United States of America [USA]

English: "Crimes of Passion: She Woke Up Pregnant".

United Kingdom

English: "Crimes of Silence".


English: "Crimes of Silence".

Espaρa [Spain]

Espaρol: "Crimen En Silencio" ["Crime In Silence"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "Madre Senza Colpa" ["Guiltless Mother"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Schwanger! - Es geschah unter Narkose" ["Pregnant! - It Happened Under Narcosis "].

Norge [Norway]

Norsk: "Brutt Tillit" ["Broken Faith"].

Polska [Poland]

Polski: "Przemilczane Zbrodnie" ["Unsaid Crimes"].

"She Woke Up Pregnant"
"She Woke Up Pregnant"

Premiere: ABC, Sunday, April 28, 1996. 9:00 P.M.

Director: James A. Contner.

Writer: Michael O'Hara.

• MICHELE GREEN [ Connie Lofties ].
• WILLIAM R. MOSES [ Tom Lofties ].
• LYNDA CARTER [ Susan Saroyan ].
• THERESA SALDANA [ D.A. Doris Cantore ].
• JOE PENNY [ Dr. Roger Nolton ].
• JOHN P. CONNOLLY [ Ray Boyle ].
• JAMES CRESCENZO [ Ron Isham ].
• JAN D'ARCY [ Connie's Mom ].
• STACY GRANT [ Tracy Price ].
• RACHEL HAYWARD [ Jill Weitz ].
• TAMSIN KELSEY [ Molly Heinz ].
• JUDITH MAXIE [ Judge #1 ].
• PAUL GILLIAN [ Marshall ].
• CARLY McKULLUP [ Jessica ].
• JAMES RALPH [ Assailant ].
• KIM TYLER [ Monica ].
• JERRY WASSERMAN [ Judge Arnold Rolfe ].
• COLEEN WINTON [ Doctor ].
• PETER WILLIAMS [ Doctor ].

Editor: Ron Spang / Music: Stacy Widelitz / Production Designer: Richard Wilcox / Director of Photography: Richard Letterman, CSC / Executive Productive: Michael O'Hara and Lawrence Horowitz / Producer: Tracey Jeffrey / Production

Manager: Mary Guilfoyle / 1st Assistant Director: James Rowe / 2nd Assistant Directors: Robert Crippen, Alysselette-Rogers / 3rd Assistant Director: Uncecoates / Casting: Ellie Kanner, C.S.A. / Canadian Casting: Sidkozak / Costume Designer: Monique Prudhomme / Assistant Costume Designer: Nancy Duggan / Make Up Artist: Jan Newman / Hair Stylist: Kandance Lowen / Script Supervisor: Kelly Noon / Set Decorator: David Birdsall / Property Master:  Neil McLeod / Casting Assistant L.A.: Debbie Savitt / Casting Assistant Canada: Blair Law / Extra Casting: Annette McCaffrey / Location Manager: Pascal Verschooris / Sound Mixer: Martin Fossum / Boom Operator: Tony Paulsen / Camera Operator: Joel Ransom / 1st Assistant Cameraman: Terry McKenen / 2nd Assistant Cameraman: Bob Findlay / Production Executive: Jennifer Gulbransen / L.A. Coordinator: Thomas Rhoads / Production Coordinator: Shauna Bryan / Assistant Production Coordinator: Michele Parzentny / Assistant to Production: John G. Leni / Production Accountant: Barbra Richardsen / Gaffer: Don Saari / Key Grip: Jeff Plecas / Transportation Coordination: Gord McMillan / Transportation Captain: Chuck Scorgie / Post Production Supervisor: Kristine Bamattre / Assistant Film Editor: Kerry Michael Tym / Post Production Assistant: Victor Manuel Bretado / Post Production Sound: West Production / Sound Supervisor: Chris Reeves / Re-recording Mixers: James Williams, Don McDougal, Todd Orr / Music Editor: Mark Heyes / Post Production Services: Modern Video Film Burbank / Lenses and Panaflex: Panavision / Color: Foto Ken Lab / Executive in Charge of Production: Rick Blumenthal / © 1986 O'Hara Horowitz Production / Libra Pictures.


None but it was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 96. It ended up fourth on the week's top ten programs.

"She Woke Up Pregnant"
"She Woke Up Pregnant"
"She Woke Up Pregnant"


Connie Lofties is a young and happily married woman whose life falls apart when she learns she's pregnant but not of her husband. The problem is that her husband is her only lover. No one believes her but she would fight to the end until, to her own surprise, she finds out it's been her dentist.




Michele Greene ("L.A. Law") stars in "She Woke Up Pregnant," a compelling drama about a young, happily married woman who watches her family slowly fall apart when she learns that she is pregnant and that her husband -- her only lover -- is not the father. "She Woke Up Pregnant" airs as "The ABC Monday Night Movie," JULY 5 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

     Also starring are William R. Moses ("Melrose Place"), Joe Penny ("Jake and the Fatman"), Theresa Saldana ("The Commish") and Lynda Carter ("Wonder Woman").

     Connie Loftis (Michele Greene) has everything going for her -she is married to Tom (William R. Moses), her faithful and loving husband, is the mother of two beautiful little girls, and enjoys a satisfying career as a school teacher. Ever faithful to her husband, she is shocked to learn that she is pregnant and can only conclude that Tom's vasectomy procedure was ineffective. When the test results confirm that Tom's surgery was 100 percent successful, Connie's blissful world begins to unravel.

     No one believes her, and to save her marriage Connie must take matters into her own hands. With the help of District Attorney Doris Cantore (Theresa Saldana) and Detective Ray Boyle (John P. Connolly), the unbelievable pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. Connie's shock turns into emotional terror when they uncover the truth about the identity of the real father.

     Starring are Michele Greene as Connie Loftis, William R. Moses as Tom Loftis, Joe Penny as Dr. Roger Nolten, Theresa Saldana as Doris Cantore, Lynda Carter as Susan Saroyan and John P. Connolly as Ray Boyle.

"She Woke Up Pregnant"
"She Woke Up Pregnant"
"She Woke Up Pregnant"


RUNNING TIME: 1:36:00 [96 minutes].
VHS: Available on VHS in UK [ODY668] and Australia [100243]. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
DVD: Not available on DVD.
INFO: This is the first of the two films by Libra Pictures in which Lynda Carter stars.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLV-70015.WMV". Movie clip.
TRIVIA: [•] This is the first and only time that Lynda Carter played a lawyer.
[•] The film was rejected by a circle of dentist because of the image of the dentist portrayed by Joe Penny.

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