All Dynamic #4 - 1970.

It Aint Me Babe.

Trina Robbins (Cover).

Princessions #1 - January 1977.


Princessions #2 - 1977.


Princessions #3 - June 1977.


Princessions #4 - 1977.


Princessions #5 - 1977.


Princessions #6 - November 1977.

Bobby Wright (Cover).


Princessions #7 - January 1978.


Princessions #8 - March 1978

L. Lawrence (Cover).

Princessions #9 - May 1978


Princessions #10 - July 1978.


Princessions #13 - 1982.


Amazing Worlds of DC Comics #15 - Spotlighing Wonder Woman - Aug 1977

Mike Nasser (Cover) Neal Adams (Back Cover).

Comic Reader #140 - November 1977

Mike Nasser (Cover).

Super B - 1977

Warner Brothers Educational Service Publication.


Super AA #AA1 1978

Warner Brothers Educational Services Publication.


Comic Reader #181 - July 1980

Jack Abel, Terry Austin (Cover).

LoC #1 - 1980.
Cover: Frank Miller.

Comic Reader #218


Blunder Woman

Mini Comic by Wally Wood Wonder Woman spoof story.


All-Star Comics Revue



Chapters #3



WONDER WOMAN Invader from Mars...GIANT Coloring Book.

22x17 inches. Published in 1984 by Stoneway LTD. The storyline is "Invaders From Mars. Illustrated by Adrian Gonzales & Bob Smith, COVER Art by Dick Giordano & Rich Buckler.


Superman Batman Wonder Woman Color Book



Amazing Heroes #106 - Nov 1, 1986.

George Perez (Cover)

Amazing Heroes #115 April 1987.

Kevin Nolan (Cover).  Swimsuit Issue.

Amazing Heroes #197 - Dec 1991.

Brian Bolland (Cover).

DC Direct Currents #90 - Sept 1996.

John Byrne (Cover).

Comics Buyers Guide #1279 - May 1999.

H.G. Peters (Cover).

Comic Book Marketplace #78 May 2000.

Ross Andru & Mike Esposito (Cover).

Comicology #4 - Summer 2000



Wizard 123 - Dec 2001

Alex Ross Wonder Woman cover and Wonder Woman sketchbook.

Comic Book Artists #21

Adam Hughes (Cover).

Alter Ego #23 April 2003.

HG Peters (Cover).

Wonder Con 2004


Back Issue #5



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