"The Lost Super Friends Episodes"

As mentioned in the previous entry, and, in spite that ABC only whowed reruns during the 1982-83 season, Hanna-Barbera continued producing the 7-minute shorts like they did in the last two seasons. Only three of this episodes were shown along with the following series ["Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show"], and while they were shown in other countries, in the States they were only seen in the 1990s in the syndicated package of "The Superman / Batman Adventures.

Featured SUPERFRIENDS: Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Zan, Jayna and their pet-monkey Gleek, Apache Chief, The Flash, Samurai, Black Vulcan, The Atom, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, El Dorado, Superboy.

Featured VILLAINS: Mr. Mxyzptlk, Mohawk Indian spirit, super zoons, Grodd The Gorilla, Giganta, Bulgor the Behemoth, alien space dolls, mutant algae, Legion of Doom, the Volti and teh Slorums, Logar, Hol and Romlok, Brainiac, Sleep - Demon of the Dream World, malasian waste alien organism, cat creatures, Bizarro, space punks, spaceball aliens, etc.

Number of Episodes: 24 episodes (7-minute shorts).

Broadcast Network: ABC.
Running Time: 30 minutes.
Broadcast History: Premiered on September, 1980 and ran through September, 1981.
Executive Producers: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera.
Producer: Don Jurwich.
Directors: Ray Patterson, Carl Urbano.
Creative Producer: Iwao Takamoto.
Recording Director: Don Jurwich.
Musical Director: Hoyt Curtin.
Musical Supervisor: Paul DeKorte.
Animation Supervision: Bill Keil, Jay Barbry, Bob Boe.
Background Supervisor: Al Gmuer.
Production Manager: Jayne Barbera.
Distributors: ABC-TV / LBS Communications Inc. / Warner Bros. Television.
1983 Hanna-Barbera Productions / DC Comics.
DANNY DARK [Superman].
OLAN SOULE [Batman].
SHANNON FARNON [Wonder Woman].
MICHAEL BELL [Zan / Gleek].
JACK ANGEL [Samurai / Flash / Hawkman].
BUSTER JONES [Black Vulcan].
MIKE RYE [Apache Chief / Green Lantern].
WALLY BURR [The Atom].

MXYZPTLK"S REVENGE: Superman and Batman are pulled into the fifth dimension on Mr. Mxyzptlk's world where they are subject to his hijinks and saying his name backwards will not work.

ROLLER COASTER: When a club has a pledge ride a condemned roller coaster for an initiation, the ride begins falling apart. The Wonder Twins need the help of the tiny Atom to shut off the ride and get the pledge down safely.

ONCE UPON A POLTERGEIST: The Super Friends respond to an emergency when the Wayne Building begins shaking in Gotham City, yet there is no earthquake. During the investigation, Apache Chief ultimately discovers that the cause of the building's rumblings is the spirit of a Mohawk Indian who is lost in another dimension and accidentally thinks the Wayne Building was built on their burial site.

WARPLAND: Superman and Batman speed to try to stop a meteor from hitting Metropolis, but they go so fast, they wind up entering another dimension where they are captured by animals called Super Zoons who feel they will function better as one of them.

TWO GLEEKS ARE DEADLIER THAN ONE: When Wonder Woman and Green Lantern announce a meeting of all the Super Friends at the Hall of Justice, the Wonder Twins are assigned guard duty, but their pet, Gleek is abducted by Grodd the Gorilla and Giganta who replace him with an evil android who enters the Hall of Justice and disentigrates all the Super Friends or does he?

BULGOR THE BEHEMOTH: A freak thunderstorm strikes the typewriter of a TV writer who is typing out an episode of a TV character he created. The writer is changed into Bulgor the Behemoth, his TV character, who seems invincible to Superman and Apache Chief who ultimately realize that the monster is merely a man who is unconsciously acting out his own fanatasies.

THE KRYPTON SYNDROME: While on a space mission in his Supermobile, Superman is pulled into a black hole with a time wp and returns to his home planet Krypton and prevents it from exploding, yet Superman does not realize the consequences of his actions affecting the present time on Earth.

INVASION OF THE SPACE DOLLS: Alien space dolls are taking over the planet when they disguise themsleves as toys. They immoblize Batman and Robin and take over the Hall of Justice leaving the Wonder Twins to tangle with them.

