Partners In CrimePartners In Crime: Lynda Carter / Loni Anderson

Episode Number: 9 according to broadcast order, and 12 to production order.

Production Nº: 780-17.
Airdate: Saturday, December 1 , 1984.
Writer: Simon Muntner.
Director: James Sheldon.

Guest Cast: Howard Swain [Freddie Lap] / Michael Shannon [Jackson Lemay] / Nick Surovy [West] / Otis Young [Willie Biggs] / Taylor Lacher [Hamilton Frye] / Robert Colbert [Charles Harrington] / Ralph Peduto [Gaynor] / Cynthia Brian [JoJo] / Ron Lanza [Joseph] /  Joy Carew [Gladys Harrington].

Other Titles: In German: "Mehr als fünfzig Riesen" ("More Than Fifty Grands").

Partners In Crime: Walter Olkewicz Partners In Crime: Leo Rossi Partners In Crime: Eileen Hackart
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Lt. Veronsky is in the middle of drug sting operation with $50,000 police dollars when his informer, Freddie Lap, suddenly turns on him with a gun and Veronsky is forced to shoot him. But the whole operation is a set-up, because Veronsky is suddenly attacked by two men in a car who take the money, Freddie’s gun, and leave the detective unconscious. His police backup finds him with a dead Freddie and no weapon or money to be found, forcing them to put him on suspension until a police investigation.

          Carol and Sydney hears of his troubles, and realize that he has done so much for them in the past that they must help to clear him, even before the investigation is concluded. They meet him in a restaurant and offer their help, but he tells them that he trusts the internal affairs and he can clear himself, but before he can leave two detectives come in and arrest him, telling him that they have discovered a bank safe-deposit box with his signature on the card, and the $50,000 police money in the bank, as well as the murder of Freddie Lap.

          The two women mortgage the mansion to pay for Veronsky’s bail, and they start their own investigation. Carol meets Hamilton Frye, a lawyer friend of Carol’s, and she asks him to take the case, but the lawyer is swayed by the publicity and tells her that he doesn’t think Veronsky can be found innocent, but he is willing to put a junior partner on the case. Disappointed and offended, Carol coldly turns him down. But Carol also has a friend from her college who is in charge of police records, and she pulls all of Veronsky’s outstanding case files to scan for a possible revenge motive in his frame up. They find a case where Veronsky went to search a mugger’s home and found bearer bounds, which banks sometime use as collateral. He had checked with the bank, Golden West, that had issued them, but he had not heard from them in the last two weeks. Sydney points out that those two weeks are more than enough time to set up a phony drug buy, and since Veronsky’s name was forged on the safe deposit card, forged bonds could also be involved. They try to figure out why bearer bonds are involved, and Carol tells them that bank auditors don’t always check all of the bonds carefully enough, so forgeries are possible. The banks can sell the real bonds and keep the forgeries in the vault to make an illegal profit. Veronsky remembers such a scheme five years ago in which a master forger named Willie Biggs was involved. Biggs is out of prison now, and they make plans to contact him, while they check out the bank, Golden West.

          Veronsky had talked to a Jackson Lemay, the vice president of the bank, and Carol, posing as Carolyn Crawford, a rich heiress, goes there and meets with Lemay, asking him to advise her on investment possiblities. She asks about bearer bonds, and he tells her that bonds are fast liquidity but high risk, since if they are stolen, anyone can cash them. He introduces her to the bank president Charles Harrington, who promises to look into her investments. But it is Harrington and Lemay who have set up the scheme to frame Veronsky, because they had Willie Biggs make forged bearer bonds for a scheme to make some fast money. When Veronsky found those stolen forged bonds, they, with the help of another crook named West, set up Veronsky for the frame up with Freddie Lap.

         Veronsky and Sydney, posing as a two-bit gangster and his moll, go to another gangster’s restaurant, where unknown to them, West works, asking the owner, Gaynor, where they can find a master forger named Willie Biggs to do a job. Gaynor tells them to come back the next day, and the forger will be there. But the maitre’d, Joseph, recognizes Veronsky from when he was cop on the local beat, and he tells West, who meets with Harrington and Lemay. West says that Sydney, a detective, has a beautiful brunette partner, who was impersonating Carolyn Crawford, and the three men realize that their plans are falling apart. But West tells them that he will be there the next day at the restaurant with the forger to take care of them.

          At the mansion, Carol and Sydney decide to get their hands on the bearer bonds, and they persuade Veronsky to go along, since the internal investigation unit wouldn’t look into this matter unless there was more proof. He helps them break into the vault, using his skills as a demolition expert he acquired during the Vietnam War, and they find the forged bonds. The next day, Veronsky and Sydney, with Carol in the car, go to meet with Willie Biggs to show him the bonds and tell them who is involved, but when they get there they are captured by West, Lemay and Biggs. Hamilton Frye shows up outside the restaurant with flowers for Carol, who he has been trying to make up with Carol since she refused to listen to his excuses for turning Veronsky’s case down. Carol tells him that she is worried, since Sydney and Veronsky haven’t come out with Biggs yet, and she and Hamilton go inside, where they force Joseph to tell them that Sydney and Veronsky were taken to Charles Harrington’s yacht at the marina.

          At the yacht, Charles Harrington is convinced to go along with West’s plan to kill Veronsky, since the bearer bond scheme will net Harrington 2 million dollars. West and Lemay have stolen Veronsky’s car, and they force him to go along with them to make it look like he drove it off the pier after leaving a suicide note written by Willie.

          But Willie has been listening to Sydney, who tells him that he is a forger, not a murderer. When Carol and Hamilton show up at the yacht, Willie helps them knock out Harrington and free Sydney. Carol and Sydney drive to the pier, where they help Veronsky overpower and capture West and Lemay.

            That evening, Carol and Sydney meet Veronsky and Hamilton for a celebration dinner. Veronsky tells them that while he is free of investigation for the frame up, he is now under investigation for breaking into the Golden West Bank. But Hamilton says that he will represent him, and Carol forgives him for not helping the first time.

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