The Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Recently, and for the first time in her career LYNDA CARTER did voice-over works for animated characters, in this case for a PC game known as "THE ELDER SCROLLS III: MORROWIND". The game is a follow-up to two successful predecessors, and undoubtedly will bring Lynda closer to younger audiences. In the game Lynda gives life to the voices of all female characters of the Nord race. Using the ultimate in 3-D technology, "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" takes the RPGs games to another level and garanteeds a different game each time you play it. Check below for details.

A.K.A.: Morrowind.
Developer: Bethesda Softworks.
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks.
Genre: RPG, Fantasy.
Release Date: April 29, 2002.
Multiplayer: None.

Related Titles: Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard (PC) / Daggerfall (PC) / Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Formats Available: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - PC CD-ROM $ 49.99 / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with Morrowind Prophecies Official Guide -  PC CD-ROM $ 59.99 / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Collector's Edition [featuring the Soundtrack CD, the Ordinator figurine, and the Art of Morrowind book]   - PC CD-ROM $ 59.99 / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Collector's Edition with Morrowind Prophecies Official Guide -  PC CD-ROM $ 69.99 / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Xbox $ 49.99 / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with Morrowind Prophecies Official Guide -  Xbox $ 59.99 /  The Morrowind Prophecies Official Guide To The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - $ 15.99.


Morrowind is the third installment of The Elder Scrolls, following Arena and Daggerfall. It is an epic, open-ended, single-player RPG with wonderful 3D graphics and in-depth gameplay. You create and play any kind of character you can imagine. Your actions define your character, and your gameplay changes and evolves in response to your actions. Never two sagas are the same in the world of Morrowind.

   The first of the series was Arena. Taking place in the world of Tamriel, Arena showcased full character generation and over 18 unique character classes, it was praised for its ambitious scope and innovative design. Daggerfall, the second in the series, debuted in 1996. This time around, players got to explore only two of Tamriel's eight provinces. It took the foundation that Arena had built and continued the series signature non-linear gameplay on an epic scale. In their latest game, players are limited to one province -- Morrowind.

   3,000 NPCs. Six novels' worth of text. Over 300 dungeons. More than 500 basic spells. 480 billion different characters to create and play as. 300,000+ hand-placed objects. 1.89 empty bottles per capita.  Players can choose to follow the intriguing main storyline, or set off to explore the huge province of Morrowind and the many interesting people and exotic locations it contains.  Every race you encounter has a fully fleshed-out culture with values, beliefs, and even creation mythologies. The towns you run across echo the values of their inhabitants in their architecture. Furthermore, a tangled thread of political intrigue winds throughout the land, with several Great Houses and factions in competition for power.

   Morrowind is in the province of Dunmer also known as dark elves. A significant portion of Morrowind is on a large island continent called Vvardenfell -- where the bulk of the game takes place. From a gameplay standpoint, the island is enormous and possesses many different terrains. "There are nine different races in Morrowind," explains Lead Designer Ken Rolston, "we've taken the time to create these races and give them their own unique characteristics and storyline, always keeping in mind the great level of detail we've maintained from the other games." For example, in the early history of Tamriel, being separated from the island and the mainland by the volcano of Dagoth-Ur, allowed the Dunmer to develop separate from the other Tamriel races. "Each character has a disposition," explains Rolston, "and early on in the game they all don't like you because you're a stranger in a strange land, so a lot of the gameplay is unlocking the individual characters to get topics or friendship quests. So it means that your ability to speak well is very significant."

   You have lots of freedom to explore the intricate world as you learn the cause of "The Blight" that spreads from the central volcano. Unique choices that you make through conversations and interactions with characters will determine your personality, skills and abilities as well as how other characters you will interact with you in the future.

   Utilizing the graphic power of Xbox, Morrowind features hyper-realistic textures and polygon counts, real-time shadows, vast landscapes, skeletal based animation, and a dynamic weather system. Bethesda Softworks immediately started working on Morrowind right after Daggerfall. But just as other big games in production, things change and dates keep getting pushed back. "1999 was mainly spent on pre-production," explains Project Lead Todd Howard, "2000 was mainly spent on the actual technology and production and 2001 was all about content, world building and AI. We've spent a lot of time creating our own unique tool set and making sure it worked properly and to the level we wanted to achieve. We have that now. Now its time to create the world." Howard says there are over 24 people on the team including himself, 7 programmers, 5 designers and 11 artists. "We're confident that fans of the series will be pleased with Morrowind. It's slowly coming together quite nicely." After checking out the game in person, we concur while grinning from ear to ear.

