024 SLAYER 2006

USA [United States]

English: "Slayer".


Premiere: Yet to be released, June 2006.

Director: Kevin Van Hook.

Writer: Kevin Van Hook.

TONY PLANA [ Javier ].
JOYCE GIRAUD [ Estrella ].
RAY PARK [ Acrobatic Twins ].
DANNY TREJO [ Montegna ].
LYNDA CARTER [ Colonel Jessica Weaver ].
SKI CARR [ Guillermo ].
JAMES MORSE [ Starkings ].
TOBY HOLGUIN [ Antony ].
GUY PAIZY [ Henri Pettier ].
CAMERON VAN HOOK [ Javier Creature ].
LEA GUIVAS [ Maria ].
ELAN ALLENDE [ Teenage Boy ].
RAFAEL PUELLO [ Bartender ].
ANANI BARRERA [ Female Seller ].
JULIO CESAR SILVA [ Male Seller ].
ARMANDO PEREZ [ Man On Shore ].
DAVID PUELLO [ Gun-toting Kid ].
ADAN ALLENDE [ Seller's Grandson ].
HECTOR MENDEZ [ Antony Brother #1 ].
RODOLFO RODRIGUEZ [ Antony Brother #2 ].

Producer: Karen Bailey. Line Producer: Craig Ayers. First Assistant Director: Brian O'Sullivan. Executive in Charge of Production for IDT Entertainment: Stacey Smart. Associate Producer: Fernando Allende. Production Manager: Carlos Vasquez. Production Supervisor: Linda Colon. Production Designer: Monica Monserrate. Stunt Coordinator: Brian Duffy. Stunt Players: Luis Raul Alocer, Phil Aslaksen, Brian Brown, Darrel Davis, Edward Fernandez, Jason Gray, Toby Holguin, Kim Kahan Jr., Kim Kahana Sr., Martin Murray. Stunt Doubles for Ms. Giraud: Jessica Reyes, Ivelisse Rivera Aybar. Casting Director: Paul Weber, CSA. Associate Casting Director: Ivy Isenberg. Puerto Rico Casting: Linda Colon. Extras Casting: Sonia Landivar. 2ND Assistant Director: Mariella Navarro. Key Set PA: Javier Enrique. Set PA: José Arribas, Jedrek Oqueado, Isais Pérez. Script Supervisor: Yesenia Velez. Director of Photography: Matt Steinauer. 1st Assistant Camera: Ian Chpolik, Michael Gonzáles. 2nd Assistant Camera: Abner Medina. 1st Assistant Camera B: César Marrero. 2nd Assistant Camera B: Carlos García. Camera Loader: Marcos Rodríguez. Still Photographer: Héctor Nogales. Gaffer: Leslie Colombani. Best Boy Electric: Raúl Marín. Electricians: Ricky Márquez, Ramón Vásquez. Key Grip: Anibal Pabon. Dolly Grip: Angel Pastrana. Grips: Javier Cruzado, Alan Felshold, Mariel Acevedo. Production Coordinator: Laura Sherman. Assistant Production Coordinator: Esther Mejías. Office Assistant: Lizz Díaz. Production Accountant: Shari Sontag. Assistant Accountant: Bryan Meyers. Costume Designer: Kathryn L. Bucher. Costume Supervisor: Carola González. Set Costumer: Carla Del manzano. Seamstress: Mari Socorro. Key Make-Up Artist: Autumn Butler. Assistant Make-Up/Hair: Theresa McCoy. Make-Up/Hair Assistant: Aída Pizarro. Special Make-Up Effects for Autonomous F/X: Jason Collins. On-Set Tech: Elvis Jones, Timothy Considine. Creature Design: Jeff Rebner. Production Designer: Mónica Monserrate. Set Decorator: Nydia González. Leadman: Francisco López. On Set Dresser: Francisco Martínez. Set Dresser: Juan Guallini, Luis Maldonado. Property Master: Gladys Bustos. Assistant Property Master: Jean Rubio. Specialized Props: Palmer Bailey. Armorer: Edwin Pérez. SPFX Coordinator – Puerto Rico: Charlie Bonilla. Set Medic: José Verona. Catering: Andy's Food Services. Assistant Caterer: Angel Hernández. Craft Service: Carlso Hernández. Assistant Craft Service: David Trossi. Location Manager: Vivian Rebella. Location Assistant: Lea Guivas. Transportation Coordinator: Josiván Rojas. Transportation Captain: Luis Jurado. Drivers: José "Nico" Arias, Héctor "Chapi" Chaparro, Luis "Seis" Rosado, Juan Jr Vega, Víctor "Comercio" Rivera, Angel Rodríguez, Nelson Sánchez, Jorge Rodríguez, Luis "Papo" Rosado, Fausto espinosa Jr., José Arroyo. Post Production Coordinator: Melissa Jones. Additional Editing: Matt Steinauer. Digital Visual Effects: Film Roman/Forum Visual Effects - An IDT Entertainment Company. Visual Effects Supervisor: Chadd B, Cole. Visual Effects Artists: William L. Arance, Brent M. Bowen, Harry Eisenstein, Steve Fahey, Pter Gend, Adam Klein, Derek Ledbetter, Carol Van Hook, Andrea N. Yomtob. Additional Visual Effects: Tata Elxsi – Vcl. Senior VFX Supervisor & Creative Director: Pakaj Khandpur. Visual Effects Producers: Aadi Shayan. Visual Effects Supervisors: Indraneel Guha. 3D Animators: Sherry Bharda, Vishal Anand, Husieni Brodawala, Sanjay Francis, Aakash Shivdasani. Compositors: Chiranjeevi Rao Y, Deepal A. Das, Faramarz Wankadia, Harish V. Devnani, Jaheerul Huda, Jahid A. Shaikh, Mukesh Dongre, Ritesh Agrawal, Rizwan L. Sjaikh, Selvamuthu Swarnkar, Yatin Mahambrey. Associate Production Manager: Debobrotto Mandal. Production Sound Mixer: Juan A. Torres. Boom Operator: Manuel Reyes. Post Production Sound: Mission Post. Supervising Sound Editors: Jesse Pomeroy, Paul Stanley. Sound Effects Editors: Rod O'Brien, Steve Tushar. ADR Mixer: Tom Kilzer. ADR Recording: Larson Studios, Hollywood / The Complex, W. Los Angeles / Henniger Media Services, Washington D.C. Dialogue Editor: Jackie Johnson. Foley Mixer: Geordy Sincavage. Foley Recording: Post Creations, Sherman Oaks. Foley Artist: Cynthia Merrill. Re-Recording Mixer: Andy Hay. Mixing: Soundworks, Tarzana CA. Composer: Ludek Drizhal. Score Engineer: Andrew Maz. “Bar-none” Performed by Andrew Maz Written, arranged, and performed by Andrew Maz. Music published by Ludek Drizhal Music Publishing, ASCAP 2006. “BloodontheFloor” Performed by Andrew Maz Written, arranged, and performed by Andrew Maz Music published by Ludek Drizhal Music Publishing, ASCAP 2006. Legal Services: Los Angeles: Dixon Dern, Michele Caylor, Peter Baghdassarian, Nadia Davari. Puerto Rico: Antonio Sifre at Toro, Colon Mullet, Rivera & Sifre, P.S.C.

