003 THE LAST SONG 1980


Español: "La Última Canción" ["The Last Song"].

México [Mexico]

Español: "La Última Canción" ["The Last Song"].

Italia [Italy].

Italiano: "L'Ultima Canzone" ["The Last Song"].


Français: "Course Contre La Morte" ["Race Against Death"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Frau in Gefahr" ["Woman In Danger"].

Deustch: "Der Hauch des Todes" ["The Breathe Of Death"], according to VHS release.
Sverige [Sweden]

Svenska: "Den Sista Sången" ["The Last Song"].

Danmark [Denmark]

Danske: "Den Sidste Sång" ["The Last Song"].

Norge [Norway].

Norsk: "Den Siste Sången" ["The Last Song"].

Suomi [Finland]

Suomi: "Viimeinen Laulu" ["The Last Song"].


Japanese [Japanese]: "".

"The Last Song"
"The Last Song"

Premiere: CBS, Thursday, October 23, 1980 / 8:00 P.M.

Director: Alan J. Levi.

Teleplay: Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz.


LYNDA CARTER [ Brooke Newman ].

RONNY COX [ Sid Pachansky ].
PAUL RUDD [ Gary Aronson ].
JENNY O'HARA [ Deb Pierce ].
DALE ROBINETTE [ Mike Newman ].
BILL LUCKING [ Detective Colin ].
DON PORTER [ Philip Brockhurst ].
LUOANNE [ Abby Newman ].
ED BERNARD [ Morgan ].
ROBERT PHALEN [ Arnold Overstratten ].
BEN PIAZZA [ Ken Pentoff ].
JOHN SYLVESTER [ Philip Hagar ].
DAVID MENDENHALL [ Bobby Pierce ].
DREW MAICHAELS [ Lloyd Pierce ].
BOBBY ROLOFSON [ Jeffrey Pierce ].
BILL GROSS [ Emmett Gardner ].
DENISE DENISE [ Passanger agent ].
KARL JOHNSON [ Policeman ].
DUANE TUCKER [ Hard Hat ].
S. JOHN LAUNER [ John Millikan ].

Producer: Ron Samuels.  Producer: Neil T. Maffeo. . Photography: Robert Hoffman (he was also director of photography for the “Wonder Woman” series). Editor: Erwin Drumbrille. Music: Johnny Harris (he participated in the “Wonder Woman” series). Song: “The Last Song” by Ron Miller and Ken Hirsch. Performed by Lynda Carter. Art Director: James Martin Bachman. Associate Producer: Patricia Sonsini / Supervising Producers: Peter Nelson, Arnold H. Orgolini / Executive Producers: Ron Samuels / Casting: Toni Howard, Lynn Stalmaster / Set Decoration: James Cane / Costume Design: Donna Roberts / Makeup Department: John Elliott / Makeup Artist: William Reynolds / Hair Stylist: Cheri Ruff / Production Manager: Ron Fury / Second Assistant Director: Jeffrey Chernov / First Assistant Director: Ray Marsh / Sound Effects Editor: Marvin Kerner / Special Effects: Don Power / Titles & Opticals: Howard A. Anderson / Transportation Manager: James Antúnez / Production Assistant: Claudia Brockbank / Music Editor: Jerry Cohen / Assistant Film Editor: Peter Denenberg / Director Second Unit: James W. Gavin / Gaffer: Larry Gilhooly / Production Assistant: Henry J. Golas / Post-Production Co-Ordinator: Sandra Leoncavallo / Script Supervisor: Candy Marcellino / Key Grip: Chuck Morgan / Location Manager: Richard Powell / Production Assistant: Geoffrey Ryan / Music Consultant: Simone Sheffield / Camera Operator: Fred Smith / Director Second Unit: Ron Stein / Property Master: Daniel Stoltenberg. / A Ron Samuels Productions in association with Motown Productions and CBS-TV.

Awards: Nomination: Edgar Allan Poe Awards – 1981 - Best Television Feature Or Miniseries: Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz.

"The Last Song"
"The Last Song"
"The Last Song"


Brooke Newman is an aspiring singer who unwittingly comes in to possession of several tapes for which her engineer husband and his partner in their electronic eavesdropping business were murdered, and discovers business were murdered, and discovers are now being stalked by the killers. She decides to find out what coudl be the reason for the murders and investigate on her own.


Brook, Michael and Abby Newman are a lucky family. They have a happy life in Los Angeles; Michael is a successful electronics inventor and engineer, Brook has a promising singing career... their home is filled with love and laughter.

     In the meantime, in Landry, Texas, a tragic event occurs that will interrupt the Newmans' happiness. young boy, playing at a construction site of Brockhurst Industries (a chemical company), climbs down in a pit--and dies within minutes. His mysterious death is covered up.

     In Los Angeles, Michael Newman and his partner, Doug are hired to "bug" a hotel room to catch an unfaithful spouse. By accident, Michael and Doug wire the wrong room and tape a meeting being held between the heads of the Brockhurst Industries. The purpose of the meeting is to plan an explosion--one that will cover up a deadly mistake Brockhurst made 20 years before. Michael and Doug are discovered before they can decpiher the extent of the conversation in the meeting. They are chased, caught and both are killed, but not before Michael hides the audio tape among Brook's music tapes. Brook finds the tape and though the tape-is incomplete she learns that a boy named Jeffrey Pierce was killed in a town called Landry and that it is being covered up. She also learns that in four days a major event will take place. After investigating, Brook travels to Landry and meets the boy's mother. She is followed by the killers who want to silence her as they did her husband.

