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And so the year 1999 is coming to end for Lynda and her family, and it may be ending as it began, on another "funder woman" note. The Washington Post story of October 26th concerning Hillary Rodham Clinton's possible run the NY Senate ended on a mention that "in December Washington lawyer Robert A. Altman and his wife, actress Lynda Carter, will host a fund-raiser for Clinton at their house.
It was announced on Rob Olivera’s website that Columbia House is sending out notices that the tenth issue of  the Wonder Woman series, with the episodes “The Man Who Could Move the World / Knockout” will be the last issue at this time. Some sources on the various chat/bulletin boards have mentioned that although it was never officially announced, Columbia House only had rights from Warner Brothers, the original producer and owner of the series, to produce the first ten tapes, or twenty episodes. Other sources say that Warner Brothers is so concerned with the success of the series that they have refused to let Columbia House issue any more, preferring perhaps to market the series themselves. We sincerely hope that this is the case, and that sometime in the future the entire series will be for sale, uncut, and with special features added, such as outtakes, interviews, and other material.
Lynda is one of many stars who is shown in a new book just published by Universe/Rizzoli & Company called “Unmistakably Mackie: The Fashion and Fantasy of Bob Mackie” by Frank DeCaro this fall. Although there are only a few small photos of Lynda from her television specials “Lynda Carter: Encore” and “Celebration” Bob had nothing but praise for her. “Lynda Carter is a big girl, very voluptuous, almost like old-time Hollywood in her appeal” says Mackie. “She has these incredibly beautiful blue eyes and black hair. It’s all about beauty with her. She has a tiny, tiny waist and a large bosom and there’s no way to de-emphasize that. It’s just there. And, let’s face it: When you’ve got it, you show it.” Photos from the book were featured in the November 9th issue of “ STAR” magazine, with Lynda being shown in her “Rock and Roll Fantasy-KISS” number from “Lynda Carter: Encore.”
It is with sadness that we report that actress Beatrice Colen, who played the role of Private Etta Candy in the ABC episodes of “Wonder Woman,” died Thursday, November 18th, of complications from lung cancer. She was 51. Familiar to many of us in her role of the love-starved US Army private, always hoping but never finding male companionship, Beatrice played her part in a wistful, gentle, never overeager way, envying her friend, Yeoman Diana Prince, her relationship with Major Steve Trevor. Beatrice was the grandaughter of the Pulitzer prizewinning playright George S. Kaufman, who had written the comedy “Dinner at Eight” and the musicals “Animal Crackers” and “The Band Wagon.” With acting in her blood, she had appeared in more than 200 television shows, commercials and movies. Her film credits include “Lifeguard” in 1976, Mel Brook’s 1977 comedy “High Anxiety” and the 1981 film “American Pop.” From 1974-76 she played Marsha, the wise-cracking carhop at ‘Arnolds Drive-in’ on the series “Happy Days,” now seen on Nick at Night. She had made guest appearences on such tv series as  “Alice,” “Barney Miller,” “All in the Family, ” and as ill-fated reporter Jane Plumm in the premier episode of “Kolchak, the Night Stalker” with Darren McGavin. Her last appearence was in the 1994 tv show “Roseanne and Tom: Behind the Scenes” as a rehab counselor. At ease, Private Candy. Rest.
On November 15, the Lifetime cable channel premiered a new "Intimate Portrait" show on actress Loni Anderson, and Lynda was a guest commentator. She spoke about working with Loni on their 1984 TV series "Partners in Crime", which unfortunately lasted for only half a season. Lynda talked about her feelings working together with a stranger, who would become a good friend before the show ended. "The idea of the two of us together intrigued me, and, you know, I didn't know what she was going to be like, and she felt the same way, but we just got along like that. We were so different in type and all of that, that it worked well, as long as I just played the straight man and let her take all the laughs." Photos were shown from the series episode "Celebrity" with guest star Vanessa Williams, and a shot of Lynda and Loni some years later at a garden party after the birth of Lynda's daughter, Jessica.  Lynda was filmed in the library at her home sometime in March, and she obviously enjoyed talking about Loni; her beautiful blue eyes sparkled with happy memories as she recalled their days together in San Francisco. Her mood changed when she recalled how Loni went through the  terrible days later while still on location in the city by the bay with Loni's mother ill with cancer: "She'd come back sometimes on Monday with her eyes all puffy from crying, and she just had the weight of the world on her."  That portion of the portrait would end in sadness with the death of Loni's mother, just two years after the death of her father from the same disease.
