"The Brady Kids"

Recreating their roles from TV's "The Brady Bunch," Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Janice and Cindy were featured in this animated spin-off focusing on the kids' problems as independent-minded young adults. Joining the wholesome youngsters were Ping and Pong, Chinese-speaking twin Pandas, and Marlon, a magical black myna bird. The Brady characters were voiced by the original television series cast.

     The series lasted two seasons, being the second season a combination of reruns and 5 newly-produced episodes. By the end of the first season there was an episode called "It's All Greek To Me" in which Wonder Woman helps the Brady Kids to win an

Olympic contest. This is the very first appearance of Wonder Woman in  an animated form. Strange enough, this series was produced by Filmation Associates, the same production company that produced the Superman and Aquaman series, and featured some other DC heroes in the "Justice League" segments but ignored Wonder Woman. It was brief appearance though.

"The Brady Kids" ["It's Greek To Me": Diana Prince]"The Brady Kids" ["It's Greek To Me": Wonder Woman]"The Brady Kids" ["It's Greek To Me": Wonder Woman]"The Brady Kids" ["It's Greek To Me": Wonder Woman]

Number of Episodes: 22 episodes.

Broadcast Network: ABC.

Running Time: 30 minutes.

Broadcast History: Premiered on September 16, 1972 and ran through August 31, 1974.

Executive Producer: Sherwood Schwartz.
Producers: Lou Scheimer, Norm Prescott.
Associate Producer: Marc Richards.
Music: Yvetta Blais, Jeff Michaels.
Art Direction: Don Christensen.
Director: Hal Sutherland.
Sound Recording: Glen Gleen Recording.
Supplier: Filmation / Paramount Television.
1972 Filmation Associates / Redwood Productions / Paramount Television.
EVE PLUMB [Janice Brady].
SUSAN OLSEN [Cindy Brady].
LARRY STORCH [Marlon / Fleetwood / Chuck / Ping / Pong].
JANE WEBB [Jan Brady / Cindy Brady].
ERIKA SCHEIMER [Marcia Brady, 2nd season].
LANE SCHEIMER [Greg Brady, 2nd season].
DAVID E. SMITH [Peter Brady, 2nd season].
"The Brady Kids""The Brady Kids"

1972-1973: "Jungle Bungle" (two parts), "Double Trouble" / "Lone Gone Silver" / "Cindy's Super Friend" / "Pop Goes The Mynah" / "Who Was That Dog?" / "It Ain't Necessarily Snow" / "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Football Field" / "That Was No Worthy Opponent, That Was My Sister" / "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Tape" / "Give Me A Home Where The Panda Bears Roam" / "It's All Greek To Me" / "The Big Time" / "The Birthday Party" / "The -Richest Man In The World" and "Wings."

1973-1974: New episodes combined with reruns) "Frankincense" / "Teacher's Pet" / "Marcia's Lab" / "Ceiling Zero" and "Who Believes In Ghosts?"

Below you'll find description of the Brady episode in which Wonder Woman guest-starred.

Original Airdate: December 2, 1972.

The Brady Kids, their pets and Wonder Woman are transported to ancient Greece where the kids compete in the Olympic Games. The kids beat the Greek athletes in the qualifying heat of the Marathon run. However, Wonder Woman points out that they should disqualify themselves, for if they win the race itself, they will be changing history.

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