     She enlists the services of helicopter pilot, Sid Pachanski and together they uncover the scheme. Twenty years before, Brockhurst Industries buried their toxic wastes outside of Landry. Over the twenty years the deadly chemicals had eaten through their containers and had risen to the surface, causing sickness in livestock and humans (and eventually the death of Jeffrey Pierce). The Brockhurst owners won't admit to their mistake and plan an explosion to cover up the toxic

"The Last Song"
"The Last Song"

poisons. The explosion will not only cover the mistake but will also cause death and illness to the animals and people of Landry. This is the entire secret that Michael had taped.

     With only minutes left before the explosion, Brook and Sid in their helicopter, are chased by the killers in another helicopter. They are all concerned with the two truck drivers, who unsuspectingly are carrying the toxic waste time bomb. The dangerous and terrifying chase ends with the deaths of the killers, and the prevention of an horrendous destruction of life.


"The Last Song"

Lynda Carter as a star name constitutes the major appeal factor of this movie. The lead character is a persistent and courageous woman whose husband is murdered for reasons completely unknown to her and who, despite grave personal dangers, discovers the truth and brings the villains to justice. This theme of the beautiful woman fighting alone against a huge, evil force has strong promotional appeal.

     Still, several parts of the story contain a number of negative audience factors and these should be avoided. Therefore, references to the audio tapes, the machinations of big business corporations and senate hearings should be eliminated, together with the fact that Lynda Carter plays an aspiring recording artist and club singer.

     In addition, the extensive use of any sequences involving the helicopter in the lengthy finale should be avoided; however, some shots should be used.

     On the whole, however, the story itself is strong in its mass appeal and can be promoted in a fairly straightforward manner.

     In the United Kingdom this movie was retitled "Lady In Danger." This title gives strong projection of the main concept and could be used in voice-overs or in packaging "The Last Song" as part of a theme week.


The following key sequences should be included in radio or television promotion:

1. Carter being terrified as the gunman searches for her after the brutal murder of her husband. Her subsequent flight from the house with her daughter.

2. Carter terrorized by the bogus priest who tries to suffocate her while attempting to locate the tape.

3. The villain should be revealed in the sequence where he (Don Porter) tells his subordinate that time is running out and that he wants the woman (Carter) to be among "the dominoes as they fall."

4. Carter being helped by the helicopter pilot (Ronny Cox) after their visit to the farmer when he tells her to make a run for the chopper in a now or never dash from the villains.

All audience promotion should:
1. Focus on Lynda Carter in the starring role.
2. Emphasize the lead character as a persisistent and courageous woman.
3. Emphasize scenes of action and peril.
4. Reveal the villain to add an element of danger.
Promotion should not:
1. Accent audio tapes, big business, senate hearings and helicopters.

A. They silenced her husband and now she must find his killers before they find her. Lynda Carter, Ronny, Cox and Nicholas Pryor star in "The Last.Song". …. at …. on Channel …

B. She doesn't know why they killed her husband. But she must find them, just as they must find her! Lynda Carter, Ronny Cox and Nicholas Pryor star in "The Last Song" … at … on channel …

:30 Radio & Promo Script

NARR:  A loving wife and mother .... A promising singing career ... and then her husband is murdered ... But why?

DIALOGUE: "He's dead ... and I want to know what you're going to do about itl"
NARR: But when the police can't help she's takes the law into her own hands.
DIALOGUE: "Find out what she knows"
NARR: A secret that destroyed her husband can destroy her tool.
DIALOGUE: "Where is itl? Where is it?
NARR: Lynda Carter stars in "THE LAST SONG." … at … on …
:10 Radio & Promo Script

NARR: Her husband's murdered, and she's determined to find out whyl But the secret that killed him could kill her, tool Lynda Carter stars in THE LAST SONG! … at … on …

ID Copy
NARR: Lynda Carter stars in THE LAST SONG! … at … on …


Starring: Lynda Carter Ronny Cox Nicholas Pryor.
Executive Producer: Ron Samuels.
Producer:  Neil T. Maffeo.
Director: Alan J. Levi.
Writers: Michael Berk and Douglas Schwartz.


RUNNING TIME: 1:36:00 [96 minutes].
VHS: Available on VHS in the USA [5526], the UK [MGT 4], Australia, Germany, Sweden, France and Norway. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
DVD: Available on DVD in the USA [0 90328 30134 7 and 0 90328 30938 1]. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
INFO: This is Lynda Carter's first telefilm after the end of the "Wonder Woman" series.
AUDIO: [1]  "THE LAST SONG" Main theme from the telefilm.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLV-70005.WMV". Movie clip.
TRIVIA: [•] Produced by Lynda Carter's own husband then, Ron Samuels.
[•] Lynda performs “The Last Song” which was issued as a single in UK and Mexico.

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