Wonder Woman A Book to Color - 1975.

The Menace of the Molemen Whitman.

Wonder Woman - Homecoming High Jinx - Coloring Book - 1977.
Whitman Publishing.

Premium Give Away - 1979.

Wonder Woman - The Cheetah's Jewel Caper 16 pages.

Premium Give Away - 1980.

The Secret Origin of Wonder Woman No. 1 - 14 pages.

Premium Give Away - 1980.

Wonder Woman - The Angle Menace! 16 pages.
Wonder Woman - "The Weather Wizard's Crimes" - 1979.
Giant Story Coloring Book. Published By Parkes Run.
Art By Ric Estrada. 17" X 22".
Wonder Woman - A Pop-Up Book, 16 pages [1980]
Published by Random House.
Illustrated by Ross Andru And Dick Giordano.

Premium Give Away - Kenner - 1983.

Super Powers Collection:  Wonder Woman No. 3 - 13 pages.

Wonder Woman Heroes Role Playing Module - '88 [32 pages]

Strangers in Paradise - [Dan Greenberg, George Perez (Author), George Perez (Pencils), George Perez (Inks), Eric Shanower (Colors)]. George Perez(Cover). Note:  Role Playing Game Module containing various illustrations and facts on Wonder Woman characters.


Wonder Woman - Super Powers - Coloring and Activity Book - 1984 - [48 pages]
Produced by Powerhouse Productions, copyright 1984 by DC Comics.
8 1/2" X 11"

March of Dimes Post Card.

H.G. Peters (Art).

"Golden Super Shape Book" - 1995 - [12 pages].
Louise Simonson (script). Westerm Publishing Co. Inc.

Wonder Woman the Ultimate Sticker Book- $6.99 - DK Publishing Inc, 2003 8 pages -  60+ stickers.


Wonder Woman License


Wonder Woman Sticker Fun Book


1940 Greeting Card


Best Wishes


Greeting Card #1


Greeting Card #2


Greeting Card #3


Greeting Card #4


Greeting Card #9 - 1978


Greeting Card #10 - 1978


Greeting Card #11 - 1978


Greeting Card #12 - 1978

1978 -Adams.

Greeting Card #20

1978 -Adams.

Greeting Card #34


Greeting Card #35


Greeting Card #36


Greeting Card #39


Greeting Card #43


Greeting Card #48


Greeting Card


Greeting Card


Wonder Woman Pin Back Buton


Taystee Sticker 1978


Wonder Woman Star Riders


Wonder Woman Sign


Postcard 1984


How To Draw Wonder Woman


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