Awards: None.

A group of U.S. soldiers are attacked by vampires in the South American jungle. The deforestation of the rainforest has destroyed the habitat of the vampires' only natural predators. With nothing to stand in their way, the vampires are spreading out to the surrounding villages and beyond...and their hunger is unstoppable. Now, Captain "Hawk" Hawkins (Van Dien) has to hunt down and stop his best friend, a highly trained special forces soldier who has become a deadly vampire. Colonel Weaver is the God-Mother of Hawk's ex-wife Laurie and Hawk's Commanding Officer. She's also a mentor and friend.

   Deep in the rainforest of a South American country, an elite team of US Army Rangers is on patrol. The team is led by Cap. Tom “Hawk” Hawkins, who is joking with his Sergeant and best friend, Grieves, reminding him how he saved his life in recent combat in Afghanistan. Suddenly, the team is halted by the lead scout, Sergeant Juarez. They have come upon the ruins of an old building deep in the Forest, and there are bodies of

local  villagers scattered around. As the team enters the ruins, they examine the bodies, which all have gaping wounds on their throats, and Sgt. Juarez tells Hawk, “Sir, these are bite marks!” Suddenly a team member is attacked from behind by a man who has jumped down from the ruined walls of the building, who rips and tears at his throat. As blood sprays from the dying man’s body, Hawk, Juarez and Grieves are also attacked and blast away with their assault rifles at each and every one of the human creatures that keep dropping from the walls. The creatures fall, and Hawk and Grieves force their way out into the open courtyard, where the rest of the team are being attacked and valiantly defend themselves. But as each creature is shot, amazingly they slowly arise and start to attack again. Hawk sees that one was successfully felled by a tree branch through the heart, and he shouts’ to his team, “Use tree branches to stab them in their hearts!” Gomez and Grieves can’t believe the order, but they reach for the broken branches that litter the ground and begin to stab away at the attacking men. They kill them, then stand panting, out of breath as they ask each other, “Are these really Vampires? How can they attack during the day? What the hell is going on?”

