"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure""The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Aquaman, King Of The Seven Seas]

Supie made his animated television debut with "The New Adven-tures Of Superman" on CBS in September 16, 1966 and ran through September 2, 1967. It was later rebroadcast from Sep-tember 2, 1969 through September 5, 1970. It was a half-hour animated series produced by Filmation, and a year later it was teamed-up with Aquaman in "The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure." Along with Aquala and his wife Mera, Aquaman made the transition to animated television with new episodes specially produced for this series. Basically it consisted of six seven-minute cartoons: two episodes of Superman [repeated from the previous series "The New Adventures of Superman"]; two new episodes of Aquaman [produced for this series]; two episodes of Superboy every other show [repeated from the previous Superman series], all of them alternated with two episodes of "Guest Stars" car-toons every other show, featuring the debut of other DC Comics characters like Atom, The Flash, Green Latern, Hawkman, Hawk-girl, Justice League of America and Teen Titans. Oddly enough, the Justice League didn't feature Wonder Woman but instead the Teen Titans featured Wonder Girl, and hence this is considered the animated debut of Wonder Woman. The reason for this exclusion remains unknown but it certainly served for inspiration in the future creations of Hanna-Barbera cartoons of Superfriends.

"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Teen Titans Segment]"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Teen Titans: Wonder Girl]"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Teen Titans: Wonder Girl]"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Teen Titans: Wonder Girl]"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Teen Titans: Wonder Girl]"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Teen Titans: Wonder Girl]"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Teen Titans: Wonder Girl]"The Superman / Aquaman Hour Of Adventure" [Teen Titans: Wonder Girl]

Number of Episodes: 132 episodes of which 52 were of the Superman segment, 26 of Superboy, 36 of Aquaman and 18 of Guest Superheroes.

Broadcast Network: CBS.

Running Time: 60 minutes [featuring 6 seven-minute cartoons].

Broadcast History: Premiered on September 9, 1967 and ran through September 7, 1968.

Series Creator: Fred Silverman.
Producers: Allen Ducovny, Norm Prescott, Lou Scheimer.
Director: Hal Sutherland.

Associate Directors: Rudy Larriva, Amby Paliwoda, Don Towsley, Lou Zukor.

Art Director: Don Christensen.

Storyboard: Sherman Labby, Oscar Dufau, Mike O'Conner, Jan Green, Gary Lund.

Layout: Dan Noonan, Ray Vinella, Herb Hazelton, C.L. Hartman, Jacques Rupp, Ray Jacobs, Kay Wright, Louise Sandoval, Takashi, Mike Ploog, Bill Lignante, Marilee Heyer, Alberto Demello, Dick Preisen, Frank Gonzales, Mel Keefer, Sylvia Mattinson, Kay Wright.

Background Director: Erv Kaplan.

Background Artists: Paul Kander, Bill Geach, Martin Forte, Jack Healey, Ted Littlefield, Art Lozzi, Jim Jones, Maurice Harvey, Venetia Epier, Patricia Frye, Rene Garcia, Bill McArdle, Lorraine Morgan, Ann Guenther, Barbara Smith.

Animation: Bill Hajee, Ralph Somervville, Len Rogers, Murray McCellan, Len Redman, Jim Brummett, Bob Carr, Russ Von Neida, Bob Bransford, Joan Orbison, Bill Prett, Marshall Lamore, Bob Bentley, Jack Foster, Norm McCabe, Geo Grandpre, Judy Drake, Bill Reed, Chic Otterstrom, Les Kaluza, Xenia, Bill Hutten, Otto Feuer, Ken Southworth, Jack Ozark, Reuber Timmins, Ed Friedman, Butch Davis, Virgil Raddatz, Bob Trochim, Virgil Ross, Tom McDonald, Dave Tendlar, Bob Matz, Paul Krukowski, Dick Hall.

Camera Supervision: Roger Brown, Ray Lee, Ron LaPeer, Gary Milton, Sergio Antonio Alcazar, Roger Sims.

Sound Effects: Enfeld Mahana Corp.
Production Coordinator: Rock Benedict.
Checking Supervisor: Marion Turk.
Ink and Paint Supervision: Martha Buckley.
Supplier/Producer: Filmation.
Produced by Norm Prescott, Lou Schemer.

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Produced at Filmation Associates in Hollywood in association with the Duconvy Prod., Inc.

© 1967 Duconvy Productions Inc. / Filmation Associates / CBS Television Inc.
BUD COLLYER [Superman / Clark Kent].
BOB HASTINGS [Superboy].
JACKSON BECK [Perry White / Narrator].
JACK GRIMES [Jimmy Olsen].
JANET WALDO [Lana Lang].
MARVIN MILLER [Aquaman / Additional Voices].
JULIE BENNETT [Wonder Girl].
TOMMY COOK [Kid Flash].

PAT HARRINGTON Jr. [The Atom / Ray Palmer / Speedy / The Mayor].

GERALD MOHR [Green Lantern / Hal Jordan].
CLIFF OWENS [Flash / Barry Allen].

TED KNIGHT [Narrator / Storm / Imp / Tusky / Kyro / Guardian Of The Universe].