      Later that week, Loni was a guest on "Larry King Live" on Friday, November 19th. She talked about many subjects, but mostly about her marriage to Burt Reynolds. When the question was asked by Larry King if she ever did any more television series besides "WKRP in Cincinatti" she seemed taken aback. "Yes, I did three more series. One was "Partners in Crime" with Lynda Carter, my dear friend Lynda," and a publicity photo from the show was shown. Obviously it was a series that neither Loni nor Lynda would long forget.
LENS EXPRESS' Chat With Lynda Carter And so the year 1999 is coming to end for Lynda and her family, and it may be ending as it began, on another "funder woman" note. The Washington Post story of October 26th concerning Hillary Rodham Clinton's possible run the NY Senate ended on a mention that "in December Washington lawyer Robert A. Altman and his wife, actress Lynda Carter, will host a fund-raiser for Clinton at their house.
Lynda will appear in a role in an up-coming movie with Rutger Hauer called “The Hunter.” Filmed in Canada, it is the story of “a ex-Navy SEAL with supernatural powers who cleans up a crime-ridden city.” Lynda is either to do a cameo role, or to play the role of the evil “Madame Chairperson,” the leader of the crime syndicate, according to the film company, which can’t seem to give a straight answer to the questions posed them. Currently in post-production, its’ trailer was viewed at the June Cannes’ Film Festival. Perhaps Lynda is trying to change her image with this evil role, the same way that her co-star in “Partners in Crime” Loni Anderson attempted to when she recently played an evil Ninja queen in “3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain.” (Though our source is reliable, during the chat Lynda said there was no movie with Rutger Hauer... Time will tell?).
Amongst all this, somewhere in her busy schedule Lynda still can find time for her acting career. She recently guest-starred on a TV series, the new CBS comedy “Work With Me,” something she has not done since “Wonder Woman” went off the air. The episode, which aired on October 6th, had Lynda playing.... Lynda Carter! As herself, she sought out the law firm run by Nancy Travis with her husband Kevin Pollock to promote one of her “pet” causes; benefits for underprivileged pets. As Kevin said in amazement, “I didn’t realize there were so many cats and dogs that hadn’t seen the ocean.” Then, in a dream sequence, she appeared as ...Diana Prince, who confessed to Kevin her secret identity of “Wonder Woman” and being in love with him. When she asked who was the most beautiful woman in the world, she used her ‘golden lasso’ to make him confess... she was! (Note: This episode of "Work With Me" has already been shown in all of Latin America thru the cable channel of Sony Entertainment Television on November 10, 1999).
On June 10th,  Eunice and Sargent Shriver had a fire that did major damage to the roof and top floor of their house in Potomac Maryland. As the news camera crews were walking down the row of cars that were stopped for the fire engines to pass, interviewing drivers, one car held a mother who had just picked up her two children from school. There in her car was Lynda with her son and daughter, James and Jessica. For the brief moment that she was on camera, Lynda said how sorry she was about this tragedy for her neighbors, the Shriver’s, and how nice they were. Then the camera moved on, leaving us with a different impression of of a loving wife and mother of two beautiful children. And after all the galas and derbys, the ceremonies and dinners, that is the major part of her life, and, as she says’, “ it’s the best and most important.”
In June, Lynda turned in her gowns and designer dresses and donned sweatshirt and spandex shorts on the 6th to join her women's rollerblading team in the ninth annual National Race for the Cure benefiting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They were in good company. Among the 42,000 runners, walker and rollerbladers were the Vice President and Tipper Gore, Madeleine Albright, and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Crying "Rollerbladers for the Cure," Lynda and other members of her team, including economist Wendy Gramm rolled along the course on their in-line skates. This is a cause that is very important to Lynda. Few people know it, but on May 16th, 1990 she and Tipper Gore were the first to testify before the House Subcommittee on Health and Long Term Care on the need for more breast cancer research. Lynda has made this annual run one of her chief efforts in raising public awareness about this important issue, and has even narrated a 10 minute videotape by the American College of Radiology to walk women through the process of having a mammogram before they have the procedure.
