Español: "Aliados Para La Aventura" ["Allies For The Adventure"], according to the video


México [Mexico]

Español: "La Fuga Del Delincuente Y La Rebelde" ["The Escape Of The Delinquent And The

España [Spain]

Español: "La Muerte Era Su Juego" ["Death Was Her Game"].

Brasil [Brazil]

Portuguese: "Anjo E O Marginal" ["Angel And The Outlaw"].


Français: "Bobbie Jo".

Italia [Italy].

Italiano: "Il Mondo Violento Di Bobbie Jo, Ragazza Di Provincia" [""The Violent World Of

                  Bobbie Jo, Province Girl"].
Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Sie Nannten Ihn El Lute" ["They Called Him El Lute"].

                  "Todesduell Auf Dem Highway" ["Death Duel On The Highway"].
Türkiye [Turkey]

Türskçe: "Bíze Kurşun Íşlemez" ["A Fast Bullet For Us"].


Japanese [Japanese]: "".

"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"

Premiere: March, 1976.

Director: Mark L. Lester.

Teleplay: Vernon Zimmerman.


MARJOE GORTNER [ Lyle Wheeler ].

LYNDA CARTER [ Bobbie Jo James ].
JESSE VINT [ Slick Callahan ].
MERRIE LYNN ROSS [ Pearl James ].
BELINDA BALASKI [ Essie Beaumont ].
GENE DREW [ Sheriff Hicks ].
PEGGY STEWART [ Hattie James ].
JOHN DURREN [ Deputy Abel Gance ].
VIRGIL FRYE [ Joe Grant ].
JOE TOLEDO [ Indian ].
JAMES GAMMON [ Big Turner ].
HOWARD KIRK [ Mr. Potts ].
ALY YODER [ Mrs. Potts ].
JOE KURTZO JR. [ Flattop - Pinball Hood ].
RICHARD BREEDING [ Deputy Leroy ].
JESSE PRICE [ Bufford, The Grocer ].
KIP ALLEN [ Hotel Manager ].
ROBERT FLEMING [ Ten Gallon Hat ].

Producers: Steve Broidy, Mark L. Lester / Music: Bobby Bare / Themes: "Those City Lights" by Barry De Vorzon and "Are You Lonely Like Me" by J.C. Crowley / Cinematography: Gil Hubbs, Stanley Wright / Film Editing: Michael Luciano / Costume Design: Connie McNamara / Assistant Director: Dennis E. Jones / Production Supervisor: Chuck Russell / Stunts: Speed Stearns / Production Assistant: DeRutter Jones / Still Photographer: Gerald B. Wolfe / Production Manager: Peter Gornberg / Scriptgirl: Joan Blum / Production Assistant: Tom Seidman / Production Secretary: Geraldine Lester / Location Manager: Mike Marill / Sound Mixer: Lee Alexander / Boom Man: Rimas Tumasonis / Assistant Cameraman: Ivan Craig / Lightning Director: Jim Wuertemberg / Key Grip: Bob McNey / Driver Grip: Michael Katz / Makeup: Cheri Ruff / Property Master: Keith Michl / Stillman: Jerry Wolfe / Stuntman: Tony Cecere / Art Director: Mike Levesque / Special Effects: Russ Deal / Casting: Geno Havens / Assistant Editor: Leo Gomez Guerra /  Titles and Opticals: Jack Rabin & Associates / Sound: Ryder Sound Services / Sound Effects: Edit International Ltd. / Color: Movielab / Filming Locations: New Mexico, USA / Production Services: Command Productions Inc. / American Inter-national Pictures / A Presentation of Caldwell Properties.

Awards: None.

"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"
"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"
"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"


Lyle Wheeler (Marjoe Gortner) lives on the edge -- the edge of danger and the edge of the law. He has a fast draw, a big heart and troubles as large as the whole New Mexico desert. When his car breaks after a rodeo competition, he steals another one and races right into the life of Bobbie Jo Baker (Lynda Carter), a hash-slinging beauty with a face like an angel and a voice like a country-western superstar.

She's never met anyone like Lyle...and neither has her sister, Pearl (Merrie Lynn Ross). Soon, Pearl's con-man boyfriend, Slick, involves Lyle in a bungled hold-up; and before they know it, the whole gang is wanted by every Sheriff west of the Mississippi. The stage is set for a slam-bang tour through the Southwest in this fast-paced tale of life -- and love -- on the edge.

