Partners In CrimePartners In Crime: Lynda Carter / Loni Anderson

Episode Number: 1, according to broadcast order, and 4 according to production order.

Production Nļ: 780-04.

Airdate: Saturday, September 22, 1984. This episode was shown first in order to capitalize on Vanessa Williams success at the time.

Writers: Robert Van Scoyk, Bill Driskill.
Director: Sigmund Neufeld.

Guest Cast: Vanessa Williams [Roselle Robbins] / Arthur Burghardt [Gary] / Billy Drago [Stalker] /  Joseph Hacker [Leon Deroy] / Shirley Faulkner [1st Backup singer] / Dynell Garrow [2nd backup singer] / Dion Chesse [Doctor].

Other Titles: In German: "Rock und Koks" ("Rock And Coke").

Partners In Crime: Walter Olkewicz Partners In Crime: Leo Rossi Partners In Crime: Eileen Hackart

Roselle Robbins, a famous singing star, comes to San Francisco for her next concert. At the airport, while she is being mobbed by her fans, she is threatened by a blonde man wearing a white suit and hat. As she screams, he flees, but Roselle is too shaken to continue. She tells her manager Gary that the same man was in the last three cities she did concerts in, and she fears for her life. Gary tries to calm her, and becomes angry when she says that she wishes that she were still singing with her partner Leon Deroy rather than go solo.

         Carol and Sydney see the scene on the televison, and decide to offer their services as detectives and bodyguards to Roselle. Sydney can play her bass as part of Roselleís band and Carol can sing as one of her backup singers while watching over the star. Intrigued by the fact that both Carol and Sydney were married to the same man, and now are business partners in his detective agency, Roselle agrees to hire them. As they leave the hotel, Roselle is again threatened by the man in the white suit, but the girls beat him off. Carol and Sydney go to their mansion, where they discuss the previous attacks. Roselle asks them to take her to Sausolito in secret to meet her old singing partner Leon Deroy, and the three board the ferry across the bay. But they see the man in the white suit has followed them onto the ferry, and he menaces them with a knife. They duck below, where Sydney changes outfits with Roselle. When the ferry docks, Sydney, as Roselle gets off, followed by the man in the white suit. Carol and the real Roselle leave after he has gone and go to Leonsí house. Carol leaves her there and goes to find Sydney at a bar they have prearranged to meet at where Sydney will keep the man in white occupied.

          Roselle and Leon agree to get back together, but only without Gary, who Leon says has become manipulative and paranoid. Roselle has only two more concerts with Gary, and she says that she will leave him after them. At the bar where Sydney has lured the man in white, Carol enters, sees him waiting outside, then goes in to find Sydney in the ladies lounge minus the Roselle disguise. They see the bartender tell the man in white that there is a back exit, and he leaves in disgust. Carol decides to follow him, while Sydney will go back to get Roselle at Leonís house. There she finds out about the two singersí plan to get back together. But as Syndey and Roselle leave the house, they hear a noise and see a man in white running away. Sydney goes inside to find Leon dead of a gunshot.

          Carol has followed the man in the white suit to the seamier side of the mission district of San Francisco, but when he sees her, he gives her the slip in the back alleys of the town. He goes to a seedy hotel room, and proceeds to take of a blonde wig and makeup disguise, along with the white suit. When Carol calls Sydney to tell her that she has lost him, Sydney tells her come back to the mansion, where the Lt. Veronsky is questioning them about Leonís murder. Surprised to hear  about it, Carol insists that the man in the white suit couldnít have been the killer, since she was following him at the exact time when the murder took place on the other side of San Francisco. When they call Gary to tell him that Roselle is at the mansion recovering from the murder, he is taking off a white suit. He was the man who murdered Leon, while the other man in the white suit was a decoy.  Gary comes to the mansion to comfort Roselle, and tells Carol and Sydney that he is cancelling the concert tomorrow, but will keep the other as scheduled, since she will want to work hard to forget the tragedy. They agree, and he leaves.

        The next morning Gary is called by the man who was wearing the white suit, who has seen that Leon has been murdered. He accuses Gary of setting him up, not having realized that Gary had been planning this all along. When Gary meets him, he tells the man that he has found out that Roselle was planning to leave him after the two concerts, but that he plans to kill her to and with the rights to all her music and records, he will be rich. He then shoots the man, and leaves the gun, which was also used to kill Leon Deroy, so that it seems that both will be killed by a psycho fan that the police will never find.

        Carol and Sydney have returned to the mission district to try to find the man in the white suit. As they walk the streets, Sydney is greeted by some of the characters of the streets, and Carol finds out that Sydney was raised very close to this neighborhood, and used to run numbers for her old man while learning to grow up in these tough streets. They go to a Chinese Laundry run by an acquaintance, who gives them the address of a man who dropped a white suit for cleaning earlier that week. They go to the room to find the man Gary killed, but they think he is just a bum until as they search for room for clues, Carol finds toupee tape that has blond hairs. Sydney finds cocaine in his pocket, and they realize that he is involved in the stalking. At the funeral for Leon Deroy, Sydney, suspicious of Gary, picks his pocket and finds a coke spoon. The girls decide to search his hotel room disguised as maids, and they find in his briefcase a partnership agreement which reads that the partnership is to be terminated at 11:59 that evening, the evening of the last concert. They realize that Gary plans to murder Roselle.

     That evening at the concert, Carol and Sydney are unable to tell Roselle before her  performance, and when the successful performance is over Gary meets Roselle in her dressing  room. He

tells her that he still loves her, but she says that his cocaine habit has convinced her to leave him. While Carol and Sydney try to get into her dressing room, Gary persuades Roselle to give him another chance. She agrees, and he pretends to help her get away from her fans by climbing out the dressing room window and going to his car. Sydney, realizing the danger, goes outside to check for them. Carol finds the room empty, and calls the police. Outside in Garyís car, Roselle finds the white suit in the back, and realizes that Gary was the man who killed Leon Deroy. While he threatens her, Sydney hotwires a car parked up from the back of the theatre and manages to block the exit, trapping Gary and Roselle in the car. When Gary tries to escape, Lt. Veronsky captures him, and Carol and Sydney helps rescue Roselle from the car.

        The next day while she is leaving town, Roselle tells reporters of how Carol and Sydney helped save her life, and the women realize that these words from a famous rock star to the press will give an added boost to their fledgling detective business to make it a success.

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