"The Super Friends"

Hanna-Barbera continued with the same format as the previous season: reruns followed by three new episodes featuring the core group in team-ups with other superheroes previously featured in former versions. Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman and Robin were eventually joined by Black Vulcan, Samurai, Apache Chief, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, The Atom, Zan, Jayna and their pet monkey Gleek -and a new addition, El Dorado. Continuing with the ethnic heroes specially created for the series, El Dorado, is a Spanish superhero who has the ability to read minds, create illusions and teleport himself.

"The Super Friends" [EL DORADO]

Featured SUPERFRIENDS: Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Zan, Jayna and their pet-monkey Gleek, Apache Chief, The Flash, Samurai, Black Vulcan, The Atom, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, El Dorado.

Featured VILLAINS: Bigfoot, ice demon, the makeup monster, energy creature, the cicle gang, radioactive sea monsters, Yuna

The Terrible, the Rock And Roll Space Bandits, Martians, crude-oil monster, Vampirus, evil Exxorian monkeys, Mr. Mxyzptlk, moon creature, evil circus animals, The Riddler, termites from Venus, Ocina, ROMAK, Bizarro, etc.

Number of Episodes: 16 episodes.
Broadcast Network: ABC.
Running Time: 30 minutes.
Broadcast History: Premiered on September, 1981 and ran through September, 1982.
Executive Producers: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera.
Producer: Don Jurwich.
Directors: Ray Patterson, Carl Urbano.
Creative Producer: Iwao Takamoto.
Recording Director: Don Jurwich.
Musical Director: Hoyt Curtin.
Musical Supervisor: Paul DeKorte.
Animation Supervision: Bill Keil, Jay Barbry, Bob Boe.
Background Supervisor: Al Gmuer.
Production Manager: Jayne Barbera.
Distributors: ABC-TV / LBS Communications Inc. / Warner Bros. Television.
1981 Hanna-Barbera Productions / DC Comics.
DANNY DARK [Superman].
OLAN SOULE [Batman].
SHANNON FARNON [Wonder Woman].
MICHAEL BELL [Zan / Gleek].
JACK ANGEL [Samurai / Flash / Hawkman].
BUSTER JONES [Black Vulcan].
MIKE RYE [Apache Chief / Green Lantern].
WALLY BURR [The Atom].

OUTLAWS OF ORION: The Super Friends are captured by a pair of ruthless bounty hunters from the planet Orion where they plan to collect the reward for capturing the heroes dead or alive.

THREE WISHES: The Wonder Twins accidentally release an evil space genie out of a bottle in the Hall of Justice. Despite Jayna's protests, Zan makes wishes. The genie grants them, but it always has negative outcomes. One in particular puts the Twins in so much danger, that only Superman can save them.

SCORPIO: The Super Friends battle Scorpio, a giant mutant insect being who steals a growth ray from a scientist and plans to use it to turn all insects into giants so they can take over the world with Scorpio as the ruler.

MXYZPTLK'S FLICK: When Batman and Robin take the Wonder Twins to a drive in 3D movie, they are suddenly pulled into the picture where Mr. Mxyzptlk is back to menace the heroes with his magical VCR and movie camera which can control the Super Friends actions and dialogues. And he can replay the heroes' actions his way.

SINK HOLE: The Super Friends respond to sink hole problems in a small mining town,which the culprit is a mechanical giant snake that is eating the ground and turning the dirt into diamonds. The snake is being controlled by a Texas villain called Diamond Jack.

ALIEN MUMMY: El Dorado accompanies an arcaeologist group to the Aztec Pyramids where our new hero chases off some alien invaders and incures the wrath of an alien mummy who had been awakened and was planning to take over the world. Luckily, El Dorado gets help from Superman and Wonder Woman in combatting the alien mummy.

EVIL FROM KRYPTON: Superman suddenly loses his powers when the sun is turned red. The Super Friends discover that the red sun was caused by something from Superman's Fortress of Solitude where Zycree, another Kryptonian villain has escaped the Phantom Zone and is planning revenge on Superman forputting him there.

THE CREATURE FROM THE DUMP: The Wonder Twins respond to an environmental alert whern they discover some chemicals mixed in a junkyard have created a junk monster. Batman and Robin help them battle it but Batman is infected by the creature and is changed into a Bat junk monster. Robin and the Twins work feverishly on an antidote that will return Batman to normal.

AIRCRAFT TERROR: During a thunderstorm, a freak strike of lightning changes an airplane into a winged monster that changes all aircraft into flying beasts as well. Batman and Robin take on the problem with a little help from the Wonder Twins. But even the Bat Jet is turned into a giant bat.

LAVA MEN: The Super Friends battle Soloran, king of the Lava Men who come out of a volcano and decide to conquer the Earth by burning it.

BIZAROWULRD: Superman and Black Vulcan are lured to Bizarroworld where Bizarro plans to toy with them on his backwards planet.

THE WARLORD'S AMULET: The Super Friends journey to Japan, Samuraui's homeland to battle a Warlord who through a time corridor escapes the 13th century and plans to conquer modern Japan with the help of an amulet that keeps his Demon Warriors alive.

THE IRON CYCLOPS: The Super Friends contend with the Iron Cyclops who is stealing the Earth's gravity. While Batman tries to keep the Hall of Justice on the ground, Superman, Black Vulcan, and the Atom journey into space to stop this new menace.

PALETTE'S PERILS: Wonder Woman and El Dorado find themselves battling monsters who are committing thefts. They ultimately discover an evil artist named John Palette, who paints pictures of monsters and uses an electronic device to bring the monsters to life to steal.

COLOSSUSS: Superman and Apache Chief have one colossal adventure when they must battle Colossuss, a cosmic giant whose presence endangers the solar system.

STOWAWAYS FROM SPACE: Superman and the Wonder Twins contend with an alien who stows away in an unmanned space ship and can create images of itself and plans to take over the world.

THE SCARAGHOSTA SEA: Batman and Robin are joined by Aquaman to go under the sea to a ships' graveyard and search for Dr. Gibbs and her young assistant after their minisub was pulled into a giant whirlpool and who have been taken hostage by Keilhaul Kelley and his pirate ghosts who plan to use Dr. Gibbs's mini sub to go to the Earth's surface.

THE WITCH'S ARCADE: The Wonder Twins are lured into a seaside arcade where the witch who runs it has devices that shrink the Twins and pulls them into the games. Wonder Woman is alerted, but she too is shrunk and they must all get out of the games and take on the old witch in order to regain their normal size.

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