United States of America [USA]

English: "Someone To Love Me: A Moment of Truth Movie".

España [Spain]

Español: "Juicio En Las Aulas" ["Judgement In The Classrooms"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "Una Ragazza Facile" ["An Easy Girl"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Sucht Nach Liebe" ["Craze After Love"]


Français: "Mauvaise Réputation" ["Bad Reputation"]

Norge [Norway]

Norsk: "Populær För Enhver Pris" ["Popular For Every Price"].

Slovensko [Slovakia]

Slovenské: "Najstničino Dostojanstvo" ["Someone To Love Me"].


Chinese [Chinese]: "Someone To Love Me".

"Someone To Love Me"

Premiere: NBC, Monday, September 14, 1998 / 8:00 PM.

Director: Chuck Bowman.

Writers: Elizabeth Gill.

LYNDA CARTER [ Diane Young ].
JESSICA BOWMAN [ Carley Young ].
SCOTT FOLEY [ Ian Hall ].
MARY ELLEN TRAINOR [ Jocelyn Hart ].
JULIE PATZWALD [ Leigh Eversol ].


Cinematography: Peter Benison / Production Manager: Charles A. Lyall / First Assistant Director: Kelsey Howard / Second Assistant Director: Cathie McGaw / L.A. Casting: Julie Ashton-Barson / Vancouver Casting: Sid Kozak / Associate Producer: Kristine Bamattre / Costume Designer: Terri Bardon / Set Decorator: David Birdsall / Property Master: Ken Davies / Make-Up Artist: Jacky Wilkinson / Hair Stylist: Jill Winston / Assistant Costume Designer: Jane Henry / Script Supervisor: Kelly Moon / L.A. Casting Assistants: Romy Stutman, Marisa Norian / Vancouver Casting Associate:  A.J. Unger / Extras Casting: Annette McCaffrey / Comptroller: James M. Fitzgerald / Assistant To Executive Producers: Shawnee Saas Meeks / Assistant To The Producer: Shauna Brian McLeod / Legal Counsel: Stoney Feinberg / Development Coordinator: Sara Collins / Production Coordinator: Holly Redford / L.A. Coordinator: Robert Shaw / Assistant Production Coordinator: Robert Shaw / Assistant production Coordinator: Moira Perlmutter / Production Accountant: Karin Pruss / Assistant Production Accountant: Gloria Gibb / Location Manager: David Halifax / Gaffer: Gordon Verheul / Key Grip: Jeff Plegas / Transportation Coordinator: Gord McMillan / Assistant Location Manager: Scott Braham / Sound Mixer: Martin Fossum / Boom Operator: Tony Poulsen / Camera Operator: Brian Gedge / First Assistant Camera: Richard Wilson / Second Assistant Camera: Katherine Deugau / Post Production Assistant: Joaquin Perea / Assistant Film Editor: Kerby Michael Tym / Post-Production Sound: West Productions / Sound Supervisor: Beni King / Re-Recording Mixers: David J. West, Harry Andronis, Nello Torri / Music Editor: Nancy Severinsen / Post Production Services: Modern Videofilm Burbank / Lenses and Panaflex Cameras: Panavision. Color: Foto-Keri Laboratory / © 1998 O'Hara Horowitz Productions.

Awards: None.
"Someone To Love Me"
"Someone To Love Me"
"Someone To Love Me"
"Someone To Love Me"


Diana Young is the mother of Carley, a promiscuous teenager who would eventually get raped and discredited. Cayley is still recovering from her father's sudden death when she begins attending a new school. Lonely and depressed, she has sex on the first and only date with classmate Ian Hall. After Ian gives her the cold shoulder, she succumbs to his friend's advances. Soon the school is abuzz with rumors about Cayley. With help from a guidance counselor, Cayley begins to change her behavior, but one night Ian approaches her expec-

ting sex. When she rejects him, he rapes her. Now, Cayley's reputation is a roadblock to proving Ian's guilt.


Lynda Carter stars in..."Someone to Love Me : A Moment of Truth".

"Someone To Love Me"
"Someone To Love Me"
"Someone To Love Me"
Monday, September 14 (8-10 p.m. ET).

Based on actual case studies, the two-hour movie stars Lynda Carter ("Wonder Woman"), Jessica Bowman ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman") and Scott Foley ("Dawson’s Creek") in a story about a high school teenager whose unwise choice of sex partners haunts her when she is raped and then discredited.

     Cayley Young (Bowman) is a confused and vulnerable high school student suffering the emotional aftermath of her father’s recent death. Desperate for affection, she goes through a period of promiscuity and aligns herself with various shallow high-school boys.

     When a brief interlude with Ian Hall (Foley), a popular football player, is followed by intimate encounters with several of his friends, Cayley earns a reputation as being easy. Though her relationship with Ian is short-lived, he later sexually assaults her. Unable to conceal her humiliation, Cayley confides in her mother Diane (Carter) and they decide to pursue criminal charges.

     Will a court of law believe Cayley's charge of rape, despite her somewhat tarnished reputation? Find out - watch "Someone to Love Me: A Moment of Truth" Monday, September 14th at 8:00pm.


RUNNING TIME: 1:36:00 [96 minutes].
VHS: Available only in the UK, France [777235077632], Australia and New Zealand [10995]. [Check out the "VHS/LD/VCD/DVD" section for further details ].
DVD: Not available on DVD.
INFO: This is the second telefilm with LYNDA CARTER for the "A Moment of Truth" cycle of movies.
VIDEO: [1]  "WLV-70018.WMV". Movie clip.
TRIVIA: [•] This is the fourth telefilm starring Lynda Carter and shown on the NBC network.
  [•] Theis is the fifth time Lynda Carter plays a mother on a telefilm.

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