Beatrice Colen
Real Name: Beatrice Colen.
Date of Birth: 1948.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
Age: 51 (when she died in 1999).
Zodiacal Sign: Unknown.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Brown.
Height: Unknown.
Weight: Unknown.
Actual Residence: She lived in Los Angeles, California with her husband until her death.
She was the granddaughter of playwright George S. Kaufman. Beatrice was the grandaughter of the Pulitzer prizewinning playright George S. Kaufman, who had written the comedy “Dinner at Eight” and the musicals “Animal Crackers” and “The Band Wagon.” With acting in her blood, she had appeared in more than 200 television shows, commercials and movies. She was married to Patrick Cronin.
     Beatrice Colen died on November 18th, 1999 of lung cancer. Here are some words from Patrick Cronin, her husband: 
     "Dear Friends: The lights did not dim on Broadway the 18th of November, but they should have because the lights dimmed in my heart, as the light of my life was extinguished in my arms at 7:50 A.M. in Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. My wife of 22 years the actress Beatrice Colen died of lung cancer after a five year battle with the number one killer of woman in the world today. She died peacefully as I held her and asked God to lift her up quietly, gently and sweetly and He did. Two nights before she died she watched with me and my older son James a tape of a rehearsal of The Man Who Came to Dinner with James playing Sheridan Whiteside at The Brentwood School. Her last words were to James and they were, "James, you were wonderful; remember to play Sherry honestly and for truth; don't play for laughs and DON'T UPSTAGE YOURSELF"! She then handed a note to her oncologist, Dr. Philomena McAndrew, which she had dictated to me that day and which read, "dearest Phil, you have been with me in these horrific times; you dispensed love in all the right doses. Don't forget me". She died on opening night of The Man Who Came to Dinner, which was written by her grandfather, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, George S. Kaufman, and that night our son James, carried his mother's soul on stage with him in the title role and gave a brilliant performance as Sheridan Whiteside. LIke many of us, my wife was an actor. The word defined her, as it defines the many men and woman on this service. She gave her life to her art and to me and our family, and I am so blessed for having known her. There will be a memorial service on Sunday November 28 at St James' Church, at 3900 Wilshire Blvd at 3:00 P.M.. If you are in town please come and if not just pray for us where you are so that we may carry on with the fire that was Betsy, the fire that warmed our existence and made us more than we ever thought possible. My dearest Betsy, you were Marsha the car hop on Happy Days; you were Etta Candy on Wonder Woman; you were your BFA in acting from Temple U and you were two years of training at the H/B studios under Uta Hagen and Austin Pendelton; you were every Chekov scene you ever did for Uta and you were every commercial you ever made, including the original Plop Plop Fizz, Fizz" Alkaseltezer commercial in that huge pink boa; you were your 100 guest star parts on Night Court and Cheers and Knots Landing; you were the heir to theatrical royalty as the granddaughter of George S. Kaufman, and most of all you were my loving wife and the brilliant mother of our two sons, James and Charlie. Oh my God I miss you so much. Please watch over me and the boys and don't let me over act. Patrick Cronin"
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HAPPY DAYS. As Marsha from 1974-76.
WONDER WOMAN. 1976-77. As Etta Candy.
KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER. Episode "The Ripper" playing Jane Plumm, season 1, episode 1, 9/13/74.
ALL IN THE FAMILY. Episode Chain Letter" playing Nurse, season 6, episode 3, 10/20/75.
BARNEY MILLER. Episode "Hotel", 10/23/75.
CHiPs. Episode "Trick or Trick" playing Mary, season 2, episode 6, 10/21/78.
BAYWATCH. Episode "The Drowning Pool" playing Ellie, season 1, episode 7, 1989.
THE WONDER YEARS. Playing waitress in a 1991 episode).
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