Lynda Carter
Real Name: Lynda Jean Cordova Carter. Her name was originally Linda but she changed it to Lynda in grade school. She claims the name was chosen by her Mother Jean because it's supposed to be Spanish and because of her Spanish ancestry on her Mother's side.
Date of Birth: Tuesday, July 24, 1951.
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona.
Age: 52.
Zodiacal Sign: Leo.
Hair: Dark Brown.
Eyes: Baby Blue.
Height: 5' 8'' (though sometimes she said it was 5'9").
Weight: 122-130 lbs. Bust: 38. Waist: 25. Hips: 35.
Actual Residence: Washington DC / Potomac, MD. She lives in a 20,000-square-foot Georgian residence on a six-acre land with tennis court, pool and a decorative waterfall.
Family: She is the youngest of the three kids (brother Vincent and sister Pamela) of Colby and Jean Carter (also known as Juana Cordova). On Saturday, May 28, 1977 she married Hollywood producer and manager Ron Samuels and they were married for five years. She separated from him on June 1982. On Sunday, January 29th, 1984 she married Washington lawyer Robert Altman (53). They have two kids, Jamie (born James Clifford on Thursday, January 14, 1988 at the Children's Hospital in Washington, DC, now he's 15 years old) and Jessica (born Sunday, October 7, 1990, now 13 years old).
Studies: She attended Kenilworth School, then the Arcadia Titans High School and the Arizona State University. She studied classical dances for seven years in the School Ballet of Phoenix. She also studied chanting and piano, and had her dramatic training with Laura Zucker, Stella Adler, Charles Conrad, Milton Katselas, Lieux Dressler, and Greta and Sandra Seacat.
Food: She likes healthy food and it's a semi-vegetarian whenever she can.
Smoking: Yes. She smokes cigarettes and cigars according to interviews. Her favorite brand is Salem 100's.
Religion: She became a born-again Christian in the late 70s.
Sports: She likes tennis, swimming, roller-blading, skiing, skeet shoot, and owns a Beretta over-and-under shotgun.
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