Year: 1993.
Author: Sandra Brown. Publisher: Dove Audio.
Call Number: 42380. Country: USA.
Aprox. Playing Time: 3 hours.

Plot: No one knows why Dr. Lara Mallory opens up her medical practice in the rowdy Texas oil town of Eden Place where Tackett Oil owns everything, but everyone remembers her and her late husband’s role in the well-publicized scandal that caused the downfall of White House hopeful Senator Clark Tackett. Now Jody Tackett, the iron fisted matriarch of Tackett Oil, intends to use her money and power to drive Lara out of town…..especially after Lara meets Key, the hell-

raising, womanizing fly-for-hire-pilot and youngest Tackett son. Key is shot the first night he returns after a long absence as a result of an illicit tryst and turns up at Lara’s door for medical assistance. She treats his wound, but neither knows the identity of each other until he leaves. Returning home to a hostile welcome by his domineering mother Jody, Key learns that Lara Mallory was deeded the practice, to his mother’s hatred and disgust, by former Senator Clark Tackett before his untimely death by drowning.

       When Key angrily confronts Lara, he learns that she has returned to Eden Place to force him to fly her to the Central American country of Montesangre to find and return with the body of her daughter, who was killed in a revolution after Lara and her US diplomat husband were sent there in political exile before Senator Tackett’s death. Lara’s husband was another victim of the revolution, killed by the guerillas who still rule the revolt-torn country, making it doubly dangerous for both.

       Key, despite his hatred for her role in his brother’s downfall, is intrigued and attracted enough to fly Lara secretly to Montesangre, where they discover what happened to her beloved daughter. To their surprise, her husband is still alive and held by the rebels. Though captured, they are all released to return to the U.S. for political reasons, but not before Lara and Key’s mutual attraction blossoms into love. But Lara’s rescued husband and Key’s unforgiving mother both know a secret that can still spell tragedy for all before the story ends in a fiery blaze of flame and emotions that overtake the oil town of Eden Pass.


This is the one and only book on tape that Lynda has done so far, yet many, many more should be done by her. Lynda’s beautiful, throaty voice takes on the many characterizations of drawling Texas rednecks, strong women doctors, naïve teenagers of both sexes, Spanish-accented Latin American guerillas, cultured Washington diplomats, and makes them all believable characters on the 2 tapes that play out the many surprising plot twists and turns until the emotional end. She manages to switch from different emotions with ease, class and style so that the results, low comedy or heartache, are astonishing. The unmistakable throb in her voice as she reads of how Lara Mallory lost her beautiful daughter to a rebel’s bullet is so emotional it will bring tears to the listeners eyes; no doubt thoughts of Lynda’s own beloved children added an emphasis to the horror she felt when she recorded Lara’s heartbroken words. The one caveat is that the many four-letter words sprinkled throughout the book are also enthusiastically read by Lynda with added emphasis, and makes this a book to be listened to with earphones or alone in your house. A big thumb’s up to this book on tape, performed by a superb actress, who proves again that she has many facets still unknown by her many fans.



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Where There's Smoke - Excerpt I
Where There's Smoke - Excerpt II