On Saturday, June 5, Lynda and her husband Robert Latman are one of the 500 guests of the wedding of Tracy Caroline Harrison and Jorge Henrique Peixoto Da Silva. They were married at an evening ceremony held at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Chester Pyles, III, and Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Robert Harrison. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peixoto Da Silva. Following the wedding ceremony, approximately 500 guests attended a reception that was held at the mother of the bride's lovely home in Forest Hills. The dinner menu reflected an authentic Brazilian flavor in honor of the groom's Brazilian heritage.
Lynda and Robert's fund-raising efforts for President and Hilary Clinton and the DNC were rewarded in the form of a dinner. But not just "a" dinner. It was an invitation to the official May 3rd White House dinner for the Japanese Prime Minister, Keizo Obuchi. Partially eclipsed by the United Nations efforts in Yugoslavia, the guests tried to enjoy the honor that goes with such an august event. The evening's activities were filmed by C-SPAN, which showed Lynda and Robert entering through the "bookseller" entrance to the White House, where they paused for photographs. Lynda, in a black evening gown with a sheer top covering her bodice, her hair again gracefully swept back in a long ponytail, posed for a moment, then turned and with a loving grin, playfully nuzzled her husband's neck. After going through the receiving line, Lynda had the honor of sitting beside the President at his table during the speeches and dinner. The President, with all of his troubles, must have welcomed the beautiful presence of Lynda by his side.
On May 1st Lynda and Robert took a break from all the galas to attend something very dear to Lynda’s heart: the annual running of the Kentucky Derby. Amid the diamonds, pearl, feathers and ruffles of glitzy Millionaires’ Row, Lynda was reunited again with her friend and co-star of “Partners in Crime” Loni Anderson, and together they shared their mutual love of equestrian sports as they watched the longshot “Charismatic” win the 125th running of the Derby.
And so the year 1999 is coming to end for Lynda and her family, and it may be ending as it began, on another "funder woman" note. The Washington Post story of October 26th concerning Hillary Rodham Clinton's possible run the NY Senate ended on a mention that "in December Washington lawyer Robert A. Altman and his wife, actress Lynda Carter, will host a fund-raiser for Clinton at their house.
ALMA Awards - Picture courtesy of ShootingStarShots ( ALMA Awards - Picture courtesy of ShootingStarShots ( ALMA Awards - Picture courtesy of ShootingStarShots (
The National Council of La Raza honored Latino performers on April 11st at the ALMA Awards in Pasadena. This gala ceremony, the American Latino Media Arts Awards show, is the only primetime Hispanic awards special, honoring Latinos in television, film, and music videos, and was filmed to air in July. Lynda and her husband were invited to attend the ceremony for a two-fold purpose. She was nominated for 'Outstanding Individual Performance in a Made-For-Television Movie or Mini-Series in a Crossover Role' for her starring in NBC's "A Moment of Truth Movie: Someone to Love Me!" which aired in September 11th, 1998. Edward James Olmos won the award, but Lynda was also asked to present, unfortunately off-camera, with Kirk Acevedo, the award for 'Outstanding Actress in a Made-For-Television Movie or Mini-Series' to Maria Conchita Alonso. When the program aired on July, Lynda and her husband were seen in the audience sitting behind Antonio Banderas, laughing at jokes told by John Leguizamo. Photos of Lynda in an off-the-shoulder lilac two-piece designer dress with train, pastel shawl, and pearl choker necklace, her dark hair swept back in an elegant pony tail, were seen in the April 27th STAR and GLOBE magazines in the "How Stars Are Dressing" section. Interestingly enough, Lynda was pictured in the GLOBE next to her awardee, Maria Conchita Alonso, but the fashion critic for the Globe, Mr. Blackwell, did not care for either of their outfits. However, the STAR critic, Carolyn Callahan, gave Lynda high marks for her dress.