   As with most RPGs, players can create any character they'd like in Morrowind. "The amount of customization is the same high level that players expect from our series," says Rolston, "if you want a fighter of course you increase his fighting skills. If you have a stealthy character, then you would probably want to concentrate on talking to butter people up to convince them to do what you want them to do." Each character will have eight attributes -- Strength, Intelligence, Will Power, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality, and Luck -- players can fine-tune these to their liking and in turn will effect how other characters in the game view you. "When you speak to a character this colored bar will give you an indication of how much he likes you or not," explains Rolston.

   "With respect to our interface, one thing we wanted to do is never take you out of the game," states Howard, "so all the menus are little windows that pop up. You can rescale them any way you want. So if you want to play the game with big inventory screen you can, or you can shrink it down so you only see what you want to see. As you increase the size of your interface, the game will automatically shift things around and put it in their proper order."

GEOGRAPHY: Morrowind is the northeastmost province of the Tamrielic Empire, bounded on the north and east by the ocean, on the west by Skyrim, on the southwest by Cyrodiil (also known as the Imperial Province), and on the south by Black Marsh (also known as Argonia). Vvardenfell District consists of the island of Vvardenfell, surrounded by the Inland Sea, and dominated by the titanic volcano Red Mountain and its associated ash wastelands. Only recently open to settlement and trade, most of the island's population is confined to the relatively hospitable west and southwest coast, centered around the ancient city of Vivec and the old Great House district centers at Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Sadrith Mora. The rest of the island is covered by hostile desert wastes, arid grasslands, and volcanic badlands, and thinly populated by the nomadic Ashlander tribes.

The Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

CULTURES: Three major cultural groupings have settled Vvardenfell: the Ashlander nomads, the Imperial Provincial culture, and the Dunmer Great House culture. The smallest settlements are the Ashlander nomadic camps, comprised of small portable huts. Recent Imperial colonies like Pelagiad display the same sturdy half-timbered homes and stone castles as might be found in Daggerfall or any other Western province.

   The three Dunmer Great Houses that have settled Vvardenfell have distinctive architectures and lifestyles. Aristocratic, warlike Great House Redoran favors a spacious, irregular, organic building style. Great House Hlaalu, an aggressive mercantile culture, strongly admiring and influenced by Imperial culture, prefers simpler, more modern, more densely populated settlements, while bizarre wizard towers dominate mushroom-hut villages of the Great House Telvanni sorcerer-lords. A fourth Great House style, the Velothi or Temple style, is evident in the monumental architecture, bridges, buttresses, and grand canals of the ancient religious center of Vivec City.

POLITICS AND RELIGION: Vvardenfell District's Grand Council, presided over by the sovereign Lord Vedam Dren, Duke of Ebonheart and Vvardenfell, is dominated by five interest groups: the three Great Houses, the Temple, and the Imperial colonists. The Temple and House Redoran are champions of ancient Dunmer customs and privileges, and uncompromising and intolerant worshippers of the native religion call the Tribunal Temple, which venerates three immortal god-kings -- Lord Vivec, Lord Sotha Sil, and Lady Almalexia. The Imperial colonists and House Hlaalu find common cause in their shared tastes for progress, tolerant polytheism, free trade, and vigorous exploitation of Vvardenfell's untapped resources. The policies of House Telvanni's sorcerer-lords are completely unpredictable, whimsically allying with or opposing one faction or another for their own obscure reasons.

CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES: Vardenfell's greatest challenges are its mutually hostile cultures, its cruel and untamed wildernesses, and the troubling phenomenon of the Blight. The Temple and traditional Dunmer cultures are in direct opposition to the values of the Imperial conqueror's colonists, and the interests of each Great House conflict with the interests of the other Great Houses. Only the unquestioned military dominance of the Imperial Legions and the shrewd policies of the Duke prevent political disputes from expanding into civil unrest or warfare. Even the Legions, however, cannot extend their protection into the sparsely inhabited wastelands of Vvardenfell, where bandits, necromancers, witches, fiends, and grotesque monstrosities find refuge, emerging to threaten the lives of explorers, colonists, and traders. The greatest, and most obscure, threat is the Blight, a mysterious weather-like phenomenon that emanates from the crater of Dagoth Ur, warping and poisoning creatures in its path, and creating diseased horrors that attack travelers and outlying settlements.

