020 TERROR PEAK 2003

New Zealand

English: "Mount Extreme".


English: "Terror Peak".

México [Mexico]

Español: "Erupción" ["Eruption"].

España [Spain]

Español: "La Cima de la Muerte" ["The Peak Of Death].


Français: "Fusion - Le Pic de la Terreur" ["Fusion - The Peak Of Terror"].


Français: "Terreur Au Sommet" ["Terror Peak"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Terror Peak - Der Vulcan" ["Terror Peak - The Volcano"].

Polska [Poland]

Polski: "Złowieszczy Szczyt" ["Terror Peak"]

Pоссия [Russia]

["Terror Peak"].

Republika Bulgariya [Република България] [Bulgaria]

Bulgarski [Български]: ["Hell Under The World"].

Ceska Republika [Czech Republic].

čeština: "Maximální Teror" ["Maximal Terror"].


Greek Greek: ["Hell Beneath"].

Rômania [Romania]

Românesc: "Varful Terorii" [Terror Peak].

Türkiye [Turkey]

Türskçe: "Yanardağ Dehşeti " ["Terror Volcano"].

日本国 [Japan]


Chinese [Chinese]: "" ["Volcano Explodes"].

"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"

Premiere: PAX TV  Friday, 7 February, 2003  / 8:00 P.M.

Director: Dale G. Bradley.

Screenplay: Dale G. Bradley. Writers: Dale G. Bradley, Rebecca Southam, Kyle Southam.

LYNDA CARTER [ Dr. Janet Fraser ].
PARKER STEVENSON [ Kevin Fraser ].
EMILY BARCLAY [ Melanie Fraser ].
PETER ELLIOTT [ Patrick McGowan ].
EMMA STORRY [ Sarah ].
JO ANNE BAKER [ Kendall ].
CRAWFORD THOMPSON [ Brett  Pearson ].
TE PAKI CHERRINGTON [ John the Maori leader ].
ALASTAIR BROWNING [ Dirksen Thatcher ].
PETER MULLER [ Ranger No. 1 ].
EMMA AUBIN [ Cherry ].
CAMPBELL ROUSELLE [ Adventure Tourist ].
SCOTT HARDING [ Bus Driver ].