   Six months later at Fort in San Diego, Captain Hawk meets with his superior officer, Colonel Jessica Weaver. “Those men who attacked your squad outside Rio Gallegos….” She says. “The vampires…” asks Hawk.  “I though our psych staff did a better job of convincing you that they weren’t …vampires” Colonel Weaver finishes, slightly exasperated.  “Well, call them what you want,” retorts Hawk, “they drank blood, wouldn’t die when you shot ‘em, and it took shoving a wooden stake through their hearts to kill them.” “Could’ve been lawyers,” says Colonel Weaver, half-amused, who seems to doubt Hawks’ word.  “There’ve been other reports, farther out the Mojado,” She continues. She tells him that the provisional government that runs the country, which tried to throw them out after they had seemingly solved their problems, has changed their minds. “They’ve been a lot more friendly the last six months. After your squad was attacked, they realized that they could use all the help they could get”, says Weaver. “So we’re going back in,” replies Hawk. “Already have”, says Weaver, “we sent Grieves down there to get a feel for what was going on. Farmers have been making noises about villages being raided, but radio contact’s spotty.” “Where’s his squad located? “asks Hawk. “About 30 klicks outside Agua Caliente, near the river,” says Weaver, showing him the location on the map. Hawk is surprised that they can make radio contact at all, since the jungle canopy is very dense triple canopy. “We got a report of a village north of there being attacked; they’re like a roving pack of dogs,” says Weaver. “Anyway, if Grieves and his men stay on course, they’ll bypass the village entirely.” “You don’t think they will,” says Hawk. “I don’t know….there’s more,” Weaver hesitates. “Laurie’s about 10 klicks south of there,” she says with a tone of worry in her voice. “My…Laurie”, says Hawk, shocked to hear that his ex-wife may in danger. “Your ex-Laurie, and She’s been my Goddaughter longer than she was your wife”, says the Colonel. “She’s down there on a grant from the university researching beetle larva or something," says Weaver.  “I didn’t even know she was in South America until I got a damn postcard in the mail. And if the two of you were a little more civil to each other, she probably would have told you where she was going”, she says in disgust. “I called the college to get what little information I have now.” Hawk is appalled and says that she’s got to let him go down there. Jessica is both mentor and a close friend of both Laurie and Hawk, and despite her tough exterior, she will do all she can to help them. “You and your men fly out at 1800 hours,” she tells him, to his vast relief. “I’d put you in closer, but some bureaucrat conceded to a larger no-fly zone that includes Agua Caliente. Officially, you’re to rendezvous with Grieves as backup……unofficially, if you happen to take a little detour on the way, there’s not much I can do about it” she says, ending the meeting to both their satisfaction.

   But meeting with Grieves team is not going to as easy as it seems. They have been checking a local town, and witness an attack in broad daylight by more vampires, who seem to fly in and out of the buildings, easily grabbing townspeople and killing them, then feasting on their bodies in the open streets. When the Ranger team tries to stop them, they just escape. In a local bar, Grieves sees a circus poster that features some performers who look like the vampires he saw. He is told by a local bartender they were playing there some years ago, then disappeared, only to return as vampires. He tells Grieves that despite the legends are untrue of them not coming out in the daylight and being turned away by crosses, and that these vampires, called “vampiros”,  have been around for centuries, but they were not been a threat until recently, says the bartender, having only attacked the villages livestock. Now they approach the town in gangs, boldly and without fear, and take what they want. The townspeople have been going out after them, but are not always successful. One of Grieves’ men walks over to three locals who just came in the bar, and is suddenly attacked by the men, who were just ambushed and turned into vampires by the first lot they were hunting. The bartender and all the soldiers but Grieves and another ranger, Starkings, are killed, and they are carried off into a large cave, where other vampires, both male and female, lurk. Grieves is tied up and told by Guillermo, who seems to be the leader, that he was captured to be turned not only into a vampire, but to also become a military advisor so that the vampires can become better organized in their attacks on the outlying area. Grieves challenges him and kills him with an old Spanish pike tossed to him by Estrella, a beautiful female vampire, but she then bites him, making him a vampire. Grieves then does the same to Starkings.