Lyle Wheeler (MARJOE GORTNER) is a quick-draw expert driving through New Mexico winning bets in "fastest gun" matches. He is speeding in a stolen car when pursued by a highway policeman, whose car crashes during the chase. Lyle meets a stunning brunette drive-in waitress, Bobbie Jo (LYNDA CARTER), who joins him, after her mother (PEGGY STEWART) criticizes her for being irresponsible. Bobbie Jo reveals to Lyle that she dreams of becoming a country singer, and he discloses his admiration for Billy the Kid. They have sex together. Essie (BELINDA BALASKI), a bespectacled girl who worked with Bobbie Jo, accompanies the two others as they continue driving stolen cars across New Mexico. Lyle cheats some pool-hall youths at pinball, and they attack him, but he and the girls race away.

     They later are befriended by an elderly Indian who introduces them to a ceremonial bath in hot pools, taken semi-nude. They eat a sacred variety of mushroom which causes hallucinations. Lyle imagines himself as Billy The Kid. He is beginning to think of himself as the modem counterpart of famed outlaws of the past. A highway patrol car crashes while chasing the youths. They drive to another New Mexico town and pick up Bobbie Jo's sister, a go-go dancer, Pearl (MERRIE LYNN ROSS), and her quick-tempered boy friend, Slick (JESSE VINT). Slick tricks Lyle into participating in an attempt to rob an auto parts store -and Lyle shoots a guard. This is the first time he has killed anyone purposely. The five young people continue their escape, in another stolen car. All but Lyle gets through a police roadblock by pretending to be missionaries traveling in a bus. Lyle manages to crash through, and another police car is wrecked in the pursuit. Sheriff Hicks (GENE DREW) is determined to capture the gang, no matter where he has to follow it. Essie hopes to avoid further trouble, and tips off the Sheriff where they're staying. In the shootout that follows all the gang survive except Essie, who is fatally wounded. They rob a bank by driving a pickup truck through the window and dragging the safe out with a winch.

"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"
"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"

     The gang is befriended by Magic Ray (GERRIT GRAHAM), leader of a futuristic settlement of hippie cowboys. Later Sheriff Hicks and his men beat Magic Ray up for refusing to disclose anything. A deputy (JOHN DURREN) tries to capture them and Slick slits his throat. Sheriff Hicks still trails them, accompanied by other lawmen who shoot up a motel where the gang is staying. They kill innocent guests by mistake. The gang escapes. In a quick-draw encounter at a gas station in Abilene, Texas, the "fastest gun in Texas," Joe Grant (VIRGIL FRYE), is gunned down by Lyle. Finally Sheriff Hicks and his aides get the jump on the outlaws. Pearl and Slick are shot dead. Sheriff Hicks sneaks up behind Lyle and shoots him dead, too. Bobbie Jo cradles Lyle in her arms. Sheriff Hicks picks up a book entitled "Western Outlaws," which was a favorite of Lyle's, and he reads a passage written by the famed outlaw Emmett Dalton. It states, "The biggest fool on earth is the one who thinks he can beat the law, that crime can be made to pay..."


The "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" preskit is a brochure including detailed synopsis of the movie, cats and credits, a complete set of different ads (which will be featured eventually in the ads section of this site) and suggestions for promotion of the film. The text  on the brochure is transcripted below.

"Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit "Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit "Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit "Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit "Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit

"Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit "Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit "Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit "Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit "Bobbie Jo And the Outlaw" Presskit


"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"

American International's "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" reveals what can happen when a modern young man begins to think of himself as a famed outlaw from the past. The dramatic film, shows the new star Marjoe Gortner ready to follow in the tracks of America's badmen of yesteryear.

     Mark Lester, the producer-director of "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw," is himself under thirty, and he chose a lively, youthful cast to dramatize the possible fate of heedless young people. Bobbie Jo is played by Lynda Carter, former Miss U.S.A., who had been a singer and entertainer and television actress before making her feature debut as Marjoe's gun - happy girl friend.

     Starred, too, are Merrie Lynn Ross, formerly a regular on the network daytime TV series "Another World - Somerset," and Jesse Vint, who starred in American International's highly successful film "Macon County Line." Also Belinda Balaski, winner of critic's award for her acting on the legitimate stage, and other fast-rising new performers.


Jesse Vint is a dangerous character in "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw," the American International drama. He plays a rhinestone cowboy who would almost as soon slit your throat as not. Yet he shows a warm and humorous side which rounds him out. He is fast becoming one of the most charming partly bad guys of the screen.

     Jesse was the taller of the two brothers among the stars of American International's "Macon County Line" a highly successful. film that further forwarded a career that had already embraced 25 television starring roles.

     While in New Mexico acting in "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw," Jesse made time for sightseeing, chess, boxing and visiting

"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"

historical monuments, which is a hobby of his. He holds a Class A Tournament rating from the U.S. Chess Federation.

     Films in which Jesse has had starring or featured parts include "Silent Running," "Chinatown," "Earthquake," and "Little Big Man."

     When this active actor isn't seen in any of the pursuits mentioned above, he may be found dune buggy racing (professional), motorcycle racing, scuba diving, water skiing, playing tennis or wrestling.