Producers: Grant Bradley, Jozsef Fityus / Executive Producers: Paul Colichman, Steven P. Jarchow, Jeffrey Schenck  / Casting: Valerie Massalas, Terri De’Ath  / Director of Photography: Renaud Maire / Production Designer: Nigel Evans / Costume Designer: Sarah Beale / Editor: Nicola Smith / Sound: Chris Burt / Music Composer: Bruce Lynch / Additional Dialogue: Peter Sullivan /  Production Manager: Bridget Bourke / Production Coordinator: Kim Knight / Production Secretary: Jo Booker / Production Runners: Paul Anstiss, Julie Jonson, Donna McConnell / Assistant to Mr. G. Bradley: Reuben Bradley / Assistant to Mr. D. Bradley: Anouska  Ruedi-Klaus / First Assistant Directors: Lou Harness, Terry Kilmartin / Second Assistant Directors: Anton Steel / Third Assistant Director: Olivia Holmes / Fourth Assistant Director and Driver: Brani Fraser / Continuity: Melissa Lawrence / Production Accountant: Ursula Adene / Assistant Production Accountant: Melanie Sisler / Accountants: Terree Duff, Emer Kelly / Focus Puller: Tim Pope / Clapper Loader: Anna Stilanou / Video Split Operator: Ollie Jones /  Key Grip: Murray Love / Grip Assistant: Rob Jameson / Key Gaffer: Joseph Badonis / Best Boy: Mark Teirney /  Lighting Assistants: Chris Peacock / Generator Operator: Troy Finnan / Sound Recordist: Rob Schreider / Boom Operator: Jim Hannah / Location Manager: Tara Okan / Location Assistants: Amanda Hubley, Tessa Crisp, Derek Brown / Unit Manager: Ronnie Hape / Assistant Managers: Nicky Tremaine, Harvey Yeager, Jonathan Young / Art Director: Roger Guise / Art Department Coordinator: Joanna Henaghan / Props Buyer:  Paul Lulieu / Standby Props: Rob Baven /  Assistant Standby Props: Patrick Walker / Set Dresser: Petelo Baihu / Assistant Set Dresser: Russell King / Art Department Runners: Oliver Specht, Boris Kunak / Art Director Department Assistant: Lucke Cureett / Special FX Coordinator: Darryl Richards / Special FX Assistant: Peter Bailey / Storyboard Artist: Owen Hill, Julia Holden / Construction Manager: Matt Gordon / Carpenters: Brian Robertson, John Rowe Brokell / Hammerhands: Silas Denny, Neil Murray / Laborer: Manu Easton / Scenic Artist: Emma Muir / Props Maker: John Tillings, Kate Lang / Set Finisher: Jimmy Kouratoras / Greensman: Russell Hoffman / Electrician: Berry Kleale / Wardrobe Supervisor: Amanda Fittus / Standby Wardrobe; Cathy Pope / Makeup-Hair Supervisor: Dierdre Hayworth / Key Assistant Makeup and Hair: Tracy Henton / Makeup and Hair Assistant: Danielle Satherley / Stunt Coordinator: Mark Harris / Assistant Stunt Coordinator: Ryan Kerry / Stunt P.A.: Jenny Harrris / Riggers: Aaron Lupton, Dean Lucas, Alan Poppleton / Janet’s Stunt Double: Dayna Porter / Kevin’s Stunt Double: Gareth Courtney / Jason’s Stunt Double: Rodney Cook / Melanie’s Stunt Double: Amanda Foubister, Allan Reeks / Patrick’s Stunt Double: Stewart Thorpe / Sarah’s Stunt Double: Haley Seini / Swing Driver: Bill Shepard / Ms. Carter’s Driver: Linda Mussan / Stand-In Camper Van Drivers: Rebeka Van Debeer Lamont / Mark Vanderpfutten / Safety Officer: Andrew Seabill / OnSet Security: J. Brock Security / Caterer: BJ Brown, Wild Wild Kitchens / Chefs: John Paul Knight, Jeannie Shane / Daybreak Executive: Wayne Derrick / Legal Advisors: Tom Taylor, Sarah Cull / Financial Consultants: Brian Pankhurst / Publicist: John Davies / Stills Photographer: Ken George / Second Unit Photographer Director: Neal Cerbin / Second Unit Photographer: Simon Ranginui / Second Unit Focus Puller: Peter Cunningham / Second Unit Gaffer, Special Assistant Mark Mateo / Second Unit Grip: Mike Tokipangari / Second Unit Art Director: Lee Johnson / Second Unit Wardrobe Makeup: Emma Peters / Second Unit Special FX Technician: Paul Verrall, Sharon Hennessey / Second Unit Assistant: Diane McKee / Helicopter Advisor: Mike Subritso / Camera Helicopter Pilot: Tony Monk / Head Gimball Operator: Peter Thompson / Helicopter Pilot: Steve Pudeski / Focus Pullers: Gay Sorent Habet, Malcolm York / Ad Assistant: Andrew Burfield / Crane Operators: Hubert Strang / Special Effects: Peter Davy / SF Tecnicians: Steve Butler / SF Trainee: James Bailey / Set Wet Down: Graham Downing / Safety: Sharon Pengally, Willie Heater / Driver/Unit Assistant: Darryl McKee / Chicken Wrangler: Sandy Katner of West Gate Animal Artists / Assistant Editor: Harold Brocke /  Post Production Supervisor: Douglas Braddock / Visual Effects Supervisor: Peter Mccully / Compositor: Nicky Farnsworth / 3-D Artist: Dan Packer / Visual FX Camera Operator: Greg Pennicey / Special Visual FX Model Maker: John  Wright / Post Production Facilty Images / Online Editor: Andrew Mortimer / Color Grader: John Hockey / Special FX Editor: Brenton Cumberpatch / Sound Effects Editor: Carl Smith / Dialogue Editor: Rachel Shearer / Assistant Sound Editor: Glenn Bullen / Studio Manager: Pam Shearer / Foley Artist: Oscar Burt / Sound Trainee: Stephanie Brough / Re-Recording Mixers: Chris Burt, Carl Smith / Sound Post Facilty: The Inside Track / Film Laboratory: FILMLAB / Laboratory Liason: Craig Howard / Lab Operations Manager: Colin Tyler / Completion Guarantors: CineFinance, Fred Milsteen / New Zealand Representative F.A.C.B. Rob Fisher / Insurance Broker: Martin Trendall of Mahant, Trendall & Jack / Lens: PANAVISION / Negative: KODAK / Grip Equipment: LOVEYOURGRIP / Lighting Equipment; FLASHLIGHT FILM SERVICES / Communications Equipment; CAPITOL COMMUNICATIONS / Hair Products: KMS / Thanks to the New Zealand Twi Te Kamaru Amaki of the Ywagtakere Ranges, Auckland New Zealand and Senior Ranger Simon Stockheart, Rangers and Staff of the Auckland Regional Council, Ywagtakere Ranges Regional Park / Special Thanks to Jill, Melissa, Bryan, Curt, Sasha, Logan and Lachlan.

"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
"Terror Peak"
Awards: None.

