021 DOUBLE DARE 2003

United States of America [USA].

English: "Double Dare - Saving The Film Industry One Actress At A Time".


Chinese [Chinese]: "Double Dare".

"Double Dare"

Premiere: November 14, 2003 at the AFI Fest 2003.

Director: Amanda Micheli.

Producers: Karen Johnson, Danielle Renfrew.

JEANNIE EPPER [ Herself ].
ZO BELL [ Herself ].
LYNDA CARTER [ Herself ].
LUCY LAWLESS [ Herself ].
EURLYNE EPPER [ Herself ].
TERRY LEONARD [ Himself ].
Rest of Cast:

Conrad E. Palmisano / Deboarh Abbott / Kimberly Amato / Alec Baldwin / Gary Busey / Ken Lesco / Victoria Pratt / Monica Staggs / Wendy Woody / Woo-ping Yuen.



Original Music by Marco D'Ambrosio. Cinematography by Amanda Micheli. Film Editing by Purcell Carson. Sound Recording by Craig Burton. Sound Effects Editor by Kim Foscato. Supervising Sound Editor by Andrea S. Gard. Sound Effects Editor by Mac Smith.  Dialogue Editor by Eli Yerbury. Visual Effects by Aaron Rhodes. Music Supervisor by Terri D'Ambrosio. Additional Camera: Victor Buhler, Nina Davenport, Tom Fowlie, Allison Humenuk, Bret Kiene, Michael Moore, Cynthia Pusheck, Ben Ruffel, Stuart Thorp. Additional Sound Recording: Wendy Adams, Dante Harper, Corny Howland, Joe Renz, Xiaojia. Consulting Editor: Josh Peterson. Additional Editors: Liz Canning, Robbie Proctor, Michelle Stikitch, Amy Young. Co-Produced by Amanda Micheli. Associate Producer: Shelley Wenk. Music Supervisor: Terri d'Ambrosio. Post Production Sound Services: Skywalker Sound. Supervising Sound Editor: Andrea Stelter Gard. Sound Editors: Kim Foscato, Mac Smith, Eli Yerbury. Re-recording Mixers: Gary Rizzo, Juan Peralta. Online Facility: Phoenix Editorial. Online Editors: John Crossley, Robbie Proctor. Musicians: Vocals - Angela Harp, Guitar - Chuck Lindo, Bass and Keyboards - Marco d'Ambrosio, Percussion -Michael Carabello.


Official Selection at the Toronto Int'l Film Festival / AFI Audience Award for Best Documentary / San Francisco Int'l Fil festival Audience Award / Woodstock Film Festival : Best Documentary and Best Editing / Independent Film Festival of Boston Jury and Audience Award / Sonoma Film Festival Audience Award / Feminale Festival (Cologne, Germany) Audience Award / Sundance Fellowship / Roy Dean Film Award.


Double Dare explores the lives of two women at drastically different crossroads; one, a grandmother, struggling against the aging process and the invisibility of older women in Hollywood, the other, a young woman, brash and unaware of the history that has preceded her in a male-dominated industry. We have chosen Jeannie and Zo as characters because they set up dichotomies of young/old and past/present--between which lie the experiences of so many women defining their own identities in a culture plagued by gender stereotypes. Duality is an important theme in the film; Wonder Woman and Xena are doubles for each other, and Jeannie and Zo are doubles for them, doubles for each other, and doubles for the average woman who struggles to maintain a family and a career against the race of time.

     The film also investigates the complex theme of women and power. The female action-hero is a rare but revealing icon in our popular culture. Wonder Woman and Xena are the busty Amazon embodiments of female power in a cinematic world that usually offers up women as victims or sidekicks. But while throngs of fans focus their attention on the stars who create these personas, it is the stuntwoman that breathes life into them by animating their physical forms. How do Wonder Woman and Xena embody the contradictions of female power in our culture, and how has it changed in thirty years? Are Jeannie and Zo "real-life" action-heroes, or are they overpowered by Hollywood stereotypes, career pressures, vanity, and cultural double-standards? In many ways, these stuntwomen's lives are an extreme metaphor for the challenges that all women face.

     The film develops chronologically, using Jeannie as a link to the past and the history of female action icons. The camera follows her in her daily life as she struggles to keep working past sixty and managing a grassroots organization of stuntwomen.

     Meanwhile, Zo is working on the set of Xena in its final days in New Zealand. When Xena goes off the air, Zo's future is a complete unknown and her world is turned upside-down. When she decides to leave her family and move overseas, Jeannie becomes her mentor and they struggle to survive the industry together.

"Double Dare"
"Double Dare"
"Double Dare"
"Double Dare"
"Double Dare"
"Double Dare"


"Double Dare"

After decades hitting the ground, Jeannie Epper is still a working stuntwoman. Her family has been in the business for four generations, starting with her father, a premiere stunt coordinator who doubled for Ronald Reagan, Errol Flynn, and Gary Cooper. Her sisters, brothers, kids and grandkids are all stunt performers. Jeannie's dad taught her to ride horses, and she became one of the first stunt-children when Hollywood was still using midgets to double for child performers. Westerns were going out of style, but Jeannie was still young enough to segue into car work and fistfights, the bread and butter of cops-and-robbers shows. But her best job was undoubtedly doubling for Lynda Carter on the popular

TV series, Wonder Woman.

