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The first "Super Friends" series couldn't capture the critics' hearts nor many viewers and was early cancelled. It was brought back as a mid-season replacement in January 1976. When a half-hour version of the original hour length stories scored surprisingly high ratings, the show was revived first as a half-hour, then as "The All-New Super Friends Hour." This was a surprise mostly due to its original airing at the previously unheard time of 6:30 or 7:00 A.M. -when kids weren't even thought to watch television, specially on a Saturday morning. It also helped the peak of popularity for television superheroes like Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman or Lee Majors' "The Six-Million Dollar Man."

     Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman return in their second saga, this time replacing tedious Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog by the Wonder Twins, alien superhero-trainees from the planet Exxor: Zan, Jayna and their pet monkey Gleek. The twins had the ability to communicate telephatically and mutate into any wished shape. The carried teen-trouble alerts and usually got involved in fights unlike their predecessors from the first series. Another addition to teh series was the creation of multi-racial superheroes like Apache Chief (an Indian superhero with the ability to increase his sieze up to 50 ft.), Black Vulcan (with the power to fly and shoot lightning bolts), and Samurai (a martial-arts-skilled superhero with the ability to turn into a windwhirl, into fire or become invisible). These three characters were specially created for the series. Also featured on the series were Justice League guest-star heroes like Hawkman, Hawkgirl, The Flash, Green Lantern, The Atom, and eventually the Tarzan-like Rima, the Jungle-Girl.

     The hour long series consisted of a half-hour episode plus three shorts. The 30 minutes episode was followed by a tied-up secret decorder short in which they revealed secrets, told secrets

and tricks, and teach health and safety issues. The first of the shorts featured two of the established staff superheroes, the second one was dedicated to Wonder Twins with a moral message to young-viewers, and the third one paired the original staff with a guest-starring superheroe.

Featured SUPERFRIENDS: Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman with the Wonder Twins: Zan, Jayna and their pet-monkey Gleek. Guest Stars: The Flash, The Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Rima, Samurai, Apache Chief and Black Vulcan.

Featured VILLAINS: Generic villains like: Dr. Cranum, The Earthors, Cap. Croner, The Secret Four, Dictor, Kotoru, The Hydronoids, Dr. Fright, Dr. Droid, Oceannians, Professor Zarcoff, Lionex and The Lion Men, Nemus, The Jivaro Indians, Dr. Pices, Manta, The Domeheads, Medulla, Amy Zahn, The Killer Bees, Dr. XRA, The Tibetan Raiders, Skulpin, Professor Korloff, The Marsh Monster, The Shark, The Ghost Of Jim Craddock, etc.

"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Superman]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Batman]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Robin]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Wonder Woman]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Aquaman]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Zan, Jayna and Gleek]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Apache Chief]

Number of Episodes: 15 episodes [divided each in one 30-minute episode and three different shorts].

Broadcast Network: ABC.
Running Time: 60 minutes.

Broadcast History: Premiered on Saturday, September 10, 1977 and ran through September 2, 1978.

Executive Producers: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera.
Associate Producer: Art Scott.
Director: Charles A. Nichols.

Creative Producer: Iwao Takamoto.

Story: Haskell Birkin, Norman Maurer, J. Kenneth Rotcop, Kerry Cummings, Janat Pringle, Mark Jones, Henry Sharp, Don Glut, Marshall L. Williams.

Story Direction: Alvaro Arce, Cullen Houghtailing, George Singer, Howard Swift.

Title Design: Bill Perez.
Graphics: Iraj Paran.
Musical Direction: Hoyt Curtin.
Musical Supervision: Paul DeKorte.
Character Design: Bob Singer, George Wheeler, Alex Toth.

Layout Supervision: John Ahern..

Layout: Terry Slade, Al Budnik, Hal Ambro, Charles Downs, Owen Fitzgerald, Drew Gentle, Jack Huber, Ray Jacobs, Jim Muller, Linda Rowley, Martin Taras, John Walker, Warren Marshall.

Unit Direction: Ray Patterson.

Animation Supervision: Bill Keil, Jay Sarby.
Assistant Animation Supervision: Bob Goe.
Animation Coordination: John Boersema.

