"Superman" was the last appearance of the Man Of Steel by the end of the 80s and the last one until the creation of the superb "Superman - The Animated Series." This animated incarnation was created by the Ruby Spears Enterprises Inc. and lasted only a reduced season of 13 episodes.

     It was created coinciding with Supie's 50th Anniversary and developed by Marv Wolfman, responsible for Crisis on Infinite Earths and the revamping of Superman, though the executives ignored this fact when they hired him. The series consisted of a twenty-minute episode of "Superman" and a short five-minute episode of the "Superman Family Album" which traced Superman's youth. Lex Luthor, the Master Shadow and Cybron were his main enemies in this series. the character design was made by DC artists Gil Kane.

     In an interesting appearance Wonder Woman guest-star in the episode "Superman And Wonder Woman Vs. The Sorceress Of Time," this way  closing the decade. Originally it was intended to be a two-part closer for the season. Due to poor scheduling and high licensing fees there was no second season and the episode ended up as a one-parter. Her next appearance would be 13 years later in the superb "Justice League" series.

     Meanwhile, Ruby Spears' "Superman" remains an interesting piece which was virtually ignored in spite of many aspects worth mentioning when it comes to the series and characters development, the animation or the incidental music...

"Superman""Superman" ["Superman And Wonder Woman Vs. The Sorceress Of Time"]"Superman" ["Superman And Wonder Woman Vs. The Sorceress Of Time"]"Superman" ["Superman And Wonder Woman Vs. The Sorceress Of Time"]"Superman" ["Superman And Wonder Woman Vs. The Sorceress Of Time"]"Superman"

Number of Episodes: 26 episodes (13 of the "Superman" segment, 13 of the "Superman Family Album" segment).

Broadcast Network: CBS.

Running Time: 30 minutes.

Broadcast History: Premiered on Saturday, September 17, 1988 and ran through September 12, 1989.

Executive Producers: Joe Ruby / Ken Spears.
Supervising Producer: John Dorman.
Producer: Larry Huber.
Supervising Director: Charles A. Nichols.
Directors: Cosmo Anzilotti, Bill Hutton, Tony Love.
Story Editor: Marv Wolfman.
Assistant Story Editor: Cherie Wilson.
Associate Producer: Stacy McLaughlin.
Animation Supervisors: Colin Baker, Marlene Robinson May.

Animation Services Provided By: TOEI Animation Co. Ltd. / DAI WON Animation Co. Ltd.

Storyboard & Design Supervisor: Jim Woodring.
Key Storyboard Director: Dick Sebast.

Storyboard Artists: Adrian Gonzales, Rick Hoberg, Kurt Conner.

Production Design: Gil Kane.
Models Supervisor: Alan B. Hock.
Main Models: Dulcan Marjoribanks.

Models: Gil Kane, Sharpn Forward, Floro Dery, Ted Blackman, Thomas Hickson, George Goode.

Voice Director: Ginny McSwain, CSA.
Talent Coordinator: Lynne Barchelor.

Background Paintings: Eric Semones, James Hegedus, Eric Heschong.

Color Key Supervisor: Bunny Minns.
Color Key: Suzette Darling.
Graphics: Iras Paran, Tom Wogatzke.
Production Supervisor: Loretta High.
Supervising Production Coordinator: Melinda Diner.

Production Coordination: Jeanne Silveri Whittle, Cinny Newman-Toerre, Paul Gorniak, Diorewa Rock, Kerri Michael.

Production Services: Jeffrey M. Cooke.
Executive in Charge of Post Production: Chip Yaras.
Effects Editors: Tom Syslo, Pete Grives, Willyal Ven Nei.
Consulting: Mary Duerrstein.
Re-Recording Mixer: Sergio Reyes.
Director of Music Supervising: Joanne Miller.
Music: Ron Jones.
Additional Music : Tom Worrall.
1988 Ruby Spears Enterprises Inc. / Dc Comics.
BEAU WEAVER [Clark Kent / Superman].
GINNY McSWAIN [Lois Lane].
MARK TAYLOR [Jimmy Olsen].
MICHAEL BELL [Lex Luthor].
LYNN MARIE STEWART [Jessic Morganberry].



"SUPERMAN" SEGMENT: "Destroy The Defendroids" / "Fugitive From Space" / "By The Skin Of A Dragon's Teeth" / "Cybron Strikes" / "The Big Scoop" / "The Hunter" / "The Triple Play" / "Bonechill" / "The Beast Beneath These Streets" / "Night Of The Living Shadows" / "Wildshark" / "Superman And Wonder Woman Vs. The Sorceress Of Time" / "The Last Time I Saw Earth".

"SUPERMAN FAMILY ALBUM" SEGMENT: "The Adoption" / "The Supermarket" / "At The Babysitter's" / "The First Day Of School" / "Overnight With the Scouts" / "The Circus" / "Little Runaway" / "The Birthday Party" / "The Driver's License" / "First Date" / "To Play Or Not To Play" / "Graduation" / "It's Superman!".

Below you'll find description of the "Superman" episode in which Wonder Woman guest-starred.

Superman join forces with Wonder Woman to battle against Serena, who's menacing Paradise Island. Superman stops a meteor by smashing it but one of the fragments falls in paradise Island and releases the evil sorceress Selena. She enslaves Hyppolita, Queen of the Amazons, and she's determined to get Wonder Woman. Diana goes to Metropolis to get Superman's help. Written by Cherie Wilkerson and Marv Wolfman.

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