DC to the music of the 100 piece band, “Free Spirit.” To Lynda, Jamie, Robert and their family, what else what can we say but “MAZELTOV!”
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