"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"

Marjoe Gortner stars in American International's "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw." He is having an auspicious career in Hollywood, and this is his most demanding role so far.

     Marjoe plays a modem quickdraw expert who imagines himself the counterpart of the famed outlaws of America's past. He is fast talking and fast moving, on and off the screen.

He has had an almost incredible life. At the age of seven he was an evangelist, speaking with power that won untold millions of listeners and followers. Later he experimented with a variety of occupations, always broadening his outlook. He even worked as a convention pitchman, a carnival barker

and in several kinds of selling before finding his true career - acting. To reveal his adult concept of what his childhood activities signified, Marjoe participated in the production of "Marjoe," the Academy Award-winning documentary of three years ago.

     Marjoe's talent as an actor and strength of personality were spotted in that expose, and Hollywood began utilizing him. One of Marjoe's earliest television appearances was in the drama "The Marcus Nelson Murders." The production won an Emmy, and Marjoe was singled out by reviewers. His charisma was obvious. A critic on the Los Angeles Times wrote, "Marjoe could single handedly salvage a television season by his presence on the screen."

     American International was so impressed with Marjoe in "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw," it has signed him to star in H. G. Wells' "The Food of the Gods" and another film which is now being set. He is a man on his way...


Audiences who seek fast-moving entertainment will find that American International's "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" puts emphasis on speed. The picture shows five unmarried youths racing across New Mexico and Texas together trying to elude the police. The stars involved are Marjoe Gortner, Lynda Carter, Jesse Vint, Merrie Lynn Ross and Belinda Balaski.

     Mark L. Lester, the under thirty producer and director of the film, believes that young Americans often become criminals as a result of one fast, impetuous act. This is part of the theme that shows Marjoe starting as a quick-draw expert and ending up something else.


Lynda Carter, Miss U.S.A. in 1972, will be seen as a star of American International's "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw." She depicts Bobbie Jo. Playing the title role, or part of it, in your first movie is quite an honor, and that's what Lynda does. A most attractive brunette, she handles herself in a way that does at least these two things: (1) reveals her poise as an actress, and (2) reveals why it is easy to believe that her costar, Marjoe Gortner, would be attracted to her. Marjoe happens to be one of the most popular bachelors in Hollywood today. Besides acting, Lynda composes songs and sings them. Her singing will be heard in "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw," in which her aspiration is to be a famous country singer. Singing actually has been an important part of Lynda's life. She has been a member of several singing groups, and has performed

"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"

professionally in Las Vegas, in the hotels in the Catskills, and in clubs and halls in many parts of the U.S.

     Lynda was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and grew up in Scottsdale. She is an enthusiastic sportswoman who is learning tennis and is particularly adept at horseback riding, snow and water skiing, and swimming.

     Lynda handles firearms with conviction too, as is illustrated in "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw." The girl who was Miss U.S.A. in 1972 looks like the girl Who Can't Miss in 1976, at least as far as her shooting is concerned...


Two of the stars of American International's "Bobbie Jo and ,the Outlaw" would rather do something else than act, despite their obvious ability. Belinda Balaski plays a bespectacled drive-in waitress in this action drama.

     Although Belinda has won awards for her thespian ability, including the Los Angeles Drama Critics' selection for Best Actress for a performance in the play "Bus Stop," she would rather read.

     Gene Drew, who portrays the sheriff who pursues Belinda, Marjoe Gortner, Lynda Carter, Jesse Vint and Merrie Lynn Ross, in the film, is a stunt man and daredevil driver.


"Bobbie Jo And The Outlaw"

Merrie Lynn Ross plays a blonde go-go dancer in American International's "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw," and she looks born for the part. Actually she is an intellectual and a prober of the psyche, but it's what you see and hear on the screen that counts.

     In this American International action drama of young Americans cutting a blood-red path across New Mexico and Texas Merrie Lynn is teamed with Jesse ("Macon County Line") Vint. Merrie Lynn has been in several features in addition to "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw." They include "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight ... The War Between the Men and the Women," "Portnoy's Complaint" and "Hospital."


RUNNING TIME: 1:29:00 [89 minutes].
VHS: Available on VHS in the USA [in two different releases], the UK [VFO 0002], Australia [VE 01102], Argentina [Cat. Nº 0183], France and Norway. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
DVD: Available on DVD only as a bootleg in the USA. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
INFO: This film was made between the Wonder Woman pilot and the first of teh specials.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLV-70002.WMV". Trailer.
[2]  "WLV-70003.WMV". "ARE YOU LONELY LIKE ME?" as performed by Lynda Carter on the film.
TRIVIA: [•] This is Lynda Carter's first feature film.
[•] This is the only film in which Lynda Carter shows some nudity, and in spite of what many sources say, Lynda never posed naked for a magazine, they always used scenes from this movie or faked photos.

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