   Laurie is deep in the jungle with a guide, Luis DeMora, and his men, who persuade her to keep moving towards the town of Mendoza rather than stay to hunt for beetle larva, telling her that there are more dangers than she can imagine nearby. They come upon a clearing where they see a strange sight. A teenager from the area is attacking an older man, threatening him with a wooden stake. Laurie watches DeMora try to reason with the young man, who insists that his captive is a vampire. Laurie pretends not to understand the youth, distracting him until she gets close enough to knock him out with a well-placed punch. The older man, Don Javier Vasquez, is very grateful, and DeMora asks Laurie where she learned to fight like that. “One thing I learned from being married to a professional solder was fighting….and I got lots of practice,” she adds, sadly.

   Hawk and his team, including Sgt. Juarez, have landed and are marching through the forest. They now carry wooden stakes in shoulder holsters besides their assault rifles. Juarez asks Hawk if he thinks Grieves and his men are OK. From the vampires, Hawk replies? Juarez tells him that’s not what the psych doctors said they were, but that they were a tribal anomaly that believed that consumption of human body parts and blood made them stronger. When Hawk asks what was the doctors response to the fact they his team shot them and they didn’t die. Juarez tells him that the doctors said that Hawk had made that part up, and that “his overbearing personality coupled with a god complex” convinced his men that what they saw was his idea. Furious and embarrassed, Hawk tells the men to get moving.

   Laurie and her team are camping with Don Javier, and he tells Laurie that he wants her to be his guest at his hotel in his village in Agua Caliente, which she accepts, happy at the prospect of getting a hot shower. From her questions, he tells her that the boy was from the village, and his grandmother was recently killed. The boy blames the vampires for her murder, and was confused and thought that Don Javier was one of them, and Laurie laughs, but Luis and Javier tell her that the story of vampires in the jungle is true, that the vampires were there long before the Inca and influenced the Mayans, who have relief on their temples that show the ritualistic drinking of blood. But Laurie still does not believe in the “vampiros” and the men cannot persuade her otherwise.

Hawk’s team sets up camp for the night, but are attacked by the vampires as they sleep. Although three rangers are killed, the rest kill many vampires, but some escape, including Estrella, the woman who killed Grieves. Burying their dead, Hawks’ team heads for the river to cut some time off their pursuit of Laurie and Grieves. They hire a boat, whose captain Montegna tells them that he knows that they are hunting the “vampiros”, and that the threat of the creatures are becoming more and more dangerous to all along the river. Landing at a small trading village, Hawks’ team finds evidence that Grieves team have not been successful in their vampire hunting when an old woman tries to sell them Starkings’ dog tags.

   Grieves and Starkings have been teaching the vampires military tactics and they maneuver and ambush some farmers in their fields during the day, then attack another trading town at night, shooting some in the legs so they can be easily caught and killed. Going up the river, Hawks hear of the slaughter at the town, and as they get closer, they see villagers casting their dead relatives in the river to float then away, and the normally hardened rangers are sickened by what they see.  Coming close to shore, they ask some grief-stricken people if what happened was different from before. They are told that the vampires behaved like soldiers this time, attacking by ambush, and Hawk sees that some bodies bear gunshot wounds. He realized that something different is happening, that the vampires he had fought six months ago didn’t fight like soldiers or have firearms. Another floating body in a net fouls the boats’ propeller, but when Merritt, one of the soldiers, frees it, it is a vampire, which attacks him and kills him. It attacks the rest of the men, but they overpower it and are about to kill it when Hawk sees that it is Reyes, one of the men from Grieves team.

   Laurie’s group arrives at Don Javier’s hotel, and over coffee, he tells her that she should not be alone in the jungle with her insect hunt. She asks him why he believes in the vampires, and he tells her that the first ones drank from the fountain of eternity long ago, but at their cost of never dying, just living forever, with a sickness in their blood that spreads from person to person, place to place, always pervading, never ending. She begins to believes that something is very wrong in this jungle.

   At the last trading post before Agua Caliente, Hawk’s team finds the town deserted, with just a young boy who points a pistol at them, blaming them for the death of his father. He says that other soldiers like them attacked the town, and that a big black soldier ripped his father’s throat out. One of the remaining townspeople, Henri Pettier, who owned a local plantation, assures the boy that these are not the same men who killed his father, and then tells Hawk that the vampires were organized and lured the men of the village into an ambush ,commanded by a black American soldier.

