United States of America [USA].

English: "Super Troopers - Altered State Police".

España [Spain]

Español: "Super Maderos" ["Super Timbers"].


Español: "Super Policias" ["Super Cops"].

México [Mexico]

Español: "Súper Policías" ["Super Cops"].


Français: "Super Troopers - Une Police Tout Sauf Acadèmique" ["Super Troopers - A Police Force Eveything But Academic"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Super Troopers - Die Superbullen" ["Super Troopers - The Superbulls"].


Magyarul: "Baromi Örjárat" ["Brute Beat"].

România [Romania].

Românesc: "Super Poliţiştii" ["Super Cops"].

Ceska Republika [Czech Republic].

čeština: "Super Poldové" ["Super Cops"].


Slovĕne: "Super Policaj" ["Super Cops"].

Republika Hrvatska [Republic of Croatia].

Hrvatski: "Super Patrola" ["Super Patrol"].


Greek Greek: "" ["Funny Cops"].

Polska [Poland]

Polski: "Straż Wiejska" ["Street Guards"].

Pоссия [Russia]

Russky [Russian]: "Cупepпoлицeйckиe" ["Super Troopers"].

Lietuva [Lithuania]

Lietuvių: "Šauniausi Policininkai" ["Super Cops"].

Eesti Vabariik [Republic of Estonia]

Eesti Keel: "Superpatrull" ["Super Patrol"].

Eesti Vabariik [Republic of Estonia]

Türskçe: "Süper Polísler" ["Super Cops"].


Pôrtugues: "Super Guardas" ["Super Guards"].

Brasil [Brazil]

Pôrtugues: "Super Tiras" ["Super Cops"].


Chinese [Chinese]: "Super Troopers".

ราชอาณาจักรไทย Racha-anachakra Thai [Kingdom of Thailand]



Korean [Korean]: "Super Troopers".

"Super Troopers"
"Super Troopers"
"Super Troopers"

Premiere: February 15, 2002. It has been shown on the 2001 Sundance Film Festival on January 19th, January 20th and January 27th, 2001. DVD release: August 6, 2002. Australia: 14 March 2002. Russia: 31 May 2002. Spain: 28 June 2002. Mexico: 20 September 2002. Estonia: 11 October 2002. Denmark: 25 October 2002. Germany: 14 November 2002. Austria: 15 November 2002. UK: 15 November 2002. Belgium: 4 December 2002. Norway: 13 December 2002 (video). Poland: 20 December 2002. South Africa: 7 February 2003. Argentina: 5 March 2003 (video). Iceland: 4 June 2003 (video). Italy: 8 August 2003.

Director: Jay Chandrasekhar.

Writers: Broken Lizard: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske..

PAUL SOTER [ Foster ].
BRIAN COX [ Captain O'Hagan ].
DANIEL VON BARGEN [ Chief Grady ].
MARISA COGHLAN [ Ursula Hanson ].
LYNDA CARTER [ Governor Natalie Jessman ].
JIM GAFFIGAN [ Larry Johnson ].
JOHN BEDFORD-LLOYD [ Mayor Timber ].
AMY DeLUCIA [ Bobbi ].
MICHAEL WEAVER [ Officer Rando ].
JOHN CARLINO [ French Pilot ].
JIMMY NOONAN [ Galikanokus ].
BLANCHARD RYAN [ Casino Fantastique Billboard Girl ].


Producer: Richard Perello. Executive Producer: Peter E. Lengyel. Associate Producers: Robert Barocci, Amy Minda Cohen, Adam Mazer, William Rotko, Kevin Weiss. Casting Director: Jennifer McNamara. Cinematorapher: Joaquin Baca-Asay. Production Design: Ben Conable. Costume Design: Melissa Bruning. Music: .38 Special. Film Editing: Jacob Craycroft, Kevin Hefferman, Jumbulingan. Art Direction: Johnny Hardesty. Set Decoration: Jocelyn Mason. Assistant

Director: Kiran Gonzalves. Sound: David Alvarez. Music Supervisors: Barry Cole, Christopher Covert. Production Assistant: Dan Kavanaugh. Shot on Location in Beacon, New York. Distribution: Fox Searchlight Pictures. A Jersey Shore Films production in association with Cataland Films. © 2001 Jersey Shore Films / Cataland Films.


Officially selected as for the 2001 Sundance Film Festival lineup. Audience Award at the SXSW Film festival.


A fast-paced comedy about cops, crime, and killing time. The Broken Lizard Comedy Group's feature about five Vermont State Troopers stationed on the Canadian border who spend their time toying with speeders and sparring with their rivals, the shifty local police force.

     Thorny, Rabbit, Mac and Foster are passable Vermont State Troopers. Stationed in the boonies on the Canadian border, they spend the bulk of their time playfully toying with speeders, mind fucking stoned joyriders and taking impounded sports cars for spins on the open highway. When they're not on the road, they try to stay on the good side of their fatherly mentor, Captain O'Hagan, and avoid their tactless, thick-necked compatriot, Officer Rod Farva. All in all, they find their work to be pleasantly unchallenging.

     Unfortunately, their quiet existence hasn't gone unnoticed. The state has targeted their low volume station for a potential budget slash. Hoping to avoid the axe, the guys buckle down to impress the higher ups. But success is hard to come by. First, they find it's not so easy to change their brazen style. Then things get more complicated as the Troopers start to hit obstacles set by their law enforcement rivals, the shifty Local Earlville Police force. The local cops smell the demise of their State competition and gladly do what they can to speed the shut down.

