Hawkeye Episode Number: 8, according to broadcast order.
Airdate: November 13, 1994.
Director: Neil Fearnley.
Writer: William Bentley.

Guest Stars: Ron Ely (Harry March) / Oliver Becker (Red) / Evan Adams (Long Feather) / Dave “Squatch” Ward (Sam) / Janet Craig (Mrs. Jacobs) / Simon Baker (Indian boy).

Other Titles: In German: "Schatten der Vergangenheit" ("Shadow Of The Past").
Lee Horsley Lynda Carter Rodney A. Grant
"Out Of The Past""Out Of The Past""Out Of The Past""Out Of The Past""Out Of The Past""Out Of The Past""Out Of The Past""Out Of The Past"

Harry March, an old experienced woodsman, and Red, a young friend, set up a small camp in the wood near Fort Bennington. Harry goes off to seek supplies at the fort. At the Delaware camp, Hawkeye and Chingachgook are relaxing when they hear shots in the woods. They take their weapons and as they try to find the reason, they see Long Feather, a Delaware Indian running towards them. They call to him, and as he reaches them, he is shot from behind by an unknown assailent. Badly wounded, he tells them he was hunting with Young Wolf, who was shot first. When Hawkeye and Chingachgook search for Young Wolf, they find him dead and scalped.

      Harry reaches the fort, and goes into Elizabeth’s trading post where she is helping Mrs. Jacobs, an elderly settler. After asking about supplies and engaging her in conversation about her being from Virginia, Harry asks if there are any experienced hunters near. She tells him about Hawkeye, and he goes off to look for him.

     Hawkeye and Chingachgook are seeking the scalper, when they meet Harry in the woods. Chingachgook is suspicious, but Hawkeye tells him that Harry is an old friend and mentor of Hawkeye, and helped him to survive by learning the ways of the wood after Hawkeye’s parents were killed by Hurons. Harry agrees to help in the hunt, and leads them back to his camp, where he kills his young friend and plants the scalp on him, then shows Hawkeye and Chingachgook the body and its’ evidence.

      Harry returns to Fort Bennington, and tells Elizabeth that he knew Hawkeye when he was a young immature boy, and taught him his woodsman skills to survive. Elizabeth tells him he did well, and Harry invites her and Hawkeye for a drink at the tavern. She happily accepts. While Hawkeye and Harry join in tavern games with Sam, the blacksmith, in which Harry bests Sam and Hawkeye by his greater strength, Harry also notices that Hawkeye and Elizabeth are attracted to each other, and he begins to plan his revenge against Hawkeye, by using Elizabeth as bait. The next day he offers to accompany Elizabeth while she delivers supplies to Mrs. Jacobs’s cabin by wagon. Harry takes over the reins and forces her to stay on the wagon as they drive off into the woods. When they stop, he tells her he is kidnapping her to make Hawkeye come after them. Elizabeth hits him in the face, then runs off into the woods. Harry, amused at her attempt to get away, easily catches up and captures her. He tells her that she is going to be kept alive only until he kills Hawkeye, and forces her to march ahead of him as they go off into the deep woods.

      Chingachgook and Hawkeye question the recovered Long Feather, and realizes that Harry was the one who shot him. They go to the fort, where Hawkeye finds a piece of paper Harry has stuck in the door with the words ‘Remember Glimmerglass.’ Hawkeye realizes that Harry has taken Elizabeth captive, and tells Chingachgook that he must go after them alone. Disgusted, Chingachgook leaves Hawkeye to pursue them.

      When they stop for a rest, Elizabeth asks Harry why he is doing this, and why he wants to kill Hawkeye. Harry tells her that Hawkeye spurned Judith, a woman that Harry loved, who died of a broken heart. He buried at her cabin at the shore of a lake she called ‘the glimmerglass’ and that is where he is taking Elizabeth for his revenge. While telling her this, Harry fashions a snare out of a swinging log to trap Hawkeye. They wait in the bushes, and when Hawkeye comes upon the trap, Elizabeth cries a warning, but Hawkeye is distracted and the log knocks him out. Instead of killing him, Harry ties Hawkeye up, takes his weapons, then pushes Elizabeth off towards the lake. Hawkeye struggles free of his bonds, like Harry knew he would, and pursues them.

     When Harry and Elizabeth reach the lake, he shows her the ruins of the cabin and the grave of Judith. Before pushing Elizabeth into a small wickiup, he tells her he will kill her quick after he kills Hawkeye slowly. But Hawkeye, realizing that Harry has gone mad, uses the woods skill Harry taught him and distracts Harry with a captured ferret. Hawkeye surprises Harry, and the two begin to fight. Harry accuses Hawkeye of spurning Judith’s love, but Hawkeye tells him he could not return her love, and had to leave her. While Elizabeth watches apprehensively, Harry fights like a wildman and Hawkeye, realizing that he must kill Harry to keep Elizabeth alive, reluctantly does so with a pistol shot.

      Elizabeth is freed, and returns with Hawkeye to the fort after he buries his old friend by the side of Judith. Touched by this act, Elizabeth writes in her diary that “it was Hawkeye’s wish to bury his friend alongside Judith so that Harry would be with her for all eternity. It was a noble gesture for Hawkeye. With a strong and honorable man I would expect no less, but there are times when I find myself wanting so much more.”

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