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After three irregular seasons -and an official year of absence from the screen-, Hanna-Barbera and ABC embarked on "Super Friends: The Lendary Super Powers Show," the twelfth season for the animated superheroes, and the fourth big series in the saga.

     This time Hanna Barbera left behind three seasons of producing 7-minutes shorts and returned to the half-hour format. The series coincided with a line of toys by the Kenner Company and a series of comics by DC Comics, both under the "Super Powers" title. This toyline featured Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman and Robin, Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman, as well as the Batmobile, the Supermobile and the Hall of Justice. Lex Luthor, Brainiac, The Penguin and The Joker made the villains line-up, though the last two were not featured in the animated series.

     The series featured the core group minus Aquaman [though he appears in the opening sequences], and the debut of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, who comes out from the fusion of two people: Professor Martin Stein and student Ronald Raymond. While Ronald is at a nuclear protest, terrorists plant a bomb in the Professor's lab and after the explosion they find out that the became fused as Firestorm. The Flash which is also featured in the opening sequence is not featured at all in any of the episodes, and Green Lantern only makes a brief cameo. The series also marks the debut of Darkseid, Desaad and Kalibak.

     After several seasons most of the staff for the series was renewed, and not only when it comes to the animation. Adam West, the famous Batman from the campy series of the 60s, took over Olan Soule for the voice of the Caped Crusader. By the other hand, Shannon Farnon left the series after 12 years and was replaced by Mary McDonald Lewis as Wonder Woman.

Featured SUPERFRIENDS: Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Zan, Jayna and their pet-monkey Gleek, Black Vulcan, Samurai, El Dorado, Apache Chief, Green Lantern, Firestorm.

Featured VILLAINS: Darkseid, Kalibak, Desaad, Brainiac, The Mirror Master, Lex Luthor, Benny the Bungler, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Dollmaker, Romlar, Dr. Korwin.

"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [SUPERMAN]"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [BATMAN]"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [ROBIN]"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [WONDER WOMAN] "Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [ZAN, JAYNA and Gleek]"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [APACHE CHIEF]"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [GREEN LANTERN]"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [SAMURAI]

Number of Episodes: 16 episodes.

Broadcast Network: ABC.

Running Time: 30 minutes.

Broadcast History: Premiered on Saturday, September 8, 1984 and ran through August 31, 1985.

Executive Producers: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera.
Producer: Kay Wright.

Story Editors: Alan Burnett, Jeff Segal.

Supervising Director: Ray Patterson.

Director: Oscar Dufau.

Assistant Director: Jay Sarbry.

Story Direction: Bill Barry, Lew Saw, Mitch Schauer, Michael Malian, Kay Wright.

Recording Director: Gordon Hunt.
Animation Casting Director: Ginny McSwain.
Title Design: Mitch Schauer.
Graphics: Iraj Paran, Tom Wogatzke.
Musical Director: Hoyt Curtin.
Musical Supervisor: Paul DeKorte.
Creative Producer: Iwao Takamoto.

Design Supervisor: Bob Singer.

Character Design: Geof Darrow, Lew Ott, Gabriel Hoyos.
Layout Supervisor: Lew Saw.

Animation Supervisors: Roger Chiasson, Sean Newton, Don Spencer.

Sound Direction: Alvy Dorman, Phil Flad.

Camera: Bob Marples.

Supervising Film Editor: Larry C. Cowan.
Dubbing Supervisor: Pat Foley.
Music Editors: Cecil Broughton, Daniels McLean, Terry Moore, Joe Gandusky.

Effects Editors: Michael Bradley, David Cowan, Mary Gleason, Jon Johnson, Carol Lewis, Catherine McKenzie, Kerry Williams, Jerry Winicki.

Show Editor: Gil Iverson.

Post-Production Supervisor: Joed Eaton.

Production Manager: James Wang.

Executive Consultant: William E. DeBoer.

Production Coordinators: Peter Aries, Lew Saw.

Executives In Charge of Production: Jayne Barbera and Jayne McCurdy.

Supervising Executive Producer: Margaret Loesch.

Distributors: ABC-TV / LBS Communications Inc. / Warner Bros. Television.

1984 Hanna-Barbera Productions / DC Comics.

DANNY DARK [Superman].
ADAM WEST [Batman].
BILL CALLAWAY [Aquaman / Bizarro].
BUSTER JONES [Black Vulcan].
MICHAEL RYE [Apache Chief / Green Lantern].
JACK ANGEL [Samurai / Flash / Hawkman].
MARK TAYLOR [Firestorm / Ronnie Raymond].
OLAN SOULE [Professor Martin Stein].
FRANK WELKER [Darkseid / Kalibak / Mr. Mxyzptlk].
WILLIAM WOODSON [Series Narrator].
BOB LLOYD [Titles and Teasers Narrator].
"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [BLACK VULCAN]"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [EL DORADO]"Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show" [FIRESTORM]

THE BRIDE OF DARKSEID (PART I): The Superfriends meet a new super hero, Firestorm, whose youthful exuberance and amazing powers of atomic transmutation impress the heroes enough to offer him membership in the team. He eagerly accepts, and his power is added at the right time, for soon after the Superfriends are introduced to their most powerful and dangerous foe... Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, who desires Wonder Woman for his bride.

