Wonder Woman Annual # 1 1988 [48 pages / Cover Price $ 1.50].

Amazons [George Perez (Script),  Carl Gafford (Colors), Todd Klein (Letters), George Perez & John Stacuzzi (Cover) / Title Page: Brian Bolland (Pencils), Mark Farmer (Inks) / Prologue:  Chris Marrinan (Pencils), Willie Blyberg (Inks) / Ch1 The Diving Bird:  Art Adams (Pencils), Art Adams (Inks) / Ch2 Dust:  John Bolton (Pencils), John Bolton (Inks) / Ch3 The First Statue:  Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Pencils), Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Inks) / Ch4 Into the World Go Forth:  Curt Swan (Pencils), Bob McLeod (Inks) / Ch5 Flight of the Icaus:  Ross Andru (Pencils), George Perez (Inks) / Epilogue:  Brian Bolland (Pencils), Mark Farmer (Inks) / Private Lives Last Will and Testament of Mindi Mayer:  George Perez (Pencils), George Perez (Inks)].

Note:  Wonder Woman as a girl growing up.

Wonder Woman Annual # 2 1989 [64 pages / Cover Price $ 2.00].

The Game of the Name  [George Perez (Script), Colleen Doran (Pencils), Julianna Ferriter (Color)]. / Headline  [George Perez (Script), Cynthia Martin (Pencils), Tatjana Wood Color)]. / Trademark  [George Perez (Script), Carol Lay (Pencils), Michelle Wolfman (Color)]. / Logo  [George Perez (Script), Ramona Fradon (Pencils), Shelley Eiber Color)]. / Play Like  [Lee Marrs (Script), Trina Robbins (Pencils), Shelly Eiber Color, L.Lois Bunhalis (inks)]. / Banner  [George Perez (Script), Carol Lay (Pencils), Julianna Ferriter (Color)]. / Maarquee  [George Perez (Script), Barb Raush  (Pencils), Helen Vesik Color)]. / Legend  [George Perez (Script), Jan Duursema (Pencils), Julia Lacquement (Color)]. / Tribute  [George Perez (Script), Cara Sherman Tereno & Leslie Sternbergh (Pencils), Adrienne Roy Color)]. / George Perez (Cover).

Notes: All women artists issue. Origin of the Wonder Woman insignia. Diana and Clark Kent story.  Wonder Woman comic book in story.  JLA cameo.

Wonder Woman Annual # 3 1992 [64 pages / Cover Price $ 2.50].

Shadows and Eclipses  [William Messner-Loebs (Script), John Dennis & David Johnson (Pencils), Ande Parks (Inks), Matt Hollingsworth (Color), Clem Robins (Letters), Quesada & Nowlan (Cover)].

Note: Villain appearance: Asquith Randolph the White Magician, Eclipso, Darkness Within story.



Wonder Woman Annual # 4 1995 [56 pages / Cover Price $ 3.50].
Ancient Blood, Ancient Stone  [Kate Worley (Script), Brent Anderson (Pencils), Ken Branch (Inks), Patricia Mulvihill (Color), Gaspar (Letters), Brent Anderson (Cover)].

Note:  Year One story. Villain appearance:  Cheetah.



Wonder Woman Annual # 5 1996 [48 pages / Cover Price $ 2.95].
The Unremembered  [John Byrne (Script), Dave Cockrum (Pencils), Norm Breyfogle (Inks), Ian Laughlin (Color), John Costanza (Letters), Dave Cockrum and Norm Breyfogle (Cover)].
Note:  Legends of the Dead Earth story.



Wonder Woman Annual # 6 1997 [62 pages / Cover Price $ 3.95].
Necropolis  [John Byrne (Script), John Byrne & Tom Palmer (Pencils), Tom Palmer (Inks), Ian Laughlin (Color), John Costanza (Letters)]. / From Hell She Came  [Joan Weis (Script), Ed Benes (Pencils), Barbara Kaalberg (Inks), Ian Laughlin (Color), John Costanza (Letters)]. / Doug Beekman (Cover). 

Note: Pulp Heroes story Tales of the Unexpected. Teen age Wonder Girl appearance.  First Nectropolis City of the Dead. Notes for From Hell She Came: Artemis solo story.


Wonder Woman Annual # 7 1998 [48 pages / Cover Price $ 2.95].
The Distance Gone  [Eric Luke (Script), Eric Battle (Pencils), Ray McCarthy & Romeo Tanghal (Inks), Jason Scott Jones (Color), Albert Deguzman (Letters), Bernie Wrightson (Cover)].
Note:  Drug issue.  Ghost of Myndi Mayer.



Wonder Woman Annual  # 8 1999 [48 pages / Cover Price $ 2.95].
The Thin Gold Line  [Doselle Young (Script), Brian Denham (Pencils), Jon Sibal (Inks), Patricia Mulvihill (Color), Clem Robbins (Letters), Art Adams (Cover)].
Note:  JLAPE: Gorilla Warfare! story. Artemis.



Wonder Woman 80-Page Giant  # 1  2002 [80 pages / Cover Price: $ 4.95].
Wonder Woman # 133
[Harry G. Peter, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito (Cover)]
Villainy Incorporated! - [William Moulton Marston (Script), Harry G. Peter Pencils), Harry G. Peter (Inks), Jamison (Colors)]. Note: Reprint From Wonder Woman #28 (Mar.-Apr. 1948).
Eagle of Space! - [Robert Kanigher (Script), Ross Andru (Pencils), Mike Esposito (Inks), Jamison (Colors)]. Note: Reprint from Wonder Woman #105 (April 1959).
Wanted - Wonder Woman - [Robert Kanigher (Script), Ross Andru (Pencils), Mike Esposito (Inks), Jamison (Colors)]. Note: Reprint from Wonder Woman #108 (Aug 1959).
Revolt of Wonder Woman - [Robert Kanigher (Script), Ross Andru (Pencils), Mike Esposito (Inks), Jamison (Colors)]. Note: Reprint from Wonder Woman #144 (Feb 1964).
Note: There was never an 80 page Giant Annual printed in the 1970's For Wonder Woman. This is what the annual would have looked like if DC would have published it.

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