004 BORN TO BE SOLD 1981

United States of America [USA]

English: “The Baby Brokers”, original working title.


Espańol: "Mercado de Bebes" ["Market Of Babies"].

Italia [Italy].

Italiano: "Bambini In Vendita" ["Babies For Sale"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Menschenhandel" ["Human Trade"].


Japanese [Japanese]: "".

"Born To Be Sold"
"Born To Be Sold"

Premiere: NBC, Monday, November 2, 1981 / 9:00 P.M.

Director: Burt Brickerhoff.

Teleplay: Karen Harris, from a story by Leo Pipkin. Based on the book “The Baby Brokers” by Lynn Taggart.


LYNDA CARTER [ Kate Carlin ].

HAROLD GOULD [ Robert Westfield ].
PHILIP STERLING [ Sergeant Prill ].
DEAN STOCKWELL [ Marty Helick ].
SHARON FARRELL [ Joan Helick ].
LLOYD HAYNES [ Malcolm ].
ED NELSON [ Carl Strickland ].
JOY GARRETT [ April Strickland ].
CLAIRE MALIS [ Claire ].
DONNA WILKES [ Cindy Carlson ].
RITA TAGGART [ Janet Carlson ].
KEN HILL [ Mr. Bugner ].
KATHY BEAUDINE [ Mrs. Hoffman ].
JOHN MEDICI [ Mr. Hoffman ].
ART KIMBRO [ 1st Cop ].
MICHAEL MURPHY [ Attendant ].
MARTIN AZAROW [ Louie Blatz ].
KEN FOREE [ Man ].
MAE E. CAMPBELL [ Mrs. Beatty ].

Executive Producer: Ron Samuels / Producer: Gary Credle / Photography: William Cronjager / Editor: John A. Martinelli / Music: Johnny Harris (also participated in the “Wonder Woman” series) / Song: “What Have I Got To Lose” by Lynda Carter & Johnny Harris, performed by Lynda Carter / Production Design: Daniel Lomino / Associate Producer: John A. Martinelli / Casting Director: Cori Openden / Lynda Carter's Costumer: Carolina Ewart / Make Up Artist: Tomy Colesma / Hair Stylist: Steve Elsbree / Production Manager: Gary Creole / 1st Assistant Director: Skip Beaudine / 2nd Assistant Directors: Kevin Cremin, Craig Beaudine / Script Supervisor: Jeanetta Lewis / Camera Operator: Pat Fennell / Sound Mixer: Dick Raguse / Gaffer: David Lee / Keygrip: Earl Linder / Property Master: Dominic Bruno / Set Decorator: Gary Moreno / Men's Wardrobe Supervisor: Bob Harris / Women's Wardrobe: Phyllis Garr / Make Up: Greg Lacava / Hair Stylist: Dorothea Long / Transportation Coordinator: David Shaffer / Transportation Captain: Leo Derieg / Location Manager: Rob Harland / Location Assistant: Tom Davies / Production Coordination: Janice Peters / Production Secretary: Judy Hollingsworth / Production Auditor: Charles Sladen / Stunt Coordinator: Ron Stein / Assistant To Ron Samuels: Lana Wood / Extra Casting: The Atmosphere Agency / Technical Advisor: Lynne McTaggart / Assistant Film Editor: Marty Chielens / Music Editor: Johny Meek / Post Production Sound: Gomillion Sound, Inc. / Supervising Sound Effects Editor: John Post / Titles, Opticals & Color: CFI / Panaflex Camera & Lenses: Panavision / Automobiles: Maserati / Ron Samuels Productions.

Awards: None.
"Born To Be Sold"
"Born To Be Sold"
"Born To Be Sold"


An illegal baby-selling operation is uncovered by social worker Lynda Carter. Dean Stockwell and Sharon Farrell run the shady home for unwed mothers that supplies Harold Gould’s equally shady adoption agency.


Social worker, Kate Carlin, is overworked, conscientious and respected by her co-workers. She has a reputation for compassion and will "take on anything in the name of family services." Included in her case load is a family called Carpenter. Mrs. Carpenter is on welfare with two teenagers and two babies. Her 14-year-old daughter, Cindy, is preg­nant and living in a home for young pregnant girls, run by a rather seedy couple, the Helicks. Suddenly, Cindy needs to escape from the home but not feeling well, she knows she must get help. Away from the Helicks she calls Kate Carlin and they agree to meet at the Carpenter house.

     Cindy goes to her mother's where she is unwel­come. Cindy tells her mother that she has reconsidered her agreement with the Helicks; she does not want to give up her baby. Her mother argues that they have already spent some of the money and it cannot be paid back. Cindy at this point has gone into hard labor and, with Kate's help, delivers a healthy baby girl.

     An ambulance is called and Cindy and her baby are taken to the hospital. Marty Helick calls Robert Westfield, the attorney who is responsible for setting up the "baby broker" business. A slick operator, Westfield arranges for private adoptions with childless couples, charging astronomical amounts of money. He then pays the young girl a small sum, takes care of the bills and makes a tidy profit for himself. Westfield arranges for the adopting couple, the Stricklands, to meet at the hospital to pick up their baby girl.

     Cindy begs Kate to help her to get her baby back. Kate tries to get help from Sergeant Prill, a police officer who specializes in cases like this. Prill informs Kate that someone like Westfield is trained in the law and can get around legalities successfully. The only way to get Westfield is to catch him in the act of accepting money for a baby.

