Partners In CrimePartners In Crime: Lynda Carter / Loni Anderson

Episode Number: 13 according to broadcast and production order.

Production Nº: 780-20.
Airdate: Saturday, December 28, 1984.
Writer: Bill Driscoll.
Director: Alan Cooke.

Guest Cast: Steven Keats [Mickey Powers] / Kevin Brophy [Chris Powers] / Richard Lynch [George Weslin] / James Luisi [Captain Caslin] / Dan St. Paul [Policeman Chuck Hedges] / Lynne Arden [Mrs. Gadnill] / Brent Christensen [Inspector Tommy Lee] / Gordon B. Pinckney [Withers].

Other Titles: In German: "Das Spiel ist aus" ("The Game Is On").

Partners In Crime: Walter Olkewicz Partners In Crime: Leo Rossi Partners In Crime: Eileen Hackart
"Double Jeopardy""Double Jeopardy""Double Jeopardy""Double Jeopardy""Double Jeopardy""Double Jeopardy""Double Jeopardy""Double Jeopardy""Double Jeopardy"

Two prisoners, Chris Powers and George Weslin, have broken out of Folsom Prison, and with the help of Mickey Powers, the brother of one of the men, they have come to San Francisco to search for the stolen money from armored car heist that Chris Powers pulled some years ago. Powers put the money in a warehouse on Fisherman’s Pier before he was captured, and the two escaped cons walk along the pier, watching for the police, who are aware of their activities, while Mickey Powers waits in his car.

          Police Captain Caslin, who thought that Powers would come back to the scene of his robbery, spots the two men, and signals for several plainclothesmen to follow the cons and be ready to close in. Suddenly Powers spots a man trailing him and Weslin, and they make a break for it, running off the pier and getting into the car, shaking the police. Powers and Weslin know they must hold up somewhere until the heat dies down, and Powers remember that a smart detective named Caulfield helped the district attorney convict Powers. Since he lives in San Francisco, the cons plan to visit him and “persuade” Caulfield to let them stay at his house until they can figure a way to get the loot.

          Carol and Sydney are startled by the two seedy-looking men who enter the front door of the Caulfield Mansion without knocking, since the women were expecting to leave to meet friends who would take them on a cruise on their yacht. Powers asks where Raymond Caulfield is, and both Carol and Sydney tell the men that he is dead, and that they, his ex-wives, now run the agency. The cons are temporarily surprised, but recover and think that it will be even easier to hold the women hostage while they stay at the mansion. Weslin is especially pleased, since he has seen how beautiful Carol is, and he begins to menace her with unpleasant looks. Carol is alarmed, but stays calm, knowing that she and Sydney are valuable alive and unharmed.

          Mickey Powers, following his brother’s orders, dumps his car and comes back in a cab. Since Mickey is not a fugitive, Powers wants his brother to go back to the wharf to get the money and bring it to the mansion. Weslin tells him to take Sydney along, since brunettes are more his type, leering at Carol. He tells Sydney that if anything goes wrong, he will kill Carol, and Sydney realizes that her partner’s life is in her hands. She agrees, and as she drives Mickey to the wharf, she persuades him to follow what she says, so that they will get the money and save Carol. At the wharf, they buy two large wicker baskets to carry the money in, but are stopped by Captain Caslin, who remembers Sydney as Raymond’s ex-wife. She introduces a nervous Mickey to the police officer as her cousin Marvin, who she is showing the sights of the city, and manages to excuse themselves and head down the wharf.

          Weslin and Powers tell Carol that they want her to cook them some food, and the three go into the kitchen. While Carol mixes some eggs, Weslin tells Powers to go watch the front door, and he will stay to take care of the brunette. Carol knows that her life is in danger, and carefully does everything Weslin says. He asks her for liquor, and she tells him it is in cabinet on the other side of the kitchen. She tells him to pour her a drink too, but sneaks some rat poison into the eggs when he isn’t looking. Suddenly Powers come into the kitchen and says that someone is at the front door. Carol puts the eggs on the stove to cook, and goes out with the men holding their pistols on her. Her insurance agent, Mrs. Gadnick, has come to get some papers, but Carol persuades her to come back another time. As the three go back to the kitchen, the eggs have burned, and Weslin angrily throws the mess into the sink, poison and all. He grabs Carol and forces her out into the living room, where they sit and wait.