   Hawk is finally able to contact Laurie, and when he tells her to stay put and not leave the hotel, she tells him that she has heard of the vampires, and she will wait for him. She goes to bed, and when she turns off the lights, she feels something touch her, and looks up to see Estrella leering over her. Laurie strikes out at her, and the two wrestle until Estrella gets the upper hand and prepares to bite Laurie, but is stopped by Don Javier, who commands her in Latin to leave Laurie alone. Estrella leaves, but Laurie is horrified to hear Don Javier tell her that his vampire daughter always had trouble with other women. Taken to the vampires cave, Laurie is relieved to see Grieves, but realizes he is now a vampire. He tells her that he is one of them now, and that the old man, Don Javier, needs him to lead his people out of caves into a better life, but to do that they have to kill anyone who lives in the outside world. He leaves her in the cave, then the vampires go to attack Hawk’s team. But at the old ruined factory where the vampires killed the boy’s father and the rest of the men, the vampires find a booby-trapped Reyes, who explodes in their midst, killing some, and the rest of Hawk’s men ambushes them. Grieves confronts Hawk, who asks him how he could let himself become a vampire, but Grieves tells him he had no choice, just as Hawk will have none when he kills him. They fight and Grieves superior power overcomes Hawk, but he manages to grab his knife and slash at Grieves throat, and the sudden wound makes Grieve release him and flee with the rest of the vampires who have survived the attack by Hawk’s team, whose numbers have been sadly reduced to just himself and Juarez. When Juarez sees Hawk is wounded, he tells his captain that he think he can follow the vampires to their lair. Hawk orders him to do so, then the captain collapses into unconsciousness.

   Awakening in a clean bed in a hotel, his wounds dressed and bound, Hawk is surprised to find Colonel Weaver, in fatigue pants and a dark green army t-shirt, sitting in a chair, watching him. “Do you have nocturnal tourets ?” she asks him. “You swear in your sleep. Almost made me blush, and I can hold my own”, she says. Hawk says that he was fighting Grieves in his dreams. “He do that to you ?” she says, pointing at his many wounds. “Yes ma’am, he replies, “it’s a worse case scenario, his entire squad….” Weaver nods and says “I’ve been getting reports, he’s militarizing the vampires”.  “I thought you didn’t believe me about the vampires”, Hawk sneers. “No, I just rather you stop shooting your mouth off about vampires in front of your men”, she replies. “What, with my overbearing personality coupled with a god complex?” Hawk defiantly exclaims. “I still stand by that assessment, but I don’t think you’re crazy”, Weaver tries to reassure him; “they follow your lead, Hawk.” “Point taken”, he replies. She tells him that they are in Laurie’s room in Agua Caliente. He asks how she got there so fast in the middle of the no-fly zone, and she says “a friend on Capitol Hill managed to push through an amendment to our treaty….I didn’t know how long it would last so I called in reinforcements and got here as fast as I could.” When Hawk asks where Laurie is, Weaver replies “Hawk…” her voice slightly breaking for the first time he has known her…..”We don’t know. I talked to her guide down here, a fellow by the name of Luis DeMora. He said that he saw her in the last couple of days here at the inn with the owner. He’s missing too.” Stunned, Hawk says that he talked to her last night, and told her to stay put. “No, you spoke to her night before last, Hawk. You’ve been out it, laid up for 24 hours”, Weaver says, pushing him back onto the bed as he tries to get up. “Right now we don’t even know where the hell to look”, she says with a note of despair in her normally strong voice. Suddenly the hotel room door is opened by Juarez, who tells them “I do……I know where the vampires sleep.”

   In the vampires cave, the creatures have been waiting for two days, but Grieves knows that the rangers will be coming. And later that night, they rappel from a helicopter and enter the mouth of the cave, rifles and wooden stakes at the ready. With Juarez leading, they explore the cave until they are attacked by the vampires. Each man battles a creature, and most of the vampires are killed. Juarez fights one of the ex-circus acrobat twins, and after a long struggle, kills the creature, but Hawk cries out to a hidden Grieves, “I thought that you were teaching these things military tactics”.  Suddenly he is attacked from behind by his ex-friend. “I was, these are just cannon fodder”, and they struggle until Hawk strikes Grieves in the throat, opening the old wound that he gave him back at the ruined factory. The fight is watched by Estrella, who tosses Hawk the Spanish pike that Grieves killed Guillermo with, for Hawk now to finish Grieves, and Hawk hesitates to kill his friend, then turns his back. As Grieves makes a final lunge, Hawk shoves the pike backwards and impales Grieves, who collapses on it and dies.