SUPERMAN: [Two episodes per show]. "The Chimp Who Made it Big" / "The Saboteurs" / "The ImpPractical Joker" / "Luthor Strikes Again" / "Superman Meets Braniac" / "The Deadly Fish" / "The Prankster" / "Menace Of The Lava Men" / "The Iron Eater" / "War Of The Bee Battalion" / "The Return Of Braniac" / "The Wicked Warlock" / "The Image Maker" / "Two Faces of Superman,"  "Merlin's Magic Marbles,"  "Invisible Raiders,"  "Malevolent Mummy,"  "Threat Of The Thrutans,"  "Tree-Man Of Arbora,"  "Mission Of Planet Peril,"  "Mermen Of Emor,"  "The Lethal Lightening Bug,"  "Wisp Of Wickedness" / "The Prehistoric Pterodactyls" / "The Abominable Iceman" / "Seed Of Disaster" / "Neolithic Nightmare" / "Superman Meets His Match-Almost," The Deadly Icebergs" / "The Pernicious Parasite" / "The Toys Of Doom" / "The Robot Of Riga" / "Return Of The Warlock" / "Ape Army Of The Amazon" / "The Atomic Superman" / "The Deadly Super-Doll" / "The Fearful Force Phantom" / "The Electro-Magnetic Monster" / "The Insect Raiders" / "The Warlock's Revenge" / "The Men From A.P.E." / "The Frightful Fire Phantom" / "The Halyah Of The Himalayas" / "A.P.E. Strikes Again" / "The Bird- Len From Lost Valley" / "The Toyman's Super Toy" / "Superman's Double-Trouble" / "Luthor's Loco Looking Glass" / "The Night Of The Octopod" / "The Cage Of Glass" / "Braniac's Blue Bubbles" and "Luthor's Fatal Fireworks."

SUPERBOY: [Two episodes every other show]. "The Man Who Knew Superboy's Secret" / "Operation Counter Invasion" / "The Terrible Trio" / "Visitor From The Earth's Core" / "The Super-Clown Of Smallville" / "A Devil of A Time" / "Superboy's Super Dilemma" / "Krypto, Super-Seeing Eye Dog" / "Krypto's Calamitious Capers" / "The Deep-Sea Dragon" / "Superboy's Strangest Foe" / "The Gorilla Gang" / "The Spy From Outer Space" [two parts], "Krypto's Capricious Crony" / "A Black Knight At Court" / "The Beast That Went Berserk" / "The Jinxed Circus" / "Hurricane Fighters" / "The Two Faced Beast" / "The Great Space Chase" / "The Chameleon Creature" / "The Finger Of Doom" / "The Revolt Of Robotville" / "Krypto-K9 Detective" and "The Neanderthal Cave Man Caper."

AQUAMAN: [Two episodes per show]. "Menace Of The Black Manta" / "Rampaging Reptile Men" / "Return Of Nepto" / "Fiery Invaders" / "Sea Raiders" / "War Of The Water Worlds" / "Volcanic Monster" / "Crimson Monster From Pink Pool" / "Ice Dragon" / "Deadly Drillers" / "Vassa, Queen Of Mermen" / "Microscopic Monster" / "Onslaught Of The Octomen" / "Treacherous Is The Torpedoman" / "Satanic Saturnians" / "Brain-Brave And Bold" / "Where Lurks The Fisherman" / "Mephistos Marine Marauders" / "The Trio Of Terror" / "The Torp, The Magneto, And The Claw" / "Goliaths Of The Deep-Sea Gorge" / "Sinister Sea Scamp" / "Devil Fish" / "The Sea Scavengers" / "In Captain Cuda's Clutches" / "The MirrorMan From Planet Imago" / "The Sea Sorcerer" / "The Sea Snares of Captain Sly" / "The Undersea Trojan Horse" / "The Vicious Villainy Of Vassa" / "Programmed For Destruction" / "The War of The Quatix And Bimphabs" / "The Stickman Of Stygia" / "Three Wishes To Trouble" / "The Silver Sphere" and "The Old Man Of The Sea [To Catch A Fisherman]."

GUEST STAR SUPERHEROES: [Two episodes every other show]. "Between Two Armies" [Justice League of America], "Target Earth" [Justice League of America], "Bad Day On Black Mountain" [Justice League of America], "Invasion Of The Beetle People" [Atom], "The Planet Machine" [Atom], "House Of Doom" [Atom], "The Monster Machine" [Teen Titans], "Monster Roundup" [Teen Titans], "Operation Rescue" [Teen Titans], "The Chemo Creature" [Flash], "Take A Giant Step" [Flash], "To Catch A Blue Bolt" [Flash], "Peril From Pluto" [Hawkman], "A Visit To Venus" [Hawkman], "The TwentyThird Dimension" [Hawkman], "Evil Is As Evil Does" [Green Lantern], "The Vanishing World" [Green Lantern] and "Sirena-Empress Of Evil" [Green Lantern].

Below you'll find description of the three episodes of Teen Titans featuring Wonder Girl. As mentioned above these episodes were part of the segment "Guest Superheroes" featuring two episodes every other show.

Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Speedy are alerted to an invasion of a giant, monstrous robot. The team attacks the creature from the air, land and sea and find that it was unleashed by an invasion platform from an alien race. The Titans take on an army of robots and destroy the alien base.

The Teen Titans are called to a small country hamlet which is being attacked by a hideous monster from another world. Two other creatures also menace the area. The teens are able to subdue them, even as they are mistakenly attacked by the space hunters who jettisoned these creatures to Earth in aid of saving their ship.

Speedy and Aqualad, testing the new Titans Copter, are forced down in a remote outpost in northern Asia. At the same time, they have discovered a frighten boy named Terry, the son of a missing explorer. Following the boy, the two teens find that the boy’s father has been captured by a tribe of throwbacks, and they are soon captured as well. Worried about their teammates' disappearance, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash speed to the signaled area of the boys' last position, and Kid Flash is quickly able to restore Speedy's bow and quiver to him, and their united efforts allow all the captives to escape. Once the Carters are safe and reunited, Wonder Girl has a good cry, the boys snicker and giggle, and the team and the Carters agree to never reveal the location of the tribe.

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