THE BRIDE OF DARKSEID (PART II): Darkseid succeeds in kidnapping Wonder Woman, due partly to Firestorm's inexperience, but he more than makes up for it when he journeys to Apokolips with the Superfriends and helps rescue Wonder Woman, making Darkseid their mortal enemy in the process.

THE WRATH OF BRAINIAC: Darkseid joins forces with Brainiac and uses his Omega Beams to fully charge Brainiac's android duplicates of Superman and Wonder Woman to capture the Super Friends.

REFLECTION IN CRIME: The Super Friends contend with the Mirror Master, who uses a special device to trap our heroes in the dimension behind the mirrors.

NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES: Lex Luthor invents a power transfuser to transfer the Super Friends' powers to himself. He teams with Darkseid to set the trap. Having obtained their powers, Luthor tries to conquer Darkseid, but the ruler of Apokolips is ready for him and exposes him to Kryptonite dust. Luthor has no choice but to get the Super Friends back and restore their powers and he learns the hard way that there's no honor among thieves.

MR. MXYZPTLK AND THE MAGIC LAMP: The Super Friends are totally baffled at how Benny the Bungler, an incompetent crook is suddenly pulling off super crimes after stealing Aladdin's Lamp. They are unaware that Mr. Mxyzptlk is back and is toying with everyone again by pretending to be a genie using his magic to make Benny look good.

THE CASE OF THE SHRINKING SUPER FRIENDS: When the senior heroes are called away on a space mission to save a dying planet from destruction, the teenage Super Friends are left to guard the Hall of Justice. But our young heroes have quite an adventure when Lex Luthor  uses his contractor ray to shrink the Hall of Justice and the teen Super Friends down to size.

MASK OF MYSTERY: The Super Friends discover a super hero wannabe named Captain Mystery who wants to be a Super Friend, but he just doesn't have what it takes to fight crime effectively, yet his clumsiness actually saves our heroes from a trap that Lex Luthor sets for them when he steals the computer disk that will access their computers.

DARKSEID'S GOLDEN TRAP (Part 1): On Space Station Zeno, Darkseid appears at an underworld auction. Meanwhile, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Vulcan, and Firestorm capture a group of criminals in space. The latter three take the criminals' clothes and disguise themselves to infiltrate the auction. However, Superman has to bough out because the mission is too dangerous for him! Why? Darkseid tries to obtain a rare piece of gold kryptonite, capable of draining Superman's powers for good! The Super Friends outbid Darkseid but are found out and captured.

DARKSEID'S GOLDEN TRAP (Part 2): At the Hall of Justice, Superman, Batman, and El Dorado get worried because the others at the auction have failed to return. Darkseid contacts them and says the others are trapped in an asteroid on a collision course with a star, but not which one. Superman decides to take a chance on rescuing Wonder Woman, Black Vulcan, and Firestorm with a little help from a Vegan shoeshine boy named Snitch. On the Moon of Games, the three rescuers learn from Kalibak that their friends are heading for the distant star Beta Maximus. Superman rescues the others, but Darkseid uses the gold kryptonite on him. Just as Darkseid thinks he has won, he finds out the hard way that El Dorado disguised Batman as Superman under an illusion, and Superman's powers remain intact.

CASE OF THE DREADFUL DOLLS: The villainous Dollmaker uses Magic Mud to make golden dolls of the Super Friends and is able to control their minds and actions and one by one, he makes them all committ crimes. Only El Dorado can save everybody before Dollmaker can make a doll of him.

ROYAL RUSE: The Super Friends respond to an emergency on Tyron 7, a planet that Darkseid has enslaved and plans to use to test his latest weapon which will banish a planet into the negative universe.

VILLAGE OF THE LOST SOULS: When Apache Chief takes the Wonder Twins on a nature hike, they all wind up in an adventure in the small town of Buzzard's Roost where the people are all under some sort of trance. When the Twins are captured, Wonder Woman joins Apache Chief and discovers that Brainiac is the culprit who controls the townspeople's minds.

CURATOR: Superman, Samurai, and Firestorm journey to a planet where Romlar, curator of the Galactic Museum is stealing people and monuments from all over the galaxy and putting them in suspended animation for prosperity, including the Hall of Justice and the other Super Friends.

ISLAND OF THE DINOSOIDS: When the Batplane crashes on an island, Batman and Prof. Stein disappear along with the professor's omnicaster. The Super Friends arrive later and encounter Dr. Korwin, who's Genetto Beam changes animals into their dinosaur counterparts. It turns out that Dr. Korwin was accidentally changed into a reptile man called a dinosoid and he has done the same thing to Batman and the professor.

UNCLE MXYZPTLK: It's a quiet day when the Wonder Twins bring a red rock to the Hall of Justice that turns out to be Red Kryptonite which changes Superman into a little Super Brat. Mr. Mxyzptlk takes advantage of the situation and reenters Earth to be the spoiling uncle and use Super Brat to annoy the Super Friends.

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