     As things begin to look bleak, the State Troopers' new "by the book" operation produces an unexpected gift. During a routine traffic stop, they uncover a drug smuggling operation running across the border to Canada. Sensing salvation, the Troopers race the clock to crack the ring and save their jobs. But they aren't the only ones in the hunt. The Local cops are also on the case, hoping to crack it themselves and put the last nail in their adversary's coffin.

     The sprint is on. An elusive cartoon monkey, a Winnebago full of dope, a bear-groping hunter and a sticky forbidden love affair between Trooper Foster and lovely Local Officer Ursula Hanson all cloud the picture as the Troopers scrap for survival.

"Super Troopers"
"Super Troopers"
"Super Troopers"
"Super Troopers"


"Super Troopers"

The Broken Lizard Comedy Group presents a fast-paced comedy about cops, crime and killing time in... Supertroopers!

Writers, Actors -Broken Lizard, the five man NY and LA based comedy group, has written and performed together for the past seven years, creating stage, film and television material. Broken Lizard originated as Charred Goosebeak, the Colgate University Sketch Comedy Group. The group re-formed in NYC and began performing on stage at various comedy clubs enjoying extended runs with sold-out shows such as "Fishwhimsy" and "The Return of the Biscuit Champion."

     Broken Lizard's first film, The Tinfoil Monkey Agenda, a 30 minute short, was written and performed by the group in the tradition of Monty Python. While achieving acclaim in several film festivals for successfully integrating film narrative with sketch comedy, The Tinfoil Monkey Agenda also became a launching pad for the group's first feature film, Puddle Cruiser.

     Since its completion, Puddle Cruiser has screened at Sundance, SXSW, the London and Berlin International Film Festivals, and was named winner of the Hamptons Film Festival's Grand Prize for Best Film. After the very successful self-distribution tour of the film to college campuses throughout the North East, Broken Lizard completed the negotiations for worldwide distribution including the television premiere on the Sundance Channel in January of 2001. Broken Lizard and the tour of Puddle Cruiser are the subject of the upcoming feature length documentary, Rodeo Clowns, currently in post-production.

     Broken Lizard is currently working under prime-time development deals with both the NBC and Fox television networks. Both of these deals follow their latest television production, Safety School, a prime-time pilot for NBC Television. The group's next feature Super Troopers, executive produced by Danny Devito's Jersey Shore Films, was just accepted to the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

     Beyond stage, television and film work, Broken Lizard's portfolio of video work includes packaged material for a pilot MTV project and the comedy group's Dante's Levels of Hell has aired nationally on Comedy Central. Cataland Films and Richard Perello serve as producers for Broken Lizard. The group is represented by Creative Artists Agency and 3 Arts Entertainment.


Jay Chandrasekhar (Director) Named one of Variety's 10 Director's to Watch 2001. An accomplished filmmaker, comedy writer and performer, Jay is the director of Broken Lizard, the NYC based comedy group which for seven years has been performing on stage, television, and film. Jay's directorial feature film debut, "Puddle Cruiser," was the winner of the Hamptons International Film Festival's Grand Prize for Best Film and screened at the Sundance, London Int'l, SXSW and Berlin Int'l film festivals. In addition to his Broken Lizard work, Jay recently directed five national film spots for the Coca Cola Company.

"Super Troopers"

     Jay is currently editing Broken Lizard's latest feature production, Super Troopers, which he directed and also stars in. Super Troopers is executive produced by Danny Devito's Jersey Shore Films. Jay also recently directed Safety School for NBC Television and is in development with Broken Lizard for two new prime-time shows for Fox Television and NBC Studios.

     Jay was also assistant to film producer/lawyer John Sloss at the Sloss Law Office in New York where he has participated in several independent feature-films including, "American Buffalo," "Celluloid Closet," "I Shot Andy Warhol," "Mall Rats," "Suburbia" and "Lone Star."

     Jay is a freelance editor and has worked for Film Video Arts and Cyclops Pictures and Sound in New York since 1993 where his experience has included; post-production manager, film editor, on-line editor and post-production supervisor. He has served as an editor on several feature films, commercials and short subject projects.

     In addition to a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Colgate University, Jay completed the New York University - Tisch School six-week intensive Film Production program and studied with Del Close, founder of THE SECOND CITY, at the IMPROV OLYMPIC in Chicago. Jay is represented by Creative Artists Agency and 3 Arts Entertainment.


RUNNING TIME: 1:33:00 [99 minutes].
VHS: Available on VHS in the USA [2004953] and the UK [22969VHS]. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
DVD: Available on DVD in several countries since August 6, 2005. USA [2004954], UK [22969DVD], The Netehrlands [F3-9DUR DZ72969], France [F3-SFRR 2296941], Spain [2004953 and F5-SESR 2296910], Germany [SFRR 2296941], Asia [Made in the USA for Asian and Middle East countries, 99-00014A-B], Belgium [081-77730-001], also released in Australia, Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Portugal and Brazil. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
INFO: Lynda Carter has a brief appearance on this film of only 3 minutes.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLV-70021.WMV". Extended and deleted scenes.
TRIVIA: [•] While the movie is set in Vermont, the highway sequences were filmed on Route 117 between Tarrytown and Pleasantville, New York, within only a few hundred yards of Pace University.
  [•] The couple that Farva ('Kevin Heffernan' ) says "chicken fucker" to are actually Heffernan's parents. They knew he was going to say something rude, but weren't prepared for the "chicken fucker" line.
[•] The film was originally supposed to be set in the 1970s.
[•] The "bullet-proof cup" scene was shot just outside an actual prison, and while Steve Lemme was standing there, wearing just a cup, prisoners were pressed against the fence yelling at him.

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