"Born To Be Sold"
"Born To Be Sold"

     Kate visits the Strickland home and discovers that Mrs. Strickland is not adjusting very well to the baby. The heavy involvement in Cindy's case jeopar­dizes Kate's job and she receives a warning from her superior. Kate feels that this is not a case of just one girl but of many and that something has to be done to stop this activity.

     Kate tries persuading Westfield, the police and the Stricklands to return the baby to Cindy, but all her attempts fail. One night Cindy goes to the Strickland home to see her baby. When Kate arrives she finds Cindy holding the baby and singing to it, while Mrs. Strickland is cowering in the corner. Cindy claims that Mrs. Strickland was trying to suffocate the baby. Mr. Strickland comes home and threatens to call the police unless they leave, at which point Kate takes Cindy home.

     Kate is suspended from her job and her life is threatened. Despite this, she is committed to get Westfield and to help Cindy. Cindy becomes pregnant again and in court she testifies that she does not want the baby. Shocked, Kate is told the reason for Cindy's change of heart. Unable to do anything else, Kate accepts defeat. However, Mrs. Strickland, who is now under psychiatric treatment, becomes emotionally unable to cope with the baby and asks her husband to return the infant. Helick picks up the baby and a new "deal" is made with another couple.

     Mrs. Helick, fed-up with the entire situation, calls Kate to tell her about the new arrangement. The police and Kate wait for the swap--baby for money! With cooperation from the new couple, Westfield is caught in the act and apprehended.


"Born To Be Sold"

Lynda Carter is a major appeal factor in her role as a caring and warm woman risking her life to save a pregnant teenager from the hands of unscrupulous baby brokers. The prime aspect of appeal in this movie is the sensational nature of the basic theme.

     Promotion should create sympathy for the charac­ter she portrays by emphasizing her altruistic nature. Her strong concern for the welfare of this girl should be defined as her motive for attempting to save this particular child.

     The promotion should incorporate a "personal" approach to the theme of babyselling, stress­ing the individual qualities of this particular case. Individual characterizations and relationships are more important in this movie than the social issues at stake.

     The unscrupulous baby-brokers should contrast the altruistic nature of the Lynda Carter character, focusing on their ruthlessness in dealing with human life, their self-interest and their profit-oriented motives.

     Lynda Carter is a bonafide television star with wide appeal and her role as a woman fighting against all odds should be the core of the promotion. The rest of the cast can be presented as an "all-star cast."


The following key sequences should be included in radio or television promotion:
1. Lynda Carter holding the baby.
2. Harold Gould saying, "It's all quite legal."

3. Lynda Carter saying, "There's a whole net­work out there. Cash under the table for the purpose and sale of human lives."

4. Lynda Carter frightened in the parking garage.
All audience promotion should:
1. Stress Lynda Carter's starring role.
2. Explain the basic theme of the movie.
3. Emphasize the theme of a woman fighting against the odds.
4. Highlight the ruthless and greedy baby-brokers.
Promotion should not:
1. Stress the social issues instead of individual relationships.

A. An unstoppable social worker risks her life to save a pregnant teenager from the baby brokers. Lynda Carter, Dean Stockwell, Harold Gould, Ed Nelson and Lloyd Haines star in "Born To Be Sold" … at … on Channel …

B. Can a social worker stop the "baby brokers" from buying babies from young pregnant girls? Lynda Carter, Dean Stockwell, Harold Gould, Ed Nelson and Lloyd Haines star in "Born To Be Sold" … at … on Channel …
:30 Radio & Promo Script
Lynda Carter stars in "BORN TO BE SOLD."
LYNDA: "There's a whole network out there."
GIRL: "I'm in trouble."
LYNDA: "Baby importers...."
SHARON FARRELL: "You know we don't get paid for junkie babies."
LYNDA: "....Cash under the table for the purchase and sale of human lives."
HAROLD GOULD (V.0.): "It's all quite legal."
COP: "The State of California refers to them as independent adoptions."
LYNDA: "What kinda money are we talking about?"
COP: (V.0.): "Hundreds of thousands."
NARR: She stumbled into something she never knew existed .... But it does!...."BORN TO BE SOLD." ... at ... on ...
:10 Radio & Promo Script
NARR: She stumbled on to something she never knew existed. Cash for the sale of human lives. Lynda Carter in "BORN TO BE SOLD." … at … on …
ID Copy
NARR: NARR: Lynda Carter in "BORN TO BE SOLD." … at … on …


Starring: Lynda Carter, Dean Stockwell, Harold Gould, Ed Nelson, Lloyd Haines.
Executive Producer: Ron Samuels.
Producer:  Ron Samuels and Gary Credle.
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff.
Writers: Karen Morris.


RUNNING TIME: 1:36:00 [96 minutes].
VHS: Available on VHS in the USA [only as a promotional release], the UK, Germany and Norway. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
DVD: Available on DVD in Canada [DSL-2-10999], and the USA [0 90328 30190 3 and 0 90328 30938 1]. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
INFO: This is Lynda Carter's second telefilm after the end of the "Wonder Woman" series.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLV-70006.WMV". Movie clip.
TRIVIA: [•] Based on the book "The Baby Brokers".
[•] Produced by Lynda Carter's own husband then, Ron Samuels.
[•] Lynda performs “What Have I Got To Lose” with Johnny Harris.

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