"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure"

After one season of sharing the bill with the Big Blue Guy, Aquaman, ruler of the Seven Seas, got a space of his own with repeats of the same episodes featured in "The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" from the previous season. The half-hour series  consisted of two seven-minute episodes per show of Aquaman and one episode of the "Guest Superheroes," featured -as mentioned in the former entry- other DC Superheroes like Atom, Flash, Hawman and Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Justice League and Teen Titans with Wonder Girl. The series lasted for a season before going into syndication. No new episodes were produced for this series.

Number of Episodes: 54 episodes of which 36 of Aquaman and 18 of Guest Superheroes.

Broadcast Network: CBS
Running Time: 30 minutes [featuring 3 seven-minute cartoons].
Broadcast History: Premiered on September 14, 1968 and ran through September 7, 1969.
Series Creator: Fred Silverman.
Producers: Allen Ducovny, Norm Prescott, Lou Scheimer.
Director: Hal Sutherland.
Associate Directors: Rudy Larriva, Amby Paliwoda, Don Towsley, Lou Zukor.
Art Director: Don Christensen.
Storyboard: Sherman Labby, Oscar Dufau, Mike O'Conner, Jan Green, Gary Lund.

Layout: Dan Noonan, Ray Vinella, Herb Hazelton, C.L. Hartman, Jacques Rupp, Ray Jacobs, Kay Wright, Louise Sandoval, Takashi, Mike Ploog, Bill Lignante, Marilee Heyer, Alberto Demello, Dick Preisen, Frank Gonzales, Mel Keefer, Sylvia Mattinson, Kay Wright.

Background Director: Erv Kaplan.

Background Artists: Paul Kander, Bill Geach, Martin Forte, Jack Healey, Ted Littlefield, Art Lozzi, Jim Jones, Maurice Harvey, Venetia Epier, Patricia Frye, Rene Garcia, Bill McArdle, Lorraine Morgan, Ann Guenther, Barbara Smith.

Animation: Bill Hajee, Ralph Somervville, Len Rogers, Murray McCellan, Len Redman, Jim Brummett, Bob Carr, Russ Von Neida, Bob Bransford, Joan Orbison, Bill Prett, Marshall Lamore, Bob Bentley, Jack Foster, Norm McCabe, Geo Grandpre, Judy Drake, Bill Reed, Chic Otterstrom, Les Kaluza, Xenia, Bill Hutten, Otto Feuer, Ken Southworth, Jack Ozark, Reuber Timmins, Ed Friedman, Butch Davis, Virgil Raddatz, Bob Trochim, Virgil Ross, Tom McDonald, Dave Tendlar, Bob Matz, Paul Krukowski, Dick Hall.

Camera Supervision: Roger Brown, Ray Lee, Ron LaPeer, Gary Milton, Sergio Antonio Alcazar, Roger Sims.
Sound Effects: Enfeld Mahana Corp.
Production Coordinator: Rock Benedict.
Checking Supervisor: Marion Turk.
Ink and Paint Supervision: Martha Buckley.
Supplier/Producer: Filmation.
Produced by Norm Prescott, Lou Schemer.
All characters are copyright 1968 by National Periodical Publications.
A Duconvy Productions Inc. Presentation.
Produced at Filmation Associates in Hollywood in association with the Duconvy Prod., Inc.
1968 Duconvy Productions Inc. / Filmation Associates / CBS Television Inc.
TED KNIGHT [Aquaman / Narrator / Storm / Imp / Tusky / Kyro / Guardian Of The Universe].
MARVIN MILLER [Aquaman / Additional Voices].
JULIE BENNETT [Wonder Girl].
TOMMY COOK [Kid Flash].
PAT HARRINGTON Jr. [Atom / Ray Palmer / Speedy].
GERALD MOHR [Green Lantern / Hal Jordan].
CLIFF OWENS [Flash / Barry Allen].

AQUAMAN: [Two episodes per show]. "Menace Of The Black Manta" / "Rampaging Reptile Men" / "Return Of Nepto" / "Fiery Invaders" / "Sea Raiders" / "War Of The Water Worlds" / "Volcanic Monster" / "Crimson Monster From Pink Pool" / "Ice Dragon" / "Deadly Drillers" / "Vassa, Queen Of Mermen" / "Microscopic Monster" / "Onslaught Of The Octomen" / "Treacherous Is The Torpedoman" / "Satanic Saturnians" / "Brain-Brave And Bold" / "Where Lurks The Fisherman" / "Mephistos Marine Marauders" / "The Trio Of Terror" / "The Torp, The Magneto, And The Claw" / "Goliaths Of The Deep-Sea Gorge" / "Sinister Sea Scamp" / "Devil Fish" / "The Sea Scavengers" / "In Captain Cuda's Clutches" / "The MirrorMan From Planet Imago" / "The Sea Sorcerer" / "The Sea Snares of Captain Sly" / "The Undersea Trojan Horse" / "The Vicious Villainy Of Vassa" / "Programmed For Destruction" / "The War of The Quatix And Bimphabs" / "The Stickman Of Stygia" / "Three Wishes To Trouble" / "The Silver Sphere" and "The Old Man Of The Sea [To Catch A Fisherman]."

GUEST STAR SUPERHEROES: [Two episodes every other show]. "Between Two Armies" [Justice League of America], "Target Earth" [Justice League of America], "Bad Day On Black Mountain" [Justice League of America], "Invasion Of The Beetle People" [Atom], "The Planet Machine" [Atom], "House Of Doom" [Atom], "The Monster Machine" [Teen Titans], "Monster Roundup" [Teen Titans], "Operation Rescue" [Teen Titans], "The Chemo Creature" [Flash], "Take A Giant Step" [Flash], "To Catch A Blue Bolt" [Flash], "Peril From Pluto" [Hawkman], "A Visit To Venus" [Hawkman], "The TwentyThird Dimension" [Hawkman], "Evil Is As Evil Does" [Green Lantern], "The Vanishing World" [Green Lantern] and "Sirena-Empress Of Evil" [Green Lantern].

CHECK FORMER ENTRY for description of the three episodes of Teen Titans featuring Wonder Girl. As mentioned above these episodes were part of the segment "Guest Superheroes."

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