Partners In CrimePartners In Crime: Lynda Carter / Loni Anderson

Episode Number: 3 according to broadcast order, and 10 according to production order.

Production Nº: 780-14.

Airdate: Saturday, October 6, 1984.

Writer: Harold Livingston.
Director: Rod Daniel.

Guest Cast: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. [Grant Latham] / Leigh McClosky [Casey Quinn] / Sandra Kronemeyer [Linda Pierce] / Robert Elross [Oscar] / Denny Delk [Guard] / Fielding Greaves [Charles Entwhistle] / Ann Haslett [Mrs. Greaves].

Other Titles: In German: "Mordfall im Museum" ("Murder Case In The Museum").

Partners In Crime: Walter Olkewicz Partners In Crime: Leo Rossi Partners In Crime: Eileen Hackart
"Murder In The Museum""Murder In The Museum""Murder In The Museum""Murder In The Museum""Murder In The Museum""Murder In The Museum""Murder In The Museum""Murder In The Museum""Murder In The Museum"

In trying to improve Sydney’s mind, Carol and Jeanine has dragged her to a prominent museum that her good friend Linda Pierce works at for the opening of a new exhibit. But Sydney tires quickly of all the exhibits of broken pottery and prehistoric skeletons of animals, and sneaks outside to wait. When Carol meets Linda, she seems pleased to see her, but suddenly excuses herself to talk to a young man who has just arrived. She approaches him out of earshot and as Linda tries to talk to him he brushes her off, which angers her. As Carol and Jeanine watch, Linda and the man argue, and she slaps him. He leaves, but sees Sydney outside. Eager to regain some of his dignity, he introduces himself as Casey Quinn, but Sydney, amused that he is so much younger than her, jokes about him just being a baby. He tells her that he was a graduate student at the museum, but was fired by the curator, Grant Latham. When Carol and Jeanine come outside to find Sydney, she tries to introduce him, but Carol, upset at what she saw in the museum, refuses to acknowledge his presence, and they leave, but not before he gets Sydney’s card. Carol tells Sydney about his fight with Linda, but Sydney thinks that he is just a harmless student.

         The next morning in the museum, Grant Latham goes to Linda’s office, but finds Casey crouching over her dead body. He accuses Casey of murder, and he flees. Carol is shocked when she hears the news, and even more shocked when Casey calls Sydney for help. Carol demands that they tell the police where Casey is hiding, but Sydney says that he doesn’t seem like a murderer. She and Jeanine persuades Carol to give him a chance, and the two go to where Casey is hiding at Fort Point, underneath one end of the Golden Gate Bridge. When they get there, they find him and he tells them his side of the story. But a police car spots Casey’s car, and all three are arrested.

        Lt. Veronsky manages to spring Carol and Sydney out of their jail cell, but is baffled when Sydney tells him that they want to speak to their client, Casey Quinn. They manage to talk privately to him in his cell. He tells them that Linda and he became romantically involved during a dig in Nepal, but when they got back she met Grant Latham, and she and Casey broke up. Carol asks him why she slapped him at the museum party, and Casey says that Linda wanted to talk to him about the museum inventory, but he thought that she was using it as an excuse to get back together, which he didn’t want. He also tells that that he went to her office the morning she was killed because Latham’s secretary called to say that they wanted to give him his old job back. When he arrived, Linda was dead and he was seen by Grant Latham, who accused him of the murder. He panicked and ran.

       Carol tells Casey that Grant Latham mentioned an upcoming audit, and Casey says that Linda was in charge of the inventory tally sheets. He says that she would probably have kept them in her office, and Carol agrees, knowing that Linda was a workaholic. Leaving Casey in the jail cell, Carol and Sydney go to Linda’s apartment, only to find it totally ransacked. But they find the museum inventory talley sheets right out in the open, which shows them that the person was looking for something else. Carol notices that there is no check mark by a Egyptian pre-dynastic tablet, and they find that suspicious.

          Grant Latham tries to forestall the inventory, but is unsuccessful. It turns out that he has had a forgery made of the Egyptian tablet and sold the real item, but the fake tablet is missing, and he thinks that Linda took it to check on it’s authenticity. He contacts the person who did the forgery, a master craftsman named Oscar, but is told that he can’t do another tablet that soon.

         The police release Casey into the hands of Carol and Sydney, and they question him about the tablet. He tells them that the tablet is kept in the vault with the combination known only to Latham and Linda. He also tells them that it’s value to a collector is over $100,000. Carol tells him that the police report shows that Casey was called at 8:45 am, but that Linda was killed at 8:22am, which proves to them that he was set up to be found with the body.

         With Casey at the mansion, Carol and Sydney go to the museum on Sunday to break into the vault. While Sydney distracts the guard, Carol gets inside and then lets her in. Sydney cracks the safe, and they find that the tablet is missing, but they have inadvertently set off the museum alarm, and the two women are arrested. Lt. Veronsky lets them go with a promise that Sydney will repay him. Carol and Sydney go to Casey’s apartment and find that Linda mailed the Egyptian tablet to him the morning she was killed, and they realize that it is a fake, and that Latham killed her when she found out. They decide to pretend to be antique sellers and make him buy it from them. Because Latham had met Carol and Jeanine, Sydney will be Mrs. Beatrice Lathrop, a wealthy collector, and Casey tries to teach her some tips about early antiques, but realizing that it is hopeless, they wire her with a microphone and earpiece when she goes to meet Lathrop the next day. She successfully passes herself off with the help of Casey and Carol, who wait in the car and pass on information on Mayan and Egyptian art through the earpiece. Sydney shows photos of  “her collection” that she wants to sell, and the tablet is among them. Latham says he will buy it, and they plan to meet early the next morning to finish the deal.

          Somewhat suspicious, Latham calls Oscar and asks if he knows a Mrs. Beatrice Lathrop. Oscar says that she is 70 and confined to a wheelchair, and Latham realizes that he is being setup for the tablet. The next morning Carol and Sydney plan to sell the tablet to Latham, then let him put it back in the vault. They will then notify Lt. Veronsky, and Latham will be trapped into admitting his guilt. But when Sydney shows up at the museum with the tablet, Latham pulls a gun and demands the truth. Trapped, he tells her that he realizes that they are recording the conversation, and demand the tape or he will kill Sydney. Carol replies over the two-way microphone, and she goes inside the museum, and tells him she will meet him in the North American Room of the building. With Sydney as a shield, Latham cautiously comes to the room. He calls out for Carol, and he hears her voice coming from behind a tall glass case. He shoots at the case and shatters it, but still hears Carol’s voice. Leaving Sydney, he walks forward to find the tape recorder set on repeat, and Carol steps out from behind a wall and hits Latham over the head with a vase. Sydney picks up the gun, and Latham is caught by the two detectives.

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