Partners In CrimePartners In Crime: Lynda Carter / Loni Anderson

Episode Number: 2 according to broadcast order, and 3 according to production order.

Production Nº: 780-03.

Airdate: Saturday, September 29, 1984.

Writers: Simon Muntner, Bill Driskill.
Director: Charles S. Dubin.

Guest Cast: David Soul [Harry Colby] / Michael Gazzo [Frank Cap] / W. Scott Delaney [Pete Rand] / Ray K.Goman [Harrison Moore] / Sally Train [Marge] / Pat Valention [Hood].

Other Titles: In German: "Der heißeste Typ in der Stadt" ("The Hottest Guy In The City").

Partners In Crime: Walter Olkewicz Partners In Crime: Leo Rossi Partners In Crime: Eileen Hackart
"The Hottest Guy In Town""The Hottest Guy In Town""The Hottest Guy In Town""The Hottest Guy In Town""The Hottest Guy In Town""The Hottest Guy In Town""The Hottest Guy In Town""The Hottest Guy In Town""The Hottest Guy In Town"

Jane, a old friend of Carol’s, has been blackmailed into paying money to an unknown person to keep her sordid past from her rich husband. She tells Carol and Sydney that she because of remarks that she made to her hairdresser, a popular stylist named Harry Colby who works at “Le Coiffe”, an avant guard hairstyle palace, she thinks that he may be the one who is the blackmailer. 

           Carol and Sydney go separately to “Le Coiffe”, posing as rich, lonely women, who tell their troubles to Harry, who treats them as special customers because of their beauty. Unknown to the women, there are small microphones hidden in the above lights which record every word. Harry, while a popular stylist, is also so much in demand that he can’t seem to keep up with his business. He also is busy lacing bets with his bookie, which infuriates Jason, his boss. Before they leave, Carol and Sydney tell Harry fake stories about their promiscuous past, then check with Lt. Veronsky to see if Harry has any record, but he is clean except for parking violations. Carol also tells Jeanine that she has given the phone number of the “Partners in Crime” bookshop to Harry, hoping he will call her to blackmail her about her story in the salon.

           Having made a date with Harry, who is enthusiastic over Carol’s beautiful black silken hair, she has Shane wire herself with a microphone for the meeting so Sydney can listen in to see if they can trap Harry into revealing his past or reasons for blackmailing women. The two meet at Ghiradelli’s Park, and they spend the afternoon together, with Harry flattering her with remarks about her beautiful hair and figure. But to her surprise, Harry doesn’t take her up on her offer of dinner, and leaves her at the park with a promise to call her.

           Two businessmen are also pressuring Harry in a different way. They want him to expand his work into another line of hairdressing salons, but he has been putting them off because he is already overworked with what he has. They plan to force him to agree, even if it comes to death threats.

         Not having heard from Harry, Carol is persuaded by Sydney to call him for an evening date so she can search his house while he is busy with Carol. Reluctantly, Carol does so, and they go out on the town. Harry is very attentive, and they return to his fancy house, complete with hot tub, which he invites Carol to share. While he undresses, Carol lets Sydney in and then overhears a telephone conversation with Harry and someone called “Shortcake” about “bruins” and “colts.” Carol joins him in the hot tub room with a bathrobe over her dress for a quick getaway, since she doesn’t trust Harry. Carol acts coy about getting into the tub, hoping her stalling will let Sydney complete her upstairs search, but just then the door bursts open and the two businessmen open fire with a shotgun. Sydney, who has come downstairs, hurls her shoe at the men, who miss Harry and Carol, then flee. Harry also runs away, leaving a shaken Carol and Sydney to pick up the pieces. Sydney tells Carol that Harry’s checkbook shows that he is broke, and Carol tells Sydney that she recognized one of the men as someone who was keeping watch over Harry’s salon earlier that day. She also mentions the call to “Shortcake”, which Sydney recognizes as a well-known bookie. The women think that is why Harry is broke; he is gambling away his money and blackmailing women to get more.

         The next day while looking for Harry, Carol and Sydney notice that a cheaper, cut-rate franchised salon called “Fancy Cut” is opening across the street from “Le Coiffe” and recognize a woman going in who was a customer of Harry’s the day before. Unknown to them, she is also a partner of the two businessmen who attacked Harry last night. Trying to find out more information about the franchise and the attack on Harry, Sydney takes carol to meet with Frank Cap, a mafia-type businessman who is also an old friend of Sydney’s father. He charms Carol and Sydney, and tells them that the two men were only trying to scare Harry to work for them and are feeling the financial pressure, which caused the attack. Frank says that the attempt on Harry was just to scare him to change his mind, and that the franchise is owned by a dear friend of the family, and assures the women that everything will be all right, since he will take care of Harry personally.

          Jeanine calls Carol to tell her that a man with a disguised voice called the shop to demand to speak to her about her affair with her chauffer, which is the story she told Harry when he was styling her hair, not realizing that it is fake. Carol takes the next call, which is the blackmailer, whose disguised voice tells her to bring money to the High Street  Pier, or she will be exposed to her husband. Carol agrees, and she and Sydney stake out the pier. When a furtive figure takes the money, he is stopped by Shane, who the women posted to help them. It turns out that the blackmailer is not Harry, but his boss Jason, the owner of the salon. They turn him over to Lt. Veronsky, and meet Harry outside the police station. He says that Jason was blackmailing women to help pay Harry’s debts so as not to lose him. Harry confesses that he is a gambler and that Jason was trying to help him kick the habit, and the women tell him that they also know about the men who tried to kill him, and that Harry’s gambling markers are being held by Frank Cap, who also is owner of the “Fancy Cuts “ salon franchise and wants Harry for his name and expertise. Harry tells them that the men were only trying to scare him and that he is in no danger, but Carol spots one of Frank cap’s men watching them and she thinks that they are out to get Harry. Harry ridicules her, but it turns out that is what is happening, unbeknownst to him.

          The two businessmen have decided to kill Harry. They gave their word that he would work for them and insure the success of “Fancy Cuts,” as well as the products line and even commercials, but as he is still refusing, they have to get rid of him. Since they borrowed money from Frank Cap, they know that they can’t declare bankruptcy or he will be after them, so either Harry must be killed to finish the franchise idea, or they will.

          Carol and Sydney decide to become Harry’s unofficial bodyguards, since they fear for his life. He decides to keep the salon open even if Jason is in jail, so they follow him there, much to his exasperation. When they get there, Harry tells them to get lost, but they demand the works, facial, hairstyle, etc just to be near him. When he meets his assistant to get them ready, he is given a note from Jason’s lawyer to meet with him for a deposition. He slips away from Carol and Sydney, but they find out from his assistant where he has gone. But the two businessmen have lured Harry away with the message to kill him, and Carol and Sydney give chase.

          They follow Harry to the lawyer’s office, but see him being forced into the car with the two businessmen, and follow the car to a deserted pier. When the men get to the pier, Harry is let out and given one last chance, but he still refuses, and the men prepare to kill him. But Sydney manages to drive her car fast into the men and scatter them, and while Harry punches one of them, Frank Cap’s man also has turned up with his boss to stop the action. Harry is safe, and the businessmen are turned over to the police by Frank Cap, who tells them he has an image to maintain, but also tells Harry that he still owes him $15,000 in gambling debts.

         With Harry safe, and a nice check from Carol’s friend Jane, the women congratulate themselves for another job well done. Carol brags to Sydney that since Harry wasn’t the blackmailer, he really liked her, but when Harry calls for a date, he asks to speak to Sydney, to Carol’s surprise. But Sydney hangs up, knowing her friendship with Carol is more important than Harry.

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