Partners In CrimePartners In Crime: Lynda Carter / Loni Anderson

Episode Number: 6 according to broadcast order, and 5 to production order.

Production Nº: 780-06.
Airdate: Saturday, October 27, 1984.
Writer: Bill Driscoll.
Director: James Sheldon.

Guest Cast: David Carradine [Hermanski] / Keene Curtis [Andrew Hogg] / Lance Legault [Marvin] / Steven Bassett [Joshua Llewellen] / Ray Reinhart [Peter Sanford] / Joe Bellan [Dispatcher].

Other Titles: In German: "Wer bietet mit?" ("Whoever Offers With?").

Partners In Crime: Walter Olkewicz Partners In Crime: Leo Rossi Partners In Crime: Eileen Hackart
"Paddles Up""Paddles Up""Paddles Up""Paddles Up""Paddles Up""Paddles Up""Paddles Up""Paddles Up""Paddles Up"

In her efforts to make Sydney more acquainted with culture, Carol has dragged her to an antiques auction. There Sydney finds a copy of a cloche hat, the style worn by flappers in the 1920’s, and Carol sees a beautiful silver brooch that she likes. They also meet a seedy antique hunter named Hermanski, who tried to flatter them into going for a drink afterwards. When the auction starts, Sydney wins her hat, but Carol is outbid for the brooch. Hermanski tells her it isn’t worth it, and as they decide to leave, he asks for Carol’s card. They are surprised to hear as they leave Hermanski bidding for the brooch, and Carol thinks that he is trying to get it for her. After they go, Hermanki is outbid for the brooch, which goes for $10,000 to another seller. When Hermanski leaves he tries to follow the buyer, but loses him. He sees by the women’s card that they are detectives, and goes to the mansion.

          At the Caulfield agency Hermanski tells them that his reputation as an antiques hunter has been tarnished by some scrapes with the law, and he hires them to find the buyer of the brooch. He tells them that he is commissioned by the Royal Hastings Museum in London to get the brooch, which was made as part of a collection by in the 1870’s in Leeds, England. Hermanski tells them that the brooch is worth much more to his client than the $80 Carol was willing to bid. They go back to the auction house to find the buyer, who is identified as Joshua Llewellen and get his address, but find it is a restaurant called the Cliff House, overlooking the ocean. When Carol and Sydney and Hermanski go inside, they see the buyer sitting at a table with another man, whom they recognize was also at the auction. When the two men see the trio, they leave hurriedly, and when Carol and Sydney go outside, they are shot at by an unknown assailant. More shots are fired, but not at them, and Hermanski finds the Llewellen dead, and takes the brooch from his pocket. He leaves in a cab before a stunned Carol and Sydney find the rifled corpse. It turns out that Marvin, the man Llewellen was talking to, was trying to buy the brooch, and refused to pay his price, so he killed him.

          Marvin and his partner Andrew follow the women to the mansion. Sydney is all for dropping Hermanki as a client, but Carol, who is attracted to him, says he is innocent of any wrongdoing, and goes to the cab company to find the address where he was taken to. Andrew follows her, while a worried Sydney is called by Marvin who warns her that Carol is in danger. When Sydney leaves to go after her, he enters the mansion and searches Sydney’s room. Carol finds Hermanski’s address, and goes there, follows by Andrew, and finds Hermanski preparing a package for the British museum. When he says he hasn’t seen the brooch, and leaves her to fix a drink, she opens the package and finds it inside. Disgusted at his lying, He tells Carol that he sometimes resorts to unscrupulous methods to find antiques, and he has been gotten a bad reputation. But he denies killing Llewellen. While Carol makes up her mind whether to believe him, they are interrupted by Andrew. He takes the brooch at gunpoint, leaving a frustrated Hermanski and stunned Carol.

          When Carol goes back to the mansion, she finds a shocked Sydney kneeling amidst her ransacked room. She tells Sydney about the brooch being taken by Andrew, and in frustration go to Jeanine to ask for her ideas on what they should do. When Jeanine asks about anything seemed fishy at the auction, Carol remembers overhearing the auctioneer skipping a bid, and clearly giving the sale to Llewellen. They go to the auction house and confront the auctioneer, who says that auction houses sometime help their favorite customers, which is what he did for Llewellen, who sometimes fronted for another buyer called “The Trader”, who is Andrew Hogg, Marvin’s partner,  the man who took the brooch at gunpoint from Carol and Hermanski.

          Hogg and Marvin take the brooch apart, looking for hidden secret computer chips that are supposed to be concealed inside from their partner in Hong Kong. But it is empty, and they call their partner, who tells them that a misunderstanding in accents made them look for the brooch, when they were supposed to get the cloche, or the 1920’s hat that Sydney won. Carol finds Hogg’s address in a hotel, and gets the room next to his, planning to have a reluctant Sydney vamp him to get back the brooch. When they go to the hotel, they see Hogg and Marvin, and overhear them talking about the brooch/cloche mistake, and Carol realizes that Sydney is in danger, since she is wearing the cloche hat. While going to their separate cars to go to the police, Sydney is captured by Hogg and Marvin, who followed them, and they take off, followed by Carol and Hermanski, who had followed her.

          Carol and Hermanski trail the car with Sydney, Hogg and Marvin, and manage to flag down a motorcycle policeman, who pulls the kidnappers over. Sydney is safe, and so is her cloche hat, and the brooch is returned to a grateful Hermanski.

          But Hermanski is grateful just enough to send a check to Carol, and takes off for London, leaving an upset Carol behind to be consoled by her friend and partner, Sydney.

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