Partners In CrimePartners In Crime: Lynda Carter / Loni Anderson

Episode Number: 7 according to broadcast order, and 9 to production order.

Production Nº: 780-13.
Airdate: Saturday, November 3, 1984.
Writers: Larry Brody, Janice Hendler.
Director: Guy Magar.

Guest Cast: Christopher Morley [Serena & Dwight Fuller] / John Sanderford [Mr. Warren] / Sandy McPeak [Bobby Warren] / Michael Harrington [Fred Dreyer] / Mario Roccuzzo [Charles] / Jim Lefebrye [Ambling] / Winifred Mann [Ruth] / Tracy Robert Austin [The Redhead].

Other Titles: In German: "Schnelle Turbos - schnelles Geld" ("Fast Turbos - Fast Money").

Partners In Crime: Walter Olkewicz Partners In Crime: Leo Rossi Partners In Crime: Eileen Hackart
"Is She Or Isn-t He?""Is She Or Isn-t He?""Is She Or Isn-t He?""Is She Or Isn-t He?""Is She Or Isn-t He?""Is She Or Isn-t He?""Is She Or Isn-t He?""Is She Or Isn-t He?""Is She Or Isn-t He?"

A young couple, Bobby Warren and his friend Serena, are walking out of a fashionable leather clothing store when a car almost runs them down. Two men get out of the car, grab Bobby, and throw him into the back. Obviously a kidnapping, they yell at his girl friend that they will call his father, but if anyone calls the police, Bobby will be killed. The girl watches the car drive away, helpless to do anything.

          Bobby’s father, John Warren, comes to the Caulfield Detective Agency and talk to Carol and Sydney. He tells them that he raised his son alone, and although they always don’t agree on everything, especially now when he seems to do nothing but waste his money driving fast cars, he loves his son very much and wants him back alive. His business is designing automobiles, but he is presently tied up in designing a new sports car, so the kidnappers might be after the plans, but he is afraid to call the police. No one has contacted him yet, and the only witness was Bobby’s friend, Serena, so Carol and Sydney go to her apartment to talk to her.

          Serena, a pretty young blond, is busy with her plants when Carol and Sydney call. As they talk to her, she seems to be somewhat silly, one moment talking about how scared she was during the kidnapping, the next moment asking if Carol and Sydney like her flowers. She apologizes to them, saying that she is also nervous about her performance as a singer that afternoon. The only thing she can remember is that the car was rather beat-up, but handled like a hot rod car. The women leave, not knowing what to think, and go to Warren Motors. Mr.Warren tells them that the kidnappers called at last, and told him that they want either $500,000 of the plans to the new turbo-charged automobile in 72 hours. Warren tells Carol and Sydney that all of his money is sunk into the news car, and he has no way of raising additional funds. He also says that the plans are partially financed by a Japanese Company, and are very confidential, so much that if any news is prematurely released, he stands to lose everything. When Carol and Sydney leave, they are threatened by a man in their car backseat, who tells them to drop the case or they will be hurt. He leaves, and the two women are stunned by his threats.

          The two women decide that they won’t be intimidated, and the next day go over a list of recently released employees from Warren Motors, thinking that they may be responsible for the threat and kidnapping. Warren identifies two men, Frank Dreyer or George Spencer as the only two men who have left in the recent 12 months as mechanics who could have turned a beat-up old car into a fast get-away car. He also says that Dryer was one of Bobby’s best friends, and Carol and Sydney are immediately suspicious. They have also found out from Shane through  Warren’s secretary, Ruth, that Bobby’s recklessness with money has delayed his inheritance for 5 years.

          Coming out of Warren Motors, Carol and Sydney notice a young, thin blond man watching them, and both seem to have seen him before. He gets into his blue sports car and drives away, and they dismiss their suspicions. Checking out the first of the two men that Warren mentioned, George Spencer, they see the young man again, and Sydney picks his pocket. They find a New York drivers license with the name Dwight Farrell and an ticket to the “Blue Parrott Club” in Northby.

          Carol, Sydney and Shane next drive to Fred Dreyer’s auto mechanic shop, and with Shane’s help, pretend that their car has broken down. They ask Dreyer’s help, and when Carol looks around, she comments to Dreyer that a car in his shop looks “hot.” He boasts about being able to turn a piece of junk into a real hot rod. But she is spotted by one of the mechanics, and after Dryer fixes the their car and Carol and Sydney leave, the mechanic tells him that the two women are the detectives trying to find Bobby, and he decides to play rougher with them.

          That evening Carol and Sydney go to the “Blue Parrott Club” to find Dwight Farrell, and find out that it is a nightclub for young transvestites. They see Serena singing on stage, but when she sees them, she runs off stage, and out the back door. Carol and Sydney run after her, and a car suddenly appears in the alley, and tried to run them down. They manage to evade the speeding car, but when they pick themselves up, they see that Serena has lost her wig. Serena is really Dwight Fuller, the young man who has been following them.

          Back in Serena/Dwight’s dressing room. He tells Carol and Sydney that he has always been dressing as a girl or woman, and that Bobby Warren was the only person from school who stayed his friend when his secret was known to all. He also tells them that he feels guilty about not being able to help Bobby when he was being kidnapped, and that he was following Carol and Sydney to see if he could help them find Bobby. The women tell him that while they appreciate his concern, they want him to keep away from them or he could get into trouble. He reluctantly agrees, but when Carol and Sydney go back to Dreyer’s automotive shop, he follows them, and they agree that he could be useful after all when he helps them break open a door. They don’t find Bobby, but they do find inside the shop a room with dirty clothes that Dwight identifies as Bobby’s, and also cigar bands of the type Bobby smokes.

          They realize that the clothes were not with Bobby when he was kidnapped, and everything points to the fact that Bobby is being very well treated, almost as a guest, not a kidnap victim.

          Carol and Sydney and Dwight go to Warren Motors with the results of their search, and while they argue with Warren about whether or not they should go to the police, Dreyer calls and tells Warren that because he has hired the detectives, he must bring the money or the plans tomorrow morning to a cliff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, or Bobby will be killed. Warren is distraught, and tells the women that he hasn’t the money, only the plans, but Carol persuades him to agree, and that she knows a way to get Bobby back without giving up the plans.

          The next morning Carol, Sydney, and Warren in the turbocharger wait for the kidnappers. When Dreyer and his mechanic Charlie, the man who threatened Carol and Sydney, drive up with Bobby, Bobby pleads with his father to let them have the plans or they will kill him. He begins to turn over the plans, but Carol and Sydney are suddenly suspicious that Bobby has a fresh change of clothes. It is apparent that Bobby has been part of the kidnap plan all along, and Sydney grabs the plans and runs for the turbocharger with Carol. Dreyer punches Warren, but Serena appears out of nowhere and punches him, while Bobby grapples with his father and leaves him brokenhearted in the dirt calling his son’s name. Carol, Sydney and Serena climb into the turbocharger and speed away with Carol in the driver’s seat, followed by the kidnappers and Bobby. Bobby screams that he has his revenge on his father for not giving him his share of his inheritance, and he will soon have the plans and the car. But when the kidnappers try to outmanuver Carol, calling herself Cha-Cha Stanwyck, she manages to trick them into speeding into a pile of trash and the crook’s car crashes. Carol and Sydney capture Dreyer and Charlie, and Serena, furious that she was tricked into thinking he was in danger, gives him with a knockout punch that sends him into the bay.

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