   The greatest opportunities of Vardenfell lie in its untapped wealth, its rich mines and ancient treasures, its unexplored and

unclaimed lands. And even its threats represent limitless opportunity to any bold adventurer determined enough to fight and scheme his way to distinction, earning the attention of the great lords and wizards of Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind




Actress To Do Voice Work in New PC and Xbox Videogame.

February 5, 2002 (Rockville, MD) –- Bethesda Softworks announced today that actress Lynda Carter, best known for her starring role as television’s “Wonder Woman”, has agreed to do voice-overs for the critically acclaimed role-playing game, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind™. Slated to hit stores this Spring for the PC and the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft, Morro-

wind offers players a rich fantasy world to explore and a fully customizable interactive adventure.

   Carter has signed on to provide the voices for the female Nords, one of the races that populate this expansive game.

"We are thrilled to have Lynda Carter join the project," says Todd Howard, Morrowind's Project Leader who has won numerous awards for his previous work. "Adding her talent and personality to some of our characters is a huge addition for Morrowind. And of course, I've been a fan since childhood."

“After working for so many years in the entertainment industry, I was delighted to do something new and become involved creatively with the development of this game,” said Carter. “I really enjoyed the experience and believe Morrowind is something that the gaming public is going to be excited about.”

Morrowind also features the creative talent of award-winning musician Jeremy Soule, who will be responsible for composing and producing the music for the third chapter in the award-winning Elder Scrolls series. Soule, who has been called Gaming’s Greatest Musician, recently completed the score for the blockbuster videogame Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

The design for Morrowind is being led by Ken Rolston, who won the coveted H.G. Wells Award for Best Role-Playing Game in 1985 and has created numerous award-winning games throughout his career. He is generally considered to be one of the godfathers of role-playing games (RPGs).


On February, 2002, Paul Semel of gamespy daily made an interview with Lynda Carter, regarding her role in Bethesda's "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind". Check out for this interview below:

Q: How did you get involved with the game Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind?

A: I had no prior experience with the development of games. But my husband is the Chairman of ZeniMax Media, which is the parent of Bethesda Softworks, so I had the opportunity to learn about and see Morrowind as it was being developed. So I had seen the game during its development and thought it was fantastic. Now I certainly don't profess to be an experienced gamer, but since my kids love games, I had purchased and looked at a number of the latest titles during the last several years. I thought the Morrowind artwork was just outstanding, the best graphics I had seen in a game. The whole setting and concept - seeing another world with its own exotic cultures and influences - was terrific. When the Morrowind development team started casting for actors to do the voice-overs, they asked me if I would consider doing it, and I was more than happy to get involved. Though I have been in the entertainment industry for years, I had never done voice-over work for a game before and I thought it would be fun.

Q: Did they show you pictures or footage of the Nord females before you did the voice recording?

A: I had seen the Nords in Morrowind, and thought the art for all the characters was excellent. As we got ready to record, we talked about the specific tone and style for the voices that they wanted. For me, it was important to focus on the performance they wanted, as opposed to thinking about how the characters looked since I wasn't doing one specific character's voice.

Q: Have you done voice work before?

A: In most movies an actor is required to do looping or ADR in post-production, which is much like voice-overs. Also, I had done voice work for television commercials, but I had never been involved with computer games.

Q: How did that voice work differ from this project?

A: The other voice work was grounded in the reality of the character. Morrowind is a fantasy world with unusual dialogue, but you use the same techniques.

Q: So who in your life is the most impressed that you're the voice of a character in a video game?

A: Without a doubt my son, who is an avid gamer. He has an Xbox and plays both PC and console games. He and his friends are eagerly awaiting the release of Morrowind, and my involvement with the game will be much more impressive to him than my doing another movie. Trust me, I'll score major points with him.

Q: Do you play video games yourself?

A: My son and daughter are both into video games, and sometimes I play against them. Halo looks very good. I tend to like the sports games, and sometimes play Mario Brothers with my daughter.

Q: When you were playing Wonder Woman on TV, were you ever approached about doing a Wonder Woman game?

A: There was a great deal of merchandising for Wonder Woman, but never a video game. At that time, video games were not as mainstream in the entertainment business as they are now.

Q: If they had been, and you'd been approached to do her voice, would you have been interested?

A: I think a Wonder Woman game would have great appeal if done well.