     Jeannie has also doubled Shirley McLaine, Kathleen Turner, Linda Evans, Sally Kellerman, Diane Ladd, Louise Fletcher, Cybill Shepard, and Shelly Long among them. She is a regular on director Steven Spielberg's productions. While doubling Polly Holiday in Stir Crazy, Jeannie jumped from the skid of a helicopter onto a moving train. By 1984, recognition for her achievements was growing. At the 1985 Annual Stunt Awards, she was presented with the Most Spectacular Stunt Sequence Award for her work on Romancing The Stone. Jeannie was recognized by Women in Film at their 1994 Crystal Awards for her dedication and outstanding work in the entertainment industry. She is current President of the Stuntwomen?s Association of Motion Pictures. Some of her most recent work can be seen in the feature films The Relic, Metro, Con-Air, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Fore Down Under, and Steel.


     Zo Bell, a native New Zealander, is still is a rookie in the industry but has come out with a strong start. At the age of nineteen, she had her first stunt job on Amazon High, and soon became the primary double for Xena: Warrior Princess. As Xena's double, she had more steady work than most stuntwomen in Hollywood. In New Zealand she worked on Xena, Hercules, Cleopatra 2020, Shortland Street, The Chosen, and several music videos. After relocating overseas, she landed the job doubling Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.  She specializes in fights and harness work, and has experience with air rams, high falls, fire burns, car hits, and horse gags.

"Double Dare"

     Zo's background is primarily in gymnastics; at the age of five, Zo's father bought her a trampoline, and she was instantly hooked. She began competitive gymnastics at the age of eight, and later pursued Tae Kwon Do, diving, track/field, and dance.


"Double Dare"

     Amanda Micheli is an award-winning filmmaker with a solid background as both a director and a cinematographer. She shot, edited, and directed Just For The Ride, a documentary about cowgirls on the women's Pro Rodeo circuit, which won an Academy Award and International Documentary Association Award in student categories and premiered on the prestigious PBS series "POV" in 1996. Since then she has shot a Sundance Award-winning documentary (My Flesh and Blood, HBO) and an Emmy-nominated film in Cambodia (The Flute Player, PBS). She also shot a film in Ghana (Witches in Exile), which won the special jury prize at SXSW last spring.

     Amanda's second film as a director, Double Dare, premiered at Toronto and won the audience award for Best Documentary at both the AFI FEST in Los Angeles and the San Francisco International Film Festival, among others. She is currently shooting and producing an HBO documentary directed by photographer Lauren Greenfield and en episode of Morgan Spurlock's new series, 30 Days. Other production credits include: You're Gonna Miss Me (scheduled for release in 2005), Same River Twice (Sundance 2003), and the ITVS series, American Girls. Amanda is a graduate of Harvard University and has been a member of the top U.S. women's rugby team for over a decade.


     Karen is an independent producer of documentary and fiction features. She is particularly drawn to subjects about women and women's history. In addition to producing the award-winning documentary Double Dare, her other credits include the dramatic feature Prospect, adapted from the play and directed by acclaimed playwright Octavio Solis; the romantic comedy Twice Upon A Yesterday starring Penelope Cruz; and the Hollywood satire Hip! Edgy! Quirky! starring Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller. She is currently working on two feature films: The Polka Dot Princess, a documentary about the avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama, and Life? or Theatre?,

"Double Dare"

the dramatic true story of the young German Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon, being directed by Paul Morrison, the writer/director of the Oscar nominated film Salomon and Gaenor. She is also developing the reality series Nerd Girls about a team of female engineering students from major Boston-area universities who spend their summer break building a solar car. Karen is an attorney and a graduate of USC's Peter Stark Producing Program.


"Double Dare"

     Danielle is an accomplished independent producer with credits ranging from grassroots documentaries to major motion pictures. She produced the independent feature film GROOVE, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000 and was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. Soon after, she formed Map Point Pictures with GROOVE director Greg Harrison. Through Map Point, she produced November, a thriller starring Courteney Cox and James Le Gros for IFC and InDigEnt, and Amanda Micheli's award-winning documentary about Hollywood stuntwomen, Double Dare. November premiered in competition at Sundance 2004 where it won the

award for best cinematography. Sony Classics will release November in fall, 2005. Danielle is currently in post-production on Katrina Holden Bronson's feature directorial debut Daltry Calhoun for Quentin Tarantino's L. Driver Productions and Miramax. The film stars Johnny Knoxville, Juliette Lewis and Elizabeth Banks and is set for release this fall. This year, she was nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards's Bravo/American Express Producers Award.


RUNNING TIME: 1:30:00 [90 minutes].
DVD: Available on DVD since June 7, 2005 in the USA [CEE0002], featuring extras, trailers, photo galleries an deleted scenes. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
INFO: The documentary film focus on two stuntwomen, Jeannie Epper, who did stunts for Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman, and Zo Bell who did stunts for Xena. The film features Lynda Carter on an interview.
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TRIVIA: [] The documentary film is directed and produced by women and its main stars are women. A true representative of girl power!
  [] The film achieved several awards.
[] Lynda didn't attended the LA premiere but did attend the Washington premiere instead.
[] The film features many never-before-seen behind the scene footage of Jeannie Epper making stunts for Wonder Woman.

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