Animation: Ed Aardal, Frank Andrina, Toma Barnes, Becky Bristow, Lars Calonius, Constantin Mustatea, Eduardo Olivares, Xenia DeMattia, Ken Southworth, Marcia Fertig, Miguel Garcia, Fernando Gonzales, Russ Von Neida, Volus Jones, Tony Love, Bob Carr, Steve Clark, Joan Drake, Morey Resen, Antonio Rivera, Ed Soloman, Anna Lois Ray, Bob Trochim, Jack Hadley.

Background Supervision: Al Gmuer.

Backgrounds: Fernando Arce, Nino Carbe, Dennis Durrell, Ann Guenther, Michael Humphries, Bill Lorenz, Andy Phillipson, Bill Proctor, Bob Schaefer, Peter Van Elk.

Sound Direction: Richard Olson, Bill Getty.
Checking And Scene Planning: Evelyn Sherwood.
Xerography: Star Wirth.
Ink And Paint Supervision: Billie Kerns.
Camera: George Epperson, Jerry Whittington, Chuck Flekal, Curt Hall, Ron Jackson, Jerry Smith.
Supervising Film Editor: Dick Elliot.
Effects Editors: Rick Eiseman, Mark Green, Joseph Reitano.
Music Editors: Richard Allen, David Spence.
Dubbing Supervision: Pat Foley.
Negative Consultant: William E. DeBoer.
Production Manager: Jayne Barbera.
Post-Production Supervision: Joed Eaton.

Distributors: ABC-TV / LBS Communications Inc. / Warner Bros. Television.

1977 Hanna-Barbera Productions / DC Comics.
DANNY DARK [Superman].
OLAN SOULE [Batman / Jonathan Kent].
CASEY KASEM [Robin / Trouble-alert computer / Jor-El].
SHANNON FARNON [Wonder Woman / Martha Kent].
NORMAN ALDEN [Aquaman / Green Arrow / Plastic Man].
JACK ANGEL [Samurai / Flash / Hawkman].
BUSTER JONES [Black Vulcan].
MIKE RYE [Apache Chief / Green Lantern].
BILL WOODSON [Narrator].

EPISODE 1: [THE BRAIN MACHINE]: Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman battle the misguided Dr. Cranum, who has been turned into a futuristic by his invention, the Brain Machine, and intends to turn everyone into futuristic geniuses like himself! - His first victim is Wonder Woman. / [JOY RIDE]: In their first solo adventure, the Wonder Twins are called to stop two teenage boys who take a joy ride in a small plane, unaware of the defection in the engine. / [INVASION OF THE EARTHORS]: The Super Friends must stop a race of rock people who live underground from destroying the Earth. / [WHIRLPOOL]: Aquaman and Black Vulcan are summoned to a storm at sea where Captain Croner, obsessed with getting to Norway in record time, endangers his crew by steering his tanker into a fierce storm and right towards a whirlpool!

"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [The Flash]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Green Lantern]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Hawkman]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Hawkgirl]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Samurai]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Black Vulcan]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [Rima, The Jungle Girl]"The All-New Super Friends Hour" [The Atom]

EPISODE 2: [THE SECRET FOUR]: Superman, Batman & Robin battle the Secret Four, a group of hooded men who use their powerful devices to deplete oil reserves. / [TIGER ON THE LOOSE]: The Wonder Twins use teir powers to cage a tiger that's escaped from the zoo, and they recruit some help from Susie, a female employee that was wrongly accused of releasing the tiger. / [VOYAGE OF THE MYSTERIOUS TIME CREATURES]: Evil alien Dictor takes control of his planet and uses a time medallion to age the rightful leader, who flees to Earth. Dictor follows and fights the Super Friends. / [THE ANTIDOTE]: Wonder Woman and Apache Chief rush to find an antidote for a village in India, who have all been bitten by poisonous cobras following an earthquake. Our heroes discover their only hope is to get some venom from the giant king cobra, Kotoru.

