Hawkeye Episode Number: 7, according to broadcast order.
Airdate: November 6, 1994.
Director: Ken Girotti.
Writer: Vivienne Radkoff.

Guest Stars: Daniel Richer (Danny Jackson) / Jesse Moss (Wind Shadow) / Sandra Ferens (Charlotte Jackson) / Dave “Squatch” Ward (Sam).

Other Titles: In German: "Tödliche Vision" ("Fatal Vision").
Lee Horsley Lynda Carter Rodney A. Grant
"The Vision""The Vision""The Vision""The Vision""The Vision""The Vision""The Vision""The Vision"

Chingachgook is troubled in his thoughts and seeks answers with his tribe’s shaman. In a vision in the shaman’s lodge, Chingachgook sees Hawkeye following a dark cloaked figure through the woods. Suddenly Hawkeye is felled by an arrow in the back, and Chingachgook turns him over to find his blood brother dead.

      In following visions, Chingachgook sees that the figure in the cloak is Elizabeth, and he sees Hawkeye fighting hostiles while she watches from a cabin door, and again he is killed by an arrow. Although the shaman says that Chingachgook can do nothing to change this vision, he refuses to accept Hawkeye’s death.

      Hawkeye goes to Elizabeth’s trading post to get fishing line, and helps her roll up a bearskin she has traded with the Iroquois. As their hands touch, he and she realize that their feelings have become more apparent to both, but both back away from a revealing encounter. Hawkeye gives Elizabeth back two of her books, and she is impressed by his growing reading skills as he reads a line out of a book of Shakespeare she lent him. “I have a good teacher,” he says.

      Elizabeth goes to the Delaware camp to teach the children English as asked by Naduah, a Delaware woman who has influence in the tribe. As she leaves, she sees Chingachgook and tells him how impressed she is that the Delaware would let a woman sit in council. She is confused when Chingachgook refuses to talk to her, except to warn her not to ask Hawkeye to come after her. A group of renegade Delaware warriors led by Wind Shadow enters the camp. They have killed and robbed a group of settlers away from Fort Bennington, and when they offer to trade with Chingachgook their spoils for food, he and Hawkeye turn them away. They leave to search for easier pickings. Chingachgook then tries to talk to Hawkeye about his vision, but is forbidden by the shaman to do so.

      McKinney and Peevey persuade Elizabeth to advance them some of their wages, and although she knows they will squander it, she agrees. Running into the fort, Danny Jackson, a young boy, summons Elizabeth to help Charlotte, his mother, who is about to give birth on their nearby farm. As she leaves the fort, Chingachgook, who watches from a nearby hill, sees Elizabeth leave with Danny. She is wearing the dark cloak he saw in his vision. He knows that it is about to come true, and makes his decision to follows her and take the arrow for Hawkeye.

      Elizabeth tells McKinney and Peevey to watch the trading post until she returns. But the boys take their money and bet on a drinking game at the tavern where Sam, the blacksmith, has bet he can guess any drink put before him blindfolded. McKinney’s plan is to double their money and invest in a ‘miraculous elixir’ he has seen advertised for sale. Mary, the barmaid, puts three glasses before Sam. He guesses the first two are red corn whiskey and rum, but is stumped by the taste of the third. Unable to guess, he takes off the blindfold and gives up. The third glass is plain spring water, and McKinney and Peevey lose their chance to be rich elixir salesmen.

      Traveling to his cabin, the boy Danny tells Elizabeth that he is man enough to help his mother, and resents that Elizabeth is there. She persuades him that his father asked her to come help while he was away with the colonial militia helping the British army fight the French and Indians. Elizabeth helps Charlotte to give birth to a baby girl. It is a hard delivery, and Danny is shaken by seeing his mother’s pain in childbirth. Elizabeth comforts him and moves him to go his mother. She pauses to rest, happy to see the three together, but is horrified to see Wind Song and his hostiles surrounding the cabin. Using the cabin’s supply of muskets and homemade grenades, she and Danny begin to fight off the attacks by the hostiles. They kill two, and the rest regroup to plan another strategy. Chingachgook, who has followed Danny and Elizabeth, sees the fight, and also sees that the cabin is the same that he saw in his vision. Undaunted, he runs to help them. True to his vision, an arrow is fired by Wind Shadow, but it strikes Chingachgook in the back, not Hawkeye.

      Back at the Delaware camp, Hawkeye confronts the shaman about the vision Chingachgook has had, and the shaman tells him that his blood brother has gone to take the arrow for Hawkeye.

     He rushes to the cabin, to see Elizabeth, Danny and his mother trying to drag Chingachgook, who is still alive, inside the cabin to safety from the menacing hostiles. Hawkeye charges into the warriors, and fights them off, killing Wind Song in the battle. The rest of the warriors flee, and he and Elizabeth cut the arrow from Chingachgook, who survives his wound.

      Afterward in her quarters at Fort Bennington, Elizabeth writes in her diary “Sometime later I learned what had happened between Hawkeye and Chingachgook….how they had been willing…to die for

each other. I can only imagine being loved by someone that much”, she finishes. “I can only imagine.”

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