Q: Do you think any of the other characters you've played over the years would be good for a good a video game? Like maybe Charlotte Sampson from Danielle Steel's Daddy or Rita Hayworth, who you portrayed in Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess?

A: I'd let the game experts be the judge of that, but nothing comes close to the potential of a Wonder Woman game in my judgment.

Q: So now that you've done the voice of a video game character, would you ever do it again, or do you think that once is enough?

A: It was a great experience. Under the right circumstances, I'd absolutely do it again.


Below, you'll find all of the sound files used in the Elder Scrolls II: Morrowind game, done by Lynda Carter. All files are in mp3 format and in alphabetical order.  To reproduce these files you will need an mp3-compatible player like Windows Media Player, Real Player or Winamp. 219 sound files in total! Enjoy it!

Please CLICK ON THE TITLES to listen to them or right-click to download them.

[001]  A pleasure madame, what may I do for you?

[002]  And a fine day to you
[003]  Are you new here?
[004]  Are you sure you know the way?
[005]  are you here to challenge me?
[006]  ask or get going
[007]  bloody scums...
[008]  bother me again and you might live to regret it 
[009]  by the gods!
[010]  by the gods! you're half dead 
[011]  by the gods! you're half dead #2 
[012]  can't see a thing in this mess
[013]  care to talk? you're a welcome break from the locals 
[014]  come on fight!
[015]  come on now, say something or move on!
[016]  did you forget your clothe?
[017]  did you dressed like that on purpose?
[018]  die!
[019]  die creature! be gone with you!
[020]  disgusting!
[021]  dont move!
[022]  don't press your luck!
[023]  don't stand above! get moving!
[024]  easier oponent...
[025]  end your fight!
[026]  end your fight! #2 
[027]  face death!
[028]  fool!
[029]  get out of here!
[030]  get out of here before you get hurt!
[032]  give in! you're dead already!
[032]  go away you diseased fool!
[033]  go die in someone else's shadow!
[034]  go find a guard and stop bothering me!
[035]  grab her!
[036]  grab him!
[037]  greetings outlander!
[038]  guards!
[039]  hail!
[040]  hail! #2 
[041]  hail...! do you need something? #001
[042]  hail...! do you need something? #002
[043]  hail...! do you need something? #003
[044]  hail...! do you need something? #004
[045]  hail...! do you need something? #005
[046]  hail...! do you need something? #006
[047]  hail...! do you need something? #007
[048]  hail...! do you need something? #008
[049]  hail...! do you need something? #009
[050]  have a look around! i'm sure you'll like what you see?
[051]  head on!
[052]  he's over here!
[053]  hey! wait for me!
[054]  how can I show you my appreciation?
[055]  how does it feel? no death is near
[056]  how dreadful! friend those are some wounds maybe you should get healed
[057]  humming
[058]  I can't help! you get heal elsewhere
[059]  I can't help! you get heal elsewhere #2
[060]  I don't deal with the likes of you!
[061]  I don't think I want you around anymore...
[062]  I had enough of you!
[063]  I see we share the same company, what can i do for you?
[064]  I think you should keep walking
[065]  I took you for a corpse, get away from me with that disease!
[066]  I will bathe in your blood!
[067]  I won't waste my time on the likes of you!
[068]  if you need a good laugh for a tall tail you've come to the right place!
[069]  if you're here for small talk, move along!
[070]  if you're here for sympathy over your wounds...
[071]  I'm on your side!
[072]  I'm ready for anything! go ahead!
[073]  I take it! you want something, well, what is it 
[074]  I've got no patience for petty criminals!
[075]  I've seen better clothe on a corpse!
[076]  kill the thieve!
[077]  look sharp!
[078]  looks like...
[079]  may the wind be on your back!
[080]  must us do some bussiness today
[081]  no worries I won't hurt you, ask your question
[082]  not today!
[083]  now here's one who can hold their own
[084]  now this is fighting!
[085]  now what?
[086]  on your way!
[087]  please be careful!
[088]  quickly! over here a thief!
[089]  salute! welcome!
[090]  save your garbage talk for the trash
[091]  say your peace or stand aside
[092]  see any elves?
[093]  seize her!
[094]  seize him!
[095]  she's over here!
[096]  someone should teach you some manners! 
[097]  something for the gentleman today?