          Mickey, following his brothers’ map, pushes Sydney into a deserted warehouse on the wharf, where they find the money and put it into the baskets. But Caslin is suspicious of Mickey, since he knows that Powers has a younger brother whose description matches the man with Sydney. He follows the two, and sees them coming out of the warehouse. He calls in his police plainsclothesmen, and they surround the two. Mickey is shot when he pulls a gun, and he is captured, as a frustrated Sydney sees her efforts to get Carol out of danger fall apart.

          Back at the mansion, Weslin tries to get Carol to drink with him, and when she coolly refuses, he grabs her and throws her across the room onto the sofa. Powers tells him to leave her alone, and Weslin hesitates, then laughs in his face and goes to get another bottle of liquor. Carol thanks Powers, and asks him why he ever chose him as a partner. Powers tells her that you can’t choose your cellmates in Folsom, and Weslin helped him break out, and will get half of the robbery money as his reward. Carol realizes that he is not as bad as Weslin, who is a murderer and rapist, but just as desperate.

          At police headquarters, Caslin tells Sydney that he wants to send in the S.W.A.T. team to get the robbers, but Sydney persuades him to try her plan, which is to send her back with a policeman the same build and hair color as Mickey in his clothes, and together they will try to shoot the men as they drop their guard when they see the thousands of dollars in the baskets. Caslin reluctantly goes along with the idea, and gives Sydney a gun, asking her if there is another gun in the mansion. Sydney says it is in Carol’s upstairs room, too far away to be of any immediate use.

           But Carol asks Powers if he would go upstairs with her to her room to change her clothes and get some aspirin for her nervous headache. Weslin overhears her, ands grabs her arm to go upstairs with her. Not trusting him, and also attracted to Carol, Powers flips a coin to see who will take the beautiful brunette upstairs. To Weslin’s anger, Powers wins. Upstairs in her room, Carol moves to the dresser to change her clothes, but Powers goes to the drawer she starts to open and finds her gun. He angrily pulls her out of the room and forces her back down the stairs.

          Sydney and Chuck Hedges, a police officer dressed in Mickey’s clothes, go back to the mansion with the baskets of money, followed by the police, who stake out the mansion in different disguises. Powers and Weslin see the car drive up, and watch as Sydney gets out with a man they think is Mickey, whose face is hidden by the big basket. As the police watch, the two go up onto the mansion porch, and Sydney opens her basket to show the two cons, who have come out to meet them, all the money. But when the disguised policeman lowers his basket, Powers shoots him and pulls Sydney back into the mansion, leaving the money outside. She tells him that Mickey was recognized by the police and was shot, but is alive. Powers furiously pushes her into the sunken living room sofa, and Carol crosses over to help her. But Sydney shows Carol the police pistol hidden in her back waistband, and pushes it under the sofa cushion.

          Powers and Weslin watch outside to see if the police are going to attack, and suddenly the phone rings. It is Captain Caslin, telling the men that they are surrounded. Powers tells him that they have the two women as hostages, and demands a car to take them and the money to the airport, where the police will provide an airplane to Mexico, or he will throw one of the women out, dead. Caslin reluctantly agrees, and Powers hangs up. Hearing this, Sydney tells them that her new suitcase, which is upstairs, is big enough to fit all the money in and easier to carry than the baskets. Powers tells Weslin to go get it, and the two men separate as Sydney planned.

          The phone rings, and as Powers answers, Sydney puts the police pistol back in her waistband. The women walk up behind Powers and pushes the pistol into his back, while Carol takes his gun. As all three move toward the door, Weslin comes to the stairs and sees them, and Carol and Sydney aim their pistols at Weslin and he at them in what looks like a standoff. From outside the mansion the police hear two gunshots, and Powers walks out, followed by a wounded Weslin, clutching his shattered shoulder, and Carol and Sydney, both unhurt and pointing their pistols at the cons. The police rush up to the front porch to take the cons away, and Caslin gently takes the pistols from Carol and Sydney’s hands. He asks the women who fired the shots, and a shaken Carol looks at a satisfied Sydney and says, “Does it matter?” The partners are safe and the siege is over.

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