TERROR ON THE TITANIC: A pair of divers discover the sunken Titanic, but a strange mutant algae causes the ship to come to life as a monster and only Aquaman and Black Vulcan stand any chance of stopping it.

THE REVENGE OF DOOM: The Legion of Doom reunites to start a new crimewave. They temporarily capture Batman and Robin and they use Lex Luthor's crystalizing ray to turn Superman and Wonder Woman into crystal statues. But these things don't stop our four resourceful heroes who still manage to turn thier situations to their advantage.

A PINT OF LIFE: A young boy is in an accident and needs a blood transfusion for an operation, but only his father, an archaeology professor, who is currently in the Amazon jungle, is the only person with the boy's same rare blood type. The Wonder Twins call Aquaman for help in finding him.

DAY OF THE DINOSAURS: A sink hole causes the Hall of Justice to fall into the center of the Earth where Wonder Woman and Samuraui wind up in the middle of a war between two underground civilizations. The high tech Volti and the primitive Slorums.

RETURN OF THE PHANTOMS: A space time traveler accidentally frees Logar, Hol, and Romlok from the Phantom Zone. The three villains force the traveler to take them back in time where they plan to destroy Superman as a boy so that he can never put them in the Phantom Zone.

BULLY FOR YOU: While Batman and Robin are training the Wonder Twins, they respond to a rescue call. During the rescue, Batman loses his utility belt, which is found by a frustrated high school sophomore who decides to use the utlilty belt and Bat devices to stand up to a couple of seniors giving him a hard time at school.

SUPERCLONES: Brainiac manages to acquire living cells from Aquaman and El Dorado's skins and uses them to create evil superclones of the heroes. After the clones capture the real heroes, they committ a crime and allow themselves to be caught and put on trial so they can incriminate the Super Friends and ruin their good name. Only the real Aquaman and El Dorado can triumph over Brainiac.

PRISONERS OF SLEEP: When a strange device is found in a coal mine, Superman and Batman investigate and by opening it, they accidentally release an untouchable spirit called Sleep, Demon of the Dream World, who puts our heroes to sleep where they suddenly encounter death traps in their unconsciousness. Wonder Woman goes into the dream world after them to get them out relying only on a coal miner to use the magic lasso to wake them up.

AN UNEXPECTED TREASURE: A couple of kids riding their bikes accidentally discover an alien ship on Government property. When they enter it, the ship takes off on auto pilot. The Wonder Twins try to get the kids out before the ship returns to its own world, but the need help from Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

THE MALUSIAN BLOB: An alien organism consisitng of waste from the planet Malusia wonders into the Earth's orbit. When the canister is accidentally opened, the organism winds up on Earth and despite the Super Friends's efforts, it seems unstoppable. Ultimately, Batman learns that common table sugar will destroy it.

ATTACK OF THE CATS: The Super Friends search for two scientists who have been accidentally turned into cat creatures as the result of an experiment gone wrong. Their job is even more complicated when Robin is scratched and turned into a cat creature.

ONE SMALL STEP FOR SUPERMAN: A small boy runs from a bear and takes a fall. When he wakes up and learns that his dog is dead, he also discovers he can't walk. Yet the doctors find nothing wrong with his legs. Neither can Batman's Batcomputer in the Batcave. Feeling that the paralysis is in the boy's mind, Superman is contacted and an exciting action set up is staged to get the boy walking again.

VIDEO VICTIMS: Bizarro uses a video game he invented to toy around with the Super Friends by zapping them into his video game.

PLAYGROUND OF DOOM: The Super Friends have to contend with three giant alien space children who consider the Earth one big playground and the people and vehicles as toys.

SPACE RACERS: While patroling space, the Wonder Twins have to contend with a couple of space punks who are racing too fast in space. Zan and Jayna even get separated briefly, so they need the help of Wonder Woman and the Flash.

THE RECRUITER: Superman and Wonder Woman are captured by an alien who captures and recruits powerful beings all over the Galaxy to play an illegal sport called Spaceball. But our two heroes make a plan with the other creatures and promote teamwork to get out of their situation and make everyone winners.

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