If it took five years for Lynda Carter to star in her second series and it was a flop, her third one wasn't any better. The third try took ten years from "Partners In Crime" and it only lasted for one season. "Hawkeye" was a free adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper's "Leatherstocking Tales". It was set in the Hudson Valley of 1755 during the wars against the French and the Indians. Lee Horsley, of former Matt Houston fame, played the title role. Hawkeye it's a hunter and woodsman who occasional works occasionally for the soldiers of Fort Bennington. Lynda Carter plays Elizabeth Shields, who, with her husband William leave Virginia and set up a trading post at the fort. Their saved by Hawkeye and his friend Chigachgook from death by the hands of Huron Indians. Nevertheless, William would be later set up by his own brother, Captain Taylor Shields, the second in command at the fort. Elizabeth is now on charge of the post and little by little she and Hawkeye will develop a relantionship. She's oftenly assisted by teenagers McKinney and Peevey. The series was enterily filmed on location at the British Columbia. It is true that it's not the same measuring the real level of success of a network series than a syndicated one. At least it lasted for an entire season. But the Lynda Carter case was not the only star of the seventies than 

found it difficult to star in another successful series, in fact, most of the famous TV stars of the seventies never had another successful series again. Let's take for instance Lindsay Wagner, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett and many more. But they do have one thing in common, they keep themselves as familiar faces thanks to telefilms, once again Lynda it's no exception to the rule. Only time will tell if she will ever have another succesful series of her own. Who knows?

Other titles: "La Legende D'Hawkeye" ("The Legend Of Hawkeye") in France / "Lederstrumpf" ("Leatherstocking") in Germany (Shown on RTL2 during 1995-96).

Number of Episodes: 22 episodes.
Broadcast Network: Syndicated.
Supplier: Stephen J. Cannell Productions.
Running Time: 60 minutes.
First Season Premiere: September 18, 1994.
First Season Last Episode: May 14, 1995.
Awards: None.
Lynda Carter and Lee Horsley.
LEE HORSLEY (Nathaniel 'Hawkeye' Bumppo).
LYNDA CARTER (Elizabeth Shields).
RODNEY A. GRANT (Chingachgook).
GARWIN SANFORD (Captain Taylor Shields).
JED REES (Peevey).
MICHAEL BERRY (William Shields).
DUNCAN FRASER (Colonel Munro).
Lynda Carter: "Hawkeye"
Producers: David Levinson, John Smith, Steve Feke.
Production Designer: Phil Schmidt.
Art Direction: James Cordeiro.
Cinematography: Brenton Spencer.
Music: Joel Goldsmith.
Costume Design: Kate Healy.
Special Effects: Andrew Chamberlain.
Stunts: Danny Virtue.
Construction Coordinator: Clare Davis.
Property Master: Clive Edwards.
Military Advisor: Simon Sherwood.
A Stephen J. Cannell Production.

1755. New York's Hudson Valley. The action is set during the war years between the Britons against the French and the Indians over the possession of the valley. Nathaniel "Hawkeye" Bumppo it's a woodsman and hunter who along with his friend and Indian companion Chingachgook oftenly lend a hand at Fort Bennington. William Shields and her wife Elizabeth move over to the fort to run a trading post but the Indians end up capturing him. Elizabeth takes over the trading post and develops a relationship with Hawkeye after her husband's supposed death.

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