EPISODE 3: [INVASION OF THE HYDRONOIDS]: Batman, Robin, and Aquaman battle the Hydronoids, alien water beings who are neutralizing the minds of Earth people. / [HITCHHIKE]: The Wonder Twins must rescue a teenage girl who learns the dangers of hitchhiking when she is kidnapped by the driver of the car. / [CITY IN A BOTTLE]: An evil alien steals Mid City, shrinking it into a bottle, but the Super Friends stop him. / [SPACE EMERGENCY]: Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl are alerted to a space emergency when an electrical problem damages the air supply for skylab and the space shuttle.

EPISODE 4: [DOCTOR FRIGHT]: The villainous Dr. Fright uses fear gas to paralyze his victims, but Wonder Woman and Superman stop his plans. / [DRAG RACE]: The Wonder Twins must stop two reckless teens who decide to have a drag race on the city streets. / [DAY OF THE PLANT CREATURES]: A meteor from outer space lands in a swamp, changing the plants into zombielike creatures who change people into plant. / [FIRE]: Batman, Robin, and Rima the Jungle Girl contend with a spreading forest fire, and have to search for a pair of escaped prisoners who have stolen a forestry truck filled with dynamite.

EPISODE 5: [THE MONSTER OF DR. DROID]: Dr. Droid creates an android monster which goes on a rampage, until Superman and Wonder Woman stop him. / [VANDALS]: The Wonder Twins are alerted when two teens break into Midland High School, and vandalize the print shop for kicks. The Twins have to stop them before they get into serious trouble. / [SUPER FRIENDS VS. SUPER FRIENDS]: The Super Friends are captured by the citizens of Oceania and forced to fight in their gladiatorial game. / [THE ENERGY MASS]: Batman, Robin, and the Atom combine their super abilities to stop a Japanese supertrain speeding out of control, when the energy mass breaks loose and runs wild in the train.

EPISODE 6: [THE ENFORCER]: Wonder Woman and Aquaman fight to rid an island kingdom of a dictator. / [SHARK]: The Wonder Twins must rescue a pair of teenage boys, when their boat overturns in shark infested waters. / [PLANET OF THE NEANDERTHALS]: An evil scientist devolves Earth back to prehistoric days, unless the Super Friends can stop him. / [FLOOD OF DIAMONDS]: Aquaman, and Green Lantern journey to Africa to rescue mine workers trapped in the mine following a cave in, and the mine is flooding with water.

EPISODE 7: [FORBIDDEN POWER]: Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman journey to a giant space vehicle to search for Professors Zarcoff & Price. Prof. Zarcoff is obsessed with finding "The Power", an electronic device that Zarcoff would like to use to help mankind, but he is taken hostage by mutants. / [PRESSURE POINT]: The Wonder Twins must rescue a teenage motorcyclist, who is determined to jump a dangerous ravine after being laughed at by his peers. / [THE LION MEN]: Lionex and his alien lionmen attempt to carve the Earth into sections, which they will sell to alien cultures that need Earth's natural resources, but the Superfriends put an end to their plans. / [DAY OF THE RATS]: Batman, Robin, and Black Vulcan journey to Gotham City to search for an electronic device that is controlling an army of rats, and causing them to run wild all over the city.

EPISODE 8: [INVISIBLE MENACE]: Superman, and Aquaman battle Nemus & his crew, who have the power of invisibility. They have abducted Prof. Fairweather and his undersea mining device, which hasn't been tested yet. / [INITIATION]: The Wonder Twins are summoned by The Bears Club when their pledge, who was sent into a cave to photograph a bear and doesn't make it out. / [COMING OF THE ANTHROPODS]: The Super Friends must stop alien insects who attempt to take over the Earth. / [RIVER OF DOOM]: When three archaeologists are captured by Jivaro indians in South America, Wonder Woman and Rima fly to their rescue.

EPISODE 9: [ATTACK OF THE GIANT SQUID]: Superman, and Aquaman battle a giant squid that pulls an ocean liner to the bottom. Our heroes have to deal with the misguided Dr. Pices, who enlarged the squd to enlarge all sea animals in hopes of solving the world's food shortage problems. / [GAME OF CHICKEN]: The Wonder Twins try to stop two angry youths who decide to settle ttheir dispute with a game of chicken on speed-boats at the lake. / [WATER BEAST]: Aquaman's old enemy Manta creates a giant creature made of water and threatens the world. / [VOLCANO]: Superman, and Samurai try to rescue a disabled alien spacecraft that has crash landed in an active volcano. The alien commander, who mistrusts Earth beings, makes the rescue difficult by setting up securities like a force field.

