United States of America [USA]

English: "A Secret Between Friends: A Moment of Truth Movie".

United Kingdom

English: "When Friendship Kills".

España [Spain]

Español: "Una Amistad Peligrosa"  ["A Dangerous Friendship"].


Español: "Cuando Las Amistades Matan"  ["When Friendships Kill"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "La Mia Migliore Amica" ["My Best Friend"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Todesd Spainiät - Der Preis der Schönheit" ["Diet Of Death - The Price Of Beauty"].

Norge [Norway]

Norsk: "Vennskap Og Hemmeligheter" ["Friendship And Secrets"].

România [Romania].

Românesc: "Capcanele Prietenei" ["Friendship Trap"].

Polska [Poland]

Polski: "Gdy Przyjaźń Zabija" ["When Friendship Kills"].

"A Secret Between Friends"
"A Secret Between Friends"

Premiere: NBC, Monday, February 19, 1996 / 9:00 P.M.

Director: James A. Contner.

Writer: Elizabeth Gill.

LYNDA CARTER [ Kathryn Archer ].
KATIE WRIGHT [ Lexi Archer ].
JOSH TAYLOR [ Peter Archer ].
MALCOLM STEWART [ Mr. Harnsberger ].
MARLEY SHELTON [ Jennifer ].
RYAN REYNOLDS [ Ben Colson ].
TOBIAS MEHLER [ Justin Phelps ].
CATHY MERRIMAN [ Coach Beth ].
NANCY KERR [ Phoebe Wills ].
JILL TEED [ Jolene ].
ROBIN DOUGLAS [ Dr. Walker ].

Producers: Lawrence Horowitz, Tracey Jeffrey, Michael O'Hara / Music: Stacy Widelitz / Cinematography: Richard Leiterman / Film Editing: Thomas Fries / Production Design: Richard Wilcox / Set Decoration: Paul Joyal / Costume Designer: Tracey Bolton / Hair Stylist: Julie McHaffie / Makeup artist: Jan Newman / Production Management:

Rhonda Legge / First Assistant Director: Jason Furukawa / Second Assistant Director: Suzan Derkson / Third Assistant Director: Lynda Chapple / Casting: Holly Powell, C.S.A. / Costume Supervisor: Donna Cristiano / Sound Mixer: Martin Fossum / Foley Mixer: Larry Goodwin / Sound Supervisor: Deni King / Sound Re-recording Mixers: Warren Kleiman, Don MacDougall / Boom Operator: Tony Poulsen / Post-production supervisor: Kristine Bamattre / Production Executive: Rick Blumenthal / Production co-ordinator: Shauna Bryan / Transportation co-ordinator: Barry Chapman / Casting Associate (LA): Sharon Chazin / Casting Associate (Canada): Blair Law / Costume Supervisor: Donna Christiano / Transportation Captain: Greg Farmer / Location Manager: Scott Harper / Music Editor: Mark Heyes / Property Manager: Paul Joyal / Canadian Casting: Sid Kozak / Property Master: Neil McLeod / Script Supervisor: Kelly Moon / Key Grip: Jeff Plecas / Camera Operator: Joel Ransom / Gaffer : Don Saari / First Assistant Camera: Tim Spenser / Second Assistant Camera: Michael Wale / Assistant Editor: Kerry Michael Tym / Conptroller: Jennifer Gulbrandsen / Los Angeles Coordinator: Thomas Roads / Assistant Production Coordinator: Jil Armstrong / Assistant to Executive Producers: Shawnee E. Saas / Producer's Assistant: John G. Lenic / Production Accountant: Barbra Richarsen / Legal Counsel: Sidney feinberg / Post-Production Assistant: Victor Manuel Bretado / Post Production Sound: 5 Guys Named Moe, Inc. / Sound Supervisor Oeni King / Re-recording Mixers: Warren Kleinman, Don McDougal / Music Editor: Mark Hayes / Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada / Post Production Services: Modern Videofilm, Burbank / Lenses and Panaflex Cameras: Panavision / Color: Photo-Kem Laboratory. © 1996 O'Hara Horowitz Productions / Libra Pictures.


None but it was presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

"A Secret Between Friends"
"A Secret Between Friends"
"A Secret Between Friends"
"A Secret Between Friends"
"A Secret Between Friends"


Trying to get in shape, Lexi and Jennifer get rid of the food by vomiting it up. This would lead Lexi's mother into a struggle with her daughter, trying to take her to a bulimic  center. Though she recovers, her friend Jennifer may be in the same problem, in spite of her mother.

     A Secret Between Friends is the story of a young girl named Alexis “Lexi” Archer. Lexi has moved from her home in Chicago with her mother and sister after her parents get divorced. Besides grieving for her parents' breakup, she is becoming concerned about her weight. At her new home in Seattle, Lexi meets Jennifer Harnsberger, a beautiful, smart, and talanted girl on the volleyball team. The girls become fast friends; Lexi needs someone to cling to in her new environment, Jen needs someone who can understand and accept her painful secrets. One evening while the girls are hanging out together Lexi learns that Jen is bulimic. She promises to keep her best friend's secret, and, with Jen's help, soon follows suit. Lexi soon becomes anorexic and her health takes a turn for the worse. Her mother Kathryn begins to notice the signs and tries to do everything in her power to help Lexi, but it will take more than pleading to end this deadly habbit.

Teenager Lexi Archer is an athlete, a scholar and part of her school's popular crowd. But Lexi and her best friend share a secret that is killing them both anorexia/bulimia. This latest, two-hour installment of the Moment of Truth franchise tackles an issue that haunts thousands of young girls and
focuses on one mother's determination to help her daughter live.

     It started innocently enough. Lexi and her friend Jennifer, both star volleyball players, set a weight loss goal: lose ten pounds before the Winter Formal. But the diet leads to a binge-purge cycle that ultimately becomes anorexia when the girls stop eating altogether. Jennifer's "diet tips" include chewing gum when they're hungry, or eating a piece of lettuce instead of a meal. The girls waste away, are unable to concentrate on school and can barely finish a volleyball game due to low energy levels. Not until Jennifer collapses and is killed by a car, does Lexi realize that her diet is in actuality an eating disorder.

     So begins the long, arduous task of recovery. Lexi's mother, played by audience favorite Lynda Carter, must first accept the painful truth that her "perfect" daughter has a problem. Then she dedicates herself to Lexi's recovery slowly helping Lexi relearn how to eat. At the same time, she must battle her ex-husband (Josh Taylor, 90210), who wants Lexi hospitalized and force-fed. Together, mother and daughter find the strength to survive and fight the disease that almost tore them apart.

"A Secret Between Friends"
"A Secret Between Friends"


RUNNING TIME: 1:36:00 [96 minutes].
VHS: Available on VHS in UK [ODY8/826] and Australia [100250]. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
DVD: Not available on DVD.
INFO: The film is oftenly recommended for viewing in anorexia and bulimia treatments.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLV-70016.WMV". Trailer.
TRIVIA: [•] This is the third time Lynda Carter plays a mother of a film.
[•] The film was shot on location in Los Angeles, California, and in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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