[098]  something for the lady today?
[099]  speak out!
[100]  stay away from me! you fool!
[101]  stop that thief!
[102]  take your filthy clothe away from me, beggar! 
[103]  taking a trip
[104]  thank you
[105]  that's how i like it, bold and direct, come i like you
[106]  the blood is unforgiven, get inside!
[107]  there he is!
[108]  there she is!
[109]  they should hang a lot of you!
[110]  this is a pleasure!
[111]  this is none of your bussiness!
[112]  this is too easy!
[113]  those wounds seem serious friend
[114]  those wounds seem serious friend #2
[115]  today it's your lucky day!
[116]  trouble surrounds! you I think we should not be seen together
[117]  welcome friend! hail!
[118]  welcome...! please speak freely #001
[119]  welcome...! please speak freely #002
[120]  welcome...! please speak freely #003
[121]  welcome...! please speak freely #004
[122]  welcome...! please speak freely #005
[123]  welcome...! please speak freely #006
[124]  welcome...! please speak freely #007
[125]  welcome...! please speak freely #008
[126]  welcome...! please speak freely #009
[127]  well, here's a fine one speak freely!
[128]  well knitted!
[129]  well this is a grand day! greetings!
[130]  what?
[131]  what a mess! 
[132]  what a mess! what happened. did you fall off a cliff?
[133]  what brings you here...? #001
[134]  what brings you here...? #002
[135]  what brings you here...? #003
[136]  what brings you here...? #004
[137]  what brings you here...? #005
[138]  what brings you here...? #006
[139]  what brings you here...? #007
[140]  what brings you here...? #008
[141]  what brings you here...? #009
[142]  what brings you here today? bussiness or pleasure?
[143]  what can i do for you?
[144]  what is it lad?
[145]  what is this about...? #001 
[146]  what is this about...? #002 
[147]  what is this about...? #003 
[148]  what is this about...? #004 
[149]  what is this about...? #005 
[150]  what is this about...? #006 
[151]  what is this about...? #007 
[152]  what is this about...? #008 
[153]  what is this about...? #009 
[154]  what makes this smell?
[155]  what is this all about?
[156]  what's your pleasure?
[157]  what's your story?
[158]  where did you get those clothe? off a corpse?
[159]  where have i seen that before?
[160]  where would you like to go?
[161]  whistling
[162]  ...worth the trouble #001
[163]  ...worth the trouble #002
[164]  ...worth the trouble #003
[165]  ...worth the trouble #004
[166]  ...worth the trouble #005
[167]  ...worth the trouble #006
[168]  ...worth the trouble #007
[169]  ...worth the trouble #008
[170]  ...worth the trouble #009
[171]  you bloody thieves! you're all the same! ...worthless
[172]  you bring good fortune with you! welcome!
[173]  you call this fighting?
[174]  you choose to share your time with me?
[175]  you fight unfair this bow is over
[176]  you got the better of me so go ahead!
[177]  you have to be the most hedious thing i've ever seen!
[178]  you like to walk a fine line
[179]  you look ridiculous! cover yourself!
[180]  you must be joking!
[181]  you must be joking! #
[182]  you must be joking! go away!
[183]  you re too much trouble! move on!
[184]  you risked your neck coming here!
[185]  you will die where you stand!
[186]  you won this round!
[187]  you're almost dead and you want to talk?
[187]  you're almost dead and you want to talk? #
[189]  you're busted outlander!
[190]  you're nearly dead! you should be healed 
[191]  you're nearly dead! you should be healed #
[192]  you're not here to start trouble? are you?
[193]  you're sick! get to a healer friend before you infect us all!
[194]  you've taken a few knocks maybe you should get healed!
[195]  onomatopoeic sound #001
[196]  onomatopoeic sound #002
[197]  onomatopoeic sound #003
[198]  onomatopoeic sound #004
[199]  onomatopoeic sound #005
[200]  onomatopoeic sound #006
[201]  onomatopoeic sound #007
[202]  onomatopoeic sound #008
[203]  onomatopoeic sound #009
[204]  onomatopoeic sound #010
[205]  onomatopoeic sound #011
[206]  onomatopoeic sound #012
[207]  onomatopoeic sound #014
[208]  onomatopoeic sound #015
[209]  onomatopoeic sound #016
[210]  onomatopoeic sound #017
[211]  onomatopoeic sound #018
[212]  onomatopoeic sound #019
[213]  onomatopoeic sound #020
[214]  cough #1
[215]  cough #2
[216]  scream #001 
[217]  scream #002 
[218]  scream #003 
[219]  scream #004 

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