Dr. Janet Fraser, her 16 year old daughter Melanie, and her recent second husband Kevin are vacationing in Auckland, New Zealand, where Kevin hopes to scout some adventure trips for his business clients. They also hope that the trip will give Melanie a chance to become closer to Kevin, since she was just a baby when Janet’s first husband died, and she resents his prescence. Janet, a professor of vulcanology, is interested in exploring the volcanos in New Zealand. The family joins a tour guide, Patrick McGowan, whose business, “To The Edge Beyond Adventure Tours” Kevin wants to study for his clients. The tour camp is on the side of Mount Extreme, a live volcano that is thought to be safe. As the family travels with Patrick up the mountain, they are stopped by a group of Maoris, the original native inhabitants, who press their claim to the native lands that the Patrick’s tourist camp is on. Rangi, one of the members of the group, is a former partner of Patrick. When the family arrives at the camp, they meet other tourists, who are being guided by Jason, who works for Patrick. Janet is surprised to find that the camp is also a monitoring station for the local volcanic institute, and that one of the scientists was killed by toxic fumes 2 years ago. Melanie is frightened that night by an old native woman, Moana, who lives on the mountain. They learn she lost her husband and sons in the Wainui, the last eruption of Mount Extreme in 1953, when over 150 people died, and the other Maori’s think of her as a spirit.

        Janet becomes alarmed when there are signs of the volcano is starting to erupt. There are frequent earthquakes, and toxic fumes coming from the earth, but she cannot seem to convince Patrick, or Brett Pearson, the Volcanic Institute’s scientist, of the coming danger. Meanwhile, Kevin and Melanie join Jason and the other young tourists on a trek up the mountainside. Kevin’s lungs, which are poor, slow him down, but Melanie is impressed that he is trying to get closer to her by going on this trek with his poor health. Back at the camp the Maoris attempt to take over the buildings, but everyone is alarmed when they see steam rising from the mountainside. Suddenly there is an earthquake, and Janet’s predictions have come true when the tour center is demolished. The Maoris and Patrick want to leave with some injured members for the local village, but Janet refuses to leave without her family. She tells Patrick and Rangi that when she was in the Philippines studying a volcano, the volcano erupted and killed many of her team while she was away, and she has never forgiven herself for not being there to help them. Rangi says he will stay with her until her family returns with Jason.

       But Jason and Melanie, who took shelter in a cave to shelter from the earthquake, are trapped by a rockslide. Kevin radios Janet that he is going to try to rescue them by finding a vent further up the mountainside, and Janet reluctantly agrees. She and Rangi try to locate the vent on the area maps, but it can’t be found. Janet remembers Moana, and persuades Rangi to find her and see if she can help find the vent to help Kevin.

         Jason and Melanie make their perilous way through the mountain, dodging live steam vents, gas, lava and more rockslides. Rangi leads Janet to Moana, who seems to be indifferent to their peril, until Janet tells Moana that she too is a victim of a volcano. She lost her first husband a few months after their daughter was born when he went with her while she studied a live volcano. She left him at the base camp, where she thought he would be safe, but a sudden violent eruption killed him and many others while she was away studying the lava flows. Because the women share each other’s grief, Moana tells them how to find the vent high on a hillside plateau. Janet radios Kevin, who is making his way up the mountain, that they will try to get a helicopter to rescue them. Kevin finds the vent, and saves Melanie and Jason, while Janet and Rani and Patrick use an old helicopter they used to own to give aerial mountain tours.

        While Rangi flies, Patrick and Janet try to locate Kevin and Melanie and Jason. There is too much steam coming out of the mountain, but Kevin is led by Moana to a signal station, where Patrick has told them to go for pickup. They arrive just as the helicopter, which is low on fuel, is about to leave, and they are rescued. Mount Extreme erupts on one side with a huge blast of hot ash clouds and flaming rocks, but the helicopter manages to escape, and lands safely on the other side of the mountain.

         Janet is overcome with emotion when she realizes that Kevin has risked his life to save her daughter, and Melanie is so grateful for Kevin’s deed that she fully accepts him as her father, to Janet’s happiness. In gratitude for helping save his family’s life, Kevin tells Patrick and Rani that he will help give them proper funding to restart their tour center and helicopter mountain tour service. The once-again partners rejoice over their good fortune, while Janet, Kevin and Melanie, thankful their ordeal is over, realize they are now a true family.


RUNNING TIME: 1:33:00 [93 minutes].
VHS: Apparently only release in VHS format in Russia ["ПИК СТРАХА"] and Canada [7 77235 11533]. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
DVD: Available on DVD in Australia [9 318500 017406] and New Zealand [M1615 2500A], China [7 88364 569 2],  France [308243], Canada [7 77235 11533]. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
INFO: The film is a coproduction between New Zealand and the USA.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLV-70033.WMV". Advance spot.
[2]  "WLV-70034.WMV". Trailer.
[3]  "WLV-70035.WMV". Movie clip.
[4]  "WLV-70036.WMV". Lynda Carter interview.
TRIVIA: [•] The film was entirely filmed in New Zealand.
  [•] The whole movie is about a volcano erupting, but actually we never see the volcano erupt.

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