Women Against Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan - Picture courtesy of ShootingStarShots ( Women Against Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan - Picture courtesy of ShootingStarShots ( Women Against Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan - Picture courtesy of ShootingStarShots (
Lynda's activities for the winter months went far beyond her home. On March 29th Lynda and her niece joined more than 100 of Hollywood's most powerful women to participate in "Women Against Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan." Sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation, a Los Angeles-based charity chaired by Mavis Leno, wife of talk show host Jay Leno, they attended a star-studded fund-raiser to show support in exposing the brutal treatment of women and girls forced by the Tuleband, or Muslim fundamentalists, to wear heavy body covering clothes, called birkas, to go out in public in public in Afghanistan for any reason. Sharing the night with such luminaries at Melissa Etheridge, the Judds, Carol Burnett, Jacqueline Bissette, and Fran Drescher, Lynda saw other friends such as Loni Anderson, her co-star in her 1984 series "Partners in Crime," and when the STAR magazine of August 31st showed a double-page world exclusive photo of all 118 women, guess who was on the other side of Lynda's niece? None other than the first "Wonder Woman" Cathy Lee Crosby! In addition to this photo story, candids have been showing up on internet auction sites of Lynda in a beautiful black pants suit with an elaborately embroidered sheer top, her lustrous hair brushed back behind her ears. For anyone interested in joining the Feminist Majority Foundation, their telephone # is 1-888-WE-WOMEN.
In another story by the Washington Post on February 11 about how Washingtonians find time and space to work out at home, Lynda was quoted as how she has a full gym in her home in Potomac, Maryland, but she no longer makes it central to her exercise program. “I’m through with the grueling gym workout. I got sick of it, and it wasn’t any fun.” She does yoga daily and uses a Total Gym for upper-body strength training. But whereas she used to work out for 2 & ˝ hours a day, Lynda now prefers to shorten her rigorous regimen and stay active through sports, especially biking. Unlike those who need the discipline of an unchanging routine, Lynda found that for her, variety was more important. “Outdoor activity, whether on my own or with my family, is life building,” said Lynda. “It’s good for your mind and your spirit.”
On February 3rd CBS finally aired "Family Blessings," a made-for-TV movie based on author LaVyrle Spencer's bestseller starring Lynda and Nina Foch. In it Lynda played a mother whose police son is killed in a motorcycle accident, and in her grief, she turns to his 30-year-old roommate for help. They fall in love, but are ostracized by her family because of the 15-year difference in their ages. Lynda did an excellent job in portraying the grieving mother, and the movie got good ratings in its' time slot. Originally filmed in 1996, there were apparently differences between the author and the production company, which caused the delay in its' airing. It was good to see Lynda playing a woman in love, rather than a mother of a troubled teen as in her last two TV movies.
Lynda and her husband, Robert Altman, spent much of 1998 out of the public eye, for various reasons, but 1999 would begin and end on a money-raising note. Dubbed "funder woman" by the Washington Post "Reliable Source" writers Ann Gerhart & Annie Groer, Lynda and Robert reemerged with a "big splash" on January 15 as co-hosts' of a $25,000 per-couple dinner to help the Democratic National Committee get out of part of its' $5 million campaign debt. In the middle of an ice storm that kept much of Washington indoors, and with the Senate investigation of President Clinton filling the news, their "Paint the Town" gala raised $1.3 million dollars, with singer Sheryl Crow performing. Actually a dinner and concert to honor the President and Vice President, it was also the first major fund raiser for the Democratic party since the November elections. The President and Mrs. Clinton, along with Vice President and Mrs. Gore all spoke after the festivities about how they valued their friendship with Lynda and Robert. President Clinton mentioned the first time he and Hillary had met Lynda and Robert at the Kentucky Derby in 1983. "Lynda was the only person in the party who would bet on a horse I recommended, and I have been for them ever since," he said. (The horse won by 3 lengths!). Their first fund-raiser a rousing success, Lynda and Robert told "The Reliable Source": "We are just happy to host an event to show our support for the administration."
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