EPISODE 10: [THE COLLECTOR]: Superman and Wonder Woman must stop the Domehead family, scientists who try to preserve landmarks by changing them into photographs. / [HANDICAP]: The Wonder Twins search for two teenage boys, after their van has crashed in the High Sierra mountains. One of them, who is handicapped, is the only hope in helping the Twins find them when his buddy is trapped under the van. / [THE MIND MAIDENS]: The evil Medulla enslaves all women in the world - including Wonder Woman and Jayna - in an attempt to take over the planet. / [ALASKA PERIL]: Batman, Robin, and Apache Chief rush to Alaska to rescue two assistants of a scientist, who have been kidnapped by a giant snow beast.

EPISODE 11: [THE FIFTY-FOOT WOMAN]: Professor Amy Zahn develops a serum that turns her into a rampaging 50-foot giant, but Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin return her to normal. / [CHEATING]: The Wonder Twins search for a pair of lost boys with a deadly storm approaching. A group of teenage relay racers agree to help, but the only one who knows where the boys are, is the winner who cheated to come first. / [EXPLORATION EARTH]: A space probe comes to Earth and begins taking samples of Earth creatures - including the Wondertwins. / [ATTACK OF THE KILLER BEES]: Aquaman and Samurai use their powers to rescue an African village from a deadly horde of killer bees!.

EPISODE 12: [MAN-BEASTS OF XRA]: Superman, Batman & Robin battle wild animals that walk around on two legs. They wind up having to contend with Dr. XRA, a female scientist who has turned the animals into man-beasts. / [PREJUDICE]: The Wonder Twins are summoned to help a teenage black couple, who are being hassled by two white teens on motorcycles, and everyone learns a lesson in brotherhood. / [TINY WORLD OF TERROR]: The Super Friends are shrunk by an evil scientist, but manage to overcome him despite their handicap. / [TIBETAN RAIDERS]: Superman and the Flash speed to the blizzard infested mountains of Tibet to rescue passengers of a disabled aircraft who fall prey to Tibetan Raiders.

EPISODE 13: [FROZEN PERIL]: Superman and Aquaman battle the Skulpin, who freezes the ocean waters, and transports the ice blocks to deserts. / [DANGEROUS PRANK]: The Wonder Twins are called to help a group of teenagers at a ski resort to search for a friend they accidentally frightened when they played a prank her using a Bigfoot costume. / [THE MUMMY OF NAZCA]: Evil Prof. Korloff brings an ancient mummy to life and uses him to gain power. / [CABLE CAR RESCUE]: When a cable car becomes stranded at a ski resort, Wonder Woman and The Atom go to the rescue.

EPISODE 14: [THE MARSH MONSTER]: Superman, Batman, and Robin pursue a swamp creature that has stolen an inventor's plans for a revolutionary invention. / [RUNAWAYS]: The Wonder Twins search for two boys who run away from home to it on their own, and almost wind up in big trouble in Central City. / [WILL WORLDS COLLIDE?]: An alien planet moves on a collision course for Earth, threatening to destroy it, unless the Super Friends can stop it. / [TIME RESCUE]: Superman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl journey into the future to save Professor Comstock, who while being the test subject of his own invention was captured by futuristic beings.

EPISODE 15: [THE PROTECTOR]: Batman, Robin, and Aquaman battle the Shark, who immobilizes ships at sea to loot treasure and intends to set up a protection racket at sea. / [STONEWAYS]: The Wonder Twins must rescue two girls who stow away on a yacht, which gets into a storm. They are helpless when the captain gets knocked out in an accident. / [THE GHOST]: The ghost of Gentleman Jim Craddock returns to take revenge on Superman and Wonder Woman for tricking him back to his grave - by turning them into ghosts. / [RAMPAGE]: Superman and Green Lantern journey to India to stop a white elephant that runs wid in an Indian village. Our heroes also find out why the elephant has gone wild.

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