   With the bloody pike in his hand, Hawk walks deeper into the cave, and is halted by the sight of Don Javier, who is slowly clapping his hands, applauding his impressive victory. When Hawk asks who he is, he replies that “I am Don Javier Joaquin Montoya Vasquez, onetime servant to Queen Isabella of Spain.” “The same queen who sent Columbus here?” Hawk replies in surprise. “The same; I was a conquistador, sent to convert the savages, who converted me, instead” Javier says. He tells Hawk that he is the leader and wants Hawk to take Grieves place as a teacher of military tactics to his vampires. He brings out Laurie, who is dressed in a white gown perhaps as a sacrifice, who tells Hawk that the vampires have become more exposed to civilization since the cutting back of the rainforests, which was their natural habitat and their food source, the wild animals there. If they can’t live in peace there, they will have to spreads outwards and take the place of the people on the outside. Javier also tells him that since it was Laurie who saved him from being killed by the youth in the jungle, he has become fond of her, so Hawk can take Estrella as his mate, and Javier will take Laurie. When Hawk tells him that he’d rather cut off his head, Javier says that it is inevitable that he will lose and become one of them, and to illustrate his power, begins to change into a huge, bat-like creature before Hawk and Laurie’s astonished eyes. Hawk lunges at Javier with the pike, but is knocked backwards, dropping the pike on the ground. But Juarez helps Hawk attack the creature, while Laurie, who is attacked by Estrella, picks up the pike and throws it at her, piercing her heart and killing her. As Javier screams in anger as his daughter is killed, Hawk fires his pistol at the roof of the cave, and huge loosened stalactites drop and strike Javier in the heart, while Hawk cuts of his head.   

   Hawk, Laurie and Juarez all walk towards the entrance of the cave and are met by Colonel Weaver in an black stealth assault suit, carrying a stake-shooting pistol, who is coming in with more troops. “Looks like our backup has arrived,” says a satisfied Hawk. Jessica and Laurie embrace with deep relief, and Jessica says to Hawk, “Good job, soldier.” When Laurie asks her what she is doing there, Hawk says “Colonel Weaver brought the entire US Army down here to find you.” “Actually, I just brought a couple of platoons. Your guy here convinced me to give him a chance to get you out of this place before we brought in everyone”, says Weaver. “But how did you know I was going to be ok?” says Laurie. “We didn’t. We were positioned outside. When we saw those ugly s.o.b.’s taking off like rats on a sinking ship, we had a pretty good idea they were losing. So Hawks’ smaller surgical team made sense”… says Colonel Weaver, who breaks off in mid sentence as suddenly the other vampire acrobat jumps down behind her to attack. Before the surprised Laurie, Hawk and Juarez can react, Jessica coolly half-turns, points her pistol and shoots the vampire in the heart with a stake, then turns back to finish her sentence “anyway, he wasn’t about to let somebody else come in and save you.” Amazed at what just happened, Laurie turns to Hawk. “Is that true?” she says. “Embarrassed, Hawk stammers, “well…if you think about it from an..ah..a military tactician’s point of view….” “Just say Yes”, says Jessica, amused but exasperated by his obvious love for his ex-wife, even though he doesn’t realize it. Laurie then sees that Hawk has kept her wedding ring on his dogtag chain, and also realizes that they should be back together.

   Hoping that all of the vampires have been eliminated, Laurie, Hawk and Juarez follow the rest of the soldiers out of the cave. “Do you think that these things will continue to spread?” Laurie asks Hawk. “Well, I don’t know, you’re the scientist, but we took out their leader”, he says, “there’s got to be something badder out there than them.” Juarez, still very impressed with Jessica’s parting shot, excitedly says “yeah, like the Colonel! Did you see that, she just took that guy out! Bam!”


RUNNING TIME: 1:30:00 [90 minutes].
DVD: Not available yet.
INFO: This is Lynda Carter's first feature film with Kevin Van Hook.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLF-10016.WMV". Trailer.
[1]  "WLV-65056.WMV". Lynda arrives to PR for the shooting of the film.
TRIVIA: [•] LYNDA CARTER plays Colonel Jessica Weaver, the leader of an elite team who investigate strange cases related to vampires in the jungles of Latin America.
  [•] With a budget of U$S 2,000,000, the film was completely shot on location in Puerto Rico between late November and December 22, 2005. Lynda arrived in Puerto Rico on December 6, and stayed until the end of the movie.
[•] Anchor Bay Entertainment will release